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Journey Through Nowhere.

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Summary: Xander is pushed into a portal. He experiences things he never expected.

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Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth SeriesMaelwyseFR15912,86924331,01617 Aug 0911 Dec 12No

The Journey itself.

Warning: This chapter contains only the amazing Joss Whedon's "Buffy" characters and a few of my own. I intend to re-categorize this story once the crossover is introduced, but in the mean time, I leave it to you, the reader, to attempt to predict where we are! I'm not planning on bringing anyone else into my lovely crossover from the Buffyverse. I'll also have the native language switching over to something readable in short order, once Xander's learned it. Expect that sooner, rather than later.

I'm also curious what people think of the perspective. Does it work being in Xander's head?



One would think that after seeing a dozen or so portals that I’d learn to stay away from them. Too bad no one told that to that stupid vampire. Honestly, though, who would have thought he’d get past six, count them SIX, slayers in order to try to escape. And, being the stupid minion that he was shoved me directly INTO the swirling, sucking portal that spooky mage was playing with.

You know, I gotta say, falling isn’t fun. Falling forever? WAY worse. And falling through the middle of nowhere, with nothing to see, just falling, sucks even more. After what felt like an hour, I still haven’t hit anything, and despite being completely cold, still able to move and breath, even though there’s nothing THERE, nothing to breath in, no wind ripping by, but still I can feel I’m falling.

There! A speck, a point of light, nothing more, and of COURSE I’m falling RIGHT towards it. Why would it be any different from the rest of my life? I breathe a sigh, resigned to falling into it, wondering what IT is.

Moments later, I can make out that is quickly getting bigger, and it looks like another swirly portal. What a surprise? Except that it isn’t. What else would be here? Swirly Blue-black portal leading to nowhere? Check. Nothing to breath? Check. Darkness? Check. One effing FREEZING Xander? Check. Oh right! Another portal to fall out of! Of course.

Moving with more speed than I ever imagined I’d travel, I hit the portal. My world exploded. You know that belly-flop you did back in sixth grade? The one that you swore you would never be able to move after again? Yeah. That’s what it feels like to hit air at a billion miles an hour. Even my meager knowledge of physics knows I should be nothing more than a thick red paste, but apparently the portals are a bit more than JUST transport portals. They must slow you down or something? Anyway, I’m still totally off balance as I stumble out of a portal and promptly roll down a hill. At least now, though, I can see the grass I’m falling over. And Whoops! A bush! That’s gonna leave a mark. Too bