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Gleaming The Potential

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Drawing The Line". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A Prequel to Retaining The Line. Telling the story of Xanders four year absence.

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftSadJackFR1312,609123,49013 May 0913 May 09Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own BTVS. That belongs to Joss. As for World of WarCraft, well I don't own that either. That unfourtunately is owned by Blizzard. I have no rights to the copyrighted material.

Title: Gleaming the Potential

Xander Centric

Summary: This is a prequel that tells some of what happened to Xander during his four year absence.



It’s a place I should know.

Well, I guess that I should tell this from the beginning. It’s only fair to do so.

I am only ten, and I get to spend the weekends with my favorite uncle. My uncle Rory.

Well not every weekend, but it’s normally at least twice a month. Sometimes it’s more.

We usually get to go out to the woods and look for animals, sometimes we even hunt them.

He teaches me stuff, like what water is good, or what berries to eat. Sometimes, it’s where I can find a safe place to sleep, just in case I get stuck out there by a storm or something.

That went on for a while, but then he started to teach me other stuff.

Stuff like auto mechanics and how an engine works.

How to make stuff, like a bow and arrows or a quality bow staff.

And clothing, stuff made out of the animal skins from when we hunt.

Then he started to teach me how to fight.

Just boxing really, but it was fun.

It went on like that, until I was about twelve.

That’s when things started to get weird for me.


I came home from school on a Friday afternoon, thinking that I might get to go to Rory’s again. But it turned out very differently.

He was already at my house, and I could hear him yelling.

He was yelling at my mom and dad.

Something about needing to take me away and see my real family.

That got me confused because I thought that my mom and dad were my real family.

After a while they finally noticed me and sat me down to talk.

Apparently, they had adopted me from my uncle Rory’s best friends that had died.

My uncle Rory was actually my Godfather, and had thought it would be better to have a mom and dad to grow up with instead of a single bar hopping junkyard owner.

They told me that my biological parents’ other family members wanted to see me, and talk to me.

So we talked it out and decided to leave the next month, after school was over to give me some time to say goodbye to my friends.

So, over the next month I told my best friends Willow and Jessie about me being adopted and going to see my biological family.

Willow cried for a little bit, and Jessie yelled a lot about it not being cool. But I got them to see the reasons of why I needed to go, and they said their goodbyes.


So we packed up and left what was and hope will still be my home.

We had to get on a plane and fly over the ocean to get to the first place we were going.

I found out it was Italy the land that made one of my favorite foods, pizza. We went to a big house outside of Rome and lived there for a little over a year.

While we lived there my uncle Rory started me on a rigorous exercise program, one which included running, weight lifting, and calastinics. He even hired a personal tutor for my schooling.

His name was Winston McCarthy, and he was an English guy from London. He taught me my basic curriculum; you know Math, English, Science, and History. He was kind of strict but overall a cool guy.

Over the year or so there, my uncle Rory taught me other stuff to.

More fighting stuff and how to handle a knife. He even encouraged Winston to teach me stuff with police sticks. He called it Bayed stick fighting, but I just thought they were police sticks.

Apparently Winston used to be an English version of a navy seal called a SAS officer. He retired from it and chose to start teaching.

I didn’t just do this stuff all the time though.

I got to hang out with my uncle and have fun. We went out and played darts, and billiards. Went to the movies and got to see all the Star Wars a bunch of times. He even taught me how to surf and body board. I even found some other kids and went paintballing with them at a war park.

It was a cool experience and pretty fun too.


After the year, we got a visitor that told us that we needed to leave and to see some people.

So once again we packed up and got on a plane.

We went back to Sunnydale and visited my adopted parents and my friends for a little bit. Just to inform them of the stuff we did during my time away.

Not everything, but enough to keep them happy.

When we were ready to leave again, we got back on another plane.

This time we went to England.


When we got off of the plane we were taken to a castle in the mountains near the Scotland borders.

When we got there we went to see a bunch of people that worked there. They led me to a room and sat me at a table and talked to each other for awhile. After they were done, they started to talk to me about my family and who they were.

They told me who my parents were and that they worked with them. After some time they told me that my parents asked them to teach me things and to give me an inheritance. I figured that it was a nice thing, and I wouldn’t mind learning more. So they told me that I would live there at the castle and that I would be taught all this stuff by them.

So I stayed there, with my uncle and Winston.

And learned some stuff that I thought was crazy.

Stuff about swords and sorcery, and vampires and demons.

After a while I just thought that they were heavily in to Dungeon’s and Dragons or something.

That is until they showed me.

Afterwards I was freaked, hugely freaked. But in time, I calmed down and took it all in.

It was all true, and I was going to learn about it.

Not only that but I wanted to.


They told me that my parents’ names were Peter Allen and Madeline Elizabeth Cross, and that they were people who gathered information to fight against vampires and such.

What they termed as the agents of the “Dark”.

They had died though, trying to keep the world safe from these forces and that is has been in my family to do this for a long time.

Damn near around two thousand years.

I found out later from one of the people I was learning from, that I had an ancestor that was a Romany Lord named Denivyn Vallius, and that he was present at demon ascension.

And that he had somehow stopped it.

Afterwards, he was visited by a being of light and given a gift. He was able to channel a personal type of energy that is considered to be a holy energy.

With this holy energy that he had termed as the “Inner Faith”.

He became capable of more than what a normal human could do. Increasing his own strength, speed, endurance and healing. Later leaving to gather others and fight against the dark throughout Europe, eventually founding an “Order” of knights. These knights in honor of my ancestor had named themselves the “Order of Vallius”.

With these knights, he trained himself to do more.

He was able to grant others temporary boosts of energy and strength, and give off an “Aura”, one that had allowed himself and others to be bolstered, to be more durable during battle.


