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Training In The Dark

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Summary: Liz Summers knew her new job was going to suck. She didn't think it was literal. AU.

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Movies > Training DayGreydonCreedFR1812,547071,0792 Sep 082 Sep 08No
Disclaimer: The BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and associated companies. The movie this is crossing over belongs to Antoine Fuqua, David Ayer, and Warner Bros.

Rating: R, for crude language and graphic violence.

Note: AU setting - the characters are familiar, but not much else is.

This is an old idea of mine, first started in December of ’06. Thoughts and feedback are highly desirable. And it helps get the muse back to work again.

in the next 24 hours you will learn about the streets,
about the choices that will force a dedicated cop over the edge...
all in the name of good.

in the next 24 hours the only thing more dangerous than the line being crossed...

is the cop who has crossed it.

1629 Revello Drive
Sunnydale, CA
0710 Friday 13Feb98

Liz Summers was pissed, and the day had barely started.

The never welcome sound of the alarm clock going off at 6:00 AM was not a good sign, and having to roll her brat of a younger sister out of bed was did not help either. Yelling at the 17 year old every ten minutes until she was finally standing and semiconscious was broken up with showering, brushing her hair, and getting her uniform ready. Once Dawn had stumbled into the bathroom to shower, Liz moved over into the kitchen and started on breakfast.

Sitting at the table, Liz was working on her bowl of instant oatmeal when the teen stalked into the room. Sniffing the air, Dawn gave a snort. “I thought I smelled bacon.”

Liz looked up and gave what could charitably be called a smile. Others would call it a cross between a snarl and a smirk. “Breakfast is ready. You don’t like it, make your own.”

Dawn grabbed the box of Pop Tarts from the table next to her dish and put two of the pastries in the toaster. Liz said nothing about the teen’s choice of food; several loud ‘discussions’ has resulted in the present compromise of leaving somewhat healthy junk food out for her to eat. Meanwhile, Liz helped herself to a second helping of oatmeal now that the teen was not going to eat it.

Her face expressionless, Liz gave her sister the once-over. Dressed in black boots, skirt, sweater and torn concert t-shirt with a white tank underneath, Liz was glad that her sister was covered up decently now. With a suppressed shudder, she recalled the previous Britney Spears/Christina Aguilar phase of dress... a phase that had required the ‘accidental’ dumping of a full bottle of bleach into the laundry basket to end.

Plopping into the opposite chair, Dawn eyed her older sister while she nibbled on the hot strawberry pastry. The 23 year old was wearing her mid-length blond hair pulled back in a bun, her blue shirt and trousers all pressed and ready to go. Watching Liz sprinkle cinnamon on her oatmeal, Dawn felt the familiar tug of love and resentment war within her.

Feeling eyes on her, Liz looked up in time to see Dawn look away. Finishing her oatmeal, Liz spoke, knowing it was a mistake even as she did so. “You need a ride to school today?”

Dawn snorted loudly again. “Yeah, right. First day of school in a new town and *you* dressed like *that* are going to drop me off? I don’t think so.”

Liz didn’t react outwardly to the scorn in that remark. “You know where your new school is?

Dawn scowled and looked down at the table. “I can find it.”

Liz smiled slightly. “That’s nice, because it’s two and a half miles away, the hour walk will do you good.”

“What about a school bus? ” Dawn didn’t try very hard to keep the whine out of her voice.

“One of the many things that you will learn about at school today.” Liz dropped the smile from her face. “I’ll even wear my coat so you won’t be embarrassed by little old me.”

Dawn looked ready to speak again when the wall-mounted phone rang. Jumping up to grab it, Dawn announced “Summers House” into the handset in a perky voice that was at complete odds with her appearance.

Watching Dawn start to giggle as she spoke on the phone, Liz’s eyebrows went even higher when Dawn, after telling the caller to hold on, put her hand over the mouthpiece and said in a ticked off voice, “It’s for you, an Alex Harris. And he sounds hot!”

Taking the phone and watching Dawn grab her other Pop Tart and leave the kitchen, she spoke into the phone. “This is Liz Summers.”

A male voice, smooth sounding and husky, replied, “This is Detective Alex Harris. Lieutenant Stein told you that you were riding with me.”

