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Hero for a New World

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Summary: Buffy sacrifices herself to save the world but the Powers That Be have a new job for her in another reality.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)captunivFR132447,0323288167,62315 Sep 038 Oct 03Yes


Stargate Command

General Hammond stood in the control room looking down on the Stargate as his premiere offworld team, SG-1, came through from K’tau.

“Welcome back SG-1, we’ll begin debriefing in one hour.”

Colonel O’Neill waved as the team moved to head for the locker rooms. As they were passing the control room they heard Sergeant Davis speaking to the general. “Sir, it’s been two hours. Should we dial up Tollana?”

The entire team stopped and heading up into the control room. Sam saw her father standing towards the back and headed for him. “What’s up Dad? Did the negotiations go alright?”

“They went fine Sam, but right after SG-9 and I came through, the Tollan fired their Ion Cannons. Miss Summers and her friend Miss Rosenberg stayed behind to see what was happening,” Jacob said with a sigh.

“They stayed behind?” Sam asked with a touch of fear.

“Believe me, I was wondering why until George and I had a little talk.”

Sam grinned at her father and simply whispered back, “Never piss off a Slayer.”

Jacob frowned at her comment and directed his attention to the front of the room as he heard the Stargate activate.

“Wormhole established,” Davis noted.

Hammond nodded in acknowledgement and began speaking, “Miss Summers, this is General Hammond. Progress report please.”

//General Hammond, this is Buffy. Situation secure and have I got a story to tell you.//

“Go ahead Miss Summers,” Hammond ordered.

//Yes sir. After we contacted you, we headed to the Curia and discovered that a Goa’uld Ha’tak class vessel was in orbit. The Tollan fired on it but it has new shields that withstood their Ion Cannons. Willow and I had an idea and the Curia agreed to try it. We modified the Ion Cannons to fire through the Goa’uld shields.//

“What!?!” Sam exclaimed. “That’s not possible.”

//Hey Sam. Yeah, we just stole a page from Star Trek and matched the Cannon’s firing frequency with the ship’s shields. The modified fire went right through the shields and blew the ship away.//

“Understood Miss Summers. Anything else?” Hammond asked because he noted the amusement in Buffy’s voice even over the radio.

//Well sir, the ship belonged to Tanith.//

Jack immediately patted Teal’c on the arm and said, “Easy big guy.”

Teal’c responded with a nod as he listened intently to Buffy’s report.

//Anyway, he threatened to destroy Tollana unless they helped make weapons for the Goa’uld. While Willow and Essa, one of the Curia members, worked on modifying the Cannon, I talked to Tanith to buy us some time. I made him mad enough he decided to come down and kill me in person.//

Everyone in the control room were shocked and Jacob laughed as he said, “Oh, I can believe that.”

Buffy laughed at hearing Jacob’s comment and continued. //He ringed into the Curia’s chambers with two Jaffa. Curia security disarmed them while I opened up a can of whupass. After knocking him around the chamber, Willow and Essa completed the modification and destroyed the ship. Tanith escaped by rings to the transport hovering over the building and tried to get away. I had Willow down the transport. We recovered Tanith from the wreck and the Tollan removed him from Hebron.//

This caused smiles on everyone’s faces. Jacob and Selmac both felt immense relief that Hebron had been freed from the evil Tanith.

//So now Tanith will be going to the Tok’ra to stand trial for his crimes, I’ve got two Jaffa who want to join our fight against the Goa’uld and I got the Curia to agree to allow us to salvage the transports wreckage and bring it back to Earth.//

That caused a mild uproar as General Hammond was forced to ask, “Could you repeat that last Miss Summers?”

//About the Jaffa or about the wreckage, Sir?//

“The wreckage.”

//As partial payment for saving the Tollan from Tanith and his master, we will be allowed to salvage what crashed. Oh, could you make sure that Sam comes over soon? We really need her help designing a module for the Ion Cannons that will interface with their sensor net to scan incoming ships and match the Cannons output frequency to the shields of those ships.//

“Sir?” was all Sam could say.

“Agreed Miss Summers. I’ll send SG-1 through in two hours along with a salvage crew. Is there anything else you need?” Hammond asked.

