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Summary: Two keys meet

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Chapter One

Well here goes nothing. For my defense- I have never written anything but a few crappy poems and some blog-entries, but this plot just kept sitting in my head and so I had to let it out. Also, I do not speak English as my mother tongue, so my grammar and stuff might seem odd. If you notice any HUGE mistakes let me know please.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Hellboy, they are owned by their authors. (Joss "the Genius" Whedon and Mike Mignola)

Oh yes, for the story to make sense. Timeline: It has been 6 years from the collapse of Sunnydale. It ended like the series, but the comics never happened. I will fill inn the blanks during the story.

For Hellboy it has been 4 years from the movie. I will not include the second movie and Liz died in the end of the first one.

Ok, I hope I got everything. I also hope someone will read this.

Chapter 1. The Rescue

Dawn locked up the store with a quiet but happy sigh. “Dawn´s Books”. She loved every single thing about that little run-down bookstore; she also loved the fact that it made her kind of a celebrity amongst the supernaturally aware. If one needed a book about magick they would not find it here. Here one would find, when one was looking, a wide selection of demon encyclopedias, prophesies of all sorts, interesting spells and other stuff one would really have to be looking for to find.

She was very close to celebrating the second birthday of Dawns Books and had the perfect order coming in for it too- the List of Avignon. It was a list that the Church had put together out of the bad, badder and uberbad items and occurrences around the world. Of course that particular item would never be for sale due to the fact that Giles had called shotgun, but she would have a few weeks to examine it before the way too giddy ex-librarian would come and collect it.

She dropped her keys into her bag and started to walk home. Although it was well after two am- she had once again forgotten herself in the midst of musty old books and was usually open until midnight for the kind of customers that didn’t really show themselves around daytime- Dawn didn´t call a cab or catch a bus. Buffy would be so mad with her if she knew that she walked home every night, no matter how late. But there was something exciting about New York´s nightlife and not the undead or demony variety of exciting, it was the feeling that the city never slept. She absolutely loved that about New York.

She had walked about two blocks when she heard a quiet meep. She stopped, listened and followed the repeating sound into the tiniest park she had ever seen. Although calling it a park would maybe have been overstating it. It was a little patch of green hidden between two large houses and behind high walls. There seemed to have been a gate there once, but that was long gone so instead there was just a two meter wide opening in the wall. Dawn stepped into the opening and peeked inside. There were a few bushes, a bench and an ancient apple-tree that had grown too tall and too old to bear any fruit, although it did seem like a great for climbing. Upon closer examination she could make out the for of a kitten on one of the top branches. “Oh you poor thing,” Dawn sad aloud “you don´t know how to get down again, do you.”

All her caution forgotten, she neared the tree and looked up to determine the best route to climb up. “Don´t worry little one, Dawnie will come and get you.” She dropped her purse and then took off the long leather duster she wore.

She had started wearing those after Sunnydale´s collapse, her way of mourning and celebrating Spike, but since she had grown about 15 centimeters taller from the day she´d gotten her first one, she had had to replace it, again. The downside of having a Slayer as a sister and living with a bunch of others was that stuff got ruined. A lot. This was her fifth duster and it had served her well over the past two years.

She grabbed a branch and pulled herself upwards enough to be able to put a leg on one of the lower branches. From there on it was an easy climb.

A few branches short from the kitten she heard a voice from below. “Whatcha doin´ there little lady?”

Dawn tensed, she had been so determined to get to the kitty that she had forgotten to survey her surroundings and now she had to pay the price for it: there were two vamps waiting for her to drop like an apple.

Six years ago Dawn wouldn´t have known those guys were vampires, but about a year after Sunnyhell alongside with the Hellmouth went kaplooey she had noticed a change in herself. It hadn´t been much, a little more stamina, a bit more oomph in her kicks and the best thing- the spider senses that usually came with the slayer- package. Buffy had freaked at first but after thorough research Dawn and Willow had come up with the solution. Dawn had also been affected from Wills spell that activated all the Potentials. Although she herself had not been a Potential the monks had still made her out of Buffy- parts so they figured that the spell must have had activated the parts of Buffy that were Slayer. It didn´t make Dawn a Slayer, not even near enough but the pick-me-up and the ruthless training Buffy put her through after that gave her a fair chance against any fledgling. But she hadn´t faced two, not alone.

She made herself relax and seem as casual as possible. “Hey guys, am I glad you showed up. You see there is a kitten stuck on this tree, but with me being a girl I can´t get to it. Would you be so kind and help me out?” She said while climbing down, her hope was to pull off the sweet and innocent act for as long as possible. If she could do that them maybe the vamps would want to play nice with the food and one would actually climb the tree. That would give her enough time to dust the one on ground and then take on the other one.

When she had gotten to the lowest branch she grabbed one just a little higher and dropped herself back to the ground.

“I don´t suppose one of you would be so kind to climb that wretched tree and get the kitty, “ she said with a smile, while quickly calculating different strategies to take them down. To her relief the vamps were up for a little “play-with-dinner” and one of them started to climb the tree. Dawn waited until he was half way there when she started to reach for her hair. She made it look like she was checking that her red mane was still in place but her intention was to get the chopsticks her hair was put up with.

The chopsticks had been a present from Xander before she´d left for New York. He had said that they were made out of iron-wood or something similar, the point of them was that they looked like something a girl might put her hair up with, but in fact they were nearly unbreakable and slightly pointier than needed so basically stakes in disguise.

Dawn had made sure she was in touching range of the vamp on the ground, so with a few fluid movements she had dusted him. It took about two second for the other one to realize something was off. “Where did Jim go?” he asked in honest puzzlement.

Dawn continued the sweet and innocent act and with a fake- startled glance around her she said”But he was here just now.”

The now nervous vamp was on the ground with one jump “Did you do something?” Dawn didn´t have time to answer since he attacked her without any warning. Having dodged a few swings she was suddenly caught with a roundhouse kick that sent her flying a couple of meters.

Her heart started pounding in her ears as she tried to get up, but the vamp was on her too quickly. He was just a fraction away from her neck when suddenly he was ripped away and his head got separated from his body which left just dust. And in the middle of that dust stood a big red demon.
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