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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything

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Home Base

It had been two weeks since the brutal battle with the Demonic Sins of the Castle Lord, Wrath and Greed. In that time, those that were controlled by the Sins have recovered their strength.

Team Scourge is back at full strength and ready to tear the sins apart. Angel and Gabriel have gotten stronger since the last battle and are nearly glowing with energy; Drusilla and Lilitha have been improving their archery and puppets. Spike and Blaze when they’re not smoking or drinking have been improving there fire-based attacks.

“According to the map, Pride and Lust are together. Those two will probably be the strongest.”

Team Naruto is still together with Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze helping his girlfriend/fiancée Hinata Hyuuga, while the former Kyubi no Yoko, Gohan Uzumaki watches over them. He still finds it strange that he’s taken the last name of his former prison, but his mind is no longer clouded by hatred due to the Akatsuki.

“That also means we will all be together, which means we will be stronger.”

Team Kakashi minus Naruto have recovered their strength and chakra, and are ready to fight. Kakashi Hatake is a little angry that the enemy used him as a literal scarecrow. Sakura Haruno has helped in the recovery of the others and she is both sad and happy that Naruto and Hinata are finally together. The former ROOT ninja Sai is quiet and has made just one insulting comment.

“Naruto, you and Hinata are together. I guess she doesn’t think you’re small.”

“Shut up, Sai!”

Team Alchemist is a larger group composed of Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Izumi Curtis, Sig Curtis, and the newly adopted Wrath Curtis. They have gathered since it’s their world under siege by the Castle Lord forces. With the destruction spreading faster and faster, even a simple housewife and a meat butcher must fight to survive. Thanks to Tsunade and Sakura’s skills and chakra from Naruto and Gohan, they managed to fix most of her internal injuries. They can’t replace the missing organs, but she is no longer slowly dying.

“I’m feeling stronger than I have in years,” says Izumi.

“Scary thought,” whispers Ed, before Winry hits him.

Team Flame is the returned Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang and his soldiers Riza Hawkeye, Vato Falman, Kain Fuery, Jean Havoc, Heymans Breda, Denny Brosh and Maria Ross. They are also joined by the Strong Arm Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong. They have been organizing what remains of the military and fighting Ravenclaw’s three generals.

“Those Ravenclaw Generals are also in that direction.”

Team Kurenai minus Hinata are back at full strength. Kurenai Yuhi has stored her children within Naruto’s Digivice with the population of Konoha in order to protect them. She herself has trained since she recovered her chakra. Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru, and Shino Aburame are all ready to tear the forces of Castle Lords apart after they were mutated into supernatural beings by Wrath and Greed.

Team Gai is filled with energy, but there is also anger. Mighty Gai and Rock Lee have rigged their training weights for easy removal and have even agreed to wear special gloves that boost their attacks and will increase the range. Neji Hyuuga looks ready to chew iron chains and his teammate/girlfriend Tenten is with him. She’s also sharpened every weapon in her massive scroll and rolled explosive notes for maximum efficiency.

“Yosh! We will not let their evil continue! We will fight with all our youthfulness!”



“SHUT UP!” yells Spike and Blaze, sending fireballs at the taijutsu duo to prevent the sunset background.

The Sennins Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya Oil have helped their newest member Anko in the sage training (senjutsu). This means she’s becoming a sage in more than name and will actually replace her former master Orochimaru.

“Why are you smiling?” asks Jiraiya.

“I talked to the old elder snake Dokujamaru,” says Anko. “He calls his great-grandson Manda a disgrace to all snakes. He also had a low opinion of Orochimaru, which is why the bastard had to use forbidden techniques.”

Shizune and Iruka are ready for battle and are joined by Kairi and Sora. Sora has evolved again and is no longer a small blue Otamamon, but the armored mer-creature Depthmon. The aquatic beast man looks strange on land, but seems to float and swim in the air as if it was water. The armored adult Digimon has five sharp claws with elbow fins, dark blue armor, and an attitude.

“Bubble Bombs!”

Sora creates bubble-shaped bombs that increase in size until they explode.

“Sargasso Drag!”

Sora creates powerful currents to pull the target around in what is basically a whirlpool. The effect is not as powerful on land as it is in water, due to the lesser density, but it’s still destructive.

“Marine Knives!”

Sora pulls out sharp blades and launches them at the target, inflicting critical damage.

“Power Pulse!”

Sora shoots green energy bullets from his hands. The energy constructs look like fists and have concessive force. Within seconds what remains of the stone target shatters into rubble.

The group is also joined by Team Asuma - Asuma Sarutibi, Chouji Akimichi, Ino Yamanaka, and Shikamaru Nara. The team were prisoners and used as mutated weapons by Ravenclaw’s generals until they were rescued by Roy Mustang and his men. They also joined by one of the last Homunculi. Lust had been severely damaged by her demonic counterpart and she barely survived the destruction of Central. She managed to pull herself from the flaming rubble and found enough Red Stone to restore her body. She’s joined forces with the humans and Digimon to get revenge.

