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You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Correcting Past Mistakes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ragnarok is about to start the new term at Hogwarts, and things are going to be substantially different this time around.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: All of the really good characters belong to J. K. Rowling and Joss Whedon. Sabrina Spellman belongs to ABC Family and Warner Bros. Television. I'm just borrowing all of the characters for a while. Any other characters that might show up that you might recognize don't belong to me either, but to their respective owners. There is no intent to profit from this. Only the story is mine.

Category: Story No. 3 in my 'Correcting Past Mistakes' universe, following "And Now For Something Completely Different" and "Don't Make Me Angry." You can find the preceding stories at my Yahoo group Grey_Wizard's_Lair ( and at Twisting the Hellmouth (

Time Frame: Beginning of a *very* AU fifth year at Hogwarts.

Spoilers: None, because this universe is now completely AU with respect to the Joss-, HP- or Sabrina universes. Note that all events in the Harry Potter universe are canon up to the beginning of the month of August, however.

Character Bashing: None. Well, at least not against anyone I like.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author’s Note 1: This chapter is dedicated to Melanie (mythicvictory), who ended up holding the winning bid for a personally written story in the Support Stacey April Author Auction held by Majik this past month. As a result, she won the right to have a minimum 2,500 word story written for her, subject matter as determined by her, and she graciously chose to have me continue with the next story in this universe. I didn't think she'd mind, so I let my muse loose and I ended up exceeding the 2,500 word minimum by a bit. ;-)

Author’s Note 2: Many thanks to Lori Bush, Bill Haden, Drake the Archr and Theo (Starway_Man)for beta-ing this story.

As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.


Previously, in "Don't Make Me Angry":

"Xander Harris!! What do you mean, you're not coming home? WHERE ARE YOU?"

"I can’t tell you where I am, exactly. Well, it's not that I can't, Will – it’s more a case of I won’t. At least, not for a while," Xander immediately qualified his previous statement as he mentally pictured the distraught features of his best female friend that would match her clearly despondent words.

"You see, after I left town, I met up with some people from England who were visiting the States, and some things happened that I can't really talk about over the phone right now, but the upshot of it all is that I've now got the opportunity to attend this *very* exclusive private school over here in England, with all of my expenses paid, and that's something I just can't pass up," Xander hurried his explanation, trying not to imagine the disconsolate and hurt expressions his friends would be wearing upon hearing his admittedly brief and not at all informative excuse for his ongoing absence from their lives.

"But I promise, I'll do my best to come home during Christmas break and once I'm there, I'll explain everything that's been going on to you," he then promised, trying to alleviate at least some of the pain he knew his absence would generate for his friends.

“A private school in England? Where is it exactly? And what’s it called?” Willow demanded over the phone.

“It’s called Hogwarts, Will,” Xander exhaled. “And it’s actually in Scotland, but honestly, I can’t tell you anything more about it. There’s this big thing they have about privacy, ya see.”


"That’s an exceedingly evil-looking smile you’re sporting, Xand," he heard Bree declare as she addressed him, Ginny apparently having finally accepted the rest of his family's reassurances that she was neither evil or some kind of psychotic nutjob for not feeling any excessive degree of remorse about what they'd done to those Death Eaters and their fellow assholes earlier that night.

"And given what I know about how your mind works, I'm not sure I want to know what might have caused it," she added with her own teasing grin.

"Oh, I was just thinking about how Dark, Greasy and Broody is going to be in for some serious surprises once classes begin," Xander answered as he returned her grin with one of his own, "and how, the moment he steps out of line, the hammer's going to come down on him and squash him like the cockroach he is, regardless of what the old fart might try to do to save him.

"He's gonna find out the hard way that his letting Tommy Boy brand him like a steer all those years ago just means that he's definitely headed for the slaughterhouse."

"Something that I'm looking forward to seeing is Dumbledore's reaction when he finds out that, since Harry, Ron and Xand are now legal adults and that you and I are engaged to these two misfits, Bree, we can leave the school property pretty much anytime we want when we're not in class, regardless of whether he likes it or not," Hermione chimed in cheerfully.

"Him not being able to control us the way he's been able to do the past four years is probably going to give him an ulcer," she noted.

"Acts, chapter 20, verse 35. ‘Tis more blessed to give than to receive,'" Xander pointed out piously, with an expression of innocence that fooled no one present.

"Especially when it involves heart attacks, strokes or bleeding ulcers," he then finished his observation with an even wider grin than he had been wearing previously.

"I have to admit," Ron chimed in with his own observation, "this is probably the first year I've ever been really looking forward to starting school and I haven't been focused on how the House Quidditch team is going to be doing."

"Yeah. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to this year, too, guys," Harry nodded his own agreement.

"If we can get everything we need to do done right, then by this time next year, Tommy-Boy will be just an unpleasant memory that'll eventually fade away 'til no one even remembers him," he said, a grim, yet hopeful expression on his face.

