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Through Death I Will Protect

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Summary: [On hiatus for the time being] "The Key needs to be protected. She needs to be safe." TorchwoodXOver.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredKristalFR1364,9790218,9278 May 0827 Sep 08No


Through Death Will I Protect

Rating: PG 13 - T

Pairings: Jack/Dawn

Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Buffy characters, canon story lines, etc; they belong to their respectable creators.

Summary: "The Key needs to be protected. She needs to be safe."

Notes: So started writing one with Dawn as the daughter of Jack with the same idea that Dawn needs to be protected even after Buffy is dead. I got about three chapters into and realized I have not written chapter story that doesn't include someone being related to someone or someone having a kid. So here it is. Lets see if I can do it! Tell me what you think. Also: this is prologue so its short... better than me just posting the very first part alone like I was first going to though!


“It needs to be protected. She needs to be protected.”

“But Glorificus is dead. It is safe.”

“It needs protected. It mustn’t be opened.”

The hollow voices echoed through the night. They danced into the bedroom of a young teenage girl and entered into her unconscious mind.

“She’ll be protected.”


Half-way around the world and three hours later, an alarm clock rang through the very different bedroom of a very similar looking young woman. The young woman twisted in her blanket, her deep sleep being interrupted from the sound. A groan escaped from under the sea of maroon sheets; although it was barely audible, being masked by the increasing volume of the clock.

Another groan followed hers- a much deeper groan coming from the side of her. With the twist of the sheets that the woman knew hadn’t come from her, the moan turned into a word. “Dawn…”

The comforter flew off the woman as her body sat immediately up right as soon as the voice registered to her. Her large blue eyes darted to the source of the voice. A man. A naked man. A naked man looking at her with a cocky smile and laughing blue eyes.

The seemingly naked man’s cocky smile faded as he instantly noted her distress. He sat up slowly, his blue eyes not moving from hers. Carefully, he spoke again, “Dawn, are…”

He was interrupted by a scream.

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