Final Showdown

Pride of the Sins of the Castle Lords is the leader. He resembles a king, a man of nobility. He stands tall with a handsome face and a lean build. He has royal purple eyes, pale flawless skin, and shoulder-length black hair that flows in the faint wind. He seems to radiate power, control, and confidence. He’s dressed in a white shirt and pants with a black vest and a white jacket decorated with gold. He’s also wearing white gloves, white boots, and a long white coat with gold decorations. He also wears a long white cape with a wide collar and carries a white sheathed European sword on his hip and gold staff in his hand. The sword resembles a silver rapier with Spanish bell guard, while the staff is an elongated scepter with a five-pointed star shaped headpiece

He hasn’t changed since he helped to create Ravenclaw.

Lust of the Sins grows with a green aura. She’s in the form of a bat-winged succubus with long black hair, red skin, and glowing green eyes. Her spread bat wings have grown in size and green energy flows through them like blood in veins. As she clutches her clawed fists they are covered in smokeless green flames. She lets out a roar like the cry of a great cat of the jungle, showing her sharp fangs as her aura ignites into green flames.

Ravenclaw stands two meters tall with shining gold eyes like those of a jungle cat. He has flawless pale skin with intricate black and red markings resembling alchemic seals on the sides of his face and going down his arms. He has raven-black hair that flares like bird feathers, which hides his pointed ears and frames his pretty boy face. He also has fangs and sharp black claw-like nails on his hands and feet. He’s dressed in a black shirt and pants with black sandals, leg protectors, arm protectors, and fingerless gloves. He also wears a long black coat with feather-shaped shoulder extensions and a furry black belt.

“Malvos Ravenclaw, Alchemic Warrior of the Lords. We created you and now you betray us,” says Pride.

“I only serve the Lords. Those weaker than me deserve to be destroyed.”

“You consider us weak,” says Lust as she appears behind Ravenclaw with her fingers lengthened into blades. As her claws tear threw his body, it collapses into fine ash.

“Very weak and obsolete.”

Ravenclaw emerges from the shadows of ceiling and stands on the ceiling.

Lust turns and fires small, but extremely fast green fireballs from her palms. She fires them at the speed of a machine gun causing a chain of explosions that destroy part of the roof. Ravenclaw appears behind Lust and fires a small blue fireball into the small of her back. The force of the sphere is so powerful that she’s sent flying into a wall hard enough to leave a deep impression in the reinforced stone. Ravenclaw then explodes into flames after an attack by Pride.

Pride turns and fires at Ravenclaw, who emerges from the shadows as his replacement crumbles to ash. He fires an immense beam of red-orange energy that creates an equally immense hole with molten edges, but his target proves to be another ash clone. Lightning and alchemic energy arc around the room as the fragments of stone rise into the air. They glow white and transform into spikes which shoot at Pride at many times the speed of sound.

Pride creates a spherical red-orange barrier that stops the stone spikes, before a large explosion launches him like a cannonball through the ceiling.


The hidden hideout of Ravenclaw is a castle hidden in the depths of a thick, dark forest. The forest not only hides the castle, but lethal threats including Killer Dolls animated by captured human souls and killer plants that move like vicious predatory animals.

The dolls are life-size and humanoid with fully opposable joints and faces that are featureless beyond glass eyes. The souls are attached by blood seals, like Alphonse’s soul was attached to the suit of armor, but demonic seals manipulate the soul. Each one carries either a dagger or a sword stained with blood of past victims. These souls can only feel joy in killing for their masters, they can only feel fear when failing their masters, they can only feel sad when there no more prey to kill, and they can only feel rage when their prey struggles. They don’t feel hunger or thirst, and have no need of sleep. Instead they constantly hunt for victims and toss the bloody remains to the carnivorous demon plants.

A hundred dolls move at high speed towards the sound of intruders. Seconds later, a group of ninja and Digimon release streams of fire that instantly ignite the dolls. Those dolls not annihilated by the flames return to their feet and continue to attack despite being on fire.

Angel attacks dolls slicing then open with his Chidori Nagashi (Thousand Bird Current). The lightning tears through their bodies and causes minor explosions in the wood. The mystical energy of the blood seals attracts the lightning chakra, which spells destruction for the dolls. Angel’s partner Gabriel fires spears of light at the dolls, which instantly cleanse the magic from the dolls. In most cases the dolls disintegrate without the demonic reinforcement, it other cases they destroy themselves as their human emotions return, including guilt.

Spike and Blaze team up and destroy all dolls in their path. Spike does a technique and his fiery sword extends and moves like a snake, slicing a couple dozen dolls into burning pieces. He turns and makes a slashing motion, releasing a fiery blast that completely incinerates the dolls that tried to attack him from behind. Blaze fires fiery blasts from his shotguns which punch clean through dozens of dolls leaving fiery trails. Blaze aims for where the blood seals are located which means instant death for each doll.