"Tom Riddle may have started this war, and Dumbledore might be planning on using it for his own purposes, but I am damn well certain that *we* are going to end it," he stated with an unwavering conviction, as his family nodded their heads in agreement with his words.

"The only people who are going to be dying in the future are the fools who try to stop us."


6305 Westminster Place
Sunnydale, CA

7:30 PM
August 28, 1995

“Good evening, Mrs. Rosenberg. We're sorry to disturb you at this hour, but may we possibly have a word with you and your husband? This is a matter of some urgency – you see, it concerns your daughter, Willow.”

Dr. Sheila Rosenberg, neé Black, frowned as she held the front door of her house open, and hesitantly stared at the two men standing on her doorstep. “Who are you gentlemen?”

The two new arrivals looked at each other in surprise. “We’re from the American Ministry of Magic, madam. Didn’t you get our owl apprising you of our scheduled arrival today?” one of them said.

The other man nodded. “I know we’re terribly late, but unfortunately there’s no floo network connection here and we had a bit of muggle interference to deal with – though, I must say, I’m surprised to hear you had no idea at all that we were coming?”
The red-haired woman scowled. These two were an unwelcome reminder of a world that she had utterly rejected from her life a long time ago, once it had become clear that they considered her inferior to the typical member of their society.

“I’m a squib, as you people so charmingly put it way back when," she snapped back, angrily. "I live in the muggle world, now, and so does my husband and daughter. Now either state your business or get off my property!”

The more senior Ministry representative sighed. “Mrs. Rosenberg, this really shouldn’t be discussed in public. May we *please* enter and tell you everything in private? It’s been a long day, and I really don’t feel in the mood for obliviating anyone else tonight.”

Willow’s mother simply stepped aside and gestured for them to come in – like any sensible Sunnydale resident, she knew better than to ever offer a direct invitation. The two members of the Wizarding World came in, took off their coats and quickly seated themselves on the couch.

“Sheila? What’s going on? Who are these people?” Ira Rosenberg came into the room with a frown on his face. Once the sun went down in this town, it wasn’t a good idea to invite anyone inside your house unless you personally knew them – and sometimes, not even then.

“Mr. Rosenberg, a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” the more junior man got up to shake Ira’s hand, having learned some muggle customs during his career.

“Likewise,” the older wizard followed his underling’s example. “Now, to business. Err – I’m afraid there’s been rather a big cock-up, to put it rather bluntly.”

“What are you talking about?” Sheila demanded equally bluntly.

“I’m sorry, but this is rather embarrassing, professionally speaking,” the wizard said, and he did, indeed, look more than just a little uncomfortable as he answered.

“It seems that, back in 1991, our agents – people who are now no longer associated with the American Ministry of Magic, by the way – failed to personally check out the Hellmouth for any possible candidates to be sent to a proper Wizarding World institute of education. Apparently, they just decided that the possibility of a wand wizard being born in the vicinity of this interdimensional nexus was so remote that it was just a waste of their time –”

“Stop right there!!” Ira Rosenberg shouted angrily, cutting the man off with a wave of his hand.

“Indeed. You people are not getting your claws into our daughter,” Sheila glared at the Ministry’s agents.

“But Mrs. Rosenberg, I assure you –”

“You can’t assure *me* of anything,” Ira growled out, looking ready to grab his shotgun out of the closet.

“Well, I must ask you to reconsider your objection, sir. Because it appears, Mr. Rosenberg, that your daughter has been making her own inquiries into the Wizarding World over the past two weeks. Specifically, inquiries concerning a British Wizarding school located in Scotland known as Hogwarts,” the older Wizard told Willow’s father, much to his shock. Ira had no idea Willow had been trying to find the young man whom she believed she was so desperately in love with (and had been ever since the age of six). “And once that was brought to our attention, a more thorough check of the Rolls indicated how both she and a young man named Alexander Lavelle Harris should have been contacted four years ago –”

“You’re too late on that matter, too,” Sheila interrupted the Ministry agent yet again. "Xander Harris disappeared nearly a month ago.

"This is the Hellmouth, as you've already pointed," she noted parenthetically.

“And our daughter will *not* be indoctrinated into your contemptible, despicable and, quite frankly, pathetic pureblood bigotries – not if I have anything to say about it!" Ira interjected. "Tell your superiors that she will *not* be attending the Wizarding school in Salem, or any other such institution – at least, not while Willow needs our parental permission for that to happen. Which she will most assuredly not be getting!!”

“But sir, madam, you’re being completely unreasonable –” the more junior wizard started to say.

“Get out of my house,” Ira interrupted him darkly. “Both of you gentiles are not welcome here. And you would be wise to get out of this town right now, tonight, if you have any working brain cells left. Too many people like you have the chutzpah to come to Sunnydale and act as if you own the place – as if you are untouchable for some reason. That’s why I suggest you read the obituary sections of the local muggle newspaper – to convince yourselves, otherwise.”

The junior wizard looked set to argue, but the other silenced him with just a look.

