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Slayers in Space

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Mind-Melder Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Stuck at the other end of the galaxy with no way to get home, Faith finds friends and enemies alike in her romp across the stars. Meanwhile, on Earth, the SGC and New Watchers Council struggle to find her or even get along...

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 9 & 10KennieFR1531366,9291618588,74811 Jan 0814 Jul 12No

Fight or Flight


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG-1 are both owned by people who are not me. Sadly, I make no money from the creation and distribution of this tale and I own nothing. Literally nothing.


After meeting SG-1 during the aftermath of the Battle for LA, Faith was appointed SGC Scooby liason. While she was dropping off a weird artifact that the New Watchers Council suspected might be alien in origin, there was an accident and Faith became mentally linked to Colonel Cameron Mitchell.
Faith watched Vala Mal Doran, using Daniel Jackson's body, warn the SGC about the Ori. She and Mitchell partially destroyed the Mind-Melder in the vortex of a wormhole so that he could go to Camelot and she could leave.
That night, Faith had her first Slayer Dream. Returning to the SGC, she forced Walter to let her through the Stargate and arrived in Camelot just in time to slay the Black Knight.
Cam invited her to join him and Daniel onboard the Korelev and Faith leapt at the chance. When the Ori invaded, Cam piloted an F-302 against them, leaving Faith with Daniel when the Korelev was destroyed.

And now...

Fight or Flight

Daniel wandered down a deserted Ori hallway on his way to meet up with Faith. The slayer had insisted that they split up to get a better idea of what was going on of what was going on onboard the enemy ship. They had agreed to meet up two hours later in a storage closet not far from the ring room. Worried about what might happen while they were separated, Daniel had insisted on spending ten minutes of those two hours instructing Faith in how to use the rings.

A door on his left caught his eye. Glancing at his watch he noticed that he had a little time to spare. The door was no different from any other of the doors in the corridor. But...

Daniel pressed the small pad beside the door firmly and the outer doors opened. They closed behind him as he stepped through and the inner doors in front of him opened. It was someone’s personal quarters. A woman’s, he realised as he moved about the room and spotted a mirror on a table.

It was quite a large room, and well appointed, obviously belonging to someone of significance. A large window took up a significant portion of one wall and the eerie light of hyperspace was all that lit the room as Daniel picked up a pillow from the bed.

He turned it over in his hands for a few minutes and then quickly brought it up to his face and sniffed it. A fragrant and familiar scent curled up from the pillow and he buried his nose further into the pillow, breathing deeper. Vala... This was her room.

The sound of the outer doors opening brought him back to himself and he quickly placed the pillow neatly back onto the bed, melting back into the deepest shadows of the room and pulling out his gun. Vala was married now. To an Ori believer called Tomin. If it wasn’t her, he didn’t know what he’d do. Judging by the recording he had watched, Vala cared for Tomin. Just how much he didn’t know.

The inner doors opened and Vala trudged through them, slowing as she realised that the room had somehow changed. She turned around and her heart leapt as Daniel stepped out of the shadows, his gun pointed at her heart and a warning finger on his lips.

“Shh,” he warned, taking his finger away but keeping the gun pointed at her. “Long story.”

“Are you alone?” Vala asked quietly.

“Kind of,” Daniel said, flicking his eyes down to her stomach. “What happened to you?”

Vala frowned, staring at the gun he still pointed at her, “What do you mean?” Daniel stared pointedly at her stomach and Vala suddenly realised what he meant. “Oh! I had a baby,” she told him, her mind flashing back to her recent meeting with her daughter.

If you wanted to find out what was going down and remain unnoticed, the kitchen was always the best place to be, Faith mused as she served a long line of Ori soldiers while listening to two men across the room talk about something called an Orici. So far she’d found out that they’d gotten their asses during the fight at the Supergate and that this Orici, whatever the fuck that was, was the holy of holies as far as the Ori were concerned.

Unobtrusively glancing at her watch, Faith stepped away from the counter, stripping her apron away. Time to go meet Daniel.

“I’ll distract her while you sneak up and stun her,” Vala told Daniel as they moved through the Ori ship towards the armoury.

