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Rebirth; a reincarnation of Buffy story

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Summary: Buffy died after her leap through the portal (S5), and is reincarnated in another universe as Lizzie Sheppard, 5 year-old wonder kid. Is total rewrite of Atlantis from beginning season one.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)lacthrynFR131217,7072220259,71627 Jun 0813 Jan 09No

Hop, Skip and a.....What the hell?

Buffy died at the end of Season 5, but she wakes up in a new universe as Lizzie Sheppard. This is a total rewrite of Atlantis from the very beginning with Buffy/Lizzie. Will mostly be in POV of Lizzie and John Sheppard, but may switch in later chapters.
Disclaimer: BTVS + SGA are the sole properties of their creators.... sadly not mine, any and all use by me is purely for entertainment value

She hurt. Like really uber hurt. Her bones feel like they had been ground up into powder, and Buffy had to be one of the few people who knew exactly how much force it took to do that. I mean HELLO did The Master ring any bells. Anyone?

If this was meant to be death then the god-damned PTB’s could give her a freaking refund on this supposed ‘gift’.

It took a lifetime to feel something other then pain, when she did it was the overwhelming sense of being wrong.

It felt as though she had been squeezed into a too-small container. Everything felt tight and strained, her skin tingled and even her muscles felt compressed, it was definitely not an enjoyable experience.

Opening her eyes, Buffy shut them again almost as quickly, in an effort to save her eyesight. The world was too bright, too harsh and most definitely just too pink.

My god who in the hell would decorate a room with that much pink? It looked like a damn Barbie house, in fact it reminded her of Dawn’s room when they had lived in L.A, with the whole ‘valley of the dolls’ motif.

Whatever the hell was going on she was sure, as in 100% sure that Whistler had something to do with it. That thought actually made her smile although it did appear to be more of a grimace. It meant that she could finally follow through on the promise to turn him into a ribcage hat.

It fact it almost made her happy to picture the little, smelly, twerp desperately trying to retrieve his ribcage from a really tall hat stand. Deciding to risk pink induced blindness once more she managed to crack her eyes open a little, though it took much longer to adjust to the light then she expected.

“What the hell is going on?”

The question slipped out surprising her more then anything.

Instead of the voice she was so accustomed to hearing, it was high-pitched and well… girly. Ok something was most definitely wrong. Buffy found herself fighting down her own panic as it threatened to rise up and drown her.

After finally managing to shove the panic aside, Buffy made the decision to actually get up and find out what was going on. The only problem with that was the whole getting up part, the second she tried to stand her legs went out from under her and she landed heavily on her knees.

“Ow! Damn it!” propping herself up with her hands she noticed something that really started to send her deep into the panic-y terror zone.

Her hands where small… too small, child size. In fact, she couldn’t even remember having hands this small; it had to be before she even started school.

Pushing herself up onto equally too small feet, she stumbled her way across the insanely bright pink room to a dressing table. Her head only just cleared the flat surface so she climbed onto the nearby chair to get a better look at the person in the mirror.

She’s been right, she was tiny… looked to be maybe about five or six, her skin was the same tanned from too much time spent outside and her eyes where the same familiar hazel she remembered but that was where everything changed. Her hair was no longer blonde, not even the dark blonde coming from too many hours patrolling through Sunnydale at night and not enough sunlight.

No her hair was black, pitch black, falling to her shoulders in a messy just out of bed way. The kind of black that looked blue in the right lighting, it was weird … beyond weird. She even had a very slight cowlick over her right eye, though luckily her hair was long enough and heavy enough that if brushed properly should keep it from flicking.

The more she noticed the differences the worse she started to feel, her breathing was coming fast and hard and she found herself panting as she attempted to climb off the chair. She slipped and landed hard again on her knee’s this time though she must have knocked something on the dresser because her fall sounded much louder.

Crawling back towards the bed Buffy felt light-headed and the world seemed very hot and fuzzy, as though seen from a very fluffy blanket. There was a knock on the door and a male voice asking if she was all right but she couldn’t find the strength to answer.

When she didn’t reply whoever had been waiting for a reply opened the door and she could make out a hazy blur coming closer. He was tall… like really tall taller then anyone she could remember seeing, but at that moment, she couldn’t seem to remember much except that something was wrong and she was scared. Whoever it was had dark hair like hers and familiar eyes but she couldn’t make much else out.

“Lizzie, sweetie what’s the matter?”

His voice was soft and full of concern, it reminded her of her mothers, filled with love as his arms slid underneath her much too small body and lifted her up. Resting her on his hip, he used his free hand to brush away the hair sticking to her face and she could just make out his frown.

“Lizzie, come on sweetie look at me.” it took every effort to do as he asked. As her eyes met, his she felt a giant weight pressing on her head from all sides.

The last thing she felt was what seemed like a wave a whiteness as it slammed into her and carried her away and the faint soft voice she knew was her own calling out for her daddy.

~Thanks for reading, please review 
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