“Very well, sir, madam, we shall depart at once. But please keep in mind that the offer of a decent education for your child is still open, and always will be until she reaches the age of maturity.”

Sheila silently glowered at the man as both he and his colleague showed themselves out of the Rosenberg residence without even so much as a backwards glance.


Ministry of Magic
Level Ten
The Wizengamot
London, England

8:00 AM
August 29, 1995

"The first, and only, item on the agenda for the meeting this morning has been requested by Patriarch Arthur Weasley," the scribe tasked to record all of the tribunal's official business formally announced to the near two-and-a-half score wizards and witches who had responded to the request Arthur had sent out the previous evening.

"Patriarch Weasley, you may now make your petition."

"Thank you, Madam Secretary," Arthur nodded his acknowledgement of the woman's formal proclamation before turning his attention back to the clearly curious crowd watching him with focused attention.

After all, a petition for a formal enclave like the one Arthur had sent out the preceding night was typically not seen during the normal course of business, especially since most petitions of that type usually dealt with issues concerning either the seating of a newly confirmed Head of Family or to settle disputes regarding the proper sequence of succession following the death of the Head of a Family – issues that none of those gathered here were aware of existing among any of the major Houses.

"My petition concerns the matter of the recognition and acceptance of Patriarch Harry James Potter, heir to the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter into this most illustrious body," Arthur announced to his waiting audience after a moment's pause to take a sip of water, ignoring the extremely surprised and disbelieving expression that ex-Chief Warlock Albus Dumbledore was sending his way from his position in the center bench upon hearing the topic that the Wizengamot had apparently been convened to address.

"This is a rather unusual matter to bring before the Wizengamot, especially at this time, Patriarch Weasley," Dumbledore immediately declared, as half-formed thoughts as to how he could best block this matter from being addressed and prevent Harry from being formally recognized as the Head of his Family rushed through his mind.

"And seemingly unnecessary as well, since matters of this sort are normally addressed during our regularly scheduled meetings," the former Chief Warlock pointed out as he continued speaking, his observation producing numerous nods of agreement from other members of the group listening to the exchange.

"I would agree with you, Patriarch Dumbledore," Arthur nodded his apparent concurrence with Dumbledore's comment, "that this is, indeed, far from the usual sequence of events that is typically followed when a new Head of Family is presented to this august body.

"However," Arthur went on, turning to focus his attention on the grey-haired, monocle-wearing witch whom Harry and the others recognized as Susan Bones' aunt, Amelia Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and, at the moment, de facto leader of the Wizengamot, "in various discussions that I have had with Patriarch Potter over the course of the past several weeks to provide guidance for him on various matters regarding his family's estates, he indicated to me that the ill-fated tragedy which befell his muggle relatives last month – something which I will not dwell on further, since the various potential ramifications of that heartbreaking catastrophe have been covered in more than adequate detail by the Daily Prophet–"

Here, Arthur had to repress a smile as he recalled several of the various headlines maligning both Dumbledore's judgment and intelligence for his decision to make the Boy-Who-Lived live with his muggle relatives, as well as noting the sour expression on the older wizard's face at his subtle reminder of the political capital the Headmaster had had to expend to minimize the damage that debacle had generated.

" – had impressed on him, quite forcefully," the Weasley Patriarch continued, "the realization that the Potter legacy could be left intestate and without proper direction, should a similar set of equally unfortunate circumstances happen to occur before he came of age and could be recognized as the Head of the Potter Family upon his seventeenth birthday."

Arthur and the other four members of Ragnarok – Hermione, Ron, Sabrina, and Xander – as well as Molly and Ginny Weasley and Remus Lupin, could all see the small, apparently unconscious nod the Bones Matriarch made as she listened to Arthur speak, and the four other time-travelers all nodded to themselves, too, knowing that the witch would almost certainly be reminded of the confusion and disorder that the deaths of her parents during the First Wizarding War had caused for her own family. Even Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, was able to follow Amelia's reaction from the comfort and security of Potter Manor, through the use of one of a pair of small disillusioned two-way mirrors Remus was carrying and which he had discreetly pulled out and positioned so that the Black Heir could see everything going on.

"Accordingly," Arthur continued on, "in order to avoid such a potential disaster from occurring, and in keeping with the guidelines agreed to in the Concord of Peaceful Coexistence established between the International Confederation of Wizards and the Goblin Nation in 1043 of the current era, Patriarch Potter petitioned Gringotts to be recognized as the rightful Heir to his House and Head of the Potter Family, and was confirmed by them as the rightful Heir and Head of House as of this past August 2nd."

All of those in the know smiled to themselves as Arthur ignored the almost audible grinding of Dumbledore's teeth at this unexpected revelation of Harry's fait accompli and the scheming old manipulator's utter inability to do anything to prevent or de-legitimize it.

"And in conjunction with that confirmation," the Weasley Patriarch finished, "Patriarch Potter is now presenting himself to the Wizengamot this morning to claim his seat."

