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A New World

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Summary: Just as the Scoobies think The First has gone. An old friend reappears with a surprise that they're not gonna like.

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Chapter Nine

SUMMARY: While the others battle to find Buffy and Ronon, she finds herself in the center of her own conflict and the only way she can win is by losing.

DISCLAIMER: Buffy is property of Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon while SGA belongs to Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright

NOTES : This was my first sex scene so please be gentle with me.

“You planning on stopping anytime soon honey?” Xander had to break the silence. He had been sat on the bed for hours now watching Dawn pace the same path and it was beyond tiring.

It had been god knows how many hours since the news of Buffy and Ronon’s disappearing act had been made public.

Sheppard and the non missing members of the team had gated back to Atlantis to inform Weir of the situation. It had literally taken everything he had in him not to smack the teeth out of McKay’s rather too big head when he had stated quite loudly that if they had stayed with the others they would never have been caught. In the end he didn’t have to move a muscle. Dawn had taken care of it for him by calmly turning to the scientist and giving him an almighty smack across the face that had him thinking once again that they had been wrong when they said his girlfriend wasn’t a Potential.

Teyla being the peacekeeper as always managed to dig Rodney out of the ten feet hole he had thrown himself in by explaining this had happened before and in all likelihood they would have been transported onto the mother ship or Hive if you were giving its official name.

Dawn had come up with the idea of using the beam things whatever they were called to whoosh them back but Sheppard burst that bubble pretty quickly. Even if they still had them on them they would have to be within range of the Hive to beam them up.

A recon team had been kept on the planet to look around but they came back with nothing new. After searching the area extensively where they had vanished from all they had found were the transporters lying smashed up next to each other where the dart had scooped them up.
Coming to the conclusion that it had been a set up, they went to Atticus who whistled long before anyone laid a hand on him.
God only knew how but the Wraith had heard about Buffy’s appearance in the galaxy. They knew that she was human but mucho strong. For some reason they wanted to know just how much power she had in her so they gated to the planet and offered them a deal they couldn’t refuse – either get the girl and her soldiers to their location so they could contain and capture her or they would cull the whole population.
Atticus the head honcho of the settlement had unwillingly agreed. His guilt raised even more notches when he realized it was through saving one of the children that she was caught.

It was safe to say that no one wanted to be the one to break the news when they headed back to the city especially after Dawn’s earlier performance.

What had come as a surprise was how calmly she had taken it. She took everything in with a nod before telling the packed office that it may now take longer to get them back now, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t care how long, she was gonna look the Wraith in the eye who had taken her sister and she was gonna open a can of whoop ass on him and at that moment, not one person doubted her.

That had been six hours ago and she had divided her time up until now by pacing the full length of their room and…

“Since the next words out of your mouth will be ‘oww my balls’ if I don’t, I’ll let you decide!” Dawn’s terse reply brought him back to the present.

…and threatening to kick his ass.

“Ohhhkay,” he stood debating on how to deal with this…thing that had taken over his usually sweet girlfriend. He said usually because for the past few weeks she had been acting mega weird even for Dawn. It was nothing obvious, nothing that you would pick up on but like he said, he knew her and there was something there that she wasn’t telling him.

The way she had been acting the last few hours just furthered his theory. This was Buffy they were talking about. She who likes to slash and hack who also had a psychopathic man mountain of a boyfriend with her. Whoever or whatever these Wraith creepy crawlies were, he felt sorry for them. He had been on both sides of the Buffy Summers kick ass carnival and he knew which ride he preferred to stay on.

Yet the way Dawn was acting, you would have thought that the only thing Buffy had ever snapped off before was a nail never mind someone’s neck. If it hadn’t been so serious he would actually laugh at how crazy she was acting.

“And on that note, I think I’ll go and find Sheppard, give you more room to do the whole circuit.” He stood making sure to keep his eyes on the ground as he passed.

He figured he wouldn’t even make it to the door before he got his answer…he was right.

“So your just gonna leave?” she stopped in her tracks, her hands reaching her hips in a perfect imitation of her older sister. “Nice to know when it comes to it I can depend on you.”

“Honey,” he turned back to her, his heart breaking when he saw how hard she was trying to remain composed. “I know your worried, we all are, believe me, I’m right there with you but until the others figure out where they are, I don’t see what else we can do.”

“And in the meantime what do you suggest I do? Huh… sit here and thumb wrestle…a game of cards…what do you think Xand?”

