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Battlestar Galactica meets Lazytown - Drabble

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Summary: A 'unknown spatial anomaly' swallowed Felix Gaeta's Raptor 3 days ago while he was re-qualifying for his flight wings. He is now in a VERY odd place...Drabble cross with Icelandic children's show!

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norgcoFR1314020373822 Dec 0722 Dec 07No
Fic Drabble – Felix Gaeta in Lazytown – 1/?
Author: Norgco
Type: Battlestar Galactica/Lazytown drabble (Lazytown is an Icelandic children’s show on Nick Jnr)
Rating: Fr7 - He’s landed in a show for 3 year olds after all.
Summary: Lt Felix Gaeta’s attempt to re-qualify for his wings ended with him unconscious and his Raptor disappearing into a ‘spatial anomaly’. He came to in Lazytown, Earth. Or that’s what the blue sports elf says anyway.
Disclaimer: I own neither Battlestar Galactica or Lazytown.
Dedication: For my youngest son Luke, who basically challenged me to write this.

Three days after Lt Gaeta’s re-qualification attempt ended with him unconscious and the Raptor disappearing into a ‘spatial anomaly’.

Lieutenant Felix Gaeta of the Colonial Fleet decided that, on balance, it was probably best to behave like he was dealing with reality. With this thought he took another bite of his apple, or ‘Sports Candy’ as the blue elf referred to it. Sorry, as the ‘slightly above average hero’ called, of all things, Sporticus, referred to it. After three years on ration bars and processed pond scum it tasted wonderful.

Accepting the evidence of his senses had the disadvantage that almost certainly nothing he was seeing was real. Still the sun on his skin was warm and the breeze blew the smell of flowers and grass and natural things rather than the recycled air he was undoubtedly breathing. Clearly this was some sort of virtual reality the Cylons had put him in as a softening up process before the torture started.

Either that or Doc Cottle had given his way too much of the GOOD STUFF when he was hauled in to life station for emergency surgery. Sometimes Felix had wondered exactly how the old guy managed to get any work done at all with all the ‘anti-Glaucoma medication’ he smoked. He was bound to make a mistake like this eventually.

“Bark, bark, bark, bark.” The Galactica Tactical Officer looked casually over the side of the banana lounge he was lying on to see a small robotic dog chase Robbie Rotten, who was shouting something about ‘saying trouble and now he was in trouble.’ It was, inevitably, the same robotic dog Robby had made earlier in the day against Felix’s strongly worded advice. The Colonial Officer had paid very careful attention to the trigger word - trouble - after learning that the mini-Cylon would ONLY attack someone who used it.

“Artificial intelligence.” He said to himself before taking a sip of ice water from the jug next to him. “Never a good idea.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Battlestar Galactica meets Lazytown - Drabble" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Dec 07.

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