Drusilla doesn’t use her own weapons; instead she sends out chakra strings and controls the strongest dolls as her own puppets. With the skill of a master, she has her Killer Doll attack the other dolls with superior skill. In seconds, joints are severed and the wooden bodies crash to the ground. A far larger group of puppets attack her, but she holds up her hands like a bird in flight and lightly bites her thumbs

“Summoning: Number 84: Olympian: Apollo, God of the Sun”

As Drusilla’s bloody hand hits the ground, a puppet resembling a teenage male with shoulder length hair and shining eyes appears. His golden armor is sleek with a blade-rimmed ring on his back resembling the sun. It can use fire techniques (god of the sun) and a lyre for sound based genjutsu. It wields a bow with poisoned arrows as well as a sword.

“Summoning: Number 90: Olympian: Dionysus, God of Wine”

Drusilla’s second summoning resembles a young male puppet with wine colored hair and carries a jar of poison-laced wine. A faint mist trails from its lips and it also has large blades shaped like feathers that can create wind to spread the mist and he also carries a long staff with a round gem on the tip.

As Drusilla moves her fingers, Dionysus releases a high pressure jet of purplish mist from his staff. When the mist comes in contact with the burning wood and attacking dolls it ignites and burns like napalm. Apollo lends his fellow puppet a hand by releasing a stream of oil from his mouth, which ignites into a monstrous fireball.

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze creates a hundred clones that send nearly two hundred dolls into oblivion. The dolls may be vicious and relentless, but they lack fighting skills beyond animalistic instincts and what remains of their humanity, which makes them weaker than common bandits if you don’t count their immunity to pain. A ninja of Naruto’s caliber is easily able to destroy them. When a large mass of dolls manages to get past the shadow clones, Naruto uses a wind technique to send the entire lot into the burning force. The winds increase the power of flames, so those not destroyed by the impact are quickly incinerated. Some explode from the super-heating of fluids in their wooden forms.

Hinata moves with more grace than a dancer and delivers gentle fist strikes to her opponents. Her opponents don’t have flesh, but they do possess streams of energy going through their bodies animating their parts, like a combination circulatory and nervous system. An injection of chakra to that stream cuts off the flow to a limb and renders it inert. When Hinata rams her juken into the section the blood seal is located, it effectively stops the heart. Quick hard strikes from the endowed Hyuuga fractures the wood and seals, preventing any hope of re-activation.

Gohan doesn’t show a hint of emotion as he’s attacked by a large group of dolls. The reason is quickly proven, when the swords and blades snap when they strike Gohan. Gohan raises one hand, which is glowing with energy, and makes a slashing motion. Streams of energy, like laser beams, cut straight through the hundred dolls that surround him. Seconds later they are falling apart in hundreds of pieces. A ten meter tall demonic plant with a mouth filled with sharp thorns tries to grab him from behind, but Gohan grabs it instead. He pumps his own chakra into the plant and within seconds the plant withers and then bursts into flames.

Kairi Nereid and Depthmon Sora are fighting the demonic plants using their control over water. As Kairi moves her arms like tai chi dancer, she rips the water and other fluids from the attacking plants. This causes them to instantly wither and collapse into dust. Kairi then uses the water to create a whip that slices through more of the mobile plants.
Several plants try to devour Sora, but he fires Bubble Bombs down their throats. The bubbles expand, before exploding causing the plants to burst into greenish goo and plant fibers.

"Marine Knives!"

A barrage of blades impales other carnivorous plants and staples them to trees.


Beyond the forest, the castle is not protected by a moat of water or sewage as it was in the classic era. Instead the impressive stone castle is protected by a lake of black oil-like liquid, which has ignited into searing flames. The only way across is a bridge of thick stone and metal.

Roy Mustang can tell it’s a trap, but he has no choice but to spring it. He, Armstrong, and his men get a third of the way across before it happens.
Suddenly, there is a pillar of fire and from within its depths, something evil is constructed. . Black bones covered in crimson liquid rise from the ground, which are filled with organs and blood vessels and then covered in dense muscle tissue. The skin and hair is the last to form on the body, giving the man dark eyes, pale skin, and long black hair tied in a ponytail. He looks like he could be the son of Zolf J. Kimbly, Red Lotus Alchemist, and instead of seals tattooed on his hands he has small toothy mouths that have the same unnatural smile as the fox faced creation.


“General Lotus of Lord Ravenclaw.”

There is a gunshot from Riza and General Lotus’s head is knocked by with a spray of blood. The blood bursts into the flames in air and General Lotus straightens up with a bullet hole still in his forehead. The bullet, now molten, falls from the hole and the hole itself is closed by a fiery red glow.

“Nice try.”


Roy snaps his fingers creating a spark with his ignition cloth, then uses alchemy to change the air content. The end result is a small, intense explosion that burns the clothing and skin off General Lotus. Instead of falling, the demonic creation stands as a red light regenerates his flesh and his dark red military-style clothing is recreated.

