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Emerald Dawn

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Summary: I was chosen over all the rest, I will not fail when put to the test. Come what may, come what might, I am forever a servant of the Lantern's light!

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DC Universe > Green Lantern
Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered
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Chapter One

Title: Emerald Dawn
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: ?
Disclaimer: DC comics and all the related characters belong to… well, DC? WB? Someone in that corporate mess. Captain Fangirlhumper… err, J.K. Rowling owns the Harry Potter universe. Running down the cameo list… someone other than me owns the Buffyverse, potentially the people behind the movie and not Joss Whedon, it turns out. Wish any or all of them were mine so I could do utterly retarded things to them and watch my bank account get steadily larger, but sadly they're not. Pooh. Oh. Wait. Satou Midori is mine. If you've read anything else with her in it, lemme know, cuz someone's been pirating.
Summary: I was chosen over all the rest, I will not fail when put to the test. Come what may, come what might, I am forever a servant of the Lantern's light!
Joe's Note: I've seen a few Harry Potter/Green Lantern, but while the Green Lantern Corps inherently trend towards Stu-ism, the one or two technically competent fics take this to absurd degrees and the rest are barely coherent. Rather than just sit and bitch, though, I decided to do something about it. This definitely messes with established precedent, continuity, and canon. It shouldn't be too hard to keep up with, though, as long as you keep an open mind.

     Fingers flying over the controls, Abin Sur grimaced as he piloted his ship down through the planet's atmosphere. He was grateful now for his paranoia after hearing a prophecy about his death from the Qull of the Five Inversions; if he hadn't switched to using a starship to travel between planets, the dead bodies of his companions would have been left to float in space as he continued his flight, instead of resting in his cargo hold to await proper burial. Assuming he could land his ship and recruit a replacement who would finish his mission for him, that was.

     The ship shuddered a bit as it hit a pocket of turbulence, the whine of the engines falling off for a moment before returning. Abin frowned as he looked over the readouts. That was assuming, of course, that his ship even remained intact and serviceable, which was starting to look less and less likely. A few warning lights began to flash and he cursed before collecting himself and moving to his backup plan.

     As the ship dropped down to an altitude with breathable atmosphere, Abin turned his concentration inward and focused on the green ring around the middle finger of his right hand. Holding his hand up in front of him, the ring flew off and looped around before dropping down a small tube on the control panel. A second green ring and then a blue followed, taken from the corpses of his former partners. A push of a button later, a hatch opened on the outside of the ship and the ring was vented out into the atmosphere. Two green streaks and a blue rocketed off, each intent on fulfilling its mission.

     A hacking cough caused Abin's fingers to slip on the controls and he cursed as he wrestled the ship out of the sudden spiral it dropped into. Passing through an extremely low level of clouds, he found himself over a dense forest. He pulled the ship out of its dive and made a few adjustments before letting it drift down to the forest floor. All he could do now was wait and hope the ring made a choice and could return in time for him to meet with his successor.

     The ship let out a few groans and hisses as it settled, and then the control panels erupted into a forest of red lights.

     Or perhaps he could bandage himself and do something else while he awaited the rings' return…

     Sitting on the edge of her bed, Satou Midori kicked her legs slowly as she ran a comb through her short black and green hair. Looking down at her feet, she shook her head. Even with the two-inch lift provided by her clunky boots, her feet didn't touch the floor. The one of the pitfalls of being 4'10", she mused as she slid off the bed and puttered around her dorm room. The comb went back on the dresser, all her makeup was swept back into the top drawer, her books were already in her satchel along with her laptop… she sighed. Everything was spotless. No real reason she could find to stall any further. And with the clock blinking 8:25 AM at her, it probably wasn't advisable.

     As she opened her dorm door, off to find breakfast before her first day of classes at Gotham University, Midori paused. Her diminutive height made it so that she could hang dozens of paper lanterns from her ceiling without them getting in the way when she moved around the room. They were presents from her father's many business trips, dozens of colors and styles and qualities of construction. Ever since she was young, she'd taken to hanging them and using them for illumination in her room at night, and was always very careful to blow out each and every one of them before going to sleep. Doubly so now that she was at school, where what she was doing could get her thrown out of the dorms if she was caught too many times. But for some reason, a single lantern was illuminated from within with a bright green flame.

     Midori stared at the glowing green lantern before she shrugged. She'd gotten the last bag of tea candles from a website that promised theirs were the longest and brightest burning. Maybe it was contaminated or some kind of sampler they slipped into the top of the bag? Retrieving a small stool from beside the door, she stood on it and blew out the candle.

