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Memories That Have Faded

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Summary: He has forgotten so much and now the memories are tearing him apart. What's real? What's fake? And how is he ever going to find his way home? [Dark City/Highlander/BtVS cross] het. each story is a separate portion of a whole.

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Movies > Dark CityFeyganFR1342,613021,44511 Feb 0810 Aug 10No


Title: Home
Author: Feygan
Fandoms: Dark City/Highlander
Rated: G
Disclaimer: I do not own either Dark City or Highlander.

It was after he died that he began to regain a portion of the memories that some part of his mind had thought lost and gone forever.

For who knew how long, he had been the plaything of a race of strange and disturbing aliens. They had peeled his brain like an apple, paring out sections of his consciousness to remake him time and time again, but never as whole as before they abducted him.

And that’s one of the things he remembered. He had been abducted, stolen, from his life and brought to this flying city-ship. He had been ripped from the grasp of a family that loved him, people that probably still wondered whatever had happened to him that fateful day.

He had begun to dream of a strangely enigmatic face. A man, just a man, with a nose that was maybe a little too large and eyes that had seen too much.

Without being able to put a name to the man, he knew that he had loved him. Not as a lover or a brother, but as a son loves his father. Which was strange, since the man seemed to be around his own age, maybe even a few years younger. But whenever he pictured that face, a trusting warmth seemed to rise up in his chest.

He knew that the man was still waiting for him, would always wait for him, never quite giving up hope that he would come home someday.

And though he really couldn’t explain it, John was absolutely certain that no matter how many years had passed since he was taken from his first life, the man was still waiting for him. The same and unchanged, forever youthful, smiling that little smile and just waiting to welcome him home where he belonged.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking