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Wild Ride

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Summary: Buffy goes to Oregon and so does her luck in making the bad guys fall in love with her.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Buffy-CenteredDarkAngelLillithFR15710,860167919,59319 Jun 0811 Apr 09No

Bad Guy Plotting, Vehicles Get Washed And Reunions

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions. The Transformers and all related characters are property of Hasbro Inc. I am not making a single profit out of this I wrote it for pure fun. That is all. Enjoy.

A/N: Not much happens, but the mystery girl is introduced.




~~~~(change of place or POV)~~~

Wild Ride

Chapter 7: Bad Guy Plotting While Vehicles Get Washed and Not-Friends Reunite

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rieff’s workplace~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Despite living with the constant fear of having his home and business destroyed by a giant robot, Rieff actually liked living in Portland. The robot threat was… different… but there were worst things that could happen to him.

As a Lister demon he wasn’t welcomed among the ‘real’ demon circles. Of course, the wrinkled skin and grey skin made it difficult to blend in with the humans too. The sudden increase in Slayer numbers made living even more difficult. Luckily for him and his clan, Portland had no Slayer assigned and there were some humans that didn’t fear them. And Rieff had met the one human that had, not only listened to his proposal but, actually agreed to it.

Rieff was now the co-owner of the Finish Line Car Wash. The only carwash in all of Portland to open twenty four hours a day and catered to both humans and demons. After all, Rieff had told the human owner of the carwash, even demons use vehicles and not all of them could get out during the day. The human agreed and ever since then he and his clan worked during the nights for sixty five percent of whatever they make that night. Amazingly, his idea had been successful and Rieff was allowed to feel a perverse glee every time a demon arrived during the night to get his car cleaned. Suffice it’s to say he was the happiest Lister demon this side of the continent.

At least until he saw the black and red Ferrari 308 careening towards his beloved business. He could still remember the fear and panic he felt that night, as he saw that dreaded purple decal getting bigger and bigger as the car sent customers and clan members running like headless chickens. He was sure he could still smell the burning rubber as the Ferrari braked, leaving a trail of smoke behind it, and almost running over his second cousin twice removed. And he could never forget the blonde Slayer that walked out of the robot.

Rumors say she was The One and was virtually impossible to beat. Rieff preferred to keep his impression of her to himself. Besides, she and the robot came as clients and she paid very well. That, along with the fact that she reassured him she was leaving in a week, was the only reason he and his clan didn’t leave Portland.

Now, as he looked at the approaching black and red Ferrari followed by the most menacing looking truck, both sporting that ugly purple decal, he wondered just which god or goddess he pissed off. Because something told him, those two didn’t come here alone… and between giant robots playing war on top of his carwash and a Slayer, he wasn’t sure which he preferred.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Buffy’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Buffy parked in, what used to be, her usual spot. As usual, her parking was perfect and she wondered what the gang would say if they saw her now. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought, but it quickly disappeared when she saw the state her baby was in.

Her face scrunched up in disgust, “Yuck… I hope these demons can clean you up, baby. At least nothing bad happened to you,” she said refraining from patting hood in pity.

Her beautiful Ferrari was covered in demon blood. And while the black paint covered it quite nicely, it left the car looking like it was covered in slime. Buffy could see itty-bitty demony chunks still stuck and she barely suppressed yet another vocalization of disgust. Besides, her face pretty much covered what she felt right now.

She was so absorbed in the pitiful state of her baby that she missed the truck parked beside her. She didn’t miss when the girl she rescued got out of it and she turned, hands on her hips and a serious look on her face.

“What are you doing here?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Joan Appleby’s (A.K.A. Sister Sunshine, A.K.A. Chantarelle, A.K.A. Lily Houston, current A.K.A. Anne Steel) POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She had done many crazy things in her life. Going inside what she knew was an evil robot pretty much ranked number one in that list. And that was without including driving said robot into a giant lizard thing and driving behind Buffy at speeds that put rollercoasters to shame.