“My turn!”

General Lotus vanishes in a burst of speed and appears in the crowd of soldiers. He has both his arms raised at ninety degree angles, palms pointed outward. The mouths in each palm open wide, then release torrents of flame like a pair of high pressure flamethrowers. The overweight Heymans Breda and aging Vato Falman are hit by the flames and the pressure sends their fiery forms over the edges of the bridge. Their screaming forms fall into the burning oil and to their deaths. General Lotus then spins in place, creating a spiral of flame that badly burns and knocks the others back.

“Monster!” yells Armstrong as his fist shatters stone and then he uses a combination of strength and alchemy to fire charged projectiles at General Lotus. Lotus avoids every projectile, but can’t avoid Mustang’s flames which cover him over and over again, blinding him. Armstrong throws a massive piece of stone at Lotus, far too large to avoid, but Lotus rams his palm into the stone causing it to glow red before exploding like a bomb. When the smoke clears, Lotus regenerates his destroyed arm starting with the bones, followed by the flesh and clothing.

Lotus’s form blurs with motion and suddenly he has his right hand’s fingers around the throat of glasses wearing Kain Fuery. As the toothy mouth of the palms bites flesh, glowing red veins spread across Fuery body and turn his skin a shade of ash grey. As Fuery screams in pain, smoke trails from his mouth. Lotus turns and throws the man-turned-bomb at Roy, but Roy releases a fiery burst that causes his former comrade to detonate early. Lotus roars as his form tumbles across the bridge. As he rises to his feet, his injuries include half his face reduced to a skull, missing an arm again, and missing part of his torso including ribs, revealing a pulsating red-purple stone in his chest. The flesh and bone quickly regenerates, but the weakness has already been discovered.

Lotus opens his hands wide and fire is pulled from the burning oil into the open palm mouths. The streams of fire power up the General as he vanishes again. He appears holding the smoking Jean Havoc by the throat, but when his palms bite the flesh they taste black ink instead of warm blood. Jean explodes into black ink revealing himself to be an Ink clone. General Lorus turns to see Sai of Team Kakashi with the real Jean Havoc. Sai opens a scroll and a snake shoots from the paper into the pool of ink under General Lotus’s feet. The pool explodes upwards into a hundred serpents that bind General Lotus in place. The General releases a burst of flame as he leaps into the air, barely avoiding Sakura’s punch which creates a three meter radius crater in the stone of the bridge. The General turns at the sound of birds and Kakashi’s Raikiri slices into his chest.

General Lotus manages to pull himself away using his elastic limbs, meaning Kakashi missed his Devil-Stone Core, but the core is exposed. General Lotus turns when he hears a snap. Roy causes an explosion in the regenerating wound and shatters part of the Devil Stone. General Lotus screams in pain as his core cracks and emits pulses of energy.

“I live you die. I die you die,” screams Lotus as his body turns ash grey with glowing red veins. The glowing veins spread from his body across the surface of the bridge. Roy snaps his fingers and Lotus’s chest explodes with what remains of the stone and another snap destroys what remains of the head. The red glow from the dissolving body doesn’t stop, it continues to grow.

“It’s not stopping, only slowing down,” yells Roy. “Get everyone across!”


In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter. In modern Hebrew the word golem literally means "cocoon", but can also mean "fool", "silly", or even "stupid". The name appears to derive from the word gelem, which means "raw material". Within the walls of the castle, the heroes are attacked by Malvos’ own versions of golems.

The massive stone chambers contain two types of golem. The soldier golems stand two meters tall with a lean humanoid build, featureless faces, and bodies composed of grey clay/stone. They each carry massive iron war hammers that they can move with ease and skill. The second type are the massive twenty meter tall war golems which have a muscular build and wear dark stone armor. They also carry much larger war hammers with long thick iron chains on the ends.

Edward Elric claps his hand and rams his palms into the stone floor. A wave of alchemic energy spreads from the impact and converts the stone into soft sand. Several dozen soldier golems sink into the sand, leaving them helpless as Ed jumps from head to head to get to the other side of the room. One soldier swings its iron hammer, but Fullmetal catches the hammer and uses a small explosion to shatter the hands of the soldier. As he holds the heavy iron weapon, Edward claps his hands again and holds the hammer tight. An electric blue glow spreads through the hammer, which then transforms into lengths of chain with a weighted end. He spins the chain, smashing several soldiers in their heads and chests.

Alphonse Elric claps his palms and triggers an explosion that reduces a dozen soldiers to pieces. A second clap causes the iron weaponry to reform into a copy of Al’s metal body, which is then animated by Alphonse to attack the stone golems. It’s also like a puppet and puppeteer, but the suit of armor is slightly more independent acting like one of Naruto’s Shadow Clones. A large group of soldiers descend a stairway, but Alphonse turns the stone beneath their feet into sand causing them to fall to their doom, each shattering into a thousand pieces.

