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Alpha Angel

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Summary: What if Wolfram & Hart was a client of the Dollhouse? FFA pairing Buffy/Alpha

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Television > Dollhouse(Past Donor)akatFR1523,6601142,78620 Jun 096 Jul 09No

Omega Redux

That bitch ruined everything.

Alpha paced back and forth in his temporary hideout, trying to figure out where it all went wrong. He had broken into the Dollhouse, taken Echo, and imprinted her with multiple personalities. It was perfect, flawless. Well, it should’ve been, anyway.

Instead of transforming into Omega, she became this self-righteous, uppity bitch. Who then went on a rampage and destroyed his secret lab in the process.

Now the place was probably crawling with Dollhouse goons and that gullible FBI agent, Paul Ballard. That was okay, though. He could throw them a bone, let them glimpse his brilliance. It wouldn’t help them find him, and he would disappear like he did the first time.

He sat down heavily. His head was throbbing, and not just because Caroline/Echo/Omega hit him with a pipe. All his personalities had their own opinion of what they should do next, and they were all trying to say it at the same time. Most focused on revenge.

Let’s kill her. Make her pay for what she did.

We have to get her before she gets us.

But Alpha wasn’t totally convinced. He still held out hope that he could have his Omega. A few others agreed, too. One voice in his head, however, had a completely different idea.

Don’t waste your time on her. I have a better idea, someone who’s more worthy…

That was the vampire. Well, one of them. How he ended up with not one but two vampires in his head was beyond him. And he definitely could’ve done without the whiny one. It was like having a Jiminy Cricket with fangs.

Alpha still wasn’t sure how he felt about the other one, even after all this time with him. He appreciated Angelus’ penchant for violence, but fuck, he was bossy, like now.

An image of a petite blonde flashed through his mind. She was pretty enough, but Echo was his goddess, his soul mate. She wasn’t interchangeable. Besides, he didn’t like blondes.

I’ll let you in on a secret; she’s not a natural blonde.

A wide smile spread across Alpha’s features at the implication. Maybe the vampire wasn’t half bad after all. And the girl… as Angelus’ memories swept through his mind, he had to admit that she was impressive.

Leave. Buffy. Alone.

Alpha rolled his eyes. The annoying vampire. He ignored him at first, but then something caught his attention. Buffy? Her name was Buffy?


Saying her name out loud made it sound even more ridiculous. He could hear snickering, and it wasn’t just his own.

It would have to be changed, that’s all there was to it. An ascended being couldn’t very well go around with the name ‘Buffy’. If he was going to go after her, which he wasn’t.

As Alpha spent the next few weeks regrouping, Angelus worked on him and the other personalities, slowly chipping away at their resistance through a combination of threats, coercion, and persuasion.

Alpha found himself slowly coming around to the idea, especially once he found out what a Slayer was. Sure, she was full of moral superiority, but then so was he. The important thing was how she used it.

She’s an artist in violence and death, just like us.

Alpha began imagining what he and the Slayer could accomplish together, and it always was magnificent. He was fully aware that Angelus’ obsession with the girl was seeping into his consciousness and becoming his own as well, but he found that he didn’t mind.

It would be an incredible risk, though. As he had learned from Echo, the awareness of the original person could never be truly erased.

That just means we have to break her first.

This was the vampire’s number one priority. He whetted their appetites by describing exactly how he would accomplish this. There was no doubt that, by the time she was ready for tissue mapping, she would be a shell of who she was. And of course, Alpha had some ideas of his own to contribute.

The only problem was that he didn’t have any wedges for imprinting.

We could break into the Dollhouse again.

Ooh, then we could visit Whiskey… Maybe give her a few more mementos to remember us by…

That would be fun. Although there was always the chance that he could steal their scans and create his own imprints without setting foot in there. Wouldn’t that show that clever programmer who the real genius was? He had already wiped Echo remotely, and that was supposed to be impossible. It would take time, but it was something to think about.

That doesn’t mean we can’t move on Buffy. It will take some time before she’s ready. Hopefully a long time.

Wait, doesn’t anyone else think that it’s a bad idea to take on someone who’s professional title is the ‘Slayer’?

Alpha frowned at this thought; he did worry about taking her on, although he was loathe to admit it.

She will kick your ass and hand it back to you before you can make your first move. You think you’re a god? Not even close, and you’re nothing compared to her.

The other vampire, or as Alpha liked to call him, ‘stick in the mud’. Alpha had to admit, however grudgingly, that this vampire was strong. In fact, he was the only one who could keep Angelus in check. But he was isolated, the lone goody two shoes among mostly depraved individuals. It was a losing battle.