“She’s Buffy, she’ll be okay.” He took a step towards her but she backtracked.

“How can you say that?” she all but yelled at him. “She’s stuck in some god forbidden planet having crap knows what done to her!” She knew it wasn’t his fault but she needed to vent and he was the only one in the room with her so he would just have to man up and deal.

“Okay, time out Dawn,” he finally had had enough. He was just as worried for his friend. “I’m all with the freaking too but I refuse to be the bad guy in this…” he trailed off as he saw the first tears leak from her eyes.

She sniffed reaching for him even as he pulled her into his arms.

“Sweetheart is…” he hesitated over his next words. “You know she can take care of herself right? This is Buffy we’re on about. She’s invincible girl.”

The stifled sob as she buried her head into his chest gave him his answer, mumbling something he couldn’t quite make out. “What was that honey?” he asked softly.

“I said she isn’t,” she turned her head to talk. “Not anymore. Not after…” she whimpered as it dawned on him what had been on her mind.
“Your scared that she’s gonna die on us again!” his hand came up to stroke her hair.

It wasn’t a question but she nodded anyway before extracting herself from his arms. She needed some space before she could continue the conversation.

“I saw her get hurt so many times you know,” she walked over to the bed and deposited herself on it, taking a tissue from the box on the nightstand to wipe her nose before continuing. “It didn’t matter though. She always got through it with nothing more than a few cuts and grazes. You know, I never told her this partly because she would think I was up to something but I was so proud of her. It was MY sister who kept the world safe and I knew I never had to worry because no matter what was thrown at her, she would deal because she was so good.”

She paused before starting again. “The whole Master crapola never really counted you know? I knew she had died but it was only for a minute before you rode in with the rescue. It wasn’t until that …that night that I finally saw what she had to do. I stopped looking at her through rose tinted glasses anymore and realized she wasn’t a hero. She was human. Does that make sense?”

“Perfect,” he nodded walking over to her, banding his arm around her when he sat down. “You probably don’t wanna hear this but during my whole puppy dog phase, I was exactly the same. It didn’t matter who she fought, she would win. She was too perfect not to.”

“You’re drooling” she shook her head only partly joking. As sure as she was of his feelings, Xander had had a hero worship thing for Buffy for so long that she wasn’t so assured that he would every be completely over her.

“Gotcha less with the drool-age,” he nodded before getting back to the point. “She isn’t perfect and she made mistakes…lots of them but that’s what makes her Buffy. Plus she’s the only Slayer to ever come back…twice.

“Yeah and look what happened the last time,” she shook her head, even now not sure what went through his head at times.

He shrugged. “I know honey but even with everything that happened afterwards I still don’t regret it. In my opinion it was the best thing Willow ever did.”

“You know I’d give anything for that right now,” she sighed into his arm. “The lot of us sat in the Magic Box together again. Anya would be counting the money; you would be stuffing your face. Will and Tara would be whispering into each other’s ears, saying things that Buffy would swear I was too young to hear while she and Spike would snipe at each other while secretly eying each other up.”

“And Giles would be shaking his head at the lot of us, cleaning his glasses,” he nodded, a wistful smile appearing on his face. He knew exactly what she meant. He missed it all too. Hell he even missed the bleached wonder, something he had never thought would happen. “When we were together, the Scoobies really could do everything.”

“Yeah,” her head came up, wearing a smirk reminiscent of a certain Peroxide blonde. “You really could do anything couldn’t you?”

They were screwed. That was the only word for it and the pair of them had no one to blame but themselves.

They had had been too far involved in their smoochies to notice anyone sneaking up, only getting realizing when one of the sons of bitches trampled onto a branch, announcing their presence.

So because of their hormones…well mostly hers if she was being honest, they were standing with their hands tied behind their backs with at least a dozen of what looked like Wraith standing in between her and her scythe.

“You okay?” Ronon’s words came out as a mumble.

“Peachy,” she grouched, pissed that she hadn’t even had a chance to get her top back on before they had been shackled. Thanks to her time with Spike she had quickly realized that she quite enjoyed a bit of bondage fun but even she drew the line when she was wearing nothing but a bra and it was these ugly fucks at the other end of the ropes. “You know who they are?”

Her eyes followed the one she assumed to be the leader as he walked through the crowd, growling commands as he did.

“The Wraith,” he growled, earning a raised eyebrow from leader boy. “This doesn’t make sense though…none of it does.”

“Oh well, that explains it. Thanks!” She rolled her eyes.