//Have Sam bring Willow’s laptop too. Willow says she’s got some stuff there that she wants to show Essa. And tell Jacob to contact the rest of the Tok’ra and have someone come by to get Tanith and Hebron.//

“Understood Miss Summers. Well done. Expect everyone in two hours. We’ll talk to you then. Hammond out.”

SG-1 headed off to gear up for redeployment to Tollana as they heard Hammond ordering Davis to have a salvage team assembled to recover the wreckage. Hammond and Jacob headed back up to the general’s office so Hammond could notify the President.


“Geez, they’re already 10 minutes late,” Buffy complained.

Willow grinned as she was explaining Star Trek to Essa and Narim. “I still think the best was the first series when it came to pure adventure and superior story writing. The technical stuff was better later though.”

“Willow, stop, we can always send them Xander and his video collection.”

“Would we want to inflict the geek factor on them, Buffy?” Willow shot back.

“Hey, if they can survive us, they’ll survive Xander.”

Any further bantering was cut off as the gate activated. Once the wormhole was established, SG-1 came through. Following them was a large ad hoc salvage team.

Buffy stepped forward with the two Jaffa slightly behind as if to protect her. SG-1’s eyes widened at the sight. “Hey guys. Narim and Tremon will guide the salvage guys to the wreck so they can inspect it and begin the cleanup.” She waved her hands at the salvage team and motioned for them to follow the Tollan.

“Willow, here’s your laptop,” Sam said as she handed the computer to the redhead.

“Thanks Sam,” Willow said before motioning towards the another Tollan. “This is Essa, she’s a Curia member and scientist. We were discussing devising a module to add to the Ion Cannons that would interface with the planetary sensor net and adjust the Cannon’s firing frequencies as required once the sensors had scanned incoming ships.”

“It sounds like an intriguing idea. How do you plan to have it adjust the Ion Cannon’s frequencies?” Sam asked.

“Ahh!” Jack interrupted. “You go play science with them outside of my hearing. Buffy, I need to talk to you and get a more in-depth report on what happened here as well as with Tanith.”

The scientists moved off babbling a mile a minute while Buffy motioned Jack and the rest of SG-1 to follow her. “No problem Jack. Guys, these are Ramoc and Dawin. They have come back to the Good Side.”

Teal’c grinned slightly at the Star Wars reference. He nodded to the other Jaffa before speaking, “Have you decided to fight alongside the Tau’ri or would you prefer to join Master Bra’tac at his base?”

Ramoc and Dawin exchanged a look before Ramoc responded. “We wish to fight alongside Mistress Buffy.”

A snort was heard from the petite blond before she said, “Ramoc, what did I tell you about that?”

“Sorry Buffy, we feel it is to honor your abilities as a warrior that we call you that.”

“And you’ll have a tough time breaking them of that habit,” Jack put in.

Buffy glared at Jack for a moment before turning away. “At least Teal’c calls me by my name. Even if it’s both first and last.”

“I would call you by title but was told not to do so by General Hammond,” Teal’c said.

“Yeah, gotta be secret identity gal again,” Buffy sighed. “At least I’m not known the world over like back home.”

“Really?” Daniel inquired.

Looking at the Jaffa bookends, she shot a quick look at Daniel and said, “Later.”

The came to the medical facility Buffy had left earlier and she said, “Okay, Hebron is still sleeping but I think he’ll recover if they don’t push him too much. So that means no questioning him, Jack.”

“What? I wasn’t going to do that!” Jack said in a tone that implied chocolate wouldn’t melt in his mouth either.

“Yeah, right,” Buffy muttered just loud enough to be heard.

“Hey!” Jack complained.

Essa’s Laboratory

“See Essa, this program would work just fine. We just need a way to get it compatible with your system,” Willow said as she displayed a program code on her laptop.

“Hmm,” Essa hummed as she read the program. “Can you convert this to straight binary code?”

“Oh sure, I have a program that will do that.” Willow started typing away on her laptop and began the program as Sam leaned over to watch.

“Where did you get a program that would do that?” she asked.

“Oh, I wrote it back in high school. When I hacked…um, I mean when I…”

“Willow, I know what you mean,” Sam said kindly. “Wait a second, you wrote this in high school?”

