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As Legend Tells It

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Summary: With plaguing thoughts of ‘What Ifs,’ Sirius Black needs to find out the truth of what happened to his beloved wife and daughters. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll find them again- or at least one of them. Read and Review

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Charlie WeasleyKristalFR131223,70536919,38422 Feb 087 Oct 10No

Chapter Twelve

As Legend Tells It

PG 13 - T

Pairings: mentions of and eventually Faith/Charlie

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy characters, canon storylines, etc -> they belong to their respectable creators.

Summary: With plaguing thoughts of ‘What Ifs,’ Sirius Black needs to find out the truth of what happened to his beloved wife and daughters. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll find them again- or at least one of them.


And People Fought and People Died

Severus Snape walked into the dark lord’s chambers with a slight limp. Even with the potions he cooked up for himself, the hybrid vampires had done their damage well. Thankfully, his face was covered with the dark cloak, hiding the bruises and fresh scars. So when he entered the crowded room, no one noted the shape he was in.

However, when Voldemort stood up, he turned to Snape with a viscous smile. “My dear Severus, I can see that my vampires did quite a toll on you.”

With an expressionless face, voice, and mind, he simply gave a nod. “Yes, milord.”

Voldemort smiled wider, a smile that was laced in an evil so deep that even the devil had its panties in a twist. Taking his eyes from the spy, he swiftly moved his deep red eyes across his followers, the wizarding ones. Snape glanced across them as well, only moving his head a fraction of an inch to keep from drawing any attention to him doing this. He noted the growing numbers.

The new recruits were what interested Snape. He kept tolls, both for his own sake and for that of the order. What most deeply impacted him were the faces of the few boys still attending Hogwarts. It was both unfortunate for them and for him. He was now going to be watched closer and closer. They knew of his alliance to the Dark Lord, he would now be the liaison for these students.

After a few moments of silence and another member walking through the door, Voldemort finally spoke, “I am very pleased to see you all here today. I am especially delighted to see the young faces amongst the old. I brought you all here today to share the advancements that have taken place. As we speak, there is an army of vampires now allying with us. “ The followers who had not been privy to this information let out small gasps and murmured amongst themselves. Voldemort relished in the surprise for a few seconds before becoming agitated by their distraction. “Silence!” He shouted, instantly turning all faces toward him. No one disobeyed this.

“I will also be sending some of you to the Fenir Greyback in the north and a few others to several demon tribes in the area. I do not promise your return in both of these missions. But I rely on you to make the alliance and you will be rewarded greatly with your success.” Voldemort then listed several names issuing these people to their selected duties. Severus knew he would not be on the list. He would not be sacrificed on this type of assignment.

Finally, the meeting came to a close and Voldemort beckoned Severus forward as the masses fell out and went about their missions or regular daily lives. The few students gave Severus slight nods as they pushed each other around leaving the room and heading back to Hogwarts castle via Hogsmede. Severus did not return the nods, merely walked forward to his dark lord.

He bowed his head just slightly and he saw the pleasure on Lord Voldemort’s face. “I do hope your body returns to its best soon, you would be a most unfortunate loss on the battlefield.”

Severus nodded. “There is no worry. My body will heal.”

“Good.” Voldemort answered before talking shop. Severus shared the information of the latest Order meeting and his last encounter with the vampires. The prior information being what interested Voldemort the most. He was unworried about the thick security that the order now issued. They too, had seen new recruits in recent months.

But even still, that was not the reason Voldemort had beckoned him over. “I have another duty for you, Severus. One that I believe you will be particularly skilled in. I believe Lucius would also qualify, but, I believe he may get too carried away with what I ask.”

Severus waited for him to continue. Whatever Voldemort asked, he would follow. It was unfortunate, but he had long ago pushed his morals aside. “Which is what, milord?”

Voldemort folded his hands in his lap, now sitting in his throne-like chair. He leaned in. “I have recently acquired someone who would be a great asset in this war to me. I need her broken. She will not be easy. But they all break if enough pressure is issued. And if all else fails, I believe you have earned yourself a nice reward.” Voldemort smirked. “And she is quite nice at that.”

Severus Snape kept his face blank. He nodded. “Of course, milord.”

Voldemort clapped his thin hands together once and smiled. “Wonderful, Severus. She is in the dungeons below.” Voldemort then turned to another member to issue forward, before turning back to Severus. “Start tonight.”

Severus knew that was the last he cared to pay attention to him. He didn’t need affirmation. He knew Severus would do what he would say.

And he did. Two hours later.

The two hours he gathered supplies and potions and readied his mind. It was never easy. As he positioned each silver tool into his bag, he wondered as to why the Dark Lord always chose him for assignments such as these. A part of him wondered if he knew what side he stood for. So the Dark Lord teased him, knowing that deep inside his emotionless facade, he cared, he really did. So the Dark Lord pushed and prodded thinking that one-day, Severus would break and refuse to follow through on what he was order to do. Because like Voldemort said, everyone broke.

But Severus vowed that he wouldn’t. It wasn’t time yet. It was never time, not till Voldemort was long since buried and dead for sure. So he would play his part for this indefinite time and be the man that no one truly trusted.