It took her a minute to realize that he wasn’t gonna finish the sentence.

“Ummm …” She whispered while mentally remembering herself to ix nay on the sarcasm while he was about.

“Yeah?” he turned to her.

“I’m gonna need the end of the story honey.”

“I thought you…” he trailed off, giving her a glare when he realized what she had been doing before continuing.

Her eyes followed him around the wooded area and it seemed as if he was right. Something was definitely of the up. The leader who she decided would be Dick from now on was whispering something to the minions as he passed, obviously instructions of some kind but what they were, she couldn’t hear.

“Usually they cull the whole planet and harvest them on the Hive….”

“And I’m guessing that Sheppard and the others would be looking for the Hive then…not wherever the hell we are?”

He nodded again. “They will have gone back to the planet by now and more than likely found the transporters. The Hive will be the next stop when they find out where it is.”

Okay maybe it was time to lift the ‘we’re buggered’ bar. She figured the others would already be on their way and she would be shampooing all the Wraith crap out come morning.

Now, it wasn’t looking so good. “Man, this sucks more than a sucker at a suck fest!”

Before he got a chance to reply, Dick stalked over to them, his eyes immediately trained onto hers. “You are not what I was expecting human.”

“Ditto,” she shot back. “You know, where I’m from; we deal with problems like you with a tin of spray and a fly swatter. Now, since I left my bug be gone in my other purse how about you be a sweetie and lay your head down so I can squish you under my expensive yet practical boot.”

Her answer brought a grin from her partner and a growl from her adversary.

“You have a tongue on you girl, while it may amuse others; I assure you that it earns you no favors with me.” He bent down until they were only inches apart and ignoring the warning growl from Ronon, he made sure he had the Saetedan’s full attention before his feeding hand came to her face, dragging his claw slowly and deliberately down her cheek deep enough to leave a trail of blood. “Maybe you aren’t in the best position to be so flip child.”

“I repeat Ditto…Dick!” she stood her ground even his hand drifted down to her chest, smirking in triumph when he felt her tremble underneath his palm mistaking the revulsion for fear.

“Get your hands off of her or I’ll rip your fucking throat out!” Ronon’s snarl did nothing but earn a laugh to which the others joined in.

“You know, I think there’s been a misunderstanding,” his fingers continued to trace the lace pattern. “From what I had heard, you were this mighty warrior, who backed down from no one yet you stand here and let yourself be petted like a whore. If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were enjoying it.” A glance at her face showed that she had shut her eyes. “Maybe we could find a better use for you and you’re…talents.”

“I got a talent for you!” Ronon growled, anger flowing through him. He had been waiting on the wisecracks that he had come to love. What he hadn’t expected was her standing there acting like a trembling virgin as he trailed his stinking hands all over her, tied up or not. “How about you let me go and I show you a few tricks of my own?”

“I think your gentleman is worried girl,” he nodded, removing his hand before stepping away. “Should I let him go so he can defend your honor?” He put an arm around Buffy whose eyes were still shut and with a click of his fingers, the restraints were released and the Saetedan was booted onto his knees.

Pissed beyond reason, Ronon flew straight into the middle of the group, fists and boots catching whoever he could, using his anger the best way he knew how. He might not walk away from this but he was gonna take every last one of the bastards with him when he dropped.


With his arm still around her, Dick watched as the human fought with all he had. He must have known he would never win yet he still battled. This was something he had never understood about this particular species. They knew they were outnumbered, outsmarted and outmaneuvered yet they still fought as if they honestly thought they were the ones in control.

Truthfully it mattered not to him who lived and died, his group included. The men currently surrounding the warrior were fodder and nothing more. It was the reason he had chosen them rather than the more experienced soldiers that he usually surrounded himself with.

The reason for it was simple – the girl he was currently holding.

He had heard numerous tales of her during his travels. A tiny blonde mortal that seemed to have some sort of unexplained strength who had mysteriously appeared in the galaxy and for some reason had allied herself with the pretenders who were now occupying Atlantis.

He held nothing but contempt for humans; they served one purpose and one purpose only. Yet this one if she was dealt with properly would be able to help him with a plot he had been hopeful of completing for some time.

The plan was simple. He wanted power…as much as he could get. There was only one way to achieve this. He needed to rule the rest of his species and to do that he needed to dispose the current sovereign – the Queen.

