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The Price of Progress.

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Summary: Atvar has a bad day, what could fix it?

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Harry TurtledoveBurningLightFR714140290927 Apr 0927 Apr 09Yes
Worldwar belongs to Harry Turtledove.
You all know I don’t own Buffy... right?

Atvar once again was observing the hologram of the Tosev warrior. How had they come so far in such a short time?

Tosev 3 was a world of contradictions. All the scientists agreed on this. What they disagreed on at the moment was the status of Ullhass the killcraft pilot.

The male had been rescued from the island of Brittan. He had no pulse did not breath he had no detectable body heat or any other metabolic activity. By all common sense he should be dead and with the emperor’s past. Yet he was active and biting. The addled male was restrained in very strong bindings. He was extremely strong but deformed. His eye turents were sunken, the eyes were an odd colour, his teeth elongated some were hollow.

That was not all. Many new intelligent or semi intelligent species were discovered. A single world with so many types of native intelligence. It was unheard of. Atvar was demanding answers but none came.

What manner of blood can eat through landcruiser armour. How can flying creatures overtake killcraft at maximum velocity? How in the name of the emperor could normal Tosevites erect a transparent barrier that could deflect anything up to a landcruiser shell among other advanced technologies?

When had this all started? Oh yes when he had decided to invade the Not-empire Brittan. The leader Winston Churchill had claimed terrible weapons that they had not used in fighting this war.

It was assumed that this was a bluff, The Fleetlord had stated if they used explosive metal weapons then the Race would respond in kind. Then came the blister agents. Then the advanced technologies. Then the other species. Atvar let out a hiss. Now every empire and not empire was using such weapons and species in the fight. All this on top to the spice. The damned herb was costing him so much. He wanted to crawl back into his eggshell. Perhaps Straha could have been correct. A more aggressive approach was needed.

The first to deploy these new technologies was the organisation known as the Watchers Council. An explosive metal bomb hatching on their headquarters may curb the resistance in that part of the planet no he had said he would only do that is they started using them first. A standard bombing run then. He sent out the orders.

Hopefully he could make progress with this war.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Price of Progress.". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking