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All Creatures Great And Small

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Summary: Buffy receives a Slayer dream that leads her and her family into the middle of a galaxy spanning war. Transformers G1, Buffy, crossover with SG-1 thrown in for good measure

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Chapter One

All Creatures Great and Small

I own non of the characters used in this Fanfic. Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy while Transformers belongs to Hasbro. As usual I make no profit from it, and don't intend to.

Chapter 1

Buffy lay on her back looking at nothing. Two weeks ago Willow had left with Giles for England. Just her, Dawn and Xander were left of the once inseparable Scooby Gang. Dawn had somehow passed all of her classes this year. Xander was now a full blown foreman at the rebuild of the old Sunnydale High. Spike was long gone for who knows where and Buffy’s job at the Double-meat palace was causing her more trouble than it paid.

All of this was nothing compared to last night. A slayer vision, the first in a long time. It was still a jumble of images and feelings. All Buffy could be sure of was something BIG and dark was coming. The only way to stop the big dark thing was a light. That light was hidden in a mountain somewhere. As far as she could tell from the dream the mountain she had to find was once a volcano.

Pulling herself out of bed she went to the computer and looked for volcanos, trying to find the one she had seen for that fleeting moment.


Dawn bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen, not noticing Buffy sleeping in front of the computer. She quickly burnt her breakfast and made herself some coffee. Walking through the dining room she finally saw Buffy slumped in her seat. Smiling she thought nothing of it and went to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Just when she sat down she heard Buffy scream. Throwing her coffee all over the room Dawn scrambled off the floor and ran to her sister. She was pale and shaking, looking at the computer screen like it had bitten her. ‘Buffy! Buffy what happened?’

'Dawn. He’s coming! He has to be stopped!' the Slayer screeched. Buffy was clawing at the table edge, splintering it and her own fingernails.

'Who’s coming?' Dawn had never seen this wild look in her sisters eyes before. 'Who?'

‘I’m not sure. He’s coming here. We have to stop Him somehow’

‘Buffy, your not making sense. Did you just have a slayer dream?’

‘Yes, no, I don’t know.' She swallowed and sat upright in the chair. Visibly calming but she still looked a little wild. 'It felt different, like someone else was trying to tell me what was happening other than the usual “look out”. Whatever it is the answer, and perhaps the only hope we have, is there in Oregon.’

‘Mount St. Hilary? A volcano?’

‘The moment I saw it I was out like a busted light. We have to call Xander and get there.’

‘All of us?’

‘No just us three I don’t want to interrupt Willow’s retreat.’

‘Oh all of us then.’


Xander pulled the car up to a small motel just within the city. Shelling out for two rooms was the least of their troubles. Each time Buffy fell asleep she had a vision of what was coming. Now she was certain that there was something guiding her here and Xander was very worried about that. Dawn’s research, while they were on the road, said that there had been lots of big shadows and small areas of massive destruction all over the state. Mostly it seemed to be centred around power plants and natural energy resources. No one knew how or what caused it. The press said it was due to the experiments the power plants used and the plant workers said that storms and localised earthquakes were to blame. The government just ignored it and said nothing was happening.

They all stayed the night in their two motel rooms. In the morning they decided that Dawn would stay in the rooms and research more on the damage while Buffy and himself drove around and tried to find whatever was calling to her.


Dawn was bored. No question about it. Five hours of research and all she had found was a police report saying that one of the eye witness was as nutty as a fruit cake and has been sent to the hospital. Zoning out in front of the TV she found a news report on another patch of recent wholesale destruction. Unable to find the strength to change the channel she let the words pass over her.

At that moment another thing passed over her, a blue, red and white military jet, closely following a jet powered helicopter. This one unlike anything in the armed forces, it’s bullet shaped nose cone preceded a wide wingspan. Just above the wings two small helicopter rotor blades helped lift the fast craft through the sky. The blue and white jet fired twin laser cannons again at the running heli-fighter. One lance of destructive light flew wide but the other nailed its right rotor. The unearthly aircraft smashed into the motel building, destroying most of it.

It was a miracle that Dawn wasn’t hurt badly. She climbed out of the wreckage of her room to see the pilot of the heli-fighter pull himself out of the wreckage. He was dressed in a strange steel suit. Dawn helped him up, finding the metal warm and soft to the touch. ‘Thank you young lady, now please run before Starscream comes back around.’ He ordered in a shaky but urgent voice. She was about to ask what was happening when the blue white and red jet flew over and fell apart.

For a moment Dawn thought it had exploded and dove for the ground but there was no sound. Rolling on her back she saw a giant man shaped thing, that was made from plane parts, point some sort of barrel that was attached to its arm. ‘Surrender the prototype or I will vaporise the fleshing!’ It’s high pitched voice was almost gloating.

In the years to come Dawn would never truly know why she did what she did in those moments. Without hesitation she said:- ‘Don’t do it.’ The Slayer's sister looked straight into the giants eyes while she stood up.

The man in the metal suit stopped and looked at her ‘What do you mean “Don’t”? Young lady you do not even know what’s happening. If I don’t do as he says he will kill you!’

‘If this cowered is willing to shoot me to get you to give something up then it’s pretty simple who the bad guy is. Whatever it is he wants must be important for him to chase you and then threaten me. Besides that thing will kill me even if you give him what he wants.’ Dawn still looked in his eyes she saw the same thing she saw in all those demons who had kidnapped her. She knew she was right, just not why.

‘Should I care what you think? I will take the prototype from his broken shell after crushing you.’ He swung his arm around pointing it towards the man in the suit. A purple beam of light shot out. Dawn tackled the pilot, pushing him out of the way. She, however, wasn’t fast enough to save herself and saw the blast clip her right leg just above the knee.

For a second a crippling pain flashed though her, every part of her was in agony. Somehow she was stayed awake through the pain. Unable to move she watched the big robot gloat. behind it the strange helicopter shifted and parts slid together becoming a another robot, this one was without a head. The pilot jumped high into the air folding up in away no man ever could. Landing on top of the robot he had become it’s head. As the two came together the first robot finally noticed them. 'Let's try this with some one your own size Starscream!' the newcomer drew and fired his gun. The hollow crack was followed by a brief roar as a small rocket exploded on contact.

Dawn was fighting the grey fuzz that clawed at the edge of her vision as the heroic robot picked her up and changed form again. Somehow sinking into a chair behind the pilot the pain finally faded and let her drift asleep.

End Chapter 1
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