He couldn’t reach out to another female for obvious reasons. She would want the power for herself regardless of his request. The way he saw it, he only had one other choice. He needed a human who he could sway to his side. He needed a fighter strong enough to take down whoever was in her path yet naive enough to fall in line with any suggestion that he threw her way.

He had had hopes with the Athosian girl who also resided on Atlantis. She carried the gene of his people and was quite skilled but unfortunately she had had it drummed into her how evil his kind was. He knew it would be hard if not impossible to influence her to his side.

This girl…Buffy…she had been called, also seemed to fit the bill. She seemed to be easily influenced if her behavior just now was anything to go by. Yes, she would be perfect for his plans. Then when his dreams were realized and he had what he wanted in his grasp, he would rid himself of her.
It all depended on the next few moments. Was she really as good as they all said?

Now was the time to find out.

As he watched the Saetedan take a punch to the stomach he missed another fight going on right under his nose. Although this fight wasn’t as physical as the encounter between Ronon and the Wraith, the outcome would still be as bloody and brutal.

This particular battle wasn’t between two enemies rather instead it was two parts of a whole who were involved in the dispute.
To be precise, Buffy was struggling with all her might to hold onto control while Slayer was roaring at her to be set free. The minute the overgrown ant had touched her, Slayer decided it was time to make an appearance.

In normal circumstances, Buffy had no problem letting her other half take control. She gave her all and she always got the job done. When it looked as if there was no end in sight, she would be the one to take the reigns and show everyone why she was THE Slayer.

Today was different though. She knew without a doubt that if she let go, there would be a massacre. She had felt her presence before but never as strongly as she did right now. The minute the overgrown ant had touched her all bets were off. For some reason Slayer wanted blood today and she was adamant she was going to get it whether Buffy agreed or not.

“You know why I can’t do it!” Buffy sighed, ignoring the snarls from her less human side.

“You don’t move your ass; there won’t be any of him to worry about!” Slayer growled back, wishing for once that the girl would listen to her. It wasn’t as if she was stupid, she had been with her every step of the way. She would argue, moan then reluctantly hand the keys over but he didn’t just belong to Buffy. He belonged to her too and she didn’t want to see him hurt even though watching him fight always got her juices going.

“What if…we go too far and he doesn’t…”

“If he gives a shit about that then he isn’t good enough for us anyway?” Slayer’s growl interrupted her. “He will be nothing more than another Riley. You don’t get your fucking ass into gear then there won’t be a guy for you to ask.”

Buffy’s eyes popped open just as Ronon doubled over, the glint from the knife which was now embedded in his side, catching her eye.

The fear for her mate had her moving in a blur, easily ripping the ropes from her as she rushed over only stopping to grab the scythe that had been taken from her as she charged Ronon’s assailant, her fist thrusting straight through his assailant’s stomach, not even waiting for him to lurch forward before she used her scythe to separate his head from his shoulders.

“Behind…” Ronon’s warning was too late. She turned around just in time to see Dick’s fist approaching her face, managing to whack her with enough force to send her smack bang into the tree while her scythe flew into the other direction.

“Buffy…” Hearing the crack, Ronon tried to reach her but there was still too many of them in the way. He didn’t want to admit it but they were fucked. Although the wound from the knife was shallow, he had already lost too much blood. Another glance over at the Slayer showed that she wasn’t fairing much better if the blood pouring out of her head was anything to go by.

“I hope you aren’t too hurt,” Dick mocked, the sneer never leaving his face as he walked over to her. “I wouldn’t want anybody taking advantage of you.”

“Buffy…sweetheart,” Ronon’s voice rose with panic. She was still slumped against the tree, her usual blonde hair now a shocking red. Refusing to let it end like this, he tried to stand but was immediately kicked back down by three of the minions holding him down. He only had one weapon left and he was adamant he was going to use it.

“BUFFY, open you’re eyes, get your ass up and put him in the ground,” he yelled. “You’re the Slayer now fucking act like it!” he was screaming now but he didn’t care, he wasn’t going to lose her. Not here, not now he had finally found her.

She came to just as Dick reached her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ronon, his eyes pleading with her as he screamed something that she couldn’t quite make out.

“My way now?” she heard the smirk in Slayers voice.

“Your way!” she finally relented, relaxing enough to let her take complete control.

“It’s a pity really,” Dick grinned seeing her closing her eyes once again. “I had thought you would have given us more of a challenge girl.”