“We need to stop by the storeroom and pick up Faith,” Daniel reminded her.

Vala resisted the urge to roll her eyes. If it hadn’t been for Faith’s total lack of concern when Vala had possessed Daniel’s body she would almost think there was something going on between them, Daniel was so insistent on finding her. Of course, alone on an Ori ship wasn’t a nice place to be but Faith had seemed pretty smart. Maybe not book smart like Daniel or Colonel Carter but certainly street smart like Mitchell or herself.

“If we get her before we go to the armoury then she can get some weapons too,” Daniel continued, turning down a different corridor.

Unless... Did Daniel like Faith? Narrowing her eyes, Vala watched the tall man carefully as they headed further and further away from the armoury.

Where the fuck was he? Faith ducked into an empty room to avoid a patrol of soldiers headed in her direction and cursed Daniel. For three hours she’d been searching for him, dodging soldiers and Priors as she roamed the ship in search of the archaeologist. On the plus side, she’d identified three possible ways off the ship.

Her attention caught by the view from the window behind her, Faith crossed the room to stare outside. So that’s what that change in the engines had been all about. They’d landed on a planet and judging from the smoke rising from several places were going about subduing the locals.

Where the fuck was Daniel? They needed to get to get off this ship right now. Ducking back into the hallway, Faith continued the way she had been going, peeking round a corner when she came to an intersection.

“This is Lt. Col. Samantha Carter calling any survivors of the Earth ship Korelev.”

At first Daniel thought he was hearing things but as Sam started to repeat herself he quickly pulled his radio from its hiding place under the panels of his Ori vest.

“Sam, it’s me, Daniel,” he whispered into the radio, turning his back on the corridor so his actions wouldn’t be as noticeable.

“Daniel,” Sam’s relief was evident as her tinny voice echoed around the hallway. “I knew you’d made it. Is Faith with you?”

Daniel screwed his face up as he glanced up and down the deserted corridor. “Well, she’s onboard,”he temporised. God only knew where the dark Slayer was. Thanks to Vala, he’d missed their scheduled check-in hours ago. Speaking of Vala... “I’m kind of in the middle of something right now,” he told Sam, keeping one ear out for Vala’s voice in the room he was guarding.

“We’re in orbit trying to blow up one of the Ori ships...”

“Yeah, I’m on one of the ships that has landed on the planet,” Daniel said quickly before Sam could go into any detail. He really didn’t have time for this. “I’m going to have to tell you the rest later. Requesting radio silence,” he said pointedly as he switched his radio off and quickly got back into position, a nonchalant look on his face as two Ori men walked past him.

There he was! Very aware of the Caleb-look-a-like walking towards them, Faith approached Daniel as subtly as she could but when the Caleb wannabe turned on Danny, threatening him with the weird staff he carried Faith stopped, melding into the shadows as Daniel put his hands up and was ushered into the room he’d been guarding.

“Kill him.”

“No! Wait...” Vala cried as she moved in front of Daniel to protect him from her husband. “We want to talk to you.”

“Move!” Tomin yelled as the doors behind him opened again and Faith hit him.

Tomin’s eyes crossed and he sank first to his knees and then slowly and face-first, to the floor. Faith pointed a finger at Daniel.

You were supposed to meet me three hours ago. Not cool, standing a girl up.”

Adria stamped her foot, her eyes changing to twin whirlpools of flame, and Faith found herself thrown back against the far wall and pinned there.

“Adria, no!” Vala shouted as an electronic hiss filled the room and blue light shot from Daniel’s hand into Adria.

The small child collapsed, unconscious, and Faith fell to the floor with a thump.

“Nice kid,” she commented, shaking her head to clear it as she stood.

She hadn’t got more than two steps towards Daniel and the dark-haired woman she assumed was Vala when a line of fire sprung up behind her and the doors opened to reveal a one-eyed Prior. Daniel reacted instantly, bringing his arm up to fire on the man. He stared in disbelief at the weapon as it refused to fire and the Prior stepped through the flames. Straight away, Daniel grabbed his pistol, aiming at the unconscious Orici.

