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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hybrid". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Season 1 Melinda Collins another survivor fights her fear and comes to find letting go of the past is harder than it looks.

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Chapter One

Title: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Season 1 Melinda Collins another survivor fights her fear and comes to find letting go of the past is harder than it looks.
Status of Fic: Work In Progress
Author's Notes/Disclaimer:

A link to the a Poster for my fanfics Jumanji and Don't Judge a Book by its Cover:

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Melinda Collins and the plot with her in it.

A.N: Lost in my version is based in the year 1996 to make it fit into where I want in the Buffy Verse. Technology is all the same as it is in lost as it doesn’t show much technology in it.

Also Before reading this I would advise to read Jumanji my other fanfic that starts Melinda’s life off. This is actually the sequel to that and the prequel to a fanfic I already have in mind which will be called ‘Hybrid’.

The link to Jumanji is in my signature also you will find a poster I have made for both this and Jumanji and slight glimpses into Hybrid.


Melinda smiled to herself while walking past many people who gave her weird looks. This would be mainly because of the blue hair she decided to get, but this was different as she got a witch to make it a permanent colour.

It was along time since she had been to Australia she had been once but that was many years ago. But now she had decided to go to L.A then straight to Sunnydale after looking around to see how much it had changed since she was last there.

Shifting her bag she smiled slyly when it got through the scanner to others it looked like a normal bag but on a magical outlook you could tell it was a bag that could hold anything no matter the size. It helped with someone who had seen a lot of things and been to many places in her 282 years of life, technically she had lived much longer but since time had rewound itself she hadn’t done all of that yet.

She still remembered the other 283 years and what happened with the game thankfully she had another 283 years this time around to get use to the rise of technology.

Now over the years she had learnt many languages, trained to use many weapons and in the last few years she had got a doctorate as a linguist/archaeologist that was what she was doing in Australia.

Now that she was done she was about to board flight 815 to Los Angeles the city of Angels.

Before boarding the plane she bought some fags well actually a lot she seemed to like the Australian brands more than the American ones, although none could beet a good British fag with a nice British beer.

After buying the fags and some beer she shoved them into her bag then she spotted a store which she just felt like she wanted to go in so she did.

Walking in she looked around until she spotted a lovely knife on display, it had a wooden handle with the word ‘Apollo’ scribed on it so she bought it liking the knife already.

Before boarding she went to a butchers and bought animal blood and a lot of it, luckily for her the bag she owns also made sure anything in it didn’t go off and stayed the temperature it’s supposed to stay otherwise the blood would not taste nice after a day or so and she was planning to go from L.A to Sunnydale pretty quickly only enough time to glance at L.A so she wouldn’t be able to stop for blood.

She was just about to board the plane when she bumped into someone looking up she met two dark eyes “Sorry I wasn’t concentrating on where I was going.”

She saw his eyes look at her hair before he said “It’s Ok.”

Nodding Melinda went and boarded the plane.

Taking her seat in the front half of the plane Melinda closed her eyes just to fall to sleep, it didn’t feel like that much longer after she had fallen asleep that something went wrong.

Looking around all she could smell was fear then it happened the plane snapped into three pieces she would have laughed if she hadn’t seen someone start to fall down the isle to the opening. With quick reflexes she grabbed the person and pulled them close then the worse happened they crashed, the person she had a hold onto all of a sudden wasn’t in her arms and she banged her head causing her to blackout.

Waking up Melinda cursed in many languages then smelt it, Blood, Death and most of all Fear.

Sitting up she heard commotions coming from all around her, looking around she spotted a Pregnant Woman who was being helped by a big guy, but then she saw the wing above them about to fall, Getting up she then with non-human speed ran to them and pushed them out of the way at the same time someone else did.

Hearing it fall to the ground she sighed in relief then looked to the woman who was looking at her with a small smile she said “Hi I’m Mel.”

Sitting up the pregnant woman looked all around her and at the people who helped her then finally Melinda she smiled at her and introduced herself “I’m Claire.”

Melinda nodded then looked at the other person who pushed them out of the way to see the guy she bumped into before “Oh hi again.”

He looked at her then spotted something on her forehead he touched it which made her wince “How bad does that hurt?”

Furrowing her eyebrows Melinda looked at the man and said “It hurts like hell but I’ve had worse.”

Checking to see if she was serious and was alright he then went about helping everyone else.

Melinda only then noticed she wasn’t wearing her bag so she went in look for it just to find a guy with shaggy hair picking it up, running up to him she grabbed it from him “That’s mine.”

Looking at her he raised an eyebrow at the hair colour “Whatever you say Aqua.”

Turning around Melinda walked off not wanting to talk to the guy any longer than need be. She went to check the area just to find the guy from before taking his top off to reveal a nasty looking wound.

He didn’t even notice her until she made her presence known by asking “Do you need some help?”

He turned to her in shock then nodded “Do you know how to use a needle?”

Grimacing she answered “Yes I do.”

Noticing the grimace the guy thought it was a for a different reason “I’ll talk to you while you sew my wound up so you don’t have to concentrate on it so much.”

Going up to him she smiles “You mistook me I grimaced because when I was younger I was taught to sew and hated every second of it.” Grabbing the vodka from him she washed her hands with it then put some on his wound, the next thing she did was grab the sewing kit and withdraw the black thread and needle while she began her work on his wound after heating the needle with her lighter she asked “What’s your name?”

“Jack. If you don’t mind me asking why are you so calm… I mean for someone your age you would expect you to be panicking.”

Melinda smiled “Ever heard the phrase Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover well it definitely applies to me.”

Jack looked at her over his shoulder then asked “What did you mean when you said you’ve had worse injuries than the cut on your forehead.”

“Stab wounds, burns, bullet wounds many more.” In her mind she added I’ve died.


“If I had to tell you the story behind each wound it may take a year or longer.” She laughed then knotted the string and told him “Believe me when I tell you that I am not your normal every day person I’m something much more complex a hybrid if you may.”

He turned to her after putting his top back on then asked “Hybrid?”

“Yeah… look maybe one day I will tell you but right now I don’t know if I can trust you.”

The rest of the day was kind of boring that is until she heard a noise coming from the jungle which was also uprooting trees. Getting to sleep that night was harder than she thought as things ran through her head such as; Jungle, five or eight.
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