“I’m gonna find you you son of a bitch and I’m gonna rip you apart!” Ronon roared as Dick grabbed her by the neck, dragging her up until she was eye level with him, her eyes still shut. He didn’t want to watch knowing what was coming but he couldn’t look away.

Dick’s hand went to her chest ready to drain her. Wanting to see the look of fear in her eyes as he took her life, he forced her eyes open…only to let her fall, stumbling away from her as a look of horror replaced the up until then superior expression on his face, faltering back even more when all of a sudden Buffy shot up.

“Buffy?” Ronon’s voice was filled with confusion.

Her answer was a growl before she turned to the remaining Wraith that were all surrounding him.

If possible, her eyes seemed to darken even more as she opened her mouth and let out a blood curdling roar before making her way towards them. A few turned tail and ran rather than face whatever the hell it was that was approaching them.

Ronon could do nothing but sit and witness as she cut a path through the ones who remained, watching as they fell one after the other like dominoes. It didn’t matter the method, be it breaking their neck, ripping their throats or other body parts out, as soon as she delivered the punishment she deemed appropriate, she went onto the next, taking on two or three at once as she made her way to him.

He knew as soon as he heard the first neck crack who he was dealing with now. It wasn’t Buffy but Slayer who was currently renting the building. He knew he was safe with Buffy, he knew for sure her feelings for him but the…Slayer, was a different matter altogether.

The first meeting had ended in him having his ass handed to him and the next seemed to be just as successful. For all he knew, she was leaving him for the main event. He would fight as best as he could but in all honesty, he couldn’t take her at full strength, never mind when he’d lost most of the blood from his body.

It took less than ten minutes for her to take care of business until it was only her, him and Dick left and being honest, it looked as if he didn’t have long left in this world if the look of vengeance on her face was anything to go by.

“We’ll meet again girl, don’t worry about that.” He saluted her and was beamed away just as she reached him, her snarl showing her displeasure at the development.

Then it happened.

She turned until their eyes met. He had no idea what she was thinking…hell, at this point, he wasn’t a hundred percent sure she knew who he was. For all he knew, she could decide to make him part of the body pile any second. It looked as if he got his answer when she started towards him.

“Buffy, you in there,” he groaned, as he stood, if he was gonna die, he sure as hell wasn’t gonna do it on his ass. He held out a hand. “I think we need to look at that head of yours sweetheart, it looks bad.”

She stopped when she reached him, her eyes never leaving his even as she reached to take his hand in her smaller one.

“Buff…” was all he could get out before she grabbed him by his dreadlocks and threw him.


“Are you sure this is wise?” Elizabeth’s question was direct and to the point. “I know she has had…problems in the past.”

When Dawn had first come to her with the plan, adamant that if anybody could locate Buffy, it would be Willow so she had green lit it sending a team back to Earth to fill the redhead in and bring her back to the city.

So now they were waiting on them coming back and unfortunately it had given her time to come up with a lot of misgivings.

She didn’t want to upset the girl sitting across the table from her but she had to make sure her worries were aired. She had learned her lesson with Buffy and refused to keep anything hidden anymore. Yes, the other woman was civil to her but she knew that was all it was, courtesy. She hadn’t forgiven her for what she obviously saw as a betrayal and probably never would but that was something for another time because right now Willow Rosenberg and her powers were on her mind.

This was the woman who had managed to subdue the Slayer, someone who herself had a lot of power. She had seen what Buffy…Slayer was capable of and that was scary so she didn’t even want to think what Willow was able to achieve.

From previous conversations with the three Sunnydale natives she knew about the Wicca’s problem with control and restraint and to be honest, she had no desire in standing back and watching as the powerful witch took on too much power and try and destroy Atlantis.

“”She’s worked all that out now,” Dawn assured her from across the table. “That period was hard…for all of us; stuff happened and no matter how wrong we dealt with it in our own ways. It was hard, god it really was but she managed to come back from the brink. She’s figured out how to center herself and she’s in a way better place now, honestly, she will be fine.”

“Dawn,” she put her cup down. “I am in no way disregarding Willow, truly I’m not. But being realistic, this isn’t a needle in a haystack we are searching for, we’re talking flea in a football stadium. It’s gonna take a lot out of her.”

“She managed to resurrect her Elizabeth. She also managed a mountain of Slayers out of a molehill so I’m guessing that bringing her back from another planet is gonna be a piece of cake.” she grabbed her can of ginger beer and took a sip, her eyes drifting to the gate every few seconds not noticing the attention that the older woman was giving her. There was something else up and it was nothing to do with her sister’s disappearance.
She had started detecting it a few weeks back during a conversation.

