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Fateful Meeting

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Summary: Lucas Scott meets a beautiful mystery girl and learns a little about fate. Faith/Lucas

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Television > One Tree HillChaosJunkieFR131662035995 Apr 085 Apr 08Yes
Title: Fateful Meeting
Author: Chaosjunkie
Pairing: Lucas/Faith, slight past Faith/Angel
Rating: FR-15
Spoilers: None
Warning: Mentions of past character death.
Genre: Romance/Drama
Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or One Tree Hill!


“Don’t you think it was rather fortuitous? The two of us meeting like this?” Lucas quickened his pace to stand in front of her.

“Not really.” She shoved him aside and resumed walking down the sidewalk.

He grabbed her arm and spun her around. “Why not?”

“I don’t believe in that stuff.” She yanked her arm out of his grasp, but didn’t try to run away this time.

“What, fate?” He felt a bit blown away by the coldness of this girl. All the same, he couldn’t help but be attracted to her.

“Yeah. Fate, destiny. All that happy shiny crap.” She turned on her heels and returned to her original path.

Lucas jumped in step with her and continued to pursue the conversation. “Maybe you should.”

“Maybe you should back off.” She kept an even tone while she spoke, never once looking over to assess his reaction.

Lucas brushed off the insult and chose to further press the issue, mainly just to see what she would do next. “So, the fact that you walked into my life at the exact moment I needed someone the most… you think that means nothing?” He held out his hand and positioned himself so she couldn’t keep walking. “You saved my life from those… things. That has to mean something.”

She lowered her head, avoiding his penetrating gaze. It reminded her too much of someone else. Someone who refused to give up on her with just as much vigor as this blonde haired boy. As these thoughts invaded her brain, she remembered the real reason she had come to this strange town. Forcing herself to look up, she returned his stare with pure venom in her eyes. “Do you wanna know the real reason behind our ‘fortuitous’ meeting?” She watched as he nodded slowly. “I lost someone close to me. Someone that I… cared about. He was murdered right in front of me. So I crossed the country searching for the bastard that killed him. And I ended up here.”

Lucas swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. “Did you find him?”

“Well, considering you’re here walking, talking, and annoying me… I’d say I found him.”

His eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“He was the guy I saved you from.” Horrible memories flashed through her mind, and she wrapped her arms around her body in comfort.

“I’m sorry.” He knew she was in pain, deep down, even if she didn’t show it.

She shrugged as if she didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter anymore. I got rid of him and I still don’t feel any better.” An unexpected harsh laugh escaped her lips. “If I had only been there five minutes earlier I could’ve beaten the damn sunrise. Stopped him before…” She clamped her eyes shut tightly, trying her best to block out the memory.

Lucas reached out his hand in an attempt to comfort the beautiful girl. “I… I don’t know what to say.”

She roughly shoved his hand away before it could make contact with her skin. “Then how ‘bout we don’t say anything at all?” Just like she had done before, she started moving hurriedly towards her destination.

Lucas reluctantly agreed to let her go. But before she was completely gone, he called out to her. “Can I at least know your name?”

The girl slowed to a halt and looked back over her shoulder. “Faith.” Her dark curls spun across her shoulders as she turned to face forwards again.

Lucas chuckled at the irony of the situation. A girl named Faith who lacks the ability to believe in fate. You’d think someone with a name like that would have a more positive outlook on life. But then again, she wasn’t exactly like every other girl. A small smile tugged on the corner of his lips as he watched his mysterious Faith walk away.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fateful Meeting". This story is complete.

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