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A New Beginning

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Summary: Buffy doesn't go to LA at the end of season 2 instead she goes to Colorado to live with her real mother, Sam Carter. Poor Stargate Command, they've never seen anything like this tiny blond!

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredmybrokenangelFR1521,6400458,76517 Oct 0819 Mar 11No

Onward Ever Onward

Buffy made her way to the bus station quickly after leaving the letters in Giles’s office, afraid that if she stayed in Sunnydale any longer she might change her mind. The walk went quickly and in no time she was at the bus station.

Closing her eyes briefly she walked up to the counter and waited for the man in front of her to finish buying his ticket before stepping up to the counter, the woman there smiled sympathetically at her.

“Running away honey?” she asked and Buffy flinched. “Don’t worry, if anyone asks, I never saw you.” At Buffy’s curious look she elaborated. “I ran away from home when I was about your age, it was the best thing I ever did.” Buffy smiled slightly at that.

“I think this will be mine,” she said quietly. “Um how far does this bus go?” she asked.

“L.A. but if you want I can book you on to whichever bus you need once you get there if you want.” She offered. Buffy looked relieved.

“Thankyou, I need to get to Colorado Springs.” The woman nodded and typed something into the computer.

“Ok, this bus will get you to L.A., you then have a two hour wait until the other bus comes, that will take you there. That ok?” she asked and Buffy nodded with relief.

“Thankyou so much,” she said quietly, looking down to hide the tears in her eyes. The woman smiled. Buffy pulled out the money she took from Joyce’s wallet. “How much is it?” she asked, hoping it was enough.

“Well, technically it’s $98 all up but because I know you’re going to need every cent how about we do a deal,” Buffy looked worried about that. “The deal is this, I’ll pay for the tickets but in return, if you’re ever in the position to help someone, you do.” Her head snapped up at this, and she looked stunned.

“I – I – thankyou, I’ll do everything I can,” she said tears in her eyes.

“I know you will, I took the same deal.” She said and typed something else into the computer and it spat out some tickets, she handed them to Buffy, who took them, her hand shaking.

“Final boarding call for bus 362 from Sunnydale to L.A.” a voice said over the PA. Buffy thanked the woman again and got on the bus.

With a sigh of defeat she leant her head back and turned on her I-pod. Closing her eyes she rested them just for a second. The next moment the bus driver was shaking her awake. She looked around lost for a second.

“You alright love? You fell asleep, we’re at the L.A. terminal,” he said kindly, she smiled hesitantly at him.

“It’s been a big day,” she said rubbing her eyes to get the sleep out. He chuckled.

“It’s a new day now, let the bad go with yesterday,” he said understandingly. Buffy looked up at him.

“That’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten,” she smiled. “I think I’ll take it.” The driver smiled understandingly at her.

Buffy got a coke from the vending machine and a couple of chocolate bars and got on the next bus. Listening to her I-pod Buffy watched the sun rise as the bus drove away from LA.

Buffy rested her forehead against the cold glass of the window, she knew she couldn’t give up being the Slayer but she could leave the Hellmouth to the new Slayer, she could keep a town safe from the vampires. Buffy sighed and pulled out her mobile phone, she quickly sent her real mother a text message.

Mum, on way to Colorado, don’t tell Joyce I’m
coming to you please. Hope it’s ok, if not I’ll leave
after a couple of days. Love you. Love Buffy xoxox

Buffy spent the next two days on the bus catching up on some much needed sleep and gathering her thoughts.

She knew that there was nothing else she could have done to save Angel, it was too late for him, the portal had already started to open. Even if she could have saved him she could never love him the same way. What he had done, what the demon inside him had done was too much. Jenny Calender’s murder, Giles’s torture, Kendra’s death, the many people he had killed, the evil things he had done, Buffy couldn’t look at him without seeing each act he had perpetrated even though she knew it wasn’t his fault entirely.

She knew Xander had lied to her, Willow had never said ‘Kick his ass’ in her life, Buffy had known that from the moment he had spoken. She couldn’t blame him, Buffy knew Xander had hated Angel, seeing what Angelus was capable had only re-enforced his hate and sense of righteousness at that hate. But Buffy also knew Xander loved her dearly, he didn’t want to watch her or any of the others hurt any more than they had to. She wasn’t stupid contrary to popular opinion, Xander had lied to her and it hurt, the reasons why hurt more but she couldn’t blame him. Because she would have done the same thing in his situation.


(A.N. I have no idea where these places are – I live in Australia –, I just googled the time it would take, 10 days…. I’m making it a 2 day trip)

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New Beginning" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Mar 11.

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