Izumi Curtis’s own powerful alchemy causes the floor to explode upward into three meter long stone spikes which either shatter them or slow them down long enough for her husband Sig to shatter them. Sig first uses his own fists to shatter the stone of the golems, but after three near hits with the sharp backs of the war hammers, Sig uses a pair of war hammers from his destroyed opponents.

Wrath of the Homunculi was an almost normal child with the ability to use alchemy to combine his physical body with other substances. During a battle with Castle Lord forces, Izumi was forced to feed her adopted child ninja chakra pills in order to save his life. The pills had a similar effect to the Red Stones used by the other Homunculi, granting superhuman strength and durability, but didn’t distort emotions such as causing intense hatred. Wrath quickly swallows a couple of pills, which causes his body to emit a faint red glow, before ramming his fist into the nearest soldier. The soldier explodes into a hundred fragments which shatter and damage other soldiers. Wrath grabs the hammer of one soldier and tosses the golem into its comrades, creating a shower of broken stone. He then throws the hammer with the stone hands still attached into another group of soldiers. The hammer smashes through six golems before hitting the wall and the fragments damage over a dozen more.


Rock Lee’s armored fist smashes into the stone of a War Golem’s face, shattering the entire head with a visible shockwave. As the golem falls back, Lee jumps into the air and flips to land on a second War Golem. Lee runs up the side of the golem and rams his fist into the massive jaw. Instead of the head snapping back, the hard fist tears a trench in the golem’s head. The cracks spread and seconds later the head shatters

Mighty Gai surrounded by an aura of chakra smashes into the chest of one golem and explodes from the back. As Gai lands he grabs one of the large giant war hammers used by the war golems, swings it around, and tosses it at another War Golem. The massive piece of hardened iron smashes the golem’s upper body into fragments. One War Golem tries to crush Gai like a roach, but Gai grabs the massive stone foot and flips the demonically animated alchemic construct into the ground sending up a cloud of dust and rubble.

Neji Hyuuga sends gentle fist air strikes into the joints of the war golems. The creatures may be massive but the energy flows that keep them animated are extremely simple. It only takes a couple of strikes to slow the stone constructs down, which leaves them vulnerable to his team mates.

Tenten has to resist letting loose maniac laughter as she throws dozens of metal projectiles with explosive notes attached. The daggers and spikes embedded in the hardened stone detonate like powerful explosives and the massive golem collapse into rubble. They would be immune to gun and even cannon fire, but they aren’t immune to Konoha’s weapon queen.


Team Kurenai and Team Sennin face another of the generals.

As they enter the inner sanctum, a blade of metal explodes from the ground, then before their eyes the metal shifts and takes the form of a tall, muscular humanoid composed of a dense liquid metal with glowing blue eyes. Slowly the smooth face changes and forms human features, followed by the rest of the body. Soon, there is a perfect, extremely detailed, statue of a man composed of liquid metal. The metal quickly changes color and texture, giving the man dark eyes, dark skin, and a bald head. He looks like a younger, more powerful version of Basque Grand, Iron-Blood Alchemist, without the black mustache.

“My name is General Gunner. Pleased to meet you.”

The metal creature smiles then raises his arms which transform into large multi-barreled weapons and opens fire. The ninjas dodge the shots and jump behind the pillars to avoid them.

Kurenai Yuhi knows her genjutsu won’t work on the metal creature, so instead she tosses a handful of kunai daggers at the creature. General Gunner’s reflexes prove to be impressive, shooting the ninja daggers out of the air. The blades fragment into smoking pieces, but one dagger with an attached explosive note explodes in the air. The light and smoke blinds General Gunner and seconds later, Kurenai’s second set of daggers impacts his back and also detonate. When the smoke and flame clears, Gunner’s back is damaged, but within seconds the fragments are pushed out and his back reforms completely unharmed.

Shino Aburame runs from pillar to pillar, but General Gunner moves faster and shoots Shino through the head and torso. The hundreds of rounds shred the coat and body coating the walls with blood. Then suddenly, the corpse dissolves into a cloud of Kikaichu (destruction bugs). Gunner turns only to be blinded when his head is surrounded by clouds of insects. While blinded he can’t see the attacks of the other ninja.

“GATSUGA!!” (Dual Piercing Fang!!)

Kiba and his partner Akamaru spin at a ferocious speed and deliver many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. The force of this attack is strong enough to drill through stone. The two drills of wind and chakra strike General Gunner over and over again, covering him into scraps and deep cuts which show silvery metallic flesh under the human guise. Finally, General Gunner spreads both arms and catches the drills with both hands. Gun barrels and fragments of metal are sliced off as two clouds of sparks and metallic powder are formed from the friction. Finally there are two explosions, which send a bloody Kiba and an equally bloody Akamaru flying in opposite directions.

General Gunner has lost his lower arms in the explosions, but a faint glow from the chest causes the arms to reform from liquid metal.