     Settling behind his desk, Guy Gardner sighed as he booted up his computer. When he'd enrolled at the University of Michigan to major in psychology, he hadn't really counted on having to use his degree… at least not this early in his life. He'd been there on a football scholarship and was on the fast track to a career in the NFL, until one brutal tackle ended his dreams.

     Now, instead of traveling the country playing the game he loved, he spent each day trying to sort through the minds of some of the worst offenders incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center. As he opened up Outlook to check his schedule for the day, a flash of green caused him to look to his left. He shook his head. He really needed to get some blinds before that damn traffic signal drove him insane.

     "You are not leaving this house, missy! Not if I have anything to say about it!"

     "Well guess what, d-daddy? You don't get a s-s-say. I have my scholarships and loans already. You can't withhold the money you're not g-giving me. And I don't care if you won't help me get to California. I'll take a bus… or I'll hitchhike… or something! Anything beats being here!"

     Turning away from her sputtering father, Tara Maclay shoved her way past her brother and raced up the stairs to her room. Two more weeks, she reminded herself. Two more weeks and she could kiss Kentucky goodbye forever. After surviving eighteen years of her father's crap, she could last that long. The light at the end of the tunnel was waiting for her, promising safety, happiness, and the freedom to do more with her life than waitress in a diner or be someone's housewife.

     The latter option being particularly unpalatable given her sexual orientation and all.

     Flopping down on her bed, Tara closed her eyes and began to breathe in and out slowly, retaking control of her emotions and letting the magic she'd accidentally pulled into herself drain away. Above her, a blue and green ring floated through several slow orbits, jostling with each other for position, before they took off as one, phasing through the wall and off to their next target.

     Standing at the stove, Asharra Vi-Lar carefully focused and projected twin beams of heat from her eyes, letting them roam over the skillet in front of her and heat the metal. Even if working with Oliver Queen and the rest of his Justice League meant everything in their palatial apartment was paid for by one of the wealthiest men in Metropolis, she'd been raised to never waste… and why waste electricity powering the stove when she could do it the Kryptonian way?

     Asharra reached over and grabbed the mixing bowl she'd prepared pancake batter from scratch in, pouring the batter into the now warmed pan. Two pancakes in, a whizzing noise grabbed her attention and she whirled around, instinctively hurling the mostly full bowl at… a pair of Green Lantern rings? They split, diving in opposite directions to avoid her metal missile, which hit the wall and splattered uncooked dough everywhere. Asharra cursed, both at the mess and their visitors. "Kal-El!"

     Her mate was there in a flash, looking around wildly before his eyes landed on the hovering rings. "Green Lantern rings. Something horrible must have happened if both of this sector's Lanterns are dead. Do you think we should alert the League?"

     "I'm more worried about why they're here. In our apartment. You don't think that…" Stepping forward, Asharra went to grab one of the rings, only to have it dodge out of her reach before joining up with its companion and shooting through the wall into the bedroom Kal-El had just emerged from. There was a shriek from their third, presumably from the shock of the rings' sudden appearance, and then Asharra's keen ears picked up the fading whiz as they disappeared off through the exterior wall, followed by the characteristic swoosh of superspeed. "Yes, they were Lantern rings. No, they evidently don't want us."

     Thara Ak-Var nodded slowly, running a hand through her wild hair before tightening her grasp on the sheet she was wearing. "Okay. Good to know. Two things, then?"


     "Why is there pancake batter on the wall? And did you know something's burning?"


     Hal Jordan shot upright in bed, panting softly. Quickly fading memories of a bright green light caused him to look around but as best he could tell, nothing was amiss. He shook off the strange feeling he had. One of the problems of living at Edwards Air Force Base, he mused, was that it never slept. The green light was equally likely to be either a fragment solely from the land of dreams or a part of whatever tests they were running that night. Looking over, he winced at the time. 5:29 AM. Going back to sleep would be an exercise in idiocy, so he rolled out of bed and started his day early.

     Staring up at the night sky, Xander Harris sighed noisily. With the hours he'd taken to from being friends with a Slayer, made worse by the fact that he had nothing to do that required him to be up at any given hour, bedtime for him was roughly when others would be waking up. Sunrise was in thirty minutes, and then he would carefully make his way down off the roof and into the house for some rest.

     What was he going to do with himself now? In a bit less than a month, the other Scoobies would be part of the phenomenon known as higher education while he was facing a promising career as… what? What could he possibly do with himself? Corndog on a Stick vendor? UPS delivery man? His grades in high school had been nothing spectacular, he wouldn't be going on to college, he'd skipped the typical teenage minimum wage job thing in favor of helping Buffy with slaying… in hindsight, that was even more damaging than just the lack of income at the time. He couldn't list 'Scooby' or 'stake sharpener' or 'bait' on a job application. He was an eighteen-year old with absolutely no work experience and his job skills were pretty much non-existent. What would become of him?

