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The Way of Light

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book I". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Decisions made long ago threaten the galaxy.

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Chapter One

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me. This is the second story in the "Slayers of Dune" series.

Navigation requires that we make assumptions about where we are, where were going and what we will encounter along the way. But there is another factor we must consider. What are we willing to sacrifice to finish the journey?

Methods of Politics
2nd edition
House Corrino Publishing

Sub-Commander Beth Itkin reviewed the data records over and over again but they made to sense. Leto II, the so called God Emperor of Dune, had been dead for nearly a week now. The empire he had build over the past three thousand years was rapidly falling into chaos. The Fish Speakers were stretched paper thin throughout the galaxy trying to keep order but barely keeping things together while they worked through their own grief. The Fish Speakers had loved that old worm. His murder by one of their own shredded their hearts.

Sub-Commander Itkin was not Bene Gesserit. She did not hide her feelings. She let her tears flow. She was in her mid thirties with a taunt athletic build. A casual observer would never know from her body that she had bore children for the Empire, for Leto, and for the Fish Speakers. She pushed her auburn hair back from her eyes as she read the data screen for the third time trying to make sense of what it was showing her.

“Vampires? Demons?” She thought to herself. Had the old emperor finally gone insane?

There were Fish Speakers who knew the truth, who served as trainers or watchers at the newly constructed training center but they all disappeared six hours after an unidentified ship had crashed the Arrakis planetary defenses and a lone intruder had fought her way past a division of Fish Speakers.

“A lone intruder!” Itkin thought wide eyed. “A lone intruder had fought her way past an entire division of Fish Speakers.” That one thought burned in her brain.

“Leto, what the hell have you created?” she said under her breath to on one in particular. Itkin flipped the screen to the next page and read the part of the report that broke her heart.

On the 32 inch high definition monitor she viewed the beautiful face of her youngest daughter Alisha Itkin. Beth had lost sisters on the battlefield before. She understood the price for doing holy work and accepted it as a privilege. But to have her daughter disappear without a trace, without an explanation or justification was unacceptable. Beth pushed the monitor away from her and wiped the tears from her face.

“Now you see what I mean?” A voice behind her said.

“Yes, Commander.” Beth replied. Beth stood, turned and faced troop commander Felicia Gorman.

“Go Beth. Find your daughter. Find out what Leto was up to before he was killed.” Commander Gorman’s voice trembled. “Find out what’s going on here. You’ll have command of the Sietch Tabar and her crew.”

“Thank you.” Beth said softly.

Beth’s commander gave her one last order. “Let me know as soon as you’re able. What the hell are Slayers and how we can defeat them?”

She appeared out of nowhere. Surayya faded into full view from nothing. Slowly, she scanned the cityscape around her trying to fix her location.

“It worked!” She thought to herself.

Surayya examined the timescape she was in. So far everything was ok. She looked around her new environment for landmarks. One obvious one was right in front of her. It was the magic shop. This time of day she was sure she would find Dawn inside. Surayya watched the people around her moving freely about wasting their water in the mid-day sun. The freman within her recoiled.

“Ok, the hard part is done." Surayya thought. “I’ve traveled back over ten thousand years to Earth to locate the device and stop the prophecy. Looks like the Golden Path may prove useful sooner than Leto thought.“ Surayya made her way across the street and into the magic shop. The bell over the door rang as she entered. It was exactly as she remembered it. The genetic memories of one of her ancestors gave the ringing of the bell that hung over the door the strange sensation of déjà vu. A young girl of fifteen looked up from the counter at her.

“Mister Giles is not in right now, may I help you?” Dawn said.

“I’ve found the device.” Surayya thought as she returned Dawns stare. “Now if I can only keep her descendents from blowing up the galaxy.” She thought. Surayya pulled out a knife as she approached Dawn.
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