“Sen'eijashu!” (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!)

The new arms are grabbed by a mass of snakes, which then bind them to the torso. It doesn’t last as blades emerge from his body and cut through the snakes. General Gunner then charges at Anko with his arm swords deployed. Shino jumps in front of Anko, but is sliced clean in half to reveal another bug clone. It does buy time for Tsunade to get between Gunner and Anko.

Tsunade pushes her chakra into her fist, then rams the fist into the direct center of General Gunner’s chest releasing the charge into the target in one large attack. The enhanced blow is so powerful that General Gunner goes flying back for over fifty meters and becomes embedded in the wall. Gunner jumps from the wall, but stops for a moment to hold his damaged chest. The chest emits a faint red-purple glow with causes the damage to repair itself.

“KATON: ENDAN!!” (Fire Release: Flame Bullet!)

Jiraiya spits out gathered oil in his mouth and ignites it creating a monstrous fireball. The fireball covers General Gunner and rapidly heats the metal. The human illusion is melted away to reveal a metal humanoid that moves in the flames trying to escape them. As he emerges from the intense fire, the Devil Stone crystal core is now glowing bright and partially exposed.


Jiraiya’s spiral sphere strikes Gunner in the chest, grinding through the molten metal and strikes the devil stone. The Devil Stone flashes before exploding and General Gunner goes spiraling through the air for many meters before going through a couple of pillars and hitting the wall. Without the Devil Stone to supply energy, the metal construct’s body loses vitality turning from silver to dark grey before becoming supernaturally brittle and shattering into its basic elements.


The final chamber of the castle is the strangest. It’s an immense pool of water, like an artificial lake, with water pouring in from tubes in the wall and the metal ceiling and draining through two holes in the floor on opposite sides of the chamber. These drainage holes create fierce whirlpools that could easily swallow a grown man. The heroes walk on the water’s surface using various techniques and those that can’t walk on water are helped by those that can.

The final general is a tall humanoid composed of crimson crystal. As he stands, steam rises from the crystals, which go from opaque red to clear revealing a “human” inside. The thin layer of ice-clear crystal cracks, shatters, and falls away to reveal the creation. He has red eyes, light skin, and long frost white hair done in a ponytail. He looks like a younger, albino version of Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist.

“General Ice,” says the general as he raises his hands. “That is my name.”

Asuma throws a pair of daggers after charging them with his wind chakra. The daggers go straight through General Ice as if he was made of water and embed themselves deep into the hardened walls of the chambers. Asuma also notices that his daggers are now coated in ice and creating a fog. Asuma turns and releases a torrent of ash and flame from his mouth, as General Ice appears behind him. The fire and ash is stopped by a wall of ice that rises from the water’s surface.

General Ice turns into water as Chouji’s massive spherical form strikes him and shatters the wall of ice. General Ice rises from the water behind Ino and slashes her in half with a blade of black ice, but the pieces turn into melting fragments of powder.

The General finds himself unable to move as Shikamaru Nara appears behind him. As Shikamaru concentrates his shadow on the powder-coated water, it darkens and then splits into dozens of black shadow tendrils that pierce General Ice in a hundred places. They tear General Ice to pieces, but Team Asuma can only watch as they dissolve into water and General Ice rises whole and unharmed from the depths.

General Ice turns and is decapitated and impaled by the Homunculus Lust. The severed head and neck releases tendrils of black water that connect each other. Then the head reattaches to the body, the cut vanishing as if it never happened. Lust tries to remove her hand from General Ice’s chest, only to find her arm completely frozen. General Ice grabs and twists the limb, shattering it into bloody frozen fragments. He then grabs Lust by the face, freezing her entire body solid before crushing her head into red dust.

The General places his palms on the surface of the water and Teams Asuma and Gai sink into the water as their walking technique is disrupted. They aren’t given time to recover as the water is instantly frozen, trapping those that fell in. The General raises his hands and thousands of sharp shards of dark ice rise from the water. They swirl around in a mass surrounded by freezing wind and water before the General lowers his hands and sends the shards moving at mach three towards their targets. The other heroes barely manage to shield those trapped, but many sustain injuries. The General raises his hands to summon a larger storm of ice, when his form dissolves into water.

“Sargasso Drag!”

A large whirlpool forms in the center of the chamber, where General Ice was standing. The other heroes back up, when there is an explosion.

“Bubble Bombs!”

The real General Ice is sent flying from the whirlpool by a large explosion and crashes into the ceiling hard enough to leave a deep impression in the metal. Depthmon Sora rises from the churning water like an armored dolphin followed by his partner Kairi

“Power Pulse!”

Sora shoots fist-shaped green energy bullets from his hands which strike General Ice over and over again while he’s trapped in the ceiling. The hundreds of bullets shot with machine gun speed pulverize flesh and crush bone, which can be heard clearly in the chamber.

“Marine Knives!”

