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Summary: Seconds are rare than firsts. Sometimes that makes them better.

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Second Chance

Second Chance

Dawn’s heart was full. She’d finally found what she’d been missing. Her family was around her, her brothers and her sister.

It’d become a joke to Nathan and the others that twins must have been the order of the day for their graduating class.

There was Brooke and Faith Davis, hellions the both of them. Brooke had her clothing line and Faith had a very successful dojo. Of course, neither of them got along with their parents.

There was Haley and Willow James, the smart girls. Haley was a teacher and a successful musician, married to Nathan and mother to Jamie. Willow created codes for the government, amongst other things. It’d been Haley and Lucas, and Willow and Xander as best friends until High School. Then, Lucas had started basketball and the others got towed along for the ride into the spotlight.

Xander and Lucas Scott adored their mother Karen. And, while Xander shared the same heart problem as their father, Lucas was free to tear up the courts with Nathan. That Xander was more interested in swimming had often had Dan declaring that he was no son of his. That was okay by Xander who was more than used to having surrogate fathers. He liked Keith better, anyway, and took every opportunity he was given to nudge his mother towards his uncle. That was why there were already 3 Scott daughters by the time Karen got pregnant their senior year and Keith was murdered. Cordelia, Tara, and Winifred were Scotts to the bone and Xander and Lucas doted on them. When pretty little Lily joined them, she was as cherished as her older sisters.

Peyton and Oswald, please call me Oz, Sawyer were a pair. Oz played guitar and Peyton had a burning love for music. Peyton turned her love into a successful recording studio. Oz restricted himself to playing at Tric with his band, Dingoes Ate My Baby Again. Both of them worked at carving out some kind of relationship with their older brother Derek and they watched one another’s backs.

Buffy and Nathan Scott did not have the most peaceful of relationships. Despite that, they loved one another with a fierceness. Even if Nathan tended to insist that her taste in men clearly showed that she was a nut. It was possible she took after their mother in that aspect.

Of course, only the Scoobies knew any of that was different from normal. Dawn had used the last of the Key that’d been dormant all of those years to scramble up two lives and make it one gloriously bizarre one. And she no longer had to be happy just because she’d promised to be. Now, she was simply happy.

The End

You have reached the end of "Second.Best.". This story is complete.

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