“No!” Vala told him as the Prior telekinetically pulled the pistol out of Daniel’s hand. The weapon flew across the room, landing safely behind the Prior.

Daniel started to glow with light and as an electronic hum filled the room, he flung himself at Vala, tightly wrapping his arms around her as they were transported away.

“Oh fuck,” Faith said hollowly from her corner and suddenly the Prior’s attention was on her.

Cocking his head slightly to one side, he glided towards her, the gleam in his eyes holding more than mere curiosity. Faith shuddered under his calculating gaze and reacted, her leg lashing out as soon as he came within striking distance and knocking his staff away. The Prior pulled himself upright and held out his hand as the staff came flying back across the room. Faith’s eyes widened. Did everyone have freaky powers out here? Recovering quickly, the Slayer lashed out with a tentative punch that was blocked by the staff.

“Fear not the Ori,” the Prior intoned as he blocked another blow. “For blessed are those who walk in unison.”

“I fear no-one,” Faith grunted as she struggled to land a hit on the Prior. "Especially not crazy priests."

“Make yourself one with the path my child, and the journey shall lead you to eternity.”

Faith was breathing heavily as she circled the Prior, looking for any kind of opening, “Ew. Why does it sound wrong when you tell me to make myself one?”

“Foolish child!” the Prior said, pointing his staff at Faith.

The brunette Slayer was thrown back through the flames and into the door. Falling to the ground, she looked up as the Prior stepped through the fire and advanced on her.

“The power and greatness of the Ori cannot be denied,” he crooned, a sickly smile on his face as he held out his hand to her. “Join with us and your eyes shall be opened to Enlightenment.”

Faith stayed on the ground, biding her time as the Prior moved closer, closer. Exploding into violent action, Faith grabbed the base of the Prior’s staff and shoved it upwards into the base of his chin. Staggering back, stunned, the Prior somehow managed to retain his grip on his staff. Not that that helped him as Faith brought up Daniel’s gun and fired.

The bullet clipped him in the shoulder, spinning him round so that he fell face-first onto the carpet. Faith lay there, breathing harshly, a tight grip on the gun as she considered what to do next.

Daniel had clearly just been beamed off board, taking Vala with him and leaving her stuck alone on board an evil ship filled with enemy soldiers and religious whack jobs who could toss people around with their minds. Why the fuck hadn’t they beamed her off too?

The flames still hadn’t died down and the Prior moved. Only slightly, one hand groping towards his staff, but it was enough to convince Faith that now was the perfect time to get off the ship.

Malina urged the group of refugees to move faster. They had to get to the gate before the troops or die trying to fight their way off this forsaken planet with nothing more than a pair of zat’nik’tels. Ruefully she cursed the impulse that had compelled her to visit the Chulak market early this morning.

Noticing the clearing of ground cover that indicated they were nearing the Chap’pai, Malina shouted to her Father’s servant, Gunt, to keep the refugees moving and sheared off into the undergrowth. Moving rapidly over the ground, she took a circuitous route to come up behind the Stargate. She groaned as she saw the eight men guarding it and set off back the way she had come to warn the group.

Reaching them just before they came into view of the Stargate and its guards, she frantically motioned for them to stop, the finger on her lips indicating that they should be silent while doing so. Quickly explaining the situation to Gunt, Malina broke off as she noticed a woman in a bloodstained pale blue dress running up the track behind them.

Stepping into her path, Malina forced the woman to stop.

“There are eight enemy soldiers ahead,” she warned the dark-eyed woman.

“Well there’s about twenty of them five minutes behind me,” the woman panted.

The refugees moaned at the fresh proof of their imminent obliteration and Malina shushed them. She needed to come up with a plan.

The stranger moved past her and further up the path. Malina followed her to a hiding place where they could spy on the Stargate.

“Do we have any guns?” the woman whispered.

Malina shook her head. “Two zat’nik’tels,” she whispered back, showing the weapons to her.

“Okay, I’ll take the four on the left, you take the two on the right and we’ll get some people who can shoot to pick off the two in the middle,” the stranger flashed a grin at her and oddly, Malina found herself comforted.

