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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hybrid". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Season 1 Melinda Collins another survivor fights her fear and comes to find letting go of the past is harder than it looks.

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Television > LostYouAreThePanFR151215,215021,71517 May 083 Jul 08No

Series 2 - Chapter 12

“We need to get off this Island Jack, I need to get off this Island.”

Jack didn’t know what to say to her so he just walked closer so no one could hear him and said the first thing that came to him “You will get off this island I promise you.”

Melinda never strayed from her spot and just listened to what they were saying and doing but Hurley saying “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.” made her step slightly away from the hatch. Then Kate said something about the door to the hatch and they had to see something on it so Melinda went over and read what was on it.

“Quarantine, huh…” Melinda didn’t notice the look she got from Jack but walks on her own back to her ‘home’ making sure no one followed, she grabbed her bag packed up all her things then left making her way to the caves.

While walking to the caves Melinda begins to hear whispers but this time she hears laughter then sees a little girl in front of her “Where’s my Daddy gone?”

Melinda was frozen stiff even when the little girl grabbed her hand “Where’s our Daddy gone?”

That was all Melinda could take so she looked at the little girl and told her something she wished someone could have told her when she asked that question when she was that age “He died, a bad man killed him and the man got away with it. But he’s in a better place now and he will watch over you until the day you join him up there.”

The little Melinda smiled sadly at her and hugged her then ran off singing “Daddy’s with me I’m no longer alone.”

----- Flashback – Melinda is six years old -----

Melinda was having a fun time with her father not having to go by the rules her mum made her go by before she passed away.

Melinda never really liked her mum as her mum made her act like a lady rather than act like a kid but with her father she could act like a kid and be free.

It was that night when her father had put her down to bed, after awhile of being asleep she heard a loud thud which happened in the middle of the night so she got up and went to her father’s room shaking with fear thinking a monster was going to get her not knowing that a monster wasn’t going to get her until she was the age of twenty one, nor did she know that things that go bump in the night aren’t the only things you should fear for people with a soul who kill are much worse than other things that don’t have a soul and kill.

“Daddy?” She spoke in a frightened whisper to the dark room. She checked it to find her father wasn’t there so she went downstairs to notice some light coming from their front room.

Walking to the room she didn’t notice the red stained rug until she stepped on it, looking down Melinda noticed the red substance but didn’t realize it was blood.

Going further into the room Melinda found a man standing over her father holding a knife, not realising what she was doing Melinda ran to her father and hugged him while whispering “Daddy I’m Scared.” Melinda looked at the man above her father to see him looking at her with a hungry look in his eyes but before he could do anything Melinda screamed and her neighbour came running in but the man had already left.

The woman from next door hugged Melinda to her while her husband checked her father for any sign of being alive.

The next day was the funeral and Melinda kept looking around for her father but could not find him so she asked the people around the grave of her father, her innocence kept her from realising the truth of where she was and what had happened so in her innocent little voice she asked the question which was “Where’s my Daddy gone?”

Everyone looked at her with pity but not one of them answered her, leaving poor Melinda to come up with the answer eventually herself.

She ended up living with her neighbours but these people wanted her to have a childhood but without her father Melinda started becoming the daughter her mother always wanted her to be, a lady.

----- End of Flashback -----

A tear slid down Melinda’s face and a bitter laugh escaped her lips “Why couldn’t have anyone told me the truth when I needed to hear it.”

All thoughts of going to the caves left her mind and she found herself running to her ‘home’ but then she heard Jack shout Kate and John’s names.

She was going to continue on her way to her ‘home’ but something deep with her soul stopped her “What the hell am I thinking I’m a slayer and someone needs my help.” Running in the direction his voice came from she found the hatch looking down the hole she smelt Jack’s scent as well as four others one was very faint but the other three very strong and she only recognised two of those Kate and John.

Seeing no one at the bottom of the hole she positioned herself over the hole then jumped down it landing in a crouching position.

Walking quietly through the hatch she came to a corner and noticed John with a gun pointed to his head then noticed Kate coming up behind the man with the gun.

The next thing she knows there’s a shot and it hits a computer and thankfully not John but the guy who had the gun doesn’t seem to think so.

Melinda just watched it all unfold in front of her not knowing how she could help this causing her much stress as a slayer she felt like she needed to help and not knowing what to do just made her feel helpless.

No one noticed her until Jack and John left to watch a video then Desmond said quietly so only so she could hear “You know you should tell them you are here.”

Melinda walked into the room and looked at the computer then at the timer on the wall above one of the doors “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. That’s what you have to type in to reset the counter isn’t it.”

“It is.”

When Jack began coming back into the room Melinda went and hid in the shadows again and just listened.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jul 08.

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