Despite, the rocky start Buffy had settled into life perfectly in the city. She was much admired and liked by friends and colleagues. Her relationship with Ronon seemed to be good for the usually morose Saetedan also. He appeared to be more open around others now unlike the silent warrior who first arrived.

Xander seemed to be neither here nor there but it was Dawn who was turning out to be the worry. Although not obvious about it, she was starting to withdraw little by little and keeping to herself.

During a meeting with Zalenka, he had mentioned her usual flair in the lab was starting to disappear. It wasn’t that her work was lacking. No, on the contrary it was better than ever but there was something missing that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Since then she had been watching her and it seemed he had been right. There was something there, something that she couldn’t put his finger on.


She was interrupted when the alarm went off telling them someone was coming through the gate. Without another word, Dawn leapt from her seat and rushed down the stairs just as the wormhole opened and Sheppard came out with Willow and Teyla took up the rear.

“Will.” She rushed into the older woman’s arms without another thought, needing the assurance that only she could give her. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Its okay sweetie we’ll get her back. We’ve even brought our own sniffer dog.” She let her go and moved towards Xander who had just rushed down the stairs.

“Huh?” she looked to the gate, a smile appearing on her face when Angel walked through followed by Major Lorne. Regardless of their usual interaction, she rushed into his arms happy that he was here to help. “You’ll find her right?”

“I swear Dawnie, we’ll get her back.” He promised, rubbing her back as he nodded a greeting in Xander’s direction.

“Do you wanna…?”

“Nah, its fine,” Willow interrupted Elizabeth’s question. “I’m ready if you are?”

“Okay, this way then.” Rodney ushered her towards one of the exercise rooms which had been set up when Xander informed them that Willow would need lots of space. “We have everything stocked that you need.”

An hour later and everyone had been brought up to speed. Not surprisingly, it was Angel who voiced his concerns.

“Okay if that’s the case why would they, firstly take her and secondly, well…hide her…them?”

“That’s exactly what we were wondering,” Xander answered, his eyes never leaving the corner where Rodney and Willow were huddled together. He wasn’t the only one to notice the almost flirting between the couple during Buffy’s party and now he knew that her ‘relationship’ with Kennedy was on the skids, he had a feeling that Willow was gonna be shopping in the men’s department once again very soon.

“All we can figure is somehow they have guessed out she’s stronger than the average girl,” Sheppard continued. “They seemed to know exactly who they were looking and they would know that the Hive is the first place we would check for them.”

“So your thinking they are doing a little recon then?” the vampire concurred. “Seeing what they have on their hands?”

Dawn grimaced. “They really don’t know what they’ve let themselves in for, have they.”

The two men smirked, knowing exactly what would happen to the creatures that had pissed the Slayer off.

“Okay we’re ready to get this started,” Willow’s voice traveled over. “Teyla and Dawn, can the two of you step into the circle and sit facing each other then we can get started.”

She reached for the mixture that she had prepared but Rodney had already picked it up ready to give it to her.

“Thanks.” She smiled taking from him. “Now if this goes to plan we should be able to pin point where they are. It might not be exact but it’s more than we have now.”

“Okay, I get why your using Dawn but why Teyla?” Xander uttered the question that the others were thinking.

The Athosian answered before Willow could. “I have the Slayer essence in me just as Buffy has. If we use that on top of Dawn’s connection to her then we truly have a better chance of locating Buffy.”

“Okay ladies, gentlemen and Xander,” Willow nodded, ignoring the laughs and the grumble from the man in question. “Let’s find us our girl.”


He wasn’t complaining he really wasn’t. It’s just that in all the scenarios that had floated through his head when she grabbed him, unsurprisingly, this hadn’t featured.

He had envisioned a lot of things, her using her claws to slice his throat, using her hands to rip his heart out…instead she had threw him onto the ground and jumped onto him before nuzzling into him like an excited puppy.

He knew now wasn’t the time for this. They were both sore from the fight, both of their bodies covered in dried blood and bruises as well as her own hair now completely caked in red.

Yet she didn’t seem to mind, especially if the moans and whimpers escaping her throat as he caressed her cheek were anything to go by.
Deciding enough was enough, she seized him by the hair, driving her lips onto his. He tried to keep it slow and tender at first, mindful of their injuries but it seemed Buffy was having none of it as she plunged her tongue into his mouth and the little control he had soon disappeared as she rubbed herself against him.

