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To Be Somebody

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Summary: Draco Malfoy left the wizarding world after failing in his task and built a life with a group of individuals and a woman that showed him what it means to belong. Holiday Fic-a-thin for HeatherSin

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyChosenfireFR1312,5845193,44111 Jan 0811 Jan 08Yes
Title: To Be Somebody
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Fandom’s: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Buffy/Draco, Willow/Oz, Faith/Xander
Spoilers: BtVS post Season 7, HP Books 6 & 7 AU
Summary: Draco Malfoy left the wizarding world after failing in his task and built a life with a group of individuals and a woman that showed him what it means to belong. Holiday Fic-a-thin for HeatherSin

A/N: This is for the Holiday Fic-a-thon HeatherSin. I hope you enjoy and happy late Holidays :D

A/N2: First off there was no Unbreakable Vow in HBP and Dumbledore lived (no potion either), secondly, it is also AU for the events of TDH with Snape NOT dying and Draco not playing a part at all, Voldemort was still defeated.



He stumbled into the Forbidden Forest hearing the pursuit behind him and he could distantly make out his godfathers voice mixed in with the others. He kept running his throat tight and his skin too pale in the moonlight.

His robe caught on a tree limb and he let it rip away struggling out of it a sob working its way up his throat.

He could still see Dumbledore’s kind blue eyes behind the ridiculous frames offering him a way out of the task the Dark lord had assigned him.

He had failed.

He had ran.

He knew the Headmaster had been sincere but he could still feel the burn o the dark mark on his arm and the bile in his throat in remembrance of the pain that had racked his body as he had accepted his father’s punishment. That hadn’t been what he wanted, too late he had realized he had made a mistake.

One that he couldn’t take back no matter how much he wanted to.

He twisted his way through the gloomy darkness of the trees detached as his feet followed a path he had mapped out years earlier. Once he had feared the forest and when he had realized that he had snuck out at night on a regular basis, entering further and further each night fighting the fear and winning.

Because he had discovered that there were worst things in this world to fear, things his last name couldn’t protect him from.

He stumbled as he found the tree hands shaking as he dug into the dirt his breath coming out in gasps. Tears streaked down his cheeks and his hands were near frozen as he pulled out the battered Quaffle he had played with as a child.

His mother had given it to him before term had started, an emergency Portkey that he could activate with his wand and that would take him home.

Except he wouldn’t stay there, his mother was already gone having disappeared after she had given it to him and his family home was over ran with the servants of the thing he had called Master.

He didn’t have a home anymore; he just needed to get away.

“Death Eaters are gathering again,” Giles informed the group gathered around the conference table his glasses in his hands and more lines on his face showing the passage of time and one war after another “the ones that escaped capture or fooled the Ministry of Magic have begun a series of small but deadly attacks, there is no word on who their leader is.” His knuckles rested against the tables as he faced his children knowing that if anything could be done it would be by their hands.

“Where’s a spy when you need one?” Xander remarked dryly causing at least one person to crack a smile as was his intention.

“Well, yes, unfortunately Severus’s cover was blown in the last attack so that avenue is no longer open to us.” Giles sank into his seat putting them all on more even ground because while he saw them as his children and ran the Council they had long ago surpassed him, he had a great confidence in them after years of watching them fight and win.

“It still could be.” A young man with platinum blond hair and guarded grey eyes mused softly lounging in one of the chairs. Draco Malfoy was 24 years old and had long ago lost the sharp angles of his youth his body hardened by muscles needed in the war he had willingly thrown himself into. He had still stubbornly clung to the pale blond hair that framed his eyes refusing to cut it.

He had been with them for seven years, he had been Buffy’s boyfriend for two and he had been her fiancé for a month.

The bus sped away from the crater that used to be Sunnydale and night had already fallen.

The sound of someone snoring softly could be heard and a couple of seats away from where he sat two young girls talked softly their voices joining the other sounds as the engine rumbled and the tires ate up the asphalt.