The order had affiliations with many major powers throughout the dark ages, including kingdoms, countries, organizations and even the Catholic Church.

They used these resources to gather information and train others to fight the good fight. The leaders of this order are called the “Triamvere”, and consisted of the oldest living members of the order that are the descendants of the original knights.

They had developed ways and techniques of fighting that are found to be very useful against the agents of the dark.

So, I decided that if my ancestor could do it, I would do it to.

I would learn to help others, and be what in my childhood dreams I always wanted to be, a hero.


So I got to work, and learned all that they would teach me.

Things going from Swordplay to Demonology.

During this time, the “Triamvere” put me through tests to see the limits of what I could do and how I used my knowledge.

During are stay there, my uncle and Winston continued to teach me more.

Things like Marksmanship and Tactics. Winston even began teaching me Tai Chi and my uncle increased my workout routine by adding endurance training and acrobatics.


After about a year and a half I was taken before the “Triamvere” and had been given a trial.

In this trial I was sent to other members of the order and trained in mystical techniques that they were masters of.

These techniques awakened my “Inner Faith” and I started to develop my superior attributes.

The mystical techniques were varied, but they had utilized my “Inner Faith” in order to enhance myself or limit my enemies.

I found that I could give off an “Aura” as well, one that makes my enemies distracted and weakened.

Or if they are weak willed enough, it can kill outright.

Through the training I learned to give Blessings, create Seals of Power, Mystically Heal others, Detect Evil or Demonic Presences, and throw a bolt of power termed the “Hammer of Justice” to briefly stun.

With my growth, so too does the power of my “Inner Faith”, giving my skills more power over time.

Skills, that I can make changes to or develop other abilities from.

Going from place to place to be trained, I had visited many different countries.

I got to visit Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Russia, Germany and Italy again.

During this time, Winston began to instruct me in the local languages.

In order to learn how to read them, I began to collect Mainstream and Bootleg comics written in each different countries script.

On my fifteenth birthday, my uncle Rory took me to Amsterdam and let me loose for a whole week.

I never did anything dangerous like drugs or had the kinky sex, but I did go to raves and visit the “Red-light District” for a strip show.

My uncle even bought me my first lap dance.

After we left Amsterdam, we went back to the order.


While there they tested me again in the use of the new skills I acquired, and put me through another trial.

This trial was meant to be both symbolic and dangerous.

It was a challenge to save my most trusted and loved person.

My Uncle Rory.

They told him that it was going to be a simple trial, just something that would challenge me somewhat but be completely safe.

They had lied, and when they sent him on an errand they ambushed and kidnapped him.

Taking him to a deep part of the castle and led him down a tunnel into the mountain.

At the end of this tunnel they placed him in the care of a special warden.

I was to figure out what happened to him and find him. Then bring him back before the “Triamvere” as proof of my deed.

So I followed the information and the facts, and eventually I found him.

In the care of a creature I was sure did not exist. Even after being told of the weirdness and strange of the world.

He was held unconscious in the clutch of a giant dragon.

This dragon looked to be alive and angry. He looked to be the size of a couple of double decker busses and made of silver.

When I went to retrieve my uncle, the only resistance I met was a question from the dragon.

“Child, this query I give to you. With strength sapped, and fellows dead. Enemies at your gates, and time strapped. With threat present and hope faded. Blood running and faith faded. What do you do with your death fated?”


After the trial was done we were given leave and told to go home.

My uncle and I decided to go Rhodes, Greece first and have some fun.

We went surfing and body boarding, and even checked out some topless beaches.

There I learned who my Uncle really was.

He was my biological parents’ best friend, which I had already known.

But, what I didn’t know was that he was the reason for their deaths.

Apparently, he had found out some crucial information about a particular demon and was found out.

When trying to return to the order, he was being hunted down and turned to me parents for help.

They, as being of the order, where bound to assist him and went to fight the ones hunting him.

They killed a lot of the demons practical army that was between them and the order.

He was able to make it through but they sacrificed their lives for him to do it.

They had loved their friend and were willing to die for him and the information he carried.

Later after giving the order the valuable information, he led the battle party that was assembled and crushed the enemy.

Leaving only the demon itself alive, he returned with it to the order to face justice.

But it had somehow escaped at its execution and vowed to kill him and the ones that helped him.

He feared that it included me and had taken me away, to a place where I could possibly live awhile in normalcy.

The HellMouth somehow had provided a fog of energy that allowed me to remain hidden from any magical attempts at finding me.

So, he gave me to his sister and her husband who were desperate for a child as they couldn’t have them their selves.

He stopped being Roland Alistair Kastle and became Uncle Rory the junkman, guardian of Alexander Lavelle Harris.

Once and now Alexander Rictor Cross.

When our time in Greece was over, we boarded the last plane I hope to be on for awhile and headed back to Sunnydale.

To the HellMouth.

And my Home.


On the flight home he told me what the order wanted me to do.

Make a defense, destroy all agents of the “Dark”, and ensure the dormancy of the HellMouth.

It sounded lonely, and an improbability.

But I would do my duty and protect the integrity, honor, and valor of the order.

And that of my family.

On the way to Sunnydale from the airport, my uncle continued to ask the same question that he has been asking for the past three weeks since we had left England.

“So, I was kind of out of it during the whole dragon thing. I heard that he only asked you a question and then he just let me go. So I got a question of my own kid. What was the answer?”

I turn in my seat and look at him.

With a determined look and a sarcastic smirk on my face I finally answered him.

“That’s simple Uncle Rory.”

“If it was so simple, than what was the answer?”

“Well he asked what I would do is my death was fated.”

“And, what did you say?”

“I stand and draw a line.”

{The End}

The End

You have reached the end of "Gleaming The Potential". This story is complete.

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