With a wave of his arm, Arthur then gestured towards the entrance of the chamber, where the two massive wooden doors silently swung open to reveal a tall and smiling dark-haired figure, one whom virtually all of the chamber's inhabitants stared at without recognition until Arthur completed his introduction.

"My fellow Heads of House, I am delighted and honored to introduce Patriarch Harry James Potter, Head of the Potter Family, to this most esteemed assembly," the redheaded wizard proclaimed with a beaming smile.

With a grace and solemnity that brought a smile to his friends' faces as they sat in the spectators' benches that filled the remaining three-quarters of the chambers, Harry descended the stairs that led to the main floor and joined Arthur at the podium facing the three tiers holding the hereditary members' desks and chairs.

"Matriarch Bones, I thank you and our fellow wizards and witches for the opportunity to participate in the affairs of this venerable institution," the so-called Boy-Who-Lived gave the assembled mass of Wizarding gentry the formal bow precisely as described in the various Wizarding etiquette manuals which he and the others had studied over the course of the past week, along with what he referred to as his 'Politician's Smile No. 2' as he took Arthur's place behind the podium, "as well as the opportunity to ensure that my Family's history will be preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from, the same way all of us have done over the past centuries."

"And we thank you, Patriarch Potter, for providing us with an example that your generation possesses the sense of appreciation and pride in your Family's history and accomplishments that we have so earnestly endeavored to instill in our children," Amelia smiled back at the young man standing before them, appreciating that there was more to the well-dressed and well-mannered youth standing at the podium than what they could see, as well as realizing, based on Dumbledore's initial reactions upon seeing him, that the older wizard was not at all pleased at the idea of his 'student' joining the ranks of the Wizengamot.

For that reason alone – putting aside for the moment the myriad other reasons having to do with her resentment at the old fart's constant meddling and his ongoing attempts at manipulating things that shouldn't be any of his concern – the leader of the Wizengamot was more than willing to do whatever she could to ensure that young Patriarch Potter took his place among his peers.

Turning to address her fellow Wizengamot members, Amelia offered the traditional question asked about each new member as they sought their seat, "Is there any person here who can offer valid reasons why Patriarch Potter should not claim his rightful place in this honored body?'

Noting that there were no responses to her formal question (although the expression on Dumbledore's face would lead anyone watching him closely to think that he had just bitten into an apple and found a nest of worms in it), Amelia then turned back to Harry.

"Seeing no objections to the matter of your taking your place among us, Patriarch Potter, please raise your wand," she said.

"Patriarch Harry James Potter, do you swear to support this august body to the best of your ability in all affairs that come before it, serving faithfully and defending Magical Britain from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, that might seek to harm it?" she asked formally.

"I, Harry James Potter, do so swear," Harry affirmed, in a strong voice.

"So mote it be, then. Patriarch Potter, we welcome you to the Wizengamot."

At this point, all of the seated members lifted their wands and gold threads of power arched out of each upraised wand to form a scintillating golden dome, signifying the validity of their newest member's oath and the acceptance by the current members of their new colleague.

As he moved to take his seat in the up-to-this-point-in-time empty chair that bore the Potter crest, Harry smiled and politely accepted the greetings, handshakes and congratulations offered to him by his peers.

Once in his seat, he paused for a moment, to see of anyone else might have other business to bring before the tribunal, before lightly tapping his wand to the small circle inset on the right arm of his chair and producing a low bell-like 'bong!' to gain Matriarch Bones' attention.

"Yes, Patriarch Potter?" she asked, hiding the small smile at the surprised expressions Harry's unexpected action had produced in the normally staid members of their oligarchy.

{ Seated less than a minute and already looking to act. I think I'm really going to enjoy future sessions of this gathering, } Madame Bones thought to herself with satisfaction.

"Was there a matter you wished to bring before the Wizengamot?" she asked formally.

"Yes, Matriarch Bones, there is," Harry nodded as he politely rose to his feet to address her and his fellow Family Heads. "Actually, there are several matters I wish to bring to the attention of this distinguished body.

"First, I wish to make it known at this time that I have formally adopted two of my closest friends as my brothers and members of House Potter, and I wish to announce their identities at this time," he declared, looking over to where his loved ones were currently seated.

"Ron, Xander, would you please stand up?" Harry asked, then gestured to them as his brothers rose in response to his request.

"My fellow Wizengamot members, I am delighted to introduce you to my brothers, Ronald Bilius Potter and Alexander Lavelle Potter. I also wish to note that, in my capacity as Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, I have granted both of them emancipation and status as full adults in Wizarding society, just as I myself now possess."

Ignoring the even louder buzz of astonished whispering and discussion which his declaration had generated, Harry continued his announcements.

"Hermione, Sabrina, would you also please stand?" Patriarch Potter went on as he turned to look over at both girls, their rising to their feet to stand alongside his brothers generating expressions of mixed bewilderment and incomprehension on the vast majority of the faces on the rest of the Wizengamot's audience.

