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Like Father, Like Daughter

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Summary: Challenge Response. Buffy finds out Hank isn't her father. How will her real father react to a daughter he never knew about.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredDoomedRomanceFR152034,44025400220,3623 Aug 0813 Nov 11No

Chapter 20

Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.


On the other side of the ocean, Giles and Willow were sitting at a large table covered with old, leather bound books. They had been researching for hours and still had not found anything that could explain Victor’s plan to eliminate the Slayer line.

Suddenly, Willow gasped. “I think I found something.” she told him.

Giles went over to where she was sitting and looked over her shoulder. He barely refrained from letting out his own gasp as he read the passage.

After he finished reading he took off his glasses and cleaned them while he was thinking about how they were going to handle this.

“This is really bad, isn’t it?” Willow said more than asked.

“If he can pull it off, yes. I have my doubts that it is possible. However, he could cause a lot of destruction in his attempt.”

“We need to get to DC.” Willow said. “Buffy is going to need some help.”

“I’ll contact Faith and her team.” Giles said. “They are already in the states and should be able to arrive in just a few hours. With any luck we will be able to stop Victor before he can put his plans into motion.”

Chapter 20

Buffy and Gibbs arrived at the scene in record time. Buffy was now certain she had inherited her driving skills from Gibbs. It’s not easy to terrify a slayer, especially one as experienced as Buffy, but Gibbs managed.

Gibbs didn’t waste any time once the car screeched to a stop. He was out of the car before Buffy could convince her hands it was safe to unclench so she could unbuckle her seat belt.

As Buffy was exiting the car she saw Tony, Ziva and Tim approach Gibbs.

“What do we have?” Gibbs demanded from Tony.

“It’s a blood bath boss.” Tony responded. “There were two soldiers in the cab and three riding in the truck with the suits. Ducky isn’t here yet so no one has touched the bodies.”

“Anything else?” he growled.

McGee chose this moment to comment. “There is witness that was driving by that saw a large U-Haul truck driving away from the scene.”

“Let’s get to work.” Gibbs ordered.

Tony, Ziva and McGee scattered. Gibbs had trained them well. They all knew their jobs.

Gibbs and Buffy approached the nearest body. Buffy had seen a lot of people die over the years and it never got any easier for her. The body was of a young marine. Buffy didn’t think he could have been over 21. His eyes were open and he had a look of terror on his face. His throat had been torn out and there wasn’t nearly enough blood around the body in relation to throat wound for this to have been done by an average person.

“He was attacked by a vampire.” Buffy told Gibbs.

“We don’t know that yet.” Gibbs disputed, looking over toward her.

“Yes, we do.” Buffy argued. “I’ve seen this too many times over the years.”

They moved on to the body of the driver. He was older than the first marine but not by much. Buffy estimated his age to be late 20s. It was obvious he had attempted to fight back. His knuckles were bloody and instead of one bloody gash on his neck, he had cuts and gashes on both arms and where his shirt was torn she saw more wounds on his chest. There was blood spatter everywhere including several blood smears on the side of the truck where it looked like a body was thrown up against it. In the end his efforts had not been enough and he lay dead along with his team mates.

The remaining three bodies were still in the back of the truck. Buffy was not allowed to get inside the truck yet as forensics still had not finished their work, but it was obvious these men had not gone down easily. She spotted shell casings on the floor and several weapons lay on the ground near the fallen soldiers. From what she could see, these bodies were in even worse condition than the ones outside. Shooting a vampire wouldn’t kill it and may slow it down momentarily but it also really pissed them off.

Ziva approached Gibbs. “I think we have found where they parked their get-a-way vehicle.” she said.

Buffy and Gibbs followed her about 50 feet to the entrance to an alley. At the entrance in the mud and filth, Buffy could see the impression of large tire tracks along with bloody footprints that approached the tracks and then disappeared.

“Several someones made multiple trips from the transport to the vehicle sitting here.” Ziva began.

“They were moving the suits.” Gibbs finished for her.

“Get photos of these prints and send them to Abby. See if she can figure out what type of shoes they were wearing.”

Buffy’s phone rang and she moved away from Gibbs and the noise of the scene to answer.

“What do have?”

“It’s not good.” Willow answered. “Giles and I think Victor is going to try and invoke Nuitari.” Willow said this in a tone that implied Buffy should know what she was talking about.

“Whoa, back up Willow. Who is New kid?”

“Nuitari, Buffy.” Willow sounded exasperated. Willow would never understand how Buffy could butcher every single bad guy name. “Nuitari is an evil god. His mother is the God of Darkness. He’s like the patron saint of the undead.”

Buffy though quickly. “Wait, if this guy is all about the dark, why would Victor need suits to block the sun?”

“Nuitari went up against the wrong God.” Willow explained. “Thousands of years ago Nuitari and the God of Light went head to head and Nuitari lost. The God of Light banished him to an alternate dimension in which the sun never sets. The sun drains his power and keeps him from escaping.”

“Okay, so if he is in another dimension what’s the problem. How can Victor get to him?”

“Haven’t you learned by now that nothing is that simple?” Willow chided. “My research indicates that portal between our dimension and his is based on the position of the moon and stars. It’s how the God of Light banished him in the first place. When everything is aligned correctly the portal can be opened and Nuitari can be released.”

“Okay, well he sounds like someone I don’t ever want to meet but what’s this got to do with the Slayer line?”

“Nuitari loves chaos. He feeds off chaotic energy. What would cause more chaos than ending the slayer line?”

“That still doesn’t explain how he could end the line? How would that be possible?” Buffy demanded.

“Nuitari is very powerful. He has the ability to alter time and events to suit his need for chaos. Think about Halloween and the damsel.” Willow said.

“I would really rather not.”

“My point is, you lost your powers that night. Effectively the slayer line was gone while that spell was in effect. Once Nuitari is released and regains his full strength, he will have enough power to cast a similar spell except he can make it permanent and it would encompass the world instead of just a town.”

“So, when and where will this portal be and how can we stop New toy?”

“We are still trying to calculate the exact location and time, but since Victor is in the DC area we have to assume it will be someplace close. As for how to stop him, if we can stop him from performing the ceremony to open the portal Nuitari will remain in his prison dimension and we won’t have to worry about stopping him.”

“Victor has been building an army of vamps.” Buffy told her. “I’m going to need some help to stop this.”

“Faith and her group are on their way. They should be there in a few hours.”

“Let me know as soon as you have a when and where.”

Gibbs had been standing far enough away to give her privacy for her call but when she hung up and approached him he could tell the news wasn’t good.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Like Father, Like Daughter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Nov 11.

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