     Even if 'go off' was a relative term, with the campus of UC Sunnydale actually closer to his house than Sunnydale High School had been, it was more of a social thing than anything else in his mind. Buffy, Willow, and Oz were moving onward and upward and he… wasn't. Why would they want to hang out with him, when they could spend time with each other and their peers? Willow had been growing closer to Buffy for years and had a boyfriend right there on campus with her too, so she wouldn't need him. Buffy evidently preferred necrophilia over the idea of dating him, and could surely find a new stake whittler and donut fetcher if she really needed one. Oz… well, they didn't really talk, but he doubted Oz would miss him.

     And even if he could get a job, all he had to look forward to was working nine to five, putting in maximum effort for a minimum wage. Xander let out a loud sigh and stared up at the night sky, watching as a shooting star raced by overhead, burning a curiously bright shade of green.

     Was this really all he was meant for?

     Sighing, Kyle Rayner stared at the chirping alarm clock before leaning over and slapping the snooze button. He couldn't quite reach the controls to turn it off outright, but that would do for now. Not that either of them had much in the way of time to be lazing about: they both had a two hour commute to look forward to, him to his job and her to med school. So it was with more than a little regret - he did so hate to wake her from what little sleep she got these days - that Kyle rolled back over and shook his girlfriend gently. "Sora. Sora. Time to wake up."

     "Mmmph. Dun wanna." Despite her words, Niknatu Sora propped herself up on one elbow and blinked her almond-shaped violet eyes until they focused on a spot over his shoulder. "5:30 AM already? That means I got… you know, there's something sad about accepting three hours as a good night's sleep." Groaning, she rubbed her hand over her face. "Who would have thought becoming a neurosurgeon would be so complicated?"

     Kyle chuckled at that, leaning in to kiss his girlfriend's forehead. "Don't look at me. I was the smart one who picked graphic design as a career. A four-year degree, then my internship, and now I'm the proud owner of a cluttered cubical. Which has a very kick ass Mac Pro in it, granted, but at least when you get out there on the job, you'll be helping people and not sitting around all day."

     Still looking more asleep than awake, Sora nodded before rubbing at her face again. "Key word there being 'when', Kyle. Four years of college, four more of medical school, I'm just starting my residency, and I get to look forward to a few years of that before heading off for a fellowship… some days, I don't think I'll ever even see that light at the end of the tunnel." Flopping onto her back, she stared up at the ceiling for a few moments before forcing herself up onto her elbows. "Alright, time to drag my butt out of bed. God, I hope they fixed our coffee maker or I don't know how I'm going to get through the day…"

     "You're the one who went to med school; don't you know how bad sucking down so many cups a day of that crap is?" Sora narrowed her eyes and Kyle quickly raised his hands in surrender. "Just saying. Someone's gotta look out for your health."

     Sora leaned in, pressing a kiss to his lips. "How about you follow me into the shower so you can give me a thorough checkup, then?"

     "See, now this is why I tell all my friends you're the smart one in this relationship." Kyle watched as his girlfriend sat up, eyes drinking in her nude form as she twisted and stretched. She slipped out of bed and his gaze followed, only to be jerked away from her tight ass by a sudden flash of green light. But there was nothing outside, or at least nothing worth tearing his attention away from her little show for. When his eyes wandered back to Sora, he found her standing in the doorway of the bathroom, one eyebrow cocked as she looked back over her shoulder at him. "What?"

     "Are you going to sit there all day or what?"

     Oh hell no. Jumping out of bed, Kyle raced after Sora as she giggled and disappeared into the bathroom.

     Hurling the script down, Cordelia Chase rubbed at her temples before leaning back against the couch and sighing in disgust. Why was she doing this? She gazed around the living room, taking in the large television, black leather loveseat that matched the couch she was stretched out on, and assorted expensive knick-knacks scattered across tables and her walls. Oh. Right. Because there were four paths to wealth in Los Angeles for pretty people, and this was the only one that suited her. She liked food too much to be a model, had too much dignity to be a stripper, and she preferred her sex life to be on her own terms, rather than her partner and activities being decided by a director.

     Still. Picking up the script, she eyed it distastefully. There had to be something out there for her that was better than this role. Seriously, she was setting herself up to be the new wankbait queen of sci-fi. Schoolgirl outfits, slinky dresses, offhanded comments about a deviant sexual lifestyle… and she was a genius to boot, which would only make the nerds drool more. Then again, they'd barely gotten the show picked up in the first place. If she was lucky, she could give a great performance that would help her land another job and would be free to look for said job when this show got cancelled at the end of the season.