As he walked down the stone corridor, he calmed his mind and emptied it of feelings and thoughts. It was something he was overly skilled in. And the moment he put his hand on the door handle and pushed, he was prepared to break who ever sat on the other side of the door; whether she be a elderly women deserving far worse or an innocent girl whose only crime was being brought into the world during this time of war.

He hadn’t counted on what he would see.

He walked in to spot a heap of a body fallen against the far wall. Although dark, Severus was able to make out the brown-haired figure. She was young, he could tell that even with her dark hair sprawled across her face. From the looks of her size, she seemed to be fit and, like Voldemort had said, quite nice.

At least this time, it wasn’t a child, neither was there anyone to watch, being tortured by seeing rather than being inflicted upon with pain. Small things like that let his mind rest.

Severus calmly laid his tools on a table, not paying any attention to the body on the floor. When he turned around, his wand in hand, to lift her over and into a chair, he spotted her face. Her head was now tilted up, an eye showed throw the hair which still covering most of her face. That one eyed showed an anger that he had seen in many eyes over the last twenty years. It didn’t faze him.

“Like I told Mr. I-look-like-a-snake,” the woman hissed under her breath.” “I’m not joining some fucking wack job.”

Severus raised an eyebrow under his mask and his thin lips turned just slightly upwards. She was quite nice, but very mouthy. It was a change from the crying and screaming he usually encountered. With a low voice, he told her, “I am not here to convince you to join him. I am here to show you what will happen when you refuse.”

And he was ready to do just that. Until he saw the girl’s partly revealed face widen and form the shape of an “oh,” replacing what had been fear and anger. He frowned confused. What had been the cause of this twist?

Faith lifted herself, her hand pushing against the ground, sticky with her own blood. Sitting up fully, she then wiped the hair from her face, now looking at the dark clad figure in an entire new light. He couldn’t be. “Sevi?”

Severus snapped his head to the face in front of him. He looked at the face in front of him and, for the first time in a long time, he found himself at a complete loss of thought. “Faith?” He questioned, his voice just coming out as a soft mutter from under his breath. He didn’t need to know the answer. He knew it was her. Without a doubt, he knew. Fore no one else called him that. No one he could think of looked at him the way she did, with a look of hope and relief and the complete trust that he would save her and make it all okay.

And so much of him wished that he could do that for her. When she nodded her head, hearing his question clearly with her slayer enhanced hearing, he wanted to reach out and take her away and keep her safe. But he couldn’t. He felt himself breaking but he wouldn’t. Even the situation right here wouldn’t break him.

He closed his eyes and he felt something come to his eye, something he didn’t feel like he would ever feel again, not after news of Lily’s death. He still saw this young woman as that seven-year-old little girl that had come to Hogwarts following her mother’s death. He still remembered her soulless face that reminded him too much of himself. He had hated her. Every part of his body had hated those two little girls.

But that face, each time he saw it, he felt like that child shouldn’t be wearing the face that he wore. No child should wear that face.

And that one night he found her wandering the halls, he let a part of him show that he rarely let slip. For that first time that he saw a smile grace her small face, inwardly, he felt like he had won a million galleons having placed it there. It was at that moment that the two had formed a bond that no one could explain.

He would like to credit himself for the reason she was placed in Slytherin; she didn’t want to belong to the house that he hated. Some times she would come down to his chambers at night, knock softly at the portrait leading to his rooms and tell him of these horrific dreams she would have. He would hold her and tell her that he dreamed horrible things as well. But other nights, she would come down to his rooms just to get a hug and she would whisper that she had dreamed that he was her real daddy and that a sweet woman with red hair was her mummy and that them and Raina lived in a pretty cottage all together and were happy.

Those nights hurt him worst of all, because he couldn’t help but wish that too.

But now, the little girl, who had been to him like a daughter, lay in front of him and he knew what he had to do. He closed his eyes to try to hide that look from his mind. He bowed his head and tried to will that tear to trace its way back up his check, back into his eye, and roll back into his head and dry up, never to fall again. But it didn’t, it slid down his pale check, rolled over his chin, and dropped down to the stone ground.

Faith watched the teardrop as it hit the ground, as if it had been a bomb rather than a drop of salty water. She stared at the spot for a moment. Her face was a mix of emotions that changed too fast for Severus to read. But then her brown eyes looked up at him, hitting him with more guilt that he felt himself capable of possessing. She understood.

“I’m sorry,” Severus whispered.

Faith didn’t need his words to know that he was. Nor did she blame him, not in the least. She understood, she forgave him. And her eyes told Severus that too.

But Severus wished she didn’t because he could barely bring himself to turn around, raise his wand, and whisper “Stupify.” Before bringing her over to the chair and both strapping her in with tangible means and sending a spell at her to keep her tied down magically as well.

He leaned into her ear as he clasped the final strap and whispered in it. “It would be worse if anyone else did it,” Telling her this to try to convince himself that this was for the best, him doing it rather than anyone else. And she understood this, her eyes had since the moment his tear dropped. Partly, this made him feel worse. Because she wouldn’t hate him for this, she didn’t hate him at all, not yet. She trusted him, even still. Why?

Severus turned to the table and with a shaky hand lifted up a thin piece of metal. He turned back and took a step to now position himself in front of her. He leaned down on his knees and stared helplessly into her face, those eyes watching him, knowing what was coming. Unsteady hands brought the tool forward and he had to close his eyes as it drove into Faith’s finger, splitting her fingernail from her flesh.

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