Two men were quickly chosen by the group of refugees as the best shooters and the quartet attacked. Dodging the deadly light from their weapons, Malina made short work of the two men she had been assigned to take down. Looking around, she saw that the strange woman was surrounded by dead or unconscious bodies. How had she incapacitated so many before Malina herself had finished?

Malina wasn’t boasting when she claimed to be the best hunter on her home planet. Almost two years ago, Malina had suddenly been gifted with strange powers. Becoming stronger and faster than any man hadn’t increased her eligibility but it had meant that with her help, the heavy chores on her Father’s farm were completed quickly, increasing its productivity and enabling her Father to buy more land.

She cried out as she saw the woman get hit by a shot from the last of the enemy soldiers and sink to her knees. The shooters fired on him, quickly killing him as Malina rushed to the woman’s side. To her surprise, the woman was still conscious, her breath whistling in and out of clenched teeth and her hands curled tightly into fists as she struggled to remain upright.

“Are you injured?” Malina asked, checking her for any visible injuries.

“Just get us the fuck out of here,” the woman hissed.

Rushing to the controller, Malina began to push the buttons that would take her home. Halfway through the sequence, weapons fire behind her coincided with the screams of the refugees.

Pushing herself to her feet, the stranger turned to the shooters, holding her hand out.

“Gun,” she demanded and easily snatched the weapon out of the air as it was thrown to her. Ducking behind cover as the refugees ran into the clearing, the woman squeezed off a shot at the lone soldier who followed them.

It struck him in the chest and he fell to the ground as the Stargate activated and more soldiers appeared.

“Everyone, move!” the woman shouted, firing the zat’nik’tel and hitting an enemy with every shot. Refugees streamed through the Stargate and Malina paused next to the stranger.

“Go!” the powerful woman shouted, moving backwards towards the gate as she continued to fire at the soldiers.

Taking her advice, Malina joined the last of the refugees as they rushed up the steps and through the Chap’pai. Looking over her shoulder as she ran through, the last thing Malina saw was the woman getting hit again.

The peaceful fields stretching far into the horizon on the other side of the wormhole, while not what she most wanted to see right now, ranked a definite second. As the Stargate shut off with an electronic fizz behind her, Faith slumped to the ground, the pain from the two shots they’d gotten in coursing through her body. Her last thought before she lost consciousness was that she recognised the girl who had fought with her.

General Landry groaned as he read the latest report from the Odyssey. While the news that Doctor Jackson and Vala Mal Doran had been successfully rescued from an Ori ship was encouraging, the fact that Faith had been left behind on that same ship was a disaster. The Watchers Council were not going to be happy.

Calling for aspirin, Landry closeted himself in his office as he tried to put a positive spin on the situation. Preferably one that wouldn’t result in his balls being ripped out through his throat by an angry Buffy Summers.

Consciousness came quickly, hurried along by the distant sound of arguing.

“All I am saying is that by bringing her here you may have brought these attackers down upon us,” a male voice spoke angrily in another room.

Faith looked around her. A low-beamed ceiling, the rough white walls and the patchwork quilt on the bed she was tucked in all added to the Farmhouse chic vibe the place had going for it.

“I fought with her Father,” the girl from the planet replied. “They will be after me as much as her. Would you rather I left too?”

It was obvious that the girl was expecting him to say no but the silence that followed her question was telling. Faith jumped as the door to the room was opened and the girl entered.

“Oh!” she jumped as she realised that Faith was awake. “How are you feeling?”

Faith evaluated her condition. “Good to go,” she decided, pushing the covers back.

“Please,” the girl laid her hand on Faith’s shoulder and the last of the Chosen Slayers felt herself being pushed down with a stronger than human strength. “Stay until you are rested,” the girl urged.

Pushing back against the pressure of the girl’s hand, Faith watched knowingly as the girl’s eyes widened once she realised that Faith was at least as powerful as she was.

“The dreams started the same time you got strong,” Faith told her.

Trembling, the girl perched on the edge of the bed, one hand fluttering up to her mouth. “I never told anyone... How did you know about the dreams?” the girl asked.