     By the time the green ring drifted through the glass of a nearby window to study her, Cordelia was deeply engrossed once again in her attempt to memorize the script for one of the soon to be filmed episodes of Caprica. She'd have to call Ron in the morning, though. 'Reins of a Waterfall'? Seriously? Was that the best he could do?

     In the mountains of Afghanistan, John Stewart held up his hand to halt his squad. Something felt off and he hadn't risen to become a corporal in the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines by taking stupid chances. He twisted his head to the side as he saw something glowing green out of the corner of his eye, but nothing was there. After a minute or two, the feeling faded and he waved them on, resuming their mission.

     Slamming his shovel into the ground, Harry Potter wiped his brow before glaring up at the sky. Just like the last five times he'd looked, no owls were flapping his way. Which was a mixed blessing, really; while on one hand it meant his relatives wouldn't be freaking out about his 'unnaturalness' anytime soon, it also meant his friends had still yet to write him. And he was still alone at Number Four Privet Drive with only the bloody Dursleys for company.

     Suddenly, a glowing green ring dropped out of the sky and hovered in front of his face for a few seconds before shooting back up into the clouds as quickly as it had appeared. Harry blinked before shrugging it off and going back to work on his chores. After dragons, house elves, hippogryffs, diaries that possessed people, and a flying Ford Anglia… well, there wasn't a whole lot that surprised him anymore.

     Glowing, flying green rings didn't even rank in the top ten weird things he'd seen in the last six months alone, even. Which was rather sad, now that Harry thought about it.

     Humming softly to herself, Luna Lovegood slowly moved in a circle around her house, keeping her EZ Everflow Watering Can tilted at just the right angle so her flowers received the perfect amount of hydration. While her father did his best to keep an eye on things when she was gone, she knew they'd inevitably go to pot when she went back to Hogwarts in the fall and wanted to enjoy their beauty now while she could.

     Maybe she could bring some back to school with her. She'd need to carefully layer the stasis charms with the shrinking charms so that they both applied properly and kept the plants fresh while shrunken in her trunk, but she was fairly confident she could pull it off. Then Luna frowned, dismissing the idea. The other girls would only take or destroy them, even if they found the flowers pretty themselves, just to be mean and hurt her. They were petty like that.

     A bright flash of green had Luna grabbing for her wand even as she threw herself to the right. "Protego! Immobulus!" Much to her surprise, the spell only slowed what she could now see was an object, rather than a spell of any sort. A green ring emblazoned with the oddest symbol struggled against her magic, fighting to free itself. Luna eyed it curiously before coming to a decision; how much damage could a ring do to her? And who said it was even a ring? Perhaps it was some sort of never before seen magical creature that had taken on the form of a ring because… because… Luna looked down at her own hand. Oh! She was wearing a ring. Maybe it had turned into a ring out of hopes that she would put it on too and it could get to know her?

     Mind made up, Luna swished her wand and murmured the counterspell to free the ring. "Finite incantatem." The ring burst back into motion as it was released, spinning in a few quick orbits around her body before coming to a stop in front of her face. It twitched back and forth before evidently coming to a decision and pulling away. "Oh! Wait! Don't go!" Despite her plea, a green streak climbed skyward before rocketing off westward.

     "Oh pooh." Luna slumped in disappointment before trudging over to retrieve the watering can she'd dropped in her excitement. How exciting it would have been to discover something so remarkable. That would have been worthy of a story in The Quibbler, she was certain of it. Maybe even a cover story. Oh well. Good things came to those who waited. If not today, her good fortune would come soon enough.

     As she returned to watering her flowers, Luna didn't notice the glowing blue ring floating behind her.

     As the rings returned one after another, displaying their gathered information for his perusal, Abin began to sort through a large number of eligible candidates. With three rings encompassing two elements and only one living Lantern to guide the process, he knew that he held in his hands - both literally and figuratively - an awesome amount of power. The entire population of the planet could perish or prosper based on the decisions he made today. So it was imperative that he pick the best candidates.

     Feeling his life force ebb, Abin immediately eliminated a number of possibilities. While the ring could speed their arrival, some were still too far away to make it there before he died. Others were natives of planets outside of Sector 2814. While he was no xenophobe, he had no desire to place the abilities of a power ring in the hands of an already mighty Kryptonian or Tamaranean, or a treacherous Thanagarian. The Green Martian, on the other hand, was a native of the sector but fell into the same category: too powerful as it was.

     From an initial pool of over a hundred, he narrowed it to half that, then a dozen, and then six. And as black spots began to dance across his vision, informing Abin that he'd waited too long and likely wouldn't live to meet his successor, he made his choices.
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