At all that didn’t include being kidnapped from her hotel room by blue demons to be sacrificed to the lizard thingy. Or at least she hoped it was to the lizard thing. She didn’t exactly asked them while they were chanting.

Her thoughts were disturbed by her stomach lurching unpleasantly as the truck braked hard. She hit her head on the steering wheel and was sure she heard a low chuckle coming out of the radio. Which quickly reminded her she was inside an evil robot.

The door opened without a word and she scurried out of the truck, fighting the urge to praise the steady feel of the earth beneath her feet after the drive from hell. There were three things that stopped her: she didn’t want to offend the truck and die, she wasn’t sure she could even get up if she went down on her knees, and Buffy Summers was turning around.

Anne wondered why they always met in situations like this.

“What are you doing here?” Buffy asked, hands on her hips and giving her that glare that said the Slayer was blaming her for something.

“I’m staying here for a while. Thanks for rescuing me, again,” she said feeling grateful that she was alive.

“That’s what I do,” Buffy said, still in that same pose, “Have you changed your name or…”

“Oh! No. It’s still Anne. Anne Steel.”

“Good. It had a nice ring to it. Any reason why you almost got sacrificed to Godzilla?”

Anne wondered if Buffy practiced that pose in front of a mirror. She found herself leaning on the evil truck, suddenly feeling very tired.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been here long and I’m pretty busy setting up the teen center to have actually pissed somebody like that off.”

Anne watched as Buffy blinked, surprised at the news.

“Teen center? No boyfriends or weird cults?”

Now it was her turn to glare at the Slayer, “I have grown out of that phase you know. I’m helping people now. People like me, who had nowhere to go and no one to help them. For your information this would be the second East Hills Teen Center in the country.”

Buffy stood quiet for a second before giving her a smile, “Well, that’s good! Now, let’s get some service before all the blood and gore stick to my baby. You can explain to me everything later.”

Anne watched the evil Ferrari behind Buffy bounce at the blonde girl’s words. She really wanted to ask, but self-preservation won out. She cast a weary glance at the truck, stepping away from it. She felt Buffy grab her hand and drag her towards the weird looking workers.

“Let’s throw the truck in too. God knows the owner is going to be pissed when he notices it’s gone. Might as well, give him a happy when he finds it all clean and shiny!.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Comm. Lines Motormaster to Wildrider~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

::Wildrider, where the fuck are you going?::

::To get clean. It’s what we always do.::

::Alwaya? You mean you and the meat sack have done this before? What the fuck is going on?::

::My human is here. That’s what we always do when she gets here. Isn’t it amazing!::

::No! And you better stop driving like that or she’ll dirty your insides with half processed food. Hook won’t clean it and I won’t stand you stinking up our quarters.::

::I’m not driving. This is all her!:: Wildrider dissolved into a fit of cackling laughter.

::We need to go back to base. Megatron wants to see you. And I’ve got enough trouble figuring out how we are going to explain our current state.::

Wildrider merely cackled again, swerving to the right and almost toppling over. ::Fine. I’ll go after leaving her to recharge. Now, we are both getting clean, so shut up and enjoy it.::

::I’m going to pound your aft so hard they’ll have to scrap you, Wildrider. There won’t be a piece of you worth recycling.::

Despite his words, Motormaster continued driving behind Wildrider. He made a note to scrap him for his insubordination later. Right now, the promise of a good cleaning stayed his hand. Decepticons didn’t get cleaned as often as his team needed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Somewhere else ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“What do you mean she escaped?” he asked the kneeling demon, who seemed to shrink on itself at the words.

“We’re sorry. One of the Slayers appeared and took her away.”

The man stopped what would’ve been a killing blow, “A Slayer you say?”

“Yes! She killed everyone.”

The man stepped away from the groveling demon. “Perhaps there is still some use for you. The girl has too much power over our puppet and she needs to be eliminated as soon as possible, but…Kill the Slayer first.”

“As you wish, Master.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wild Ride" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Apr 09.

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