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The Green Man's Advice

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Summary: During their summer road trip, Jason, Tim, and Smash make a side-stop to a quirky bar in Los Angeles. The Host gives them advice about the up-coming year. Rating for alcohol use by minors.

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Television > Friday Night LightsBerserkerNWFR1318110149919 Apr 0919 Apr 09Yes
Disclaimer: “Friday Night Lights” belongs to Peter Berg. “Angel” belongs to Joss Whedon. Song is “God Blessed Texas” performed by Alan Jackson.

Notes: I can’t really remember who was close friends with whom during the first few episodes of “FNL”, so please just let it go if you think these characters wouldn’t willingly hang out together yet.

The Green Man’s Advice

Summary: During their summer road trip, Jason, Tim, and Smash make a side-stop to a quirky bar in Los Angeles. The Host gives them advice about the up-coming year.


It was just after nine on a Thursday night in June when the car pulled into the parking lot. It had a Texas plate, and was covered in stickers and paint, all centered around the theme of a panther and the number six. Once the car was parked, three teenagers stumbled out, all at various stages of drunk. The trio headed into the bar, laughing and shoving each other. They had one more month before they had to be back to school.

The long-haired youth was the first inside the building, and thus the first to stop at the sight of the clientele. His two friends managed not to bump into him after his sudden stop, but it was a close thing. Finally, losing patience, the (barely) shortest of the three shoved the first youth.

“Chill, Smash,” the third intoned gravely, before cracking up. “He’s just surprised at all the Halloween costumes out so early.”

“Maybe they’re having a costume party,” Smash responded, unimpressed.

“It had nothin’ to do with the get-ups,” the shoved-one defended. “No one said this place was a karaoke bar.”

“No one’s makin’ you go up there, Riggins,” Smash pointed out. “You’d probably kill the mic anyway. Think we can get Street up there?”

At the thought of embarrassing his best friend on the stage, a mischievous glint appeared in Riggins’ eyes. He then divided his attention between trying to figure out how to get Street on the stage and singing, and getting to the bar.


Three beers and a lot of coaxing later, and Jason Street did find himself on the stage of Caritas, belting out “God Blessed Texas” for all he was worth. Tim Riggins and Brian “Smash” Williams, his supposed ‘best friends’ were alternating between cheering him on and laughing at him. The large amount of alcohol in his system, plus the thought of revenge, was all that kept him on the stage and smiling.

He finished his song, took an elaborate bow that had him nearly toppling over the stage, and headed to the stairs. He was about the apologize to the woman with the yellow-scaled costume he almost fell on top of when a man with green skin and red horns walked up to him.

“Hey, Sugar, you did great up there. You really feel that way about your home, I could tell.”

Jason tried to focus his blurry eyes on the man, but working through why what he said seemed wrong was taking too much energy. He finally gave up and shrugged, then thanked the man. “So, do you have some kinda pre-Halloween party goin’ on or somethin’?”

The man grinned and shrugged. “Or something. Now, I can tell you have no idea what you just walked into, but I can see a lot of bad things coming in your future, and I’d like to help you out.” The teenager blinked, then shrugged and nodded. “Alright. You really aren’t as interested in your pretty little cheerleader as you used to be. It might be better on all of you if you just let her go now. Also, you should really remember to keep your head up when you run into people. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself flat on your back.”

“Huh… Um, thanks?” Jason mumbled, turning to go back to his friends.

“One more thing, Cupcake,” the green man called to him, reaching a hand out to grab Jason’s arm. “Playing a sport isn’t the be-all, end-all of your life. You’ll find more joy teaching the game to others.” The boy nodded and walked back to his friends.

“Let’s get outta here,” he suggested as he reached the table. “There’s some green guy hittin’ on guys and trying to give out weird fortunes.” The other two stood up slowly, and the trio made their way back to the car.


As the passed the California-Nevada border the next day, Tim finally remembered the night at the bar. “So, what’d the green guy tell you?”

“Huh?” Was Jason’s eloquent response.

“The guy that was hittin’ on you in that Halloween bar. What’s your fortune?”

Jason snorted and scratched his head. “I’m not really sure. I think he said something about letting go of cherries. And to look at people… And apparently I should become a teacher.”

“That’s dumb.”



Four months later, Dillon, Texas was rocked by the news that Jason Street, their star quarterback, was paralyzed. It was nearly a full year after the accident that Jason finally remembered the green man’s advice. When he realized that the man had, in a round-about way, warned him about everything that would happen that year, he called Tim and suggested another road trip. When Tim asked why, Jason simply answered that Los Angeles really wasn’t as dumb as they thought.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Green Man's Advice". This story is complete.

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