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A Dream Deferred Drabbles

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Summary: What happens when the past doesn't want to stay forgotten?

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Television > DollhouseLydFR1341,114052,15121 Feb 092 Jul 11No

What happens to a Dream Deferred

This is a series of drabbles based on the poem by Langston Hughes. I own nothing, not Dollhouse or BTVS both of which are property of Fox and Joss Whedon. I do own a volume of misc. poems and thus I own a copy of the poem written here. But it is not my intellectual property, nor will it ever be.

*I have been corrected that the title of the poem is Harlem*

This is a sort of continuation of Slayer to Active, my other story but you don't have to read one to read the other.

What happens to a dream deferred?

Echo dreamed at night. Unlike the other actives she had vivid dreams. They were terrifying and disturbing. But her brain never let her reaction to her dreams appear on the surface of her face. The fear that the dreams evoked grew larger and larger, and anger joined it. But it never appeared on her face, awake or asleep. In the morning she wandered around and within moments of getting up Echo had forgotten that she dreamed at all, let alone the nature of her dreams. But deep inside her fear and anger built up, and something fed upon the raw emotions, used them to gain in strength. The Slayer was awakening.
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