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The Biker's Ball

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Summary: The 'Cinderella' fairytale gets a Faith twist. BtVS/Supernatural/Cinderella. Alternate universe.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered
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amusewithaviewFR1319421979513 May 0813 May 08No
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even the keyboard upon which I type.

Crossing: BtVS/Supernatural/Cinderella

Characters: Faith, Darla, Harmony, Drusilla, Dean, Sam, John, and whoever else I feel like adding. Most likely there will be cameos from other BtVS characters, notsomuch the Supernatural ones.

A/N: I like fairytales. A lot. I can see this becoming a series someday...


Once upon a time there was a small town whose only real distinction was that it lay on the intersection of three major highways, all leading to places much more noteworthy and interesting. People stopped in the town as they traveled from place to place, and so bed-and-breakfasts and similar businesses enjoyed reasonably good prosperity. It is in one such establishment that our story takes place.

Richard Wilkins (the 3rd) was the prosperous owner of "Sunny Days Inn" a modestly sized bed-and-breakfast on the edge of town. He was a widower with but one child, a little hellion of a girl named Faith. As she grew nearer and nearer to true womanhood he realized that she was lacking for a maternal influence and sought to correct this oversight, in the process making the biggest mistake of his life.

On a cold, blustery September morning Richard Wilkins and Darla Masters-Aurelius were wed. He brought a thriving business and one outgoing, if not always polite, daughter to their union. Darla brought her beauty and two daughters of her own: Drusilla, a rather vague creature with a dubious connection to reality, and Harmony, who made up for her lack of intelligence with... erm... other talents?

The five lived in relative harmony - no pun intended - for almost six months before disaster struck, quite literally. While walking home from the bank, Mr. Wilkins was hit by a drunk driver. Or, to be more precise, the car the drunk was driving. He died instantly and young Faith's world was again altered irrevocably, and permanently.

We begin out story eight years after the events described here, as our heroine draws near to her seventeenth birthday...


Faith growled as the sun hit her eyes, waking her instantly. She'd been in the middle of the best dream... something with chains and torture and the step-bitches. Pure heaven and all ruined by the persistent beams of cheerful yellow light shining over her windowsill.

She twisted around and looked at the clock: fifteen minutes until she had to get up and start her chores. Restart the dryer so the step-bitch's clothing would be 'fluffy', wake up her stepsisters because the alarm clock was too harsh for their sensitive little ears, make breakfast, spot-check the bedrooms for any signs of untidiness, prep the meals for the guests before Trick and Wes came in for their morning shifts, then - and only then - it was time for her to get ready for another glorious day at Sunnydale High.

Faith briefly considered turning off her alarm and pretending she'd slept through... nah, it wasn't worth the grief. Sighing, she stretched and hopped out of bed. Time to start yet another glorious day in the casa de infierno.


"Faith! Where's my blue blouse?"

Wes swore Harmony's petulant whine could cut through six inches of solid steel. Faith often wondered how she could manage to get the blonde into a situation that would allow her to test that hypothesis.

Thus far, no such luck.

Faith turned to regard her stepsister's accusing, vapid blue eyes. "Did you check the laundry?"


"Your closet?"


"Dru's closet?"

"Of course," Harmony rolled her eyes, "I'm not an idiot."

Then why's your friggin' picture posted right under wiki's definition? Faith was not the one behind that particular prank, but for the last few weeks she had taken especial delight in checking the page as often as she could.

The blonde stamped her foot in pique, "Fai-aith you're not listening!"

"Did you check your mom's closet?"

"I - um," Harmony paused and chewed her lower lip thoughtfully. "No, but - "

"But nothin'," Faith turned back to the dishes, "Odds are that's where it is." Darla dressed like a teenager, a slutty teenager. Between her tendency to 'borrow' things and Dru's general loopiness, Harmony's wardrobe tended to go wandering on a regular basis, and that wasn't even taking into account the various articles she lost while she was 'studying'.

"Um, Faith?"

"What?" The brunette ground her teeth and counted to ten. It wasn't even seven yet and already the day was going to hell. "Kinda a little busy here, Harm."

"I - I know..."

Oh shit, she was being vulnerable today.

"It's just that I - um... I didn't do so well on that test yesterday and mom's not really all that happy with me, you know? So I guess I was just wondering if maybe you could ask her for me?"

Faith clenched her fists in the dirty dishwater. If she didn't do it then Harm would just go get Dru to do it and Darla would be... not-so-nice to the not-quite-there brunette. On the other hand, if she did do it... She rolled her neck on her shoulders until it cracked and dried her hands on a nearby rag.

What the hell, it was a Monday. Not like she had plans for after school, anyways.

Harmony flew across the kitchen, hugging the shorter girl tightly. "Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much! Bobby says he really likes me in blue, something about my eyes sparkling, or something like that - and you are so totally the best."

The blonde continued to gush even as she lost her audience when Faith headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards the dragon's den. Yep, not even seven and the day was already ruined.


A/N2: Drop me a glass slipper - erm - I mean, review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Biker's Ball" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 May 08.

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