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Bad Luck

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Summary: Xander's never had a normal relationship, what's one more? Right?

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DC Universe > Teen TitansMrRiggerFR181328,10925175138,1814 Feb 081 Jul 10Yes

Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Teen Titans.

Xander tumbled out of the portal into the main room of the Tower. “I swear she does that just to annoy me.”

“You’re back. Good.” Robin stood up from his seat on the couch and walked towards the pair that just came through the closing portal. “I take it your trip went well?”

“Not bad,” Xander started to say, before Starfire flew forward, sweeping Robin into a hug and spinning him around as she floated higher and higher.

“It was glorious! The stories did it no justice,” Starfire gushed. “I will go make the Pudding of Safe Return!”

Starfire dropped Robin and sped towards the kitchen area. A noxious aroma erupted almost immediately and Robin winced. “Oh, that’s going to be nasty.”

“Speaking from experience?”

“Yeah.” Robin shuddered. “Usually I can get her to keep it to herself, but I still remember the first time she made it. I had to get my stomach pumped, and I was still throwing up for two days.”

“Sounds rough. What’s happened with Jenny?”

Robin nodded. “She stabilized enough that we were able to convince the hospital to release her to us. It helped that we were able to get Raven to teleport her directly. She’s up in the hospital wing right now.”

Xander nodded his thanks. “Anything else happen that I need to know about?”

“Not that I can think of. I’ll let you know if anything pops up.”

Robin excused himself and Xander started towards the hospital wing. Halfway there, he crossed paths with Raven. She stopped and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“What did you bring back? You’ve got seriously dark magic hanging all around you,” she said without preamble.

Xander held up the amulet for Raven to inspect. She flinched away.

“That thing has a serious curse around it. Anyone who wore it would be crippled in a few days, and dead not long after that. And it’s more powerful then almost anything I’ve seen before. There’s no way I could break a curse like that.”

Xander sighed. “It’s not a curse. That’s the power it gives to whoever wears it. It enhances someone without doing anything to the normal limits the body has. You’ll be running at superhuman levels for a day or two before it starts breaking your body down systematically. The guy who sacrificed the Slayer to make it learned that the hard way.”

“And you plan on giving it to Jinx?”

“As long as you know the limitations, you can use it without trouble. A few hours on and a few hours off, and Jenny will be back to normal in a few days, tops.”

Raven glared daggers at the amulet but didn’t say anything else. Not that she had to make her opinion clear.


Jenny blinked awake and tried to stretch. She regretted her motion immediately, but noticed that it wasn’t as bad as it should have been.

Waking up further, Jenny noticed a note taped to her palm.


When you wake up, don’t take the amulet off. And don’t move, even if you’re feeling better.


Jenny rubbed the note away with her fingers and flicked it into the floor. Sure enough, Xander was sleeping uncomfortably in the chair next to the bed. “Idiot,” she muttered as she glanced around the room. A dark glint caught her eye and Jinx craned her neck to look at the amulet laying on her chest. A black miasma surrounded the small piece of metal. She frowned at the sight of it. “Xander,” she said, raising her voice. He stirred, but didn’t wake up. “Xander!” she snapped.

Xander jerked and nearly fell out of the chair. “Huh? What? Jenny, you’re awake. Good.”

“Xander, why am I wearing a piece of powerful dark magic, that you apparently don’t want me to take off?” The look on her face told Xander that he had better start talking, and immediately.

He chuckled nervously. “Well, it’s actually helping you heal. And besides, just because it’s dark magic doesn’t mean it’s absolutely evil. Figured you know that. But you’re right, it’s not something you want hanging around on you.” Xander checked the clock on the wall. “Actually, if you’re feeling better, it’s probably a good idea to take it off.” He leaned over and gently slid it off her neck.

“What is that thing, anyway?” Now that it was further away and she didn’t have to crane her neck, Jenny could see it fairly well. It was definitely steeped in nasty magic that she didn’t want anywhere near her. She had made it this far without delving into the darker magic, she didn’t really want to start now.

“It’s an amulet that gives the bearer the powers of a Slayer, but it generally destroys the body in the process. However, if you don’t abuse it, and use it very carefully, you can heal up from injuries pretty quick.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want that thing around my neck anymore. It’s way too dark for my tastes. I’m not evil anymore, and I don’t need any kind of temptation.”

Xander’s face suddenly split in a grin. “I don’t know, you don’t mind when I tempt you.”

“You know full well what I meant.”


“So I’m convalescing right now, and I don’t need any kind of temptation, even the kind I normally like.”

“Alright, fine, you don’t have to use the amulet if you don’t want too. I just didn’t want to see you hurting, and since I’ve used it a couple of times myself, I figured you wouldn’t be adverse to it.”

“Well, you figured wrong. And you’ve got some explaining to do.”

“What do I have to explain?”

“Just before you ran off, you said you loved me. Did you really mean that?” Jenny’s voice got smaller as she asked, as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear the answer.

Xander’s face softened. “Of course I meant it. That’s not something I just throw around, you know? But yes, I love you, you pink-haired goof. And before you ask, yes, I’m absolutely sure, and yes, I’m serious. What’s not to love? You’re smart, funny, beautiful, and you’re amazing to spend time with.”

Jenny started tearing up and held her arms out for a hug. “Dammit, fine, I love you too, you romantic sap.”


You are cordially invited to attend

the Wedding of

Xander Harris and Jennifer Murphy

We’re doing it right this time!

The End

Author's Note: I'll be honest, I'm not happy with this, but I've pretty much lost interest in this story, but I felt I owed everyone an ending. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

The End

You have reached the end of "Bad Luck". This story is complete.

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