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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scattered". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happened after the Hellmouth blew? Story number two.

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesdirebansheeFR1321,844046,93927 Jul 0828 Jul 08Yes

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I still own nothing, not even the computer I type on. Seriously, suing me would be a waste of time.

The two Slayers raced through the woods, Faith in the lead even though she was dwarfed by the large frame of the unconscious man in her arms. Frost, the Lost King. No one had seen him, in his present from at least, for over six years. Not since the night Meredith, Queen of the Unseelie Sidhe, had discovered that she had won the throne only to lose one of the fathers of her children, and Faith was still trying to wrap her mind around that particular fact. How did one child have three biological fathers? Doyle had said that wild magics were out the night the Prince and Princess were conceived, by way of explanation and Faith just had to accept it as truth. Hell, the same wild magics had turned both her and Buffy into Sidhe, what was a little genetic manipulation?

Buffy reached the Unseelie mound first, the door opening almost before she touched it. The sithen had a habit of doing that ever since the night the blonde had gotten fed up with playing Ring Around the Mound and started using her fists to make her own door. Faith raced into the large hallway, pausing only long enough to call out, "We need the Queen."

They turned the corner and slowed their pace as the giant roses that guarded the Main Chamber came into view. The great doors swung open on their own and the slayers swept inside. Buffy stopped so suddenly that Faith almost ran her over. It was completely silent inside, so quiet one could have heard a pin drop, but, since no one had a pin handy, all gathered heard the simultaneous whispers of, "Angel?" and "Frost?"

Meredith abandoned the throne and raced across the stone floor toward the man Faith held as Buffy let the twins slide to the floor and slowly covered the distance between herself and the souled vampire. Doyle was only a step behind the Queen, stepping forward to take his old friend from the small woman holding him.

"We found him in the woods," she said as she picked up her children. "He was still a stag, caught up in some brambles 'til B touched him with her truth hand."

Merry looked at Faith with tears shining in her tri-colored eyes.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you both."

Then she turned her attention to her husband, husbands? (Faith's head hurt when she delt with these people) and called for Ffleur to attend to Frost. After watching the small group disappear, probably to the royal bedroom, Faith turned her attention to the Buffy and Angel show. The two were always good for a few laughs and she couldn't help but wonder what would happen when Buffy's big blue demi-god of a hubby interfered, which looked to happen any second now.

Angel couldn't help but stare at the tiny, blonde, and very pregnant slayer. She was radiant. Her golden skin glowed softly as she stared up at him with eyes of blue, hazel, and a gold that gleamed like metal.

"Congratulations," was the first thing he could thing of to say.

"Eloquent, as usual, Deadboy," Faith said, unable to resist using Xander's nickname for Angel, and snickering at the look the vamp turned on her. Then he arched an eyebrow.

"Congratulations to you too, Faith," he said.

Faith grinned at her girls.

"Yeah, who'd've thought, huh?"

"Angel?" Buffy asked again.

Faith choked back a laugh.

"Very articulate, B," she said as Barinthus finally joined the group and pulled the small (next to him, who wasn't? Hell, he even made Angel look fragile) woman into his arms.

Buffy blinked rapidly and seemed to recover.

"Angel, what? How? Why are you here?"

Barinthus looked down his nose at the vampire, immediately assessing just who this man was and what he had been to his wife.

"This is the vampire you loved," he said and Buffy nodded, though it hadn't been a question.

"Yeah. Barinthus, this is Angel. Angel, this is Barinthus, my husband."

The vampire was silent for a moment (probably brooding, Faith thought) then held out a hand. Barinthus looked at the appendage, as though not quite sure what to do with it, before extending his own.

"Just be good to her," the vampire said. "She deserves to be happy."

"I intend to do all in my power to see her so," the sidhe replied.

"Not to interrupt the love fest or anything," Faith said. "But Buffy brings up a good point. Why are you here?"

Angel sighed and ran a hand through his spiky hair.

"It's the First."

The two Slayers immediately stiffened.

"I need your help," he said.

El Fin, for the moment at least.

To Be Continued in Heaven

The End

You have reached the end of "Faerie-Tale". This story is complete.

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