Sora pulls out sharp blades and launches them at General Ice. They pierce the chest and inflict critical damage creating sprays of watery black blood. With the internals liquefied by the power pulse attack, the piercing of the torso allows the fluids to escape.

Suddenly, General Ice’s body turns into black water and shatters into hundreds of droplets. The droplets spin around Sora before reforming into an unharmed General Ice. General Ice grabs Sora around the neck, instantly freezing the Digimon and encasing the young hero in ice. The General tosses the frozen Digital monster into the air, where he shatters into a million pieces. There is a faint glow from the center of the cloud, as Sora survives as Otamamon. General Ice forms a pair of throwing daggers from black ice to finish the pest off, but the daggers explode in his hands.

Kairi rises to stand on the surface of the water looking extremely angry at General Ice. With a movement of her hand, a wave deposits the weakened Sora on her shoulder. Kairi moves her body in slow patterns like an elderly tai chi master. The deep hatred on Kairi’s face slowly fades to the emotionless face of an Ice Queen. General Ice whips his hands forward and sends ice shards flying at her at over five times the speed of sound, but the shards stop half a meter before hitting Kairi, dissolving into a dispersing cloud of steam.

“No one hurts my Sora.”

Kairi with a look of extreme concentration brings her hands together and General Ice cries out as his body locks in place like a statue. In front of the other recovering heroes, the creation of Ravenclaw turns into a solid statue of black ice. Kairi then spins and spreads her arms like an ice dancer. At the same time, General Ice’s frozen form explodes into steam releasing hundreds of sparkling lights.

Shikamaru Nara reaches out and catches one of the lights, revealing it to be a Devil Stone the size of a grain of sand.

Without the Devil Stones, the General can’t reform and without his power the hardened ice slowing down the others breaks apart like normal ice.

The Chamber of the Philosopher Stone

Demon Alchemist Ravenclaw has been fighting Sins Lust and Pride, while the heroes have been fighting Ravenclaw’s Generals. The Sins hoped to use the battles to drain Ravenclaw and feed on the negative emotions of the heroes to increase their own strength. Ravenclaw has proven to be far more cunning and resourceful than the older demons.

Suddenly, all three begin to emit massive amounts of energy.

Lust glows a bright green aura and her form begins to change. She grows from a normal human with small bat-like wings to over five meters in height with immense wings. Her glowing green eyes with black sclera pulsate with power, as her red skin darkens to pure black and her long black hair lengthens and shifts to silver. Her fangs lengthen and her other teeth become sharp, claw nails become long talons, and a long muscular tail extends from her body developing sharp barbs. She also grows two long horns curving over her head, the smaller wings extend to create a crown, and sharp extensions appear on her elbows and knees. As the transformation completes itself, glowing green symbols like mystical tattoos appear on her skin and wings.

King Pride’s nobility fades as his clothing is consumed by fire. He grows from a lean two meters with a handsome face to over six meters in height. Pride’s royal purple eyes, now ringed with gold, glow brightly as the sclera turns black. The soft, pale, flawless skin changes to porcelain white and becomes diamond hard. The shoulder-length black hair flows in the swirling wind lengthening and changing from black to dark purple. The aura of power, control, and confidence is replaced by an aura of absolute power, inhuman control, and limitless confidence. His immense body is covered in white organic armor resembling leather with gold tribal-style markings. Small feathery white wings extend from the ankles, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and the sides of the head. Six immense feathery white wings like those of angels extend from his back. As he lets out a song, an inverted gold star appears on Pride’s forehead.

Malvos lets out an immense roar and emits a dark red aura. The aura grows in strength and intensity, shaking the ground and walls of the fortress. The demonic energy continue to grow and surge, making the air dense with spiritual pressure and energy arcs like lightning from Malvos to the walls. Malvos’s humanoid form disappears in the opaque demonic aura. The aura expands for several meters creating a molten crater in the ground, before dispersing to reveal the new Malvos.

Malvos has grown from two meters to over six meters. He still has the golden eyes of a jungle cat, but they now glow with crimson light. His flawless pale skin has turned completely black with glowing red markings that resemble alchemic seals on the sides of his face and going down his arms. His long raven-black hair has become a mane of silver that flows in the wind. His pointed ears have lengthened and his handsome face is now filled with power and cruelty. His mouth is now filled with sharp pointed teeth and the black claws on his hands and feet have become talons. He also has six immense black feathery wings that extend from his black. He wears black fur and leather that covers the torso and legs, with furry leg and arm protectors. There are also black feathery extensions on his wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and shoulders.

The three demons open fire with their demonic energies and the explosions shake the entire castle. The heroes running towards the battle are sent flying away when the corridors fill with fire and smoke. The surging energies cause more shaking than the most powerful of earthquakes, cracking stone, rupturing pipes, and shattering glass.

Lust’s immense bat wings grow and transform into a thousand flexible blades that instantly shred stone and air. Ravenclaw’s body is first cut, then sliced into a billion pieces. The bloody pieces freeze in place and the blood droplets float in the air before flying into the pieces. The pieces reassemble and the cuts vanish leaving Ravenclaw completely unharmed.