Pushing herself up into a sitting position, Faith looked deeply into the girl’s eyes. “A long time ago, a group of men decided that they weren’t strong enough to fight their demons. So they chained a girl to the desert floor and forced the essence of a demon into her. She was the First Slayer. One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to fight evil. The power passed down through the generations, one girl at a time, moving on to another when one died. Until one died and came back. Then there were two. Now, thanks to that girl, there are hundreds of Vampire Slayers all over the world. And apparently, the Galaxy too. You’re one of us.”

“What’s a vampire?” the girl asked.

Faith silently applauded the girl’s guts. Finds out she’s a Slayer and the first thing she wanted to know was what to slay.

“Dead man walking basically,” Faith explained. “No pulse, doesn’t breathe, likes to drink the blood of humans, you can kill ‘em by staking ‘em through the heart with wood, choppin’ their heads off or by shovin’ ‘em out into the sun. Ringing any bells?” she asked as the girl’s expression stayed blank.

She shook her head, “My dreams are of men as pale as ghosts, with scarred faces and glowing staffs.”

“Everybody hates a zealot!” Faith quietly reminded herself. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Malina Greenwheat,” the girl introduced herself.

Faith swung her legs out of the bed and, unconcerned with the fact that she was completely naked, stood and began rummaging through drawers looking for her clothes. “I’m Faith. What happened to my stuff?”

“Your dress is being washed, but I do not believe I will be able to get the bloodstains out,” Malina told her with a blush.

“I don’t give a fuck about the dress. I had combats and stuff under it,” Faith could feel her legs start to wobble beneath her and she sat abruptly back down on the bed as beads of sweat broke out on her brow. Obviously she wasn’t about to bounce back from whatever the hell it was she’d been shot with as quickly as she thought, Slayer healing or no Slayer healing.

“Your underclothes are also being washed,” Malina told her as she tucked Faith's legs under the quilt and pulled it up over her shoulders before crossing to a simply carved wooden box. Carrying it over to the bed, Malina opened it to show Faith the oddments she’d been carrying in her garments.

Faith’s eyes lit up at the sight of the objects and she quickly scooped them out of the box, laying them within easy reach on Malina’s nightstand. Malina eyed the objects suspiciously; the only thing she recognised was an ornate dagger, still stained with blood.

Standing, Malina looked down at the pale woman in her bed. Reaching a decision, she reached out and patted Faith’s shoulder. “You rest,” she told her. “I’ll bring you some food.”

“Can’t stay for long Mallie,” Faith muttered into a pillow. “Gotta get back to Earth.”

By the time Malina left the room the dark-haired woman was fast asleep.

Buffy tapped her obscenely expensive and oh-so-pretty shoe on the floor as she glared at the people in front of her.

“Let me see if I’ve got this right,” she said, pointing at Colonel Mitchell. “You invited Faith to a fight in space and you,” she accused Daniel. “You left her stranded on an enemy ship on the other side of the universe,” turning to the General at the head of the table, Buffy narrowed her eyes. “And you let her travel there in the first place without any way to get home!” Buffy refused to feel guilty when everyone winced as she shouted the last part.

“Indeed,” Teal’c nodded his head, looking grave.

“What were you thinking?” Buffy exploded. “Check that, you weren’t thinking. I don’t care what it takes, you get her back!”

“We’re doing everything we can,” General Landry assured her.

“But...?” Buffy asked, a murderous glint in her eye.

General Landry swallowed and Colonel Mitchell came to his rescue.

“But we just got our butts kicked by a superior force hell-bent on the enslavement of all life in the galaxy,” he explained. “We really should be doing something about that. It doesn’t mean that we won’t look for Faith, but we can only devote a certain amount of resources to the search.” The words felt dirty as they came out of his mouth. Unable to fight the feeling that he was somehow betraying Faith by speaking, he shut up.

Buffy leaned forward, her tone icy as she spoke, “Fine. You don’t have the resources. I’ll send you some of my people. All you’ll have to do is let them use the gate and they’ll find her.”
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