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I Was A Zombie For The FBI.

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Summary: Buffy is brought back from the dead, and she is not unchanged. This starts a chain reaction that leads Buffy from Sunnydale. Eventually finding herself in a small town that is having major problems of it’s own, zombies. X over w/ The House of the Dead 2.

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Zombie Chapter 2.

A.N. So I was going to write about Buffy defeating all the bosses in the game. I was going to make it dark and horror filled. But I have never been able to finish the blasted game. Yes folks I bite at these games. Also when I tried writing her against the bosses I did know it just seemed too blagh. So no details are given about defeating the zombie boss. I decided it really isn’t an integral part of the story. That being said on with the story.


Several hours later found Buffy and G leaving the abandoned town with the rest of G’s team Amy, Gary, Harry and James. All the zombies were now dead again and Buffy needed a new pair of shoes.

Buffy had kept his team alive as well as killing most of the zombies single-handedly. Buffy could see the questions still burning in G’s eyes. She had managed to put him off until the situation was resolved but now he would want answers. She just wasn’t sure she wanted to risk telling him the truth.

“Well that was about as much fun as you can have without having any.” Buffy stated with a smile. “At least for you guys. It was kind of fun for me. There hasn’t been anything that could really challenge me for a long while.”

“You like a good challenge?” James asked.

“If you don’t challenge yourself from time to time life gets pretty boring.” Buffy explained.

“Well I am hoping we don’t get challenged like that again for at least a month.” Gary exclaimed.

“Come on! It wasn’t that bad! You only nearly died like three or four times.” Buffy smirked at him.

“It was way more than that sugar. I am a year older at least from all the fright.” Gary explained.

“Everyone can take a week off after you finish your reports and debriefs.” G stated to everyone. “Good job. Buffy can I have a word alone with you?” He asked leading her to the side of the road away from everyone else.

“I can see that you are tired of being alone. I can offer you a job and a team that will look out for you.” G offered.

“You might want to reconsider that once you find out about me.” Buffy said sadly.

“I might but you never know until you take the chance and tell me.” G countered.

“If I tell you I might end up as a lab rat and I have no desire to be experimented on.” Buffy explained one of the things that was holding her back from telling him.

“After saving our lives and the town I think you have earned a little faith. I promise you will be free to go if you choose.” G said.

Buffy closed her eyes and sighed it was a lot of trust he was asking for though he couldn’t realize how much he was asking for. He didn’t know that she had once had friends who had turned against her. He didn’t know how much she would be putting on him. Once he learned he might never be the same. But she was so tired and so lonely and wanted so very much to have a friend again. She could surly trust again right? Just because Willow had betrayed her didn’t mean all her friends were destined to do that. After all if it wasn’t for Tara, Giles and even Xander she might be the eternal slave of Willows. So just because one friend betrayed her didn’t mean she should lose all faith in friendship.

Decision made she opened her eyes and said; “This will be a long story and you will find a lot of it hard to believe.”

“Buffy we just got done fighting zombies together; there isn’t a lot I won’t believe at this point.” G smirked.

“Alright but remember you asked for it. I have already told you I am a vampire slayer, which means I was given the mystical powers to fight vampires and other oogaly boogalies. Long story short I died and went to heaven. My friends thought I was in a hell dimension pulled me out and resurrected me. There were some unexpected side effects; I now draw health from everything around me and I don’t have to eat unless I want to. It’s not a big dealio I have it all under control unless I am badly wounded, and then I am dangerous to be around because I still can’t control it all that well. But I am learning, that is how I was able to heal you. See so no reason at all to lock me up and perform experiments on me,” she nervously explained.

G smiled at her. “I understand why you would be hesitant to tell me about that but it’s ok Buffy we’re not going to be doing anything like that to you, and If I find out someone is going to try I will do everything in my power to stop them. You have my word on it. So where are your other friends? Why are you alone now?”

Buffy then went on to explain Willow’s betrayal and how Buffy got out of town and hadn’t been back since.

“If you are interested we can contact the friends you have left to find out if and when it is safe for you to go back.” G offered.

”I don’t know it might not be safe Willow is pretty powerful.” Buffy stated desperately wanting to take him up on his offer but knowing that if Willow was still out there she could easily cause more problems.

“Well think about it. The offer is on the table. Also the offer for a position on my team is still out there for you. Take some time and think about it. Can I meet you in a week?”


Over the next week Buffy did what she had been doing for months she went out killing vampires. She was lonely as usual but she also considered his offer. Just the thought of doing something different; of meeting new people lifted her spirits when she was down.

A week later Buffy nervously stepped into the little coffee house G had asked her to meet him at. Her senses were on high alert half expecting to be shot with a sleeping dart and carted away for experimentation. No dart came so Buffy scanned the coffee house to see G waiting for her in a booth.

“Hey G it’s good to see you.” Buffy smiled and slipped into the booth so she could keep an eye on the door. She knew G specifically left that seat open for her and was thankful for his consideration.

“It’s good to see you Buffy. Have you given my offer some thought?”

Buffy smiled at his straight to the point manner and nodded her head.

“I have. If the offer is still open I just have a few questions.” This said Buffy got to work asking him about the AMS. Liking his answers she decided she would take a chance. As far as having Harry, Gary Amy or James contact her friends in Sunnydale Buffy was hesitant.

She thought about having them contact Spike but worried about possibly putting Dawn in danger. The option of sending one of the team to Sunnydale was too dangerous for whoever they would send. Calling was out because Buffy was certain Willow would be able to trace the call back to its origin.

G pointed out that they could use a burn phone so it would not be traceable but still Buffy was hesitant and explained that while a burn phone couldn’t be traced using normal methods she was worried about Willow using magic to do it.

“I have some contacts of my own, let me see if they can come up with a safe way of contacting your friends?” G asked.

“Alright, just please let them know that Willow is a really powerful wicca. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt.”

“So ready to join the AMS?” G asked rising from the booth. Buffy stood to join him and smiled.

“Ready and rearing, which is kind of a weird way of saying I am ready now that I think about it.” Buffy blinked thinking about the saying.

“One thing about having you join, I don’t think the AMS will ever be the same.” G stated with a smile.

“That is a good thing.” Buffy stated but it was also a question.

“It is the best.” G admitted.

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The End

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