"I am also both delighted and honored to officially announce at this time, as Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, my formal engagement to Mistress Hermione Jane Granger, and my brother Ron's engagement to Mistress Sabrina Deirdre Spellman," Harry went on, taking a moment to focus his attention on Dumbledore so as to make sure that he didn't miss the old meddler's reaction to hearing that his would-be 'weapon' was no longer alone and without family, and that he was also engaged to be married.

The quickly concealed look of incredulous dismay and outrage that momentarily flitted across the old wizard's face elicited a warm feeling of delight in Harry which he took an equally short moment to enjoy before storing it away for contemplation at some later time and proceeding on with his list of surprises for the Wizarding World.

Not allowing his audience any opportunity to form either questions or protests, Harry continued on with his proclamations in a strong voice that carried to all corners of the large stone-walled chamber.

"I am also taking advantage of this opportunity to formally declare that the House of Potter is proclaiming a Blood Feud against the House of Gaunt in response to the murders of my parents by the current Head of House Gaunt, the wizard known as Tom Marvolo Riddle and who now identifies himself as the self-proclaimed Lord Voldemort," Harry announced.

"Therefore, from this moment forward, any actions taken against any member of my Family or any member of those Families allied with House Potter by Tom Riddle or any of his marked followers – those craven cowards commonly known as Death Eaters, who have willingly allowed Riddle to brand them the same way that we brand animals – will be answered with immediate and lethal force," he declared.

"In addition to the matters which I have just announced, while in the process of handling Family business with Gringotts this past month, I was also informed that, in addition to being recognized as Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, the standard blood identification rituals which Gringotts utilizes also indicated that I had been identified as the last surviving heir to four other Families who were, up until this point in time, believed to be either extinct or to have been perpetuated only through squibs and who thus had no suitable aspirant to represent their House.

"Those Houses are the Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin, the Most Ancient and Noble House of Ravenclaw, the Most Noble House of Ganelon and the Most Noble House of Corley," Harry announced, ignoring the shocked gasps and subsequent low buzz of astonished murmuring among his audience his statement had produced. "As a result of that recognition, I have received both the House Rings and access to each of the Family Vaults of the Houses which I have just identified.

"Again in my capacity as Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, I am taking this opportunity," he went on, ignoring the wide-eyed looks of astonishment his words had produced from his listeners, "to name my fiancée, Hermione Jane Granger, as my Proxy for the House of Slytherin; my brother, Ronald Bilius Potter, as my Proxy for the House of Ravenclaw; his fiancée, Sabrina Deirdre Spellman, as my Proxy for the House of Ganelon; and my other brother, Alexander Lavelle Potter, as Proxy for the House of Corley; and I enjoin them to act as my representative in any meetings of the Wizengamot or any other duly authorized body in which their Houses are entitled to participate, and to invoke and enjoy any privileges to which they are similarly entitled."

The soft, but clearly visible glow that enshrouded each of the four other members of Ragnarok upon Harry's completing his last statement triggered a loud and raucous clamor which made any further intelligible conversation well nigh impossible for the next several minutes, and it required Matriarch Bones' firing off the equivalent of a cannon blast from her wand before the shouting and outraged exclamations were finally brought under control.

"I don't know who you think you are, Potter!" Minister Fudge declared loudly as he lurched to his feet the moment silence was reestablished, an expression of outrage on his face. "But your actions are both ridiculous and outrageous in the extreme!! And I am telling you right now that I will not allow such disgraceful conduct as you have exhibited to continue!

"Naming a muggleborn to act as the Head of such an illustrious and well-respected House such as Slytherin, and expecting us to simply accept such a preposterous idea? I will not stand for any such thing!" he asserted vehemently.

"And your repeated lies about the supposed reappearance of You-Know-Who at the end of that fiasco of a tournament Dumbledore agreed to hold are doing nothing but causing confusion and fear among the Wizarding public," he went on, before being abruptly interrupted by an near ear-splitting response.

"ENOUGH!! I have heard enough of your slanderous remarks within this assembly, Fudge!" Harry roared in a voice whose temperature would have made a blast of arctic air seem like a warm summer breeze

"What I *know*, *Patriarch* Fudge," Patriarch Potter then continued, his eyes blazing with what was clearly barely contained fury, and with an almost palpable aura of power seeming to radiate around him as he spoke, "is that I am the duly and properly recognized Patriarch of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.

"A House that has been recognized for its unbroken lineage and unblemished honor for at least twelve hundred years longer than *your* upstart House has even existed," Harry noted with a sneer he apparently had patterned after Snape's.

"Your ongoing insistence that Tom Riddle is dead and was not re-embodied by one of his followers during the ritual that occurred after Cedric Diggory and I were kidnapped by one of Riddle's polyjuiced followers at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament is becoming more than a little irritating," Harry declared, "and can be easily resolved by the simple matter of my testifying before this august body while under the influence of Veritaserum, as well as providing both the Ministry's Magical Law Enforcement department and all of our esteemed colleagues present here with copies of the memories of that entire incident.

