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Heart to Heart with Grandpa Vader

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Summary: With the Empire controlling the galaxy, Darth Vader now has to deal with the most frightening things he ever has... the love lives of his grandchildren.

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Star Wars > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesBarefootXOFR1343,6295177,0437 Dec 081 May 09Yes

Jaina's Big Problem

I don't own Star Wars or any of the Characters...

This idea was inspired by a line in Val Solo's 'You Get Me'...




Lord Vader sat calmly on his throne surveying the youth before him. It was young Jaina Solo, the daughter of his own daughter, Lady Calamister. His little Leia had gone and married rather well, with General Han Solo of the Imperial Navy. The man was quite respectable, despite the coarseness of his upbringing. And now his granddaughter wanted an audience. The least he could do was grant it.

Jaina shuddered at the raspy breathing of her grandfather. He was a hard man, at the best of times, but she knew he loved her dearly. When she was six, he was the one who had killed her tutor for upsetting her. And now she had a dilemma… How could he solve this problem, though? This was a tad more complicated then your average tutor…

The rasping breath paused and the deep voice rang out. “Come now, Jaina. You can tell me what is bothering you.” He had sensed her worry. He was always doing that.

“Well Grandpa… you see… I’m in love…”

His breath hitched up and the helmet tilted. “Really? Your mother will be most pleased with your apparent increase in progress. She has been hoping to have you find a nice man to settle down with for quite some time. What is the problem, my child?”

“Well Grandpa, you see, there is more then one?”

If poor old Vader’s heart hadn’t already had mechanical assistance, he would have needed it after that. “Really?” he said cautiously. “So you have your eyes on two different men?”

“Three actually, Grandpa…”

'Force almighty!!!' The man was not a Sith Lord for nothing though and managed to restrain himself from saying that aloud or even from letting the stray thought escape him. “Three… Really, Jaina… Who are these fine young men?”

“Well Grandpa, there is Zekk…”

'I was afraid of that.' Lord Vader knew Zekk, of course. The young man was a street ruffian whom Jaina had befriended very early in life, and was actually quite a nice fellow. He also has the manners and etiquette of a gut-shot rancor. “Hmmmm… who else are you considering, my child?”

“There is also Jagged Fel…”

'You have gotta be kidding me.' Jagged Fel was the opposite of Zekk. He was the head of the 181st TIE Interceptor squadron, like his father before him, and had wonderful manners. Not to mention his father’s holdings on Corellia would make one heck of a dowry. Unfortunately, the boy also had the personality of a hubba gourd. Admittedly, he wasn’t as bad as some thought, but his time under Grand Admiral Thrawn had still made young Colonel Fel a dreary person to talk to. 'Hopefully Jaina can liven him up. Otherwise, I might have to kill him just to make him show some emotion.' “Well, Colonel Fel is a fine young man… And the other?”

“Oh… TK-2187… He’s dreamy…”

“Ummmm… Jaina… Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

“Oh come now, Grandpa. Kyp isn’t that tall… And he’s really nice. He’s not stuffy like my other guards and he lets me join him at the flight simulators on his days off.”

Vader called the Trooper’s profile to mind. Durron, Kyp. Born on Deyer. Parents were political insurgents. Trained as a Stormtrooper with his brother Zeth and later trained as a TIE Pilot and an Elite Guard. The trooper was highly skilled, but a bit of a renegade. He tended to openly disobey orders given to him by Lord Colonus, Vader’s son. In fact, if he hadn’t been training Jaina in flying, he likely would have been executed for treason. 'Good help is so hard to find.' “Well, my child, I’m afraid I cannot decide for you. You must do that yourself.”

“But Grandpa! I don’t know who to pick!!!”

“Now, Jaina. I’m sure all will become clear in the next little while. I really must meet with Moff Flennic of Yaga Minor.”

“Yes Grandpa…” Jaina left, looking sad.

A black-gloved finger brushed a dull metal switch.

Agent Erisi Dlarit, of Imperial Intelligence entered the room. “You sent for me, Lord Vader?”

“Yes Agent Dlarit. My granddaughter is in the midst of a crisis of the heart and needs some help resolving it. I promised all would be clear in a few days. I would like you to make that happen.”

“Yes, my Lord. How would you like it accomplished?”

“Have General Celchu transfer Trooper TK-2187 into the Unknown Regions and into Thrawn’s command. Colonel Fel should be placed in his stead as Jaina’s flight instructor.”

“Yes sir…”

“Then make sure that the local stormtrooper garrison makes a sweep through the slums and kills any suspected felons, including a certain young man named Zekk…”

“Yes, Lord Vader… Will that be all?”

“Yes… No wait!!!”

The agent turned back in confusion.

“Tell my chef to send up dinner… Dealing with these problems makes me hungry…”


Ain't Vader a cuddly Grandpa?

Hope you liked it...

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