Liz paused in her thoughts. She definitely remembered standing at near attention in front of the desk in the lieutenant’s office, the fluorescent lights reflecting on his balding head. Trying not to notice the gleam in his eyes that she has last seen from the ‘guests’ while walking though County Lockup, Liz was told that there was a shortage of field training officers available for her familiarization, that she would ride with an Officer Harris, who was FTO qualified.

“Lt. Stein told me that I was riding with an Officer Harris, that I would meet him at roll call today,” Liz replied slowly. “Not that I was riding with a detective.”

“Stein doesn’t like me much. That’s why he sprung this on me this morning.” The male voice sounded both amused and annoyed. “I’ve got a stack of outstanding cases to deal with, and no time for a transferring rookie.”

“I’m not a rookie.” The edge in Liz’s voice was more than a little apparent.

“I know, I know,” Harris’ voice was now just amused. “Anyhow, don’t go to roll call, meet me at the diner across from the station at 9:00 AM, wear civvies. You have a backup weapon?”

“Yeah, a Chief’s Special and my department issue Smith & Wesson. What about roll call?” The confusion was showing in Liz’s voice.

“Roll call is for pussies. All you get is Stein browbeating you and making impossible demands. Clear enough cases and he won’t bother you.”

“I can’t just ditch roll call my first day in the department!” Liz was a little shocked and more than a little suspicious. This sound a little too much like a ‘lets mess with the new guy’ prank.

“Call in with the desk sergeant if you don’t believe me. 9:00 AM Officer Summers.” The voice was cold before the line clicked and buzzed in her ear.

Liz slowly hung up the phone. Looking down at her Sunnydale Police Department uniform, she unpinned her badge and started walking up to her bedroom to change.

Yep, today was definitely going to suck.

Hot ‘n Tot Diner
7th & Main
Sunnydale, CA
0859 Friday 13Feb98

Liz Summers walked into the diner, her heartbeat gradually slowing from the mad rhythm that marked her driving hell-for-leather trying to make her appointment. Changing into hiking boots, not-too-tight blue jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt over a short sleeve shirt to cover her gear, driving her sullen sister to school, and then making it to the diner on time had been more than a little hair-raising.

Asking one of the waitresses where Alex Harris was, Liz made her way to a back table that had a lone figure reading what looked to be a manila case folder. Dressed in a navy blue shirt with a shoulder holster rig on top and a black leather coat hanging on the back of the chair, the figure keep his head down as Liz walked up to him. Standing still for a moment, looking down at the slicked back dark brown hair, Liz was about to announce herself when a husky voice spoke up.

“Sit down, Summers. You wanna eat?” The head stayed down, but the voice floated up, familiar from the phone call. “They do western omelets pretty good here.”

“No thanks, I ate at home.” Liz sat down gingerly. Watching the man in front of her keep reading the case file, Liz was started to get a little uncomfortable after a couple of minutes of silence. Looking up to see if she could call over a waitress for coffee, the man spoke again.

“There is a reason why I told you to eat, Summers. Too late to order now.” Raising his head, Liz finally got a good look at him.

Dark brown eyes looked steadily from a clean shaven narrow face. Liz could see intelligence and what appeared to be sardonic humor on the young face. And he was young; Detective Alex Harris didn’t look to be more than a year or two older than she was.

“Tell me a story, Officer Summers. It doesn’t have to be true. Entertain me.” Harris closed the case file and put it aside, face down so that the name tag was not visible. Folding his hands in front of him on the table, Harris watched Summers patiently.

“What kind of story? I don’t do fairy tales.” Liz cracked a grin, but it slipped off her face as longsuffering replaced the patience on Harris’ face.

“Come on now, Summers. Everyone has a tale to tell. Especially big-shot transfers from the El Ay Pee Dee.” Liz felt her smile leave her face at the mention of her former employer, the Los Angeles Police Department.

Harris continued to speak. “I mean, why would someone want to leave the bright lights of the big city for a podunk little town like this? It sounds like an interesting story, I’m sure everyone would want to hear it.”

“No one wants to hear that story, no happy ending you see.” Liz now had her hands on the table, mirroring Harris.