"Why none of those potential solutions to the questions concerning the veracity of my account of our abduction and Cedric's death never occurred to you or anyone else who had heard my explanation is quite simply a mystery to me, Patriarch Fudge," he observed, the sarcasm in his voice sharp enough to decapitate a troll.

"Further, the fact that you have the audacity to even think that your opinions could or would hold any sort of importance or consequence with respect to any internal affair which might concern the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter merely indicates that the standards that this most noble body once applied to their membership have clearly been reduced to the most appalling and deplorable state imaginable," Harry declared in as condescending a tone as he could manage.

"Tell me, Patriarch Fudge," he went on, "exactly what grounds do you imagine might exist that would conceivably justify a minor, upstart House like your own into believing that it could even state an opinion on matters concerning any matter relating to the House of Potter without worrying that such arrogance would trigger a blood feud being declared against your House – an event which I know, with absolute certainty, would culminate in the extinction of your entire line?"

The abrupt pallor that rushed across Fudge's face upon hearing Harry's various declarations made the pompous little git look as though he had suddenly joined the ranks of the undead, Xander decided as he watched the proceedings with a broad smile plastered on his face, one which was matched by those adorning the other members of Ragnarok sitting next to him.

"You – you can't talk to me like that, Potter," Fudge managed to quaver, even as faint beads of perspiration began to break out on his forehead. "I'm the Minister of Magic!"

"I beg to differ, *Patriarch* Fudge," Harry immediately replied, shaking his head in disagreement even as he smiled at the smaller man.

"According to the laws governing any matters which have been placed before the Wizengamot, while this congregation is in session, unless you have specifically come before the Court in the persona of the Minister of Magic to either petition for the development and passage of new laws or for revision of existing ones – a role which is quite properly separate and distinct from that of your participation as a Patriarch, and one which you did not indicate you were assuming prior to your taking part in the vote to formally recognize my acceptance here as the Patriarch of House Potter – then any actions which you might take part in while here are performed solely in your persona as the Patriarch of House Fudge," Harry corrected the extremely flustered politician, drawing on the detailed historical background Ragnarok had gathered in preparation for this meeting to remind everyone present of the finer points of the laws dealing with these matters.

"In any event, regardless of whether your actions were taken as Head of the insignificant House of Fudge or in your official persona as Minister of Magic, you have absolutely no justification whatsoever to even comment upon, let alone object to, any actions I might take regarding any of the Houses which I have been recognised as the Head of, by Gringotts," Harry informed both Fudge and the other members of the congregation.

"Unless, that is, you have incontestable and irrefutable proof that I have been acting in a manner that is contrary to the good of our society," Harry suggested with a small elevation of his eyebrows to indicate his curiosity concerning the matter under discussion.

Seeing the glimmer of hope blossoming in the Minister's eyes as he considered a possible method of nullifying Harry's earlier actions, the Head of House Potter then added with a cold smile, "Of course, any such proof would entail verification by those offering such evidence under Veritaserum, as well as requiring the accusers to take binding oaths upon their magic as to the accuracy and veracity of their accusations.

"After all," Harry noted as he glanced around the chamber to catch the eyes of several of the more traditional – and, some would say, hidebound – members of the Wizengamot, "permitting anyone who wished to interfere with the internal affairs of a Patriarch's House the opportunity to do so without possessing both valid and sufficient cause, and to do so without fear of enduring any – reasonable – consequences, would simply be inviting anarchy to take control of our society, wouldn't you agree?"

Harry easily hid the grin which resulted as he saw quite a number of his fellow Heads of House immediately begin nodding their concurrence with his statement. Even Lucius Malfoy was reluctantly nodding his head in agreement, since he had instantly seen the incipient danger to his own House, should any sort of precedent be established here that would allow anyone other than the Wizengamot to challenge the way the Head of any House handled their internal affairs.

Seeing the clearly disapproving reaction of his fellow Heads of House to what Potter had managed to portray as a bungled attempt to circumvent their long-established procedures for censuring a colleague, Fudge proved that he had at least a minimum amount of political savvy, as well as fairly-well-defined (but apparently slow-working) survival instincts, and he stammered a short, rushed and barely coherent apology before quickly retaking his seat, almost falling into it as his wobbling knees threatened to collapse under him.

"Thank you for that clarification of your earlier statement, Patriarch Fudge," Harry said, affecting a disdainful and indifferent external attitude towards the Minister's apology while inwardly, he was exulting.

"And now, if there are no additional questions regarding the actions I have taken as the Patriarch of House Potter, then with the permission of Matriarch Bones, I would invite my Proxies to take their places among us here in the Court's tiers," he went on, catching his loved ones' eyes and indicating that they should join him, after receiving a half-hidden smirk and a nod from the older witch.

Once the remaining members of Ragnarok claimed their House seats, Harry then resumed his earlier discourse as he turned to address the Chief Witch.