His hands went to her chest, rubbing and pawing the red lace covered bra trying to be as gentle as he could, something Buffy soon changed when she clamped onto his arms, her nails drawing blood as she deliberately brushed herself against his hardening bulge.

If he had been in more control he would have wondered why his girlfriend had seemed to lose all ability to talk or more importantly, the fact that even though she looked like something out of a horror film right at that moment all he could think of was that the tiny growls and mewls coming out of her throat were the sexiest noises he had ever heard and to be honest she could have had horns coming out of her and he really wouldn’t give a crap.
Buffy herself wasn’t so worried. Although she had let Slayer out before, this was the first time she had taken complete control and since talking wasn’t so much of an issue, she wasn’t used to it. It would come back eventually and then she would explain everything to him.

“I wanted this for so long.” He admitted. She nodded her understanding and with a sigh of relief, he brought his tongue out to trace patterns on her breasts as his hands went to her back, quickly unsnapping the hook of her bra with ease before moving up to the straps, quickly ripping them down her arms so he could completely remove it from her.

He barely had time to throw it to the side before she grabbed him by the arms and forcefully lay him back down, her tiny hands pinning his much larger ones in place, growling her command at him to stay where he was.

Deciding to play along, he tried to move but once again, she slapped them back, bending down to his face, nipping his bottom lip before snarling another warning, refusing to go any further until he complied.

Biting back a moan, he nodded, unsurprised at the new turn of events. It looked as if she was looking for a willing slave and he was determined to make his mistress happy. The times he had stopped long enough to bed women when on the run had always been the same. They took one look at him and decided they wanted to be ravished. He had never admitted it but even if it was the once, he wanted to be the one who was tied down and dominated.

It looked as if he was finally gonna get his wish.

Now he knew the game that was being played, he knew what she wanted. Without another word, he lowered his head, showing his submission. The purr that escaped seconds later was enough to get him as hard as a rock.

Satisfied that he was now listening, her fingers gripped his hair as she pulled him up, thrusting her chest into his face, a rumble escaping when his tongue came out to circle a nipple as his mouth engulfed it, sucking and kissing whatever piece of flesh he could taste.

She allowed the feast to continue for another few minutes before pushing him back far enough so she could rip his vest down the middle not even bothering to fully remove it.

Without warning, she bent forward and seized one of his nipples into her mouth and using nothing but her tongue and teeth, she managed to work quite a few purrs and howls out of him, her hand coming up to make sure it’s partner wasn’t too jealous.

Deciding they had had enough attention, she sat up and got off him, making sure to draw her nails down his bulge as she did, earning a hiss for her efforts.

With a caution not to move, she got on her hands and knees crawling backwards until she reached his boot, unlacing and removing it before giving its partner the same treatment. Her hands once again went to his hard on as she took hold of it, cupping it with just enough pressure to earn a hiss.
She darted forwards popping his button and quickly unzipping his fly before removing his pants. He was big, not the biggest but she was happy with what she had to play with. Something reiterated when her hand encircled him as she bent forward, her tongue darting out to swirl around his tip, tasting him for the first time and the look of satisfaction on her face told him she was obviously happy with her findings.

With a whimper, she took in the length of his cock until she felt his coarse hairs ticking her cheeks as she hollowed her cheeks swallowing as she did before releasing him, making sure to let her teeth scrape the underside as she let him slip out, repeating the process again, faster each time.

“God…Buffy…that’s it baby….suck me…never felt…fuck…” He mumbled, closing his eyes because he knew if he kept on watching, he would blow earlier than either of them planned.

Releasing him with a pop, her hand continued to stroke him up and down, while the other went to his sac, fondling him with just the right amount of pressure. “Fuck…I’m gonna blow soon…it’s been too long…sorry…” He whimpered.

Not wanting the fun to end too early, she bent forward and once again kissed the tip, before releasing him and standing up.

Thinking he had fucked up, he opened his mouth ready to apologize but was relieved to see that she was toeing her boots off, her eyes drifting to her hands which were undoing the button of her pants before meeting his once again.

She turned until all he could see was her back. With a grunt, he sat up on his elbows silently urging her on. With a shake of the head, she slowly unzipped her pants before bending over, the material slowly revealing a matching thong to partner the bra she had earlier discarded, letting the pants drop so she could kick them off leaving her standing there wearing nothing but the thong which honestly showed more than it covered.

