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Rebirth; a reincarnation of Buffy story

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Summary: Buffy died after her leap through the portal (S5), and is reincarnated in another universe as Lizzie Sheppard, 5 year-old wonder kid. Is total rewrite of Atlantis from beginning season one.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)lacthrynFR131217,7072220259,70327 Jun 0813 Jan 09No

Funny Faced Pancakes

Buffy died at the end of Season 5, but she wakes up in a new universe as Lizzie Sheppard. This is a total rewrite of Atlantis from the very beginning with Buffy/Lizzie. Will mostly be in POV of Lizzie and John Sheppard, but may switch in later chapters.
Disclaimer: BTVS + SGA are the sole properties of their creators.... sadly not mine, any and all use by me is purely for entertainment value

[AN: just want to give a massive shout out to everyone that has reviewed, been mental busy but am still working on with this story. Also Thanks to the kind soul who nominated this fic for COA that was a surprise and a half. Hopefully I can get more of this updated soon ; ) ]

John woke slowly, feeling a weight on his chest. Opening his eyes, he allowed them to adjust to the light before looking down at the tiny form of his daughter pillowed on his torso.

He brushed away her hair so he could see her face and sighed with content. These moments where so rare, when he simply got to hold her for no other reason then she needed to be held.

The light in the bathroom was on and had been all night, and John couldn’t help smiling at the fact. Lizzie had always been afraid to fall asleep in the dark, had insisted there where monsters in every shadow and even refused to go to bed with the window open.

Gazing at her face, he wished that he was able to spend more time with her, hated that he had to miss even one bedtime. Hated that he wasn’t always there to chase away her nightmares. To wake her every morning with a smile and her favourite funny shaped pancake breakfast.

Straining to see over Lizzie’s body John sighed when he spotted the clock nearby. It wasn’t quite 0630, he’s need to wake her up soon to get her washed and dressed for what was bound to be an emotionally tiring day.

With a gentle shake of her shoulders, Lizzie snapped awake. For some reason she only ever reacted so suddenly to being forced from sleep when he woke her. Anyone else and she fought to stay asleep as long as she possibly could.

“Daddy?” she asked her question unspoken and soft.

“Morning sleepy head, we need to get up and get dressed. Your Gran should be here in a few hours and we need to see the General as well.”

“M’kay do you think I’ll get to see Sam today as well?” Slipping from his side and off the bed, she padded across the room to the bathroom. John stood and stretched grateful that he hadn’t slept in his uniform the night before.

“I’m not sure sweetie, but she did say she would see you again soon, so I’m sure you will.”

She didn’t reply but he could hear the soft noise of the water running in the sink and smiled softly to himself. He was sure that not every five year old was able to wash and dress themselves but Lizzie had always had an independent streak a mile wide.

Opening Lizzie’s suitcase he flipped through the outfits that she still hadn’t worn yet.

“So what do you think you’re going to wear today huh? Combat fatigues? Desert camie’s? How about Dress blues?”

“How about you let me pick my own stuff, I’m pretty sure that the age limit for the Air Force hasn’t dropped so I doubt they’d let me wear Dress blues anyway.”

Throwing her a grin as she came back into the room, then moving straight towards her clothes. She flipped through the lot before settling on jean blue dungarees with a pale blue t-shirt. Surprisingly it didn’t take her all that long to get ready, so John left her to brush her hair while he quickly jumped in the shower. He was more then grateful for the chance to wash away the hours of travel from the last few days.

When he was dressed in his casuals, he helped Lizzie tie the laces on her sneakers. It was one of the few things she still had difficulty with, something about her little fingers not having the dexterity or something. All he did know was that she complained about it a lot and hated the fact that there was something she couldn’t always do on the first try.

“Alright sweetie are we ready for inspection?” he asked his voice mock serious and he slipped her back onto the ground after finishing tying her laces.

“Yes, Sir. Major, Sir” she replied giving him a mock salute and jumping to a parody of attention. Before promptly spoiling the whole thing, by giggling madly as he swooped her up into his arms. Resting her on his hip, he felt the usual warmth of happiness and contentment as her little legs and arms wrapped themselves around his body. Her head resting on his shoulder as he strode down the corridors to the commissary for breakfast.

“Do you think if I ask nicely the cook man will let me have funny shapes pancakes?” she asked letting her fingers play with the back of his hair.

“Well I’m not sure, it’ll depend on how busy they are and if you ask really, really nicely.” He teased as the entered the lift that would take then to the level, they needed.
Lizzie turned to look at him raising her eyebrow in a gesture that was so wholly ‘him’ that he couldn’t contain his grin.

“Seriously, like they’d ever be able to say no to this face.” Lizzie pouted her lower lip trembling for effect. Now that she most definitely got from her mother. That look had lost him numerous arguments and probably would always be one of her biggest weapons in the ‘lets-wrap-daddy-round-my-little-finger’ mission she seemed to have been undertaking since the moment she was born.

“You’re right, now could you put it away. We still have a treaty in effect that states you are not to use that pout on me until you’re six. At which point we will then renegotiate our terms.”

“You mean you’ll buy me something big, pretty, or really cool and I’ll promise not to use it on you as a reward for you excellent treatment of your only child.”

“Exactly” John stated. There was no use even trying to argue with Lizzie, especially when she was right and sadly, enough that seemed to be most of the time. He thanked whatever god existed that she wasn’t a total brat and didn’t demand anything from him except his love. Otherwise, she would be ready to take over the world in a year or two.

~thanks agin for the reviews hope to hear from you again soon :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rebirth; a reincarnation of Buffy story" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 09.

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