"At this point in time, Matriarch Bones," he said as he offered her a small smile, "this concludes all of the announcements I wished to offer, at least for the moment, and I thank you and our esteemed colleagues for the opportunity you have provided me to do so."

Giving her a small, formal bow, Harry then sat down and pretended to ignore the whispers and barely hushed conversations that immediately sprang up throughout the chamber as people began speculating on the possible consequences of any and all of the House of Potter's actions here this morning.

"You are most certainly welcome, Patriarch Potter," Amelia Bones smiled back as she acknowledged his statement. "And I, for one, thank you for providing us with a most – fascinating – meeting.

"I cannot recall any other meeting I have attended since I assumed the duties of my House which has proven to be nearly as interesting," she stated with a completely straight face.

Looking around at her fellow Heads of House, Amelia asked, "Is there any additional business that anyone present would wish to bring before this gathering?"

Seeing the multitude of head shakes and muttered negatives, she subsequently announced, "Seeing that there are no indications of any further business, I declare this session of the Wizengamot to be concluded!"


Ministry of Magic
The Atrium

Approximately 8:40 AM

Following Remus' lead, Ragnarok, accompanied by Arthur, Molly and Ginny Weasley, had just exited the lift they'd taken up from Level Nine and passed the security stand at the far end of the main Atrium when they were alerted to a possible threat by a series of 'pops' sounding to their rear and off to one side of the large hall, near the Fountain of Magical Brethren.

Reflexively dropping into crouches, their backs to the nearest wall to better guard against attacks, each member of Ragnarok had their registered wand in their main hand and one of the various spare wands Harry and Ron had 'acquired' during their brief foray into Coeburn's Collectibles in Knockturn Alley at the beginning of the month in their off hand, their senses alert for whatever potential foe might have come looking for them.

A fraction of an instant after the sound of their arrival began echoing through the hall, a group of approximately twelve white-masked and black-cloaked figures, accompanied by a massive, unmasked, grey-haired and feral-looking man who couldn't be anyone other than the werewolf Fenrir Greyback, were all sending various curses shooting through the air to impact on unsuspecting innocents whose screams of surprised pain and terror initiated a wave of panic that began coursing through the masses of wizards and witches present.

"Coverage Charlie-One!!" Xander immediately yelled even as he sent a low-voiced, near-silent "Diffindo!" at the black-robed figure closest to him. His target didn't even have time to scream in pain as the spell cleaved open their chest and continued further in, slicing deep across both of the terrorist's lungs and leaving them to drown in their own blood as they collapsed to the floor of the Atrium.

Battle-honed reflexes instantly kicked in and Sabrina cast a Protego Totalus charm to shield herself and her teammates from attack even as Harry, Hermione and Ron each unleashed their favorite offensive spells.

Two Death Eaters immediately slammed back against the far wall of the foyer, compliments of Harry's silent Banishing charm, with the sound of various bones in each of the fanatics breaking upon impact clearly audible, while Hermione's low-voiced "Nuke!" enveloped the Death Eater unfortunate enough to be closest to her in a sphere of brilliant white light for the briefest of instants before then winking out of existence and leaving a pair of near-incinerated lower legs to drop to the ground even as Ron's "Reducto!" demolished the chest of the Deeze opposite him as he was still trying to get off his first spell.


Remus' lips curled into an approximation of a smile as he noticed Fenrir Greyback lunging forward towards Arthur Weasley as the man focused his attention on ensuring his wife's and daughter's safety, the Death Eater's long claw-like fingernails poised to rake across the unsuspecting wizard's back, and the Marauder instantly launched his own body forward in a trajectory that would intersect with the older lycanthrope's path.

Driving his shoulder as forcefully into his opponent's kidney as he could manage, Remus released Greyback as the two of them hit the ground and continued rolling forward and back onto his feet, then spun around on the ball of his right foot to turn and face the man who'd bitten and infected him when he was a child.

"Lupin?" Greyback snarled in surprise when he recognized his assailant, then grinned with savage glee as he leaped forward, claws reaching out to slash and destroy.

"Snape's gonna be so disappointed that he never got the chance to kill you himself," he declared confidently, only for his eyes to widen with mixed astonishment, disbelief and pain as Remus crouched down and darted forward under his attack faster than Greyback believed possible, to eviscerate the older man with his own claws.

Even as Greyback awkwardly hit the ground, his left hand desperately trying to hold in his intestines while he attempted to regain his feet, Remus was pouncing on him, grabbing hold of the Death Eater's head with both hands and giving his prey's neck a vicious twist as he yanked upwards and backwards.

An inhuman howl of triumph echoed from the Atrium's ceiling and walls as Remus held up Greyback's head for all to see, exulting in his revenge on the creature responsible for making his life intolerable all those years ago.


Ginny Weasley reflexively dove to the floor of the Atrium and began clawing out her wand the instant she heard the first in a sequence of 'pops,' both her past week's training with her friends and the few remaining fragments of Tom Riddle's memories that still lingered in her mind allowing her to recognize the sound as a possible prelude to a Death Eater attack.