He felt Buffy shift and he leaned back against the window the small Slayer sleeping soundly on his chest.

Draco stared at her still stunned by his luck and let himself be lulled to sleep by the sound of her breathing, the warmth in his arms letting him know he was not alone. That they had won and that he still lived.

That the First had been wrong.

The hand in his tightened almost painfully as the blond Slayer shot him a firm look “No it isn’t.” she knew what he was talking about, she had had his arms curled around her and knew all too well the serpent and skull tattoo on his left forearm. He often wore long sleeves but everyone there knew he had it.

She had asked him once why he didn’t just get it removed and he told her because he needed it to remind himself of what he had once been.

Buffy was positive she was doomed to fall in love with guy’s with guilt complexes.

Before a fight could break out between the two blonds Giles spoke up his voice firm brokering no room for argument “We will find another solution, Albus has contacted me on behalf of the Order and has asked for our assistance.” When Voldemort had returned for the second time there had only been two Slayers and they both were in America.

His Death Eaters had never been a threat to them but now there were thousands worldwide, a little over a hundred in England alone given that it was were the Council was based and were several schools resided. Already a Slayer had been killed when she had tried to save a family from being tortured and murdered.

Slayer’s had a high tolerance for wand magic, the Imperius curse was useless as were some other jinxes but crucio hurt and the Killing Curse killed them just like it did most everyone else.

An average Slayer could take out a wizard or two easily but Death Eaters often traveled in groups and the young women barely survived.

The only reason some had gotten away alive was because they had been trained by Draco.

Draco smiled warmly at the young woman the motion still unfamiliar and a far cry from his usual sneer but he was adjusting. She shot him a goofy grin having successfully dodged all the spells he had thrown her way and had even been able to get a hit in of her own with the quick thinking to launch her gym bag his way.

“I think we’re done for today.” He told her and her grin broadened and she grabbed the bag off the floor rushing out of the room before he could change his mind. He had a reputation for being harsh having learned any kind of teaching skills from the most feared Professor at Hogwarts.

He twirled his wand as he headed back to pick up some of the fallen items having learned the habit from Buffy and the way she played with her stakes.

Draco had gone rigid at the mention of his old Headmaster ducking his head to hide from the probing stares around him. They knew everything, always had, and he still felt the guilt, the weakness.

He hadn’t been strong enough to say no and hadn’t been strong enough to accept help.

Seven years ago he had fled from the wizarding world after his failed attempt at killing Dumbledore, for seven years his only contact had been the letters between himself and his godfather.

At the age of 17 he had arrived in Sunnydale, CA broken and refusing to acknowledge it. He had used magic to enroll himself into the local High School and had tried to regain a bit of his old, annoying self but living as a muggle. It hadn’t worked. A group of students and a librarian had seen right through it and had gotten the whole truth from him.

It had been Giles that had taken him in giving him a place to live and the training to survive on the Hellmouth. He had used some dubious connections to have some papers made that claimed Draco as his nephew and everyone had bought it simply because they were both British.

Giles and the teenager faced off the boy’s stance screaming of defiance and a stubbornness that the Watcher was sure going to cause more than a little trouble.

“When was the last time you ate?” Giles asked softly keeping hiss tone neutral as the boy just glared at him a sneer forming on his lips and Giles had his answer. Draco had tried to hide it for months but dirty and torn clothes didn’t hide the skinny form and the dark shadows under his eyes showed the lack of sleep.

Giles had followed him home one day after school wanting to put any suspicions about the boy who knew too many of their secrets to rest. He had watched as the boy had used a wand to steal food from a story, a small amount at that and he had stood in the shadows as he had entered an abandoned house only safe by the surprisingly strong wards he had put up.