“Yeah, there were some computers that I had to run some of my hacks on in binary but it takes so long to write machine code sometimes that I decided to write a translation program. I could still use my hacking protocols most of the time but when I entered some big supercomputers I would use the translated hacks.”

“Willow,” Sam started to ask in trepidation, “what supercomputers were you hacking?”

“NASA, NSA, occasionally I dropped in on the FBI to check on whether they had tracked any of my activity,” Willow responded matter-of-factly. “They had lousy security for a law enforcement agency.”

Sam couldn’t get a word out because of the shock she felt. This young woman had hacked incredibly paranoid government agencies while in high school. No wonder they never caught her. Heck, if she hadn’t noticed that line of code in SECNET v2.0, she would never have suspected Willow either. Shaking her head, Sam went back to designing an interface for the module.

The Next Day

Buffy was out looking over the crash site of the Goa’uld transport with most of SG-1 and marveling at how fast the salvage team was clearing it out and hauling it back to Earth through the Stargate when Tremon found her.

“Buffy, the Curia requests your presence.”

SG-1 looked at her in shock when they heard the respect in the Tollan’s voice. She merely shrugged that off and replied, “Sure thing Tremon. How did you like the videos?”

Grinning, Tremon responded, “I found them rather energetic. Narim said to tell you that he doesn’t believe they are civilized.”

Buffy snorted, “Of course it isn’t. That style of music and dance comes from the primitive side of the psyche. I’ll have to remember to send him some opera. Say Jack, can I borrow some CD’s?”

“Get your own, you hate opera,” Jack replied with a grin.

“That’s because they all seem to be screaming in Italian.”

“Tough, you put down my taste in music,” Jack said in a snobby tone.

Buffy laughed. “This from the man who said my taste in music ranked up there with raw sewage. You’ll get yours old man.”

“Bah, bring it on kid.”

“Will you two please stop arguing about music,” Daniel whined. “I swear it’s like taking a long car trip with kids listening to you argue. Sam and Willow are planning an intervention.”

Both Buffy and Jack looked at him fearfully before asking, “Like what?”

Grinning, the archeologist replied, “Making you listen to Cassie’s boy bands.”

Teal’c chimed in with a slight grin, “Surely a punishment to fit the crime.”

“Ack!” Buffy grimaced while Jack started gagging.

“Enough, we’ll behave,” Buffy said.

They entered the Curia chamber to see the entire Curia assembled along with Willow and Sam.

“Thank you for coming Miss Summers,” Chancellor Travel said in greeting.

“Anytime,” Buffy replied. “What can I do for you today?”

“The SGC’s salvage team should have the crash site cleared by noon tomorrow, so we were wondering if you planned to depart with them.”

“I haven’t heard anything to the contrary Ma’am.” Buffy turned to Jack, “Did you get word of anything different from General Hammond?”

“Nope,” Jack said. “We are to be the last through after the salvage team.”

“I see,” Travell noted. “In that case, I would like to contact General Hammond myself and request that we open closer relations between our two peoples. Essa has noted while working with both Miss Summers and Miss Rosenberg that they have agile minds and often come up with unique solutions to problems. Also that Miss Rosenberg has an exceptional ability with technology and has many innovative notions that we would like to discuss with her.”

Buffy studied the Curia for a moment before looking at Willow and saying, “I guess we need to send for Xander and his video collection after all.”

“Probably wouldn’t hurt,” Willow replied.

“Alright Chancellor, let’s make the call,” Buffy said.

General Hammond was contacted and after a bit of negotiation, SG-9 would be returning to Tollana as permanent diplomatic personnel until the United States could send an actual Ambassador and staff to take over what would become an official Embassy. The Curia had decided that they would like to station a two-person delegation on Earth as well. Essa had asked to be assigned to the Earth delegation so that she would have more opportunities to work with Willow and Buffy. It was agreed that the delegation would come to Earth along with SG-1, Buffy and Willow.

As they stepped through the gate to back to Earth, Buffy mused that the PTB’s might have wanted things to work out this way. She had defeated a Goa’uld, gained some allies and possible technology and turned some iffy allies into firmer ones. All in all not a bad bit of work for a girl from another universe.

* * *

The End

Buffy and SG-1 will return in ‘Irish Eyes Are Glowing’

The End

You have reached the end of "Hero for a New World". This story is complete.

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