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Paradise Lost

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Summary: After Africa, Xander Harris has long since left the supernatural world behind him. He hopes for a knew begining in a small island town called Dante's Cove. But Fate it seems has other ideas...Slash

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This Feeling Crept Over Me...

Title: Paradise Lost
Author: LLN
Fandom: BtVS/Dante's Cove crossover.
Pairings: Xander/Ambrosius, Xander/Spike, Kevin/Toby other pairings as they come.
Spoilers: All of Buffy/Angel. Up To Season Three of Dante's Cove.
Disclaimers: Don't own them. Buffy belongs to Joss. Dante's Cove belongs to Genius Entertainment and the Here Network.
Summary: After Africa, Xander Harris has long since left the supernatural world behind him. He hopes for a new beginning in a small island town called Dante's Cove. (In My World ) Ambrosius fails in winning Kevin away from Toby. Ambrosius then meets a world wary Xander Harris who it seems has dark secrets of his own.
Authors Notes: For thoses of you who haven't heard of Dante's Cove all you really need to know is that a guy named Kevin went there to be with his boyfriend Toby, then he freed the Warlock Ambrosius Vallin, who was cursed to be trapped in the Hotel Dante's basement by Grace Neville, a witch, after she discovered that Ambrosius was cheating on her with a man. Ambrosius tricked Kevin into kissing him, which broke the curse. Ambrosius then tried to force Kevin to be with him.
If you want to know more you can go to the website
Warnings: Slash Fiction ahead. Turn back now if you don't like it.

"...Milo Greenwitch felt the weight of the titles he had acquired when the Nexus fell keenly. 'Seer of the New Age', 'Bane of the Underworld' and Patron Saint of the Warrioresses'- these were not just empty words strung together but had real meaning and responsibilities. Now he was tired and for good reason.

After Grandville had turned to nothing but a hole in the earth when the Nexus went, he had spent a year traversing the Dark Continent to look for a portion of the newly awakened Warrioresses. No rest and no time to mourn had been allowed. He had to swallow the anguish at the losses of his fiancée and many of the newly made Warrioresses in the Nexus battle, nevermind get over the betrayal of Sebastian the Bastard and himself by the First Warrioress, Elizabeth and her lover, the King of the Vampires, Liamus.

The hope for a new beginning, a new start in the small island town named Milton's Isle, was just the change of place, people and pace he was looking for...that would maybe give him time to heal from all the wounds he now carried..."

Kevin finished reading the back of the book out loud to his boyfriend Toby, as they stood in the only bookstore in Dante's Cove.

Toby shook his head in surprise, "With everything weird that goes on in this town you actually like those type of books?"

Kevin shrugged sheepishly and said, "Yeah, kind of, at least I like this author...I don't know why. I've been reading this series since it came out three years ago. There's something about the relationships of Alexander Harrington's characters. I really like the one between Sebastian and Milo. Even though the author writes like Milo is straight, it seems in the interactions between those two characters there's something more, you know."

"Wow," Toby said. "You're a real fan boy at heart, huh?"

Kevin reached out and lightly hit Toby in the arm, "What's wrong with that?"

Toby suddenly grabbed his California blond and blue-eyed boyfriend around the waist and pulled him close. Toby lightly kissed him, "Not a damn thing."


A black Dodge Viper roared past the sign of the Hotel Dante. Music blasting as it came to a screaming halt in front of the newly renovated hotel.

~ Dying to be with you....dying to be with you...~

Ambrosius Vallin looked up sharply from his drink at the waves of power that seemed to be sweeping over the bar, H2Eau. A confused look crossed his face; he had never felt such power. Not even from Grace the bitch that trapped him in the Hotel Dante's basement for almost two hundred years. No, it was nothing like the power of Tresum. It was different felt older...stronger...darker and far more dangerous.

~Like a knife to my heart...I'm dying to be you...
Burning inside me...dying to be with you....~

Grace Neville paused in her bickering with Diana Childs. She shuddered in awe and fear at the power she felt engulfing the island. She looked over at Diana with a speaking glance that said 'this can't be good'.

Diana nodded in agreement.

~Like a moth to a flame...dying to be with you...~

Van dropped her paintbrush in surprise. The dark red paint spilled onto the beige carpet like a bloodstain.

~Run but you can not...I'm dying...dying to be with you...~

As Kevin and Toby stepped out of the bookstore they both shivered at the sudden cold breeze that swept past them.

~When I first saw you a feeling crept over me...
You'd be my Savior...with one'd set me free...~

Ambrosius turned as the bartender, Brit, who had made a small noise of appreciation. To see what had captured her interest and was surprised because he knew Brit liked women.

What had caught Brit's attention, and surprised Ambrosius in the process, was a young man standing in the doorway of the bar.

He had dark long hair that flowed past his shoulders, and a single lock of hair fell over his right eye hiding it from view. He was dressed in a black short-sleeved T-shirt that showed his chest off perfectly, and skintight blue jeans that hugged every masculine curve. The look was finished with a pair of well-used Doc Martin boots.

Ambrosius licked his lips as he watched the man make his way up to the bar.

"Jack Daniels," said the man in an accent that reminded Ambrosius of his Kevin's. He watched as the other man push the lock of hair from away from his face revealing his pair of mismatched was a bright emerald green and the other a deep rich chocolate brown.

Brit poured the requested shot of whiskey but before she could say anything Ambrosius, muttered under his breath and waved his hand, casting a spell. Causing her to forget whatever she had been about to say and move to the far end of the bar, well way from the two men, where she began to clean the glasses that were sitting there.

The man with the strange eyes paused in the act of lifting his shot glass to his lips, turned to Ambrosius saying in a slightly amused tone, "That," pointing over the edge of his shot glass at the bespelled bartender, "was less than subtle."

Ambrosius was shocked that the young man knew what he had done. That was interesting...very interesting.

"Ambrosius Vallin but please call me Bro." The Avatar said by way of an introduction holding out his hand. For a long moment the other man stared at Ambrosius, who got the most uncomfortable feeling as if the man was staring into his soul. Then the other took Ambrosius's hand.

"Xander Harris."

The power in the room seemed to increase at the mere sound of the name. It was intriguing. He let go of Xander Harris's hand reluctantly and watched as the young man downed the shot of whiskey without even a grimace at the taste.

Yes, Ambrosius Vallin was definitely intrigued.

~Your flesh and your blood...
It's just a small sacrifice...~

In the bowels of Dante's Cove premiere sex club, The Lair, a lanky bleach blond man paused in the act of whipping the man that was chained to a wall. Slowly the vampire looked up his once blue eyes now glowed a feral yellow-gold. A smirk now graced his lips as he felt something he hadn't in years... "He's here," he whispered then he began to laugh darkly.

~Do not resist me...Eternal life has it's careful what you wish for...
Dying to be with you.....with you...~
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