“You’ll stay here tonight, I have a spare bedroom you can use and you will take a bath.” Giles voice was firm more of an order than a request “I will call Xander to come bring you some clean clothes for tomorrow and after school he will pick up any belongings you have,” the boys eyes widened as the plan was laid out or him “this weekend we will purchase you some new clothes and I will have an old friend draw up some documents to give me guardianship of you, illegally of course.”

Draco looked at him stunned disbelief written across his face and he held himself rigidly with the discipline of one taught to hide any emotion, exhaustion, hunger, fear, and even hope.

“And exchange we’ll offer ours.” Draco finished dryly leaning back in the chair eyes raised to stare blankly at the man that had been his Guardian. It didn’t matter that he felt sick and cold at the prospect of reentering the world he had left behind, the world that had given up on him before he had even known he had a chance, Slayers needed to be protected, that was the mission

He was still a Malfoy, despite the fact that the name had been what had destroyed his life, and it was time for him to stop running.

Buffy squeezed his hand this time gentle and he meet her eyes a small smile forming on her lips “You’re not that guy anymore Dray,” she moved to settle herself in his lap arms going snuggly around his neck “and if they treat you like you are than they’ll have to deal with us.” Her eyes flashed in a way that told him that while it sounded like a joke she was serious.

He looked around the table and has stunned to see the same thoughts in everyone else. His gut clenched in an almost painful way and he ducked his head slightly his bangs hiding his eyes as he tried to keep his the mask in place.

“Wils got a great shovel speech.” Xander offered grinning broadly and even Giles smiled slightly. Draco’s mouth twisted slightly having heard her give it in defense in the others and as he turned to look at the smiling red head he knew she would repeat it again for him.

When he had met her he had taken an instant dislike to her based solely on the fact that she had red hair. After she had saved his life and slapped him they had gotten along and he had learned magic right along side her. When she had gone veiny she had almost killed him by draining the magic from his body.

It had taken months for him to recover and be able to do any magic at all.

“I’m sorry.” Willow told him softly as he stood in the doorway of her room. “I never sad it before but I’m sorry what I did to you,” a bitter smile crossed her lips so much sadness in her eyes as she whispered “I’m sorry for a lot of things.”

She sat cross legged on her bed the bandaging on the wound the monster had given her visible at the edges of her night shirt.

Draco walked over to her silently and sank down on the bed across from her his voice calm “I’ve heard you’re in need of some strength, I’m no Slayer but I’m willing to help.” He offered her his hands as he had seen Buffy do and she slipped hers into him knowing that she had been forgiven.

Beside her sat Oz, the werewolf Draco had treated like filth and had loudly protested against being anywhere near. It was often Oz that he went to when he needed a calming presence.

On the other end of the table sat Xander and Faith the Slayer’s feet propped in his laps as he rubbed her calves.

Xander had taught him how to inhale enough junk food to stay up all night for researching.

Faith had been the first one he had formed a friendship with and was there when he needed to get beat up on a bit so he would stop being an ass.

By Giles sat Dawn looking tired after coming home from her first week of college clashes but pleased. She had dyed his hair red once and had hid behind Buffy when he had come after her.

His eyes moved back to Buffy and she smiled softly at him bending down to brush her lips against his in a soft kiss and there was concern in her voice “We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

Draco fingered the velvet box in his pocket agitated that he couldn’t stop his heart from wanting to imitate that of a rabbit and a little worried that he was going to laugh hysterically.

Buffy glanced up at him curiously from where she had a book propped in her lap from searching for the newest group of demons that wanted to end the world. She raised her brow in a silent question and Draco pulled himself together.

Malfoy’s didn’t get nervous, or do emotion at all. Except his hands were really clammy and there was a part of him that was sure this was the stupidest thing he had ever done.

He pulled out the box and flipped it open in front of her before he could lose the little nerve he did had, the diamond engagement ring glinted in the light of the lamps and her eyes flew from it to him in shock.

He held her closer slowly looking around at the unlikely people that had become his family and smirked “I’m ready."

The End

You have reached the end of "To Be Somebody". This story is complete.

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