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Karaoke, the angel with a face of a demon (Lorne)

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Summary: In Memorial of Andy, a lot of people from the multi-verse are visiting Caritas.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you see except the idea and possibly the odd character or two. Not even the songs are mine, although I thought about adding a song or two that I'd written, I can't find my old notebooks.
This is my first fic!

Karaoke with Lorne, the angel with the face of a demon.
by Des Felidra

Lorne had been having a very profitable evening at Caritas, no serious problems cropped up so far in his readings, the singing wasn't even that bad today. But then She came in. He could feel she was different, powerful, he could almost read her aura without her singing. She immediately found a place in the lineup and was waiting patiently for her turn.

She was moderately attractive, brown hair, very healthy and shoulder length, brown eyes and glasses, simple but attractive outfit of jeans, a white blouse, and a black pullover vest. She had a simple white gold wedding band on her finger and her hands looked like they were suffering from a skin condition, maybe eczema? He hadn't noticed, but she hadn't arrived alone, a man with brown hair and blue eyes, a much less noticeable aura, and a matching ring was getting himself a drink at the bar before finding a seat.

Her turn to sing came. She chose "its not easy being green", and the reading he saw was like nothing Lorne had ever felt before.

She was from an alternate reality where he, Angel-cakes, and all the other power players, were just characters on a television show (and related media) that she was particularly fond of. She had recently found a way to travel to so-called fictional worlds for short periods of time. She chose to visit his bar after the actor that played him in her reality died, so she could vent her grief, and let him know how she felt. It was touching, she loved him deeply, what he represented, who he was. He couldn't stand up, the force of it was so strong. Also, he saw something solely related to her.

When she finished the song, he waved her over, and she was met at his table by her husband.

"Wow, sugar. That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Did you actually want me to tell you your future or was that just a show and tell?"

"Yes please, Lorne." she said, blushing. Her husband took her hand.

"Okay, sweet cheeks, I know you were thinking you weren't ready to be a mother, but I have moderately bad news. All of your traveling between worlds kinda made your precautions null and void. They'll be arriving in about six months on your time."

"They!" The couple exclaimed. The girl wore an expression of horror.

"They. Twins, a boy and a girl. Congratulations, and may I suggest Krevlornswath for the boy's name?"

End Chapter

Author's Note:just a cute little self-insertion to get that out of the way so the muses can start flowing, no I'm not actually pregnant thank heaven. I was originally going to figure out a way to get Elphaba from Wicked to go to Caritas and sing that song, but I couldn't get her to leave Nights, Xander's bar from "Tales from the Barman"
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