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To Change a Future

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Summary: How can a guy that can see the future help a guy from the future? For the Andy Hallett Memorial Challenge.

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Chapter Two: Results

Chapter Two: Results

Lorne had never forgotten Christopher Perry Halliwell, mostly because with one reading, the young man had changed his life and lengthened the lives of several of his friends. That was the only excuse Lorne could think of to be standing on the sidewalk in front of a pretty pink Victorian, thinking about going up and ringing the doorbell of one of the best established demon families in history.

It wasn’t like they would know he was a demon, what with the magic/machine gizmo Willow and Fred had built into his watch. He looked like and felt like an average, pink-fleshed human. Unless he accidentally bumped heads with them, there was no reason to be afraid.

Lorne straightened his shoulders. He was a hero, damn it. He’d fought for over twenty years. He would be brave enough to just do this one thing, this one thing he’d promised himself he’d do.

He marched up the steps, tugging his trench coat a little. Lorne pushed the doorbell and stepped back, fidgeting a little. He wished, suddenly, for a Seabreeze. Alcohol always made awkward meetings better.

Chris opened the door, a bright, happy smile on his open face, and Lorne froze. Chris’s smile started to wilt.

“I wanted to thank you,” Lorne blurted out, internally wincing. ‘Way to sound drunk without the actual benefits there, Lean Green,’ he heard his inner Gunn chuckle in his head. Wesley would be appalled at his manners, although the girls would probably think it was funny, the darling harlots. “Around twenty years ago, you came to me and asked for help and I gave it, but you helped me, too. So I just wanted to say thank you.”

Chris’s eyes narrowed. There was the young man Lorne remembered. “What kind of help did you give me?”

Lorne took a deep breath and said, “If you sing, I can tell your future. You sang and I promised you that everything turned out exactly as it was supposed to.”

Chris’s face cleared and he smirked. “And how did that help you?”

“My friends and I were apparently famous in your time,” Lorne said, fidgeting with his watch. “You knew how they died, how one apocalypse got away from them and L.A. was sucked into hell.”

Chris’s face was solemn. “I take it since L.A.’s still around, you worked around that.”

Lorne smiled. “Sweetness, we worked around it all. And now I’m an old…man, all because you were brave enough to go back, to change your future. I just wanted to thank you. I have to go. Fred gets testy if we’re not all there when she gets home from England.”

Chris nodded and Lorne started back towards the sidewalk. He’d catch a ride on the Wiccan Express when Chris closed the door.

Lorne just smiled when Chris called after him, “I’m pretty sure the Book says you’re supposed to be the green one.” Green envy was a pretty common phenomenon amongst the demon hunters Lorne knew.

The End

You have reached the end of "To Change a Future". This story is complete.

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