Rolling onto her back and seeing a back-robed figure looming over her, she immediately screamed out the 'Reducto' spell Ron and Sabrina had spent so much time the previous week teaching her, in preparation for their raids on the Death Eater hangouts, her rage and fear supercharging the spell to even higher levels of damage than would normally be expected.


Amycus Carrow laughed with anticipation as he apparated into the Ministry vestibule, together with his sister, Alecto, and several others of His Lord's chosen, who had been selected to show the rabble that even the Ministry wasn't safe from His righteous wrath.

Randomly loosing a blasting curse at the first fool he noticed, Amycus' eyes lit up with glee as he recognized the youngest spawn of the Weasley blood traitors had fallen almost directly in front of him, her legs apparently collapsing with fear upon the mere sight of him and his fellow Death Eaters.

A wide smile illuminated the terrorist's face as he relished the thoughts of the pain and anguish both of the girl's parents would suffer when they realized their child was dead at his hands, and he was just beginning to aim his wand at her when he saw the end of the little bitch's wand glow, and then Amycus thought nothing at all ever again as the arcane energy shot upwards, pulverizing his entrails and splashing them in a fine mist across the wall behind him.


Antonin Dolohov scowled as he watched the mudblood bitch who Potter had just identified as his fiancée before the Wizengamot moments earlier use a spell he'd never seen before to reduce that idiot Travers to a charred pair of legs, but then grinned with gleeful anticipation when he considered the heartache the boy would suffer once he realized the upstart bitch was dead.

Uttering the forbidden phrase, 'Avada Kedavra,' Dolohov watched the sickly green energy shoot from his wand, only to realized that the mudblood had somehow realized what he was doing and had spun away out of his line of fire, allowing the spell to impact harmlessly against the wall behind her.

He was trying to bring his wand around, so as to target the arrogant little bitch again, when Antonin abruptly realized that the mudblood had spun not *away* from him while avoiding his attack, but instead had spun *towards* him, and his eyes flared wide with panic as he saw the second wand in her other hand was aimed directly at his face – more specifically, at the space directly between his eyes.

Dolohov's arm was just beginning to bring his own wand around, in a pathetically slow and futile attempt to cast a 'Protego' charm when Hermione unleashed a 'Reducto' spell that pulped his head like a watermelon hit by a sledgehammer and splattered his cerebral tissue across both his fellow Death Eaters and the wall behind him.


Alecto Carrow was smiling with pure delight as she tossed a series of cutting spells out across the panicked and fleeing rabble that filled the Ministry's vestibule when she suddenly realized that the most recent screams of pain and agony she'd heard were coming from her brother, and not from the sheep she and her companions had been sent here to terrorize.

Quickly spinning around, Alecto was both astonished and outraged to see Amycus lying on the floor of the Atrium, blood pouring from his crushed and pulverized abdomen, while that arrogant blood-traitor Arthur Weasley stood only a few feet away with his wand trained on him.

Snarling her hatred, Alecto immediately snapped off a "Crucio," only to see it blocked by a sheet of slate that had suddenly appeared right in front of the blood-traitor.

A flicker of motion off to her right side had her ducking away and she saw the red flash of a 'Stupefy' miss her by barely a few inches, and she looked over to see Weasley's wife yelling out another spell as the bitch gestured in her direction.

She spat another 'Crucio" at Weasley and then immediately sent a quick bone-breaker in the interfering self-righteous biddy's direction while the bitch was distracted trying to shield her husband, to show her and everyone else present the futility of refusing to follow the Dark Lord's will and she smiled triumphantly as the woman screamed in agony and dropped in a motionless heap to the floor.

Unfortunately for Alecto Carrow, however, she didn't see either of the severing charms sent at her by Ron and Ginny in response to her attack on their parents. The two spells instantly sliced her apart like a slaughtered steer, and the would-be terrorist quickly joined her brother in bleeding out the last few seconds of her life onto the floor of the vestibule.


Harry let a small smile of satisfaction slide across his face as he checked out the scene from the aspect of summarizing the situation for a post-mission briefing.

The aurors seemed to have the situation in hand as far as taking care of the injured people who had been attacked by the Death Eaters who had somehow managed to portkey into the Ministry, despite what were supposed to be some of the best defensive wards available.

And as far as Tommy-Boy's minions were concerned, every single one of them were all sprawled haphazardly across the floor of the Atrium, their blood congealing either on the floor around them or on the walls which it had splattered across.

From what he could see, none of Tom's bootlickers were looking as though they were going to be heading to St. Mungo's – unless of course, they were going to be used as part of a Show-and-Tell exhibit on the effects of spell damage on the human body, Harry grinned to himself with a bit of morbid gallows humor.

The grin disappeared instantly as he heard Ginny's anguished scream of "No! Mum!" and Harry and the other members of Ragnarok all turned to discover Molly's Weasley lying on the floor, motionless, with a frighteningly large pool of blood spreading all around her like a crimson halo.

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