“Well, I don’t mind about the sad endings, so let me tell *you* a story, “ Harris had picked up a pen and was slowly starting to tap it on the tabletop.

“There once was a rookie police officer in the El Aye Pee Dee, she was really kick-ass and take names. She was such a good officer that she was taken off probation three months early. And how did this kick-ass officer thank her FTO for taking her off probation early? She turned him in to *Internal Affairs* for beating down gang bangers.” Harris saw tight lipped anger on Liz’s face but continued speaking.

“And after testifying against her former FTO and getting him fired off the job where he was two years from getting full retirement, and after some really nasty vandalism to her car and locker, she was transferred against her wishes from Valley Division to Harbor Division, so that she could now enjoy the hour and a half freeway commute that she now had from her home in north LA.”

Harris could see that Liz was struggling not to speak and held up his hand. “And here is the best part! One day, while patrolling in a solo car, ‘cuz no one wants to ride with a snitch, she does a traffic stop on a car that she doesn’t know has a key of meth that had just been cooked up and gets into a full-on gun battle with the three skinheads muling it. And what happens when our officer puts out a ‘shots fired, officer need help’ call?”

Liz looked down at the table, trying not to lose her temper. Harris raised his hands and spread them in the air. “Come on now, you can answer this part.”

Liz looked up from the table, anger dancing in her eyes along with pain. She muttered something in a low voice too low to hear. Seeing Harris cup a hand behind an ear to show that he had not heard her, she spoke up louder this time. “No one came.”

Harris dropped his hand in pretend shock, banging it against the table. “That’s right! No one came to assist the police officer under fire. There were ten patrol units in Harbor Division that day and they *all* must have driven into a black hole because no one responded to the 998 call! In fact, if it wasn’t for a liquor store owner who came up behind the last banger and shot him, the police officer would have been dead, because she had run out of ammo for her sidearm killing the other two bangers and was down to her five-shot backup when the nice Korean man with the shotgun got the last skinhead in the back!” Harris shook his head in sympathy.

“And then to add insult to injury, when she tried to resign from the El Aye Pee Dee after that little brouhaha, they were going to bill her for her Academy training, since she had not completed the five years contract she signed when she joined. $100,000.” Harris shook his head again. “It wasn’t until she got some TV hungry feminist lawyer who started making noise about all the bad publicity that she was going to cause that the El Aye Pee Dee let you go.”

Liz looked up at Harris, who had gone back to his folded hand posture. “How did you know all that? I’ve been on this department for only two days, and you’re already know all this?”

Harris smirked slightly. “We heard all this when you first applied and they did the background.”

“So what happens now? Am I going to be frozen out again? Why hire me if they didn’t want me?” Liz had a tired look on her face.

“Do you really want to know why? Two reasons.” Seeing Liz nod, Harris continued. “One, Sunnydale PD is 20% undermanned. We have mandatory overtime and we need warm bodies fast. And two, affirmative action. Counting you, we have only five female officers in a department of 250.”

“So what about you? If no one wants to work with me, why did you take me on as a trainee?” Liz had lost most of the anger in her face, replacing it with curiosity.

“I’m not taking you on as my partner, I’m just an FTO ordered to do a preliminary eval on a new transfer. This is a training day, Officer Summers, you’ve got today and today only to show me what you’re made of.” Harris took a quick slurp from a coffee cup, draining it. “If you can’t hack it working gang detail, with the popularity you’ll have with the other officers, you wind up in a solo car on graveyard shift.”

“Gang detail?” Replied Liz incredulously. “I’ve only done patrol, and why are you even talking to me? Why not blow me off like all the others already have?”

“One, I want to hear from *you* what happened in LA, not what some dip shit background investigator was blabbing about at the bar.” Harris grabbed the case files on the table and stacked them neatly. He stood up, and Liz stood as well.

Watching Harris toss some money on the table, Liz followed him as he headed out of the diner. “What’s reason two?”

Harris was facing away from Liz, so she was not able to see what was on his face when he replied, “You’re not the only one who ever threw a party where no one came.”

Author’s Note: in case you don’t recognize the setting, it’s based on the movie Training Day, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Training In The Dark" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Sep 08.

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