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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,99010 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 89.... the end.....

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 89:

Xavier's Place.....
The Infirmary...

“What...” Raven Darkholme said as she opened her eyes.

“Welcome back, mother.” Xander said as he pointed a tranquilizer gun at her.

“Alexander.... what happened?” Raven asked as she looked around. “Why am I here?”

“What's the last thing you remember?” Xander asked her.

“Being in my house, then nothing.” Raven said softly. “What's the date?”

Xander told her.

“Over a year.” She sighed. “Damn. What happened?”

“You became a minion of a minion.” Xander told her. “Guy was pretty good with mind control. It's probably best you don't remember.”

“You're not the one missing a year from your life.” Raven snapped.

“No, but I fought the head guy. I think he was holding back, if he really wanted to he could have fried my brain but good.” Xander sighed. “I said welcome back right?”

“You did.” Raven said softly. “What else happened?”

“I've got a clone running around and now Anna has one too.” Xander said. “We're constructing a set of memories for her now.”

“Clones?” Raven asked. “What's yours name?”

“Ben. Ben Ravenson. He's building a life for himself up in Massachusetts and LA at the moment. . Mutants have been outed in the world and we're pretty newsworthy these days.” Xander told her.

“Really? No riots or lynchings?” Raven asked.

“Nothing proven anyways. There has been some interesting anti-mutant groups forming though. One growing one is called 'The Friends of Humanity'.” Xander told him. “It's based out of Chicago.”

Raven didn't like where this was going. “Who's in charge of it?”

“Graydon Creed.” Xander told her. “He makes a mean argument. We've done some digging and you've got no 'known' criminal record. You could have a fresh start. We could use some proof that humans can be born from mutants.”

“You want to air my dirty laundry like that?” Raven snorted. “I don't think so.”

“It's not a shameful thing Raven. The fact he's not a mutant can help ease the fact that we are still human after all.” Xander told her.

“I'll think about it. I'm not a prisoner here am I?” She asked her son.

“No, though we would appreciate it if you didn't try any shifting while you're here. This place is chaotic enough already.” Xander told her.

She stared at him and he shrugged. “Dinner is in a few hours. Kurt's on the roster tonight. I think you'll like it.” He told her before leaving the room.

Mystique stared after him and sighed. “Over a year.” She whispered. “Dammit.”
Outside the Room....

“How is she?” A voice came as Xander entered the hallway.

“She's awake and aware if you want to see her.” Xander said.

The man shrugged. “I'm more here to see you. I've got a problem of the mystical variety I was hoping you could help me out with.”

“Sure pop.” Xander grinned. “I'm listening.”

“Well it started while I was in the Australian Outback.” Victor Creed began.....

And so it went, time passed and people as well as families grew as the world began to change. It wasn't a perfect world, but they were working at it. Well most of them did. As for Ben Ravenson....


“Where the fuck am I?” Ben Ravenson asked as he stared at the desert landscape all around him.

“Ben Ravenson, you've become broken in time.” A voice came as a small man appeared in front of him. “My name is the Timebroker. I have a proposition for you.”

Ben sighed. “Why can't my life be boring?” He asked the manifestation.

The being shrugged. “Are you going to listen to my proposition?”

“That depends, will you send me home if I don't?” Ben asked.

“No.” The Timebroker said. “Realities have been broken. You are our first recruit. We need you to help set things right in order for the multiverse to function.”

“Who is this we?” Ben asked.

“You'll know in time.” The Timebroker told him. “Will you listen?”

“Depends, you got any food around here?” Ben asked.

“I believe we can scrounge something up.” The Timebroker told him with a hint of a grin

Probably not.
As for the end.... The Exiles is a worthwhile read, all I can say on that.

The End

You have reached the end of "Alexander Creed". This story is complete.

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