Ravenclaw moves his hands in a pattern and the surrounding ground vanishes leaving a crater. Particles of light form a million hardened spikes of stone and metal, which then shoot at extreme speed. Each spike is powerful enough to punch a hole in a mountain, but Lust’s reformed wings act as a shield. The metal spikes deform into metal droplets, while stone spikes shatter into clouds of dust.

Pride forms a bubble of energy in front of him, which quickly fills with particles of light before the glowing mass is released as a destructive blast. Ravenclaw is hit by the destructive beam like an immense wave motion gun and in seconds his flesh is burnt from his bones and the bones are reduced into a cloud of ash.

The cloud of ashes swirls and forms a giant ash statue, which with a wave of energy becomes flesh and bone again. Lust’s claws pierce Ravenclaw’s neck, but Lust’s eyes widen in shock.

“This isn’t his real form. It’s fake!"

“Correct,” says the real untransformed Ravenclaw behind the immense fake. “Mae, show her what she’s won.”

“Kon Kon Konpaku!”

Lust lets a cry as a blade of wind, vibrations, and energy cuts into her back and out the chest. Kyubi no Mae floats behind her holding a long sword resembling a lengthened fang with a white fox tail attached to the pommel of the sword. Lust’s screams get louder as the wound grows and emits a bright red-purple light. The blade ripples like the waves of the ocean, then slices upward cleanly through the head. The blade then comes back down completely bisecting the demon and creating a trench in the ground. The body of Lust crystallizes as it splits apart, shattering completely into dust before it hits the ground.

Pride is distracted by Lust’s cry long enough for Ravenclaw to appear with his right hand pressed into Pride’s immense forehead. There is a split second pause, then red light and electricity spread across Pride’s immense form. The mixture of alchemic energy and demonic energy is similar to Scar’s hand of destruction, breaking down all the bonds of matter with the demonic energy breaking the spiritual bonds of the lesser creatures. Pride stares into the feline eyes of Ravenclaw and for a brief moment wonders what monster did they create, then Pride’s entire body explodes into red-purple mist and liquid droplets.

The Philosopher Stone darkens from the injected evil, then grows from eighty to a hundred meters in height, regaining its crimson color in the process. As it reaches the hundred meter mark, it begins to emit a powerful aura. Ravenclaw and Mae land next to the crystal as a barrier surrounds it and them.

“It’s time to leave.”

“Leave? We haven’t got started,” says Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist standing in the remains of the door with the other heroes.

“We are leaving to join the Castle Lords in another dimension. This dimension is meaningless.”

“Meaningless!? Meaningless!?!? What about the destruction!? What about the people you killed!?”

“This world was where the ninja and Digimon were discarded,” says Ravenclaw as the ground around the crystal shatters for over a hundred meter radius. “As time passes differently between dimensions, the Castle Lords have had years of uninterrupted time to increase their power and the strength of their armies. You annoyances were discarded to this world of alchemy and the sins were sent to collect power and create new weapons as a side project. It’s the reason there are not Digidestined amongst you unlike the others”

The fragments of the floor begin to float into the air as the ceiling shatters into the sky. High above the castle, the sky has darkened filling with swirling storm clouds, howling winds, and endless lightning. The center of storm is a swirling hole like the eye of an immense hurricane. The lightning bolts cross each other in the center of their storm, in the center of the eye.

The Philosopher Stone glows with crimson fire and Mae and Ravenclaw meld into its surface. As they enter the crystal the barrier implodes into the crystal causing it to glow white before sending a beam of energy into the sky. The beam strikes the center of the storm and sends glowing tears in all directions. Seconds after that, there is an explosion of energy that then implodes to reveal an immense portal, wider than the crumbling castle beneath it.

The glowing Philosopher Stone spins in place then shoots into the center of the portal at many times the speed of sound. At the same time, gravity inverts itself causing the rubble and everything else to float upwards towards the portal.

Kairi’s Digivice glows and extends ribbons of light that form a barrier around her, Sora, and Teams Alchemist and Flame. Naruto’s Digivice forms a barrier around Team Naruto, while causing the other ninja teams to become lights that enter his Digivice. It’s similar to how the other people of Village Hidden in the Leaves were stored when escaping Madara-kaiju.

Team Scourge, Team Tamer, and the duo Masaru and Ryo with their Digimon are also surrounded by glowing red energy barriers. The barriers prevent injury, but are slowly pulled into the sky. The spheres rapidly accelerate going beyond the speed of sound in less than three seconds. The glowing bubbles vanish into the glowing portal, before it collapses creating a violent shockwave that annihilates what remains of the castle and sets the forests on fire.

End of CHAPTER 44: THE RACE Part 5

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The Search
As the Elrics looks the Philosopher Stone, the heroes from another world look for their missing friends. They also search for knowledge about their powers.

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