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Why Buffy the Vampire Layer Sucks.

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Summary: Xander fades from Willow's memory only to crop up in the SGA Universe...Will be Slash.

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Soldier XanderLilJeiFR1811,0560227,6975 Aug 085 Aug 08No
Why Buffy the Vampire Layer Sucks (New Title to Come)
Author: Lil_Jei
Fandom: BTVS
Characters: Xander
Rating: PG 13 eventually
Word Ct: 1000+
Author Notes/Summary: The show and characters are not mine but in my mind. So my plot for this fic was just going to be a drabble of what if Xander had magic and was disgusted at what the “New” Council was doing. What lengths would Xander go to for a new life? This will eventually be SLASH!

Umm and yea as for another(?) disclaimer---the characters are not mine just the crazy ideas.

Some days Xander really hated his life. If he could turn back time and live in peaceful oblivion, he would. More than 10 years ago today he discovered the nightlife Sunnydale and the demon world had to offer and he had rarely looked back at all. But lately all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball and disappear or maybe jump a dimension or two. The latest crisis had him groaning in remembered agony, first Spike is back but now he's died again and a disaster that could have been prevented hadn't been. All because Queen Buffy and her minions wouldn't dare taint themselves. Hypocritical much? Xander felt for his LA compadres and if he hadn't just spent months in the African wilds, he would've expended more energy at being angry rather than depressed. But no he just couldn't bring himself to be anything but disgusted; once more, the Council was being corrupted except now it's by the good guys themselves. He didn't know what he could do other than leave and frankly that had been coming way back before he'd even heard of the First.

Africa was as far as he could go without Darth Willow endangering the world just to find him. He didn’t know what to do, well that wasn’t true he did know. But he was scared shitless at having to mess with such dark magic, it was all about intent and his goals were serious ones. To implant and mess around with memory magic was a serious deal but it was either he buckle down and rewrite his life story a bit or he kill himself and Willow in some deranged suicide pact. He never knew why the others hadn’t realized he knew magic just as well as Willow sometimes and now after almost 3 years studying with Shamans he was even better than Darth Willow at her finest hour. He didn’t think he was too covert in his stealing of Giles’ books and ingredients back in high school but the only ones who had caught on to his practicing were Spike and Anya, with the possibility of Tara and Andrew. Yet none had told, and for that he would be, forever be grateful because it now gave him a serious advantage over his life long friend.

He could never really blame Willow. No the blame for his major life suckage went to Queen B herself. If he and the others had never come upon her or if she had been one of the bonafide Council Slayers his life would have been a tad bit easier. Never having to team up with her and Giles’ in order to save his sweet innocent Willow. No, he blamed Willow’s need for control and perfection most days on Angelus, Vampires, Tara, OZ, and Buffy more than any other. He blamed everyone really, himself included. He hadn’t recognized the signs of addiction that Willow had sported even before college and Tara. They had all been too embittered by the fight and now even years later none of them had recovered. Despite the lack of communication and true friendship Xander knew that if he ever fell off of Mother Earth’s radar or in other words away from Willow’s control he and the rest of the world would end. It was her deep need to control everything in her domain that had caused Willow to be involved in slaying to begin with. At the beginning, they were all just to young to notice the consequences on their psyches and how the threat of even the smallest danger would cause Willow to go berserker. It was best now that he magically ease the way, make it seem as if he died in battle years ago or some other non sense, he needed it to be an old pain, back before Tara and Darth Willow. The whole thing would need a delicate touch and he had always hated having to be patient at such things.

So in reality he blamed them all. And now Buffy used her and Willow’s need to control the world around them to their advantage. Since Angel and the others didn’t secede to her manipulations, she hadn’t felt one bit of guilt over their deaths. Xander himself had immediately mourned his pen pal Wesley and his on again off again lover Spike. And that was the crux of it he guessed. The loss of two friends and the lack of support that the Council had offered them really upset Xander's delicate balance. He only wished they hadn’t thought he was in bed with the Council. Not that one mortal man could’ve done much but knows what a primal shaman with years of rage built up could’ve done to help the situation in LA. Oh well Xander thinks with a snort not much could be done now. It was time for him to hide, for him to leave the fight or at least disappear from the Council sanctioned ones.

And that was where his magic came into play. He’d leave the scene but he needed a new one. His mind and body was built and conditioned on one or two settings nowadays. He was fight or rest up for the next fight there was no happy in between. His abusive childhood and his discovery of the supernatural had honed him to its greatest perfection. He had been perfected as a warrior truly built and sustained for battle. He knew few other things, he had many moments of down time where he concentrated on the beauty of the ignorant world. But he always looked beneath the surface, he was always ready for battle. And once he left the Council’s new world, he would need another fight. The next couple of months should prove interesting at the very least.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Why Buffy the Vampire Layer Sucks." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 08.

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