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Dollhoused Slayer

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Summary: Faith has a twin she never knew about. Guess who?

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Television > DollhouseFrogsareevilFR13912,92514211,9642 Mar 0918 Aug 09No

A Place called Home

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Dollhouse. They both belong to Joss Whedon (who is my God), and the meanies at Fox who cancel anything remotely good, and all the other people who are not me.

A/N: This is a trial run to see if i can actually write a story. I don't know when i will be able to update because my life is kinda hectic. But please, tell me what you think....


“I have a twin?”

“It would appear so.”

“I have a twin? Are sure it’s not a demon?”

“Quite sure, Melissa told me that she had not detected any supernatural elements in the room.”

“But she is new, her spider sense may not be working as well, and her sister was getting married, she could have been distracted.”

“Faith, Melissa is quite capable of detecting whether there is a demon in her nearby vicinity. Apparently, she believed it was you, after all she has only ever seen you in pictures, but when she called the woman ‘Faith’ she was told that she must be mistaken, her name was ‘Jessica’.”

“She thought that was me? I’m-it is wearing a dress and dancing the tango. Everybody knows I don’t wear dresses unless under extreme situations.”

Faith stared in shock at the screen in front of her. This was not something she had counted on. After the collapse of Sunnydale she knew that her life was going to be anything but simple. Thousands of slayers had been woken up, far more than anyone had expected. Apparently the First had not been as successful in its attempt to wipe out the slayer line as they had originally thought. But she had not expected to find out she had a long lost relative, especially an identical sister.

Unlike the rest of the Scoobies, Faith had never really had what you might call ‘family’. She knew that she was adopted from quite early on, her mother would tend to say how glad she was that worthless little Faith was not her own flesh and blood during her drunken rages. A drunken mother, a dead father and the boyfriend Gable – not exactly what anyone would call ‘home’. The only person she had ever considered a true friend was Tommy. And he had abandoned her before she even came to Sunnydale. Try as hard as she might, she never fitted in Sunnydale. And it was clear from the beginning Buffy didn’t want her there; she pretended she did, but it was a well known fact that Slayers don’t like to share.

There were only four people she had believed that she could have counted on. Diana, Angel, Gwendolyn and Mayor Wilkins - a dead woman, a vampire with a soul who was MIA and two evil psychos. Not exactly a winning hand.

But a twin, a sister, it was to imagine. Faith knew not to expect too much, it was the only way not to get hurt when they let you down afterwards. But who was she? The video footage of Melissa’s sister’s wedding showed a bright bubbly girl dancing with a man that brought two words into Faith’s mind: Sugar daddy.

On the other hand, the information that a council informant had given, was that she was a solemn, take charge kidnapping negotiator called Miss Penn. So was she? A spy, a con artist, a woman with multiple personalities? One thing was for sure though, according to Giles, she was a slayer. Identical twins always were. And she was untrained, who as they could tell they knew nothing about the big bad monsters. And Faith knew hand what happened to that kind of power if it went untrained.

So, it appeared she had no choice. The Watchers Council was going to find her, to help her control her powers if nothing else. She may as well tag along for the ride. You never know, there might be something that would finally help her find a place called home.


So what should i do... continue or not?

Reviews are always pretty.
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