Sinking down, she got on her hands and knees, crawling over until she was straddling his chest.

She sneaked another kiss, her tongue once again reintroducing itself to his. Just as his hands came to her shoulders, she pushed him back down with another warning. Waiting until she was satisfied, she brought her left hand to her mouth, bringing her tongue out to swirl it around her index and middle fingers before tracing them down her chest, rubbing her nipples as she passed them and dropping down to her crotch.

His eyes never left her hand as she moved the material to the side showing her completely bare pussy.

“Fuck me your hot.” He shuddered as she stroked up and down her lips, slipping a finger in before removing it, showing that she was already soaking and placing it in front of him. Without hesitation, he pulled it into his mouth, savoring the taste that he now knew was pure Buffy and god if he wasn’t addicted already.


His eyes flew to hers. “What?”

“I said,” she growled moving forward until her she was sitting on his face. “Eat me!”

“Yes Ma’am.” He nodded grabbing hold of her ass cheeks as his tongue came out to lick the length of her, already tasting her juices on his tongue as his fingers came up to open her lips, letting him see what was hidden inside.

Satisfied he would do as he was told; her own hands went to her chest, cupping her decent side mounds, moaning in pleasure when she felt his tongue slip into her whimpering as he continued to thrust it in and out giving her a preview of what his cock was gonna do to her, her own fingers continued to roll and flick her nipples in time with him.

“Baby like that does she?” he grinned, “How about this?” he sucked her clit into his mouth, scraping it with his teeth earning a squeal.

He continued alternating sucking and licking while he entered a finger into the knuckle earning another whimper. “More?” he started with shallow thrusts.


Taking that as a yes, he added another, sliding them into her completely before adding a third until he was striking them in and out of her, groaning when her hips started to rotate in time her moaning and shuddering warning him she was ready to loose control at any second now.

“That’s it baby…wanna feel you come all over my face,” he continued plunging his fingers in and out of her dripping hole, “Need to feel you right…NOW!”

On the now, he bit her clit earning a roar as she came, her hot juices running straight into his waiting mouth, adamant that he wasn’t going to miss a single drop.

Losing all energy, she slumped forward.

“Enjoyed it did you?” she could hear the grin in his voice as his hands stroked her ass but she didn’t care. He had earned it.

“I did. But I’m gonna enjoy this more.”

His eyes widened but that’s all he could do because without another word, she sat up, scooted back, and grabbed his cock steadying herself as she slammed herself onto it, deliberately clenching her muscles.

“Fucking hell!” his eyes widened.

She beamed, nodding. “Oops, did I forget to tell you. No matter how many times I fuck, it’ll always feel like my first time.” She started circling her hips, her hand coming down to play with his chest, her fingers playing with the coarse hair around his nipple.

“Good to know.” He tried to twist them round so he could go on top but she had been ready for it and locked her legs, refusing to move.

“Uh huh honey, pretty sure I said I was in the driving seat tonight,” she raised herself up until she only had the tip of him in her. “Now, how about you just lie there and let me do all the work?” Once again she crashed herself back down, earning a growl.

Grabbing her sides, his hips came up to meet hers with every squeeze, driving into her until the both of them were yelling their pleasure.

“So good….don’t stop…god…please…don’t.” She whimpered, knowing it wouldn’t be long.

“Never gonna.” He promised, pulling her down for a kiss, their tongues copying the action of their lower bodies.

Feeling her start to shudder, his hand moved between their bodies.

“That’s it baby, come for me…all for me.” He whispered into her ear as his fingers squeezed her nub, already knowing it would be enough for her.

“Oh god…so good…love you baby…love you so much.” One more twist and that was enough for her to explode, screaming before dropping forward, her head landing on his chest.

Switching them round, he lay on top of her, grabbing her legs for leverage as he continued to thrust.

“That’s it baby, give me it.” She clutched onto him, her nails digging into him as he drove into her.

Feeling her rippling around him was the last straw.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it…yeah take it baby…here it comes.” With a snarl, he shoved into her one last time before erupting, her arms coming up to hold him to her as he emptied himself continuing to give small shallow thrusts until he was empty.

With a satisfied sigh, he let himself drop onto her, nothing but pants coming from him as his head nestled into her chest, her hands coming up to play with his dreadlocks.

“Love you.” He whispered, reaching for his coat to lay over them.

“Love you too honey.” She sighed, her eyes closing in contentment.

“Buffy are you there?”
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