He’s wrong, you know. Being human is actually an advantage. She’ll never see it coming. Humans are no longer even considered threats anymore, not to her.

Alpha thought about Angelus’ words. He liked her arrogance. It was how he thought, too. And he knew how he could do it. It came from Angelus’ memory. Or maybe it was Angel’s, not that it mattered. They both had the same memories, just different perspectives.

It was an event or a ritual of some sort, something called the Cruciamentum, where the Slayer’s strength was taken from her by a cocktail of drugs. So simple and yet effective. The difficult part would be administering it, though. But then, he – they – were no ordinary humans. And they had the element of surprise.

Alpha began tracking her movements. It was much easier than he thought. She didn’t bother using aliases or hiding, and her paper trail was a mile long. The real problem was that she spent a good deal of time out of the country. He wasn’t about to go traipsing around the globe after her. He was patient; he would wait until she came to him.

Then he saw his chance. She was going to be back in the country soon; not too far away, either. She already had reservations in a hotel. It was the perfect opportunity. It was time to get his girl.

Getting into the hotel was easy. Child’s play, really, for someone with his abilities. The night before she checked in, Alpha followed the night-shift elevator operator home. He was there again when the man left for work the next day. Little did he know, he was calling in ‘sick’.

A little while later, Alpha slipped into the back entrance for staff and stood in the elevator, wearing his new uniform and ready for action.

There was a chance of detection, but it was small. The night-shift elevator operator was hardly the social butterfly of the hotel, seeing as he was stuck in a 5x6 box for hours at a time. And he himself only needed to be in there for a short window of time. If anyone asked, he could always say that he was new, covering the regular guy’s shift. He had the uniform, didn’t he?

Very few guests came back to the hotel during his shift. Except for her. But he knew that would be the case. He counted on it.

Alpha felt his whole body tingle with excitement as she stepped onto the elevator, covered in blue slime, no less. To his trained eye, she was obviously armed. His heart raced when she gave him a small, friendly smile, but he said nothing. He was tempted to attack her right then and there.

Uh, let’s wait until she takes a shower.

All the others agreed. He didn’t really want to get that stuff on him, either, and the elevator was too public. So he did nothing and silently stood next to her in the elevator.

As they stood in the small space, he glanced at her every now and then, half out of curiosity and half because Angel was fighting to the surface. In fact, it took all 47 of his other personalities to keep Angel’s mouth shut. Most did it because they wanted her as much as he did, and the others did because they were afraid she would kill them if their cover was blown.

He flushed with the exertion of maintaining control. He glanced at her to see if she noticed. She just suppressed a smile. She probably thought he was either checking her or her slime out. Which he was, just not in the way she thought.

He watched as she stepped out of the elevator with a cheery ‘thanks’.

Instead of going back down, Alpha stayed there, though he didn’t leave the elevator. He knew how sharp her hearing was, and he didn’t want her to become suspicious. Besides, he had bugged her room before she even checked in, so he didn’t need to.

As he listened to her settling in, he found his opportunity: room service. He took the elevator back down and made his way to the kitchen. He came back up the service elevator with a cart in tow.

He drew his gun, holding it behind the cart so it wasn’t obviously visible and yet immediately accessible. Then he knocked.

As she opened the door, Alpha noted the confusion in her eyes. Good. Before he could do anything, however, Angel surged to the surface. The vampire had been building toward this moment.


Will somebody please shut him up? He ruining the moment.

But Angel actually helped. She recognized her ex-lover and froze in disbelief. She didn’t even notice the gun. The horse tranquilizers and muscle relaxants would definitely be a surprise then. He felt Angelus trying to take control, practically bursting with glee at the sight of his obsession within his grasp.

Finally. She’s mine.

Ours, you mean.

Yeah, sure, whatever.

“Hello, lover. Miss me?”

He saw the desolate look enter her eyes. Not one to waste an opportunity, he attacked.

And up from the ashes, Omega will rise.

You melodramatic prick.

Next up: What does Giles do after the phone goes dead?

A/N: Writing multiple (sorry, many :)) personalities was a lot tougher than I thought! I didn't want to specifically label which personality was speaking or thinking every time because that's not how Alpha would hear it. Let me know if it works for you.

11/1/09: Sorry for the wait between updates. I got caught up writing another fic. This is NOT abandoned, though. I have some ideas kicking around; I just need to put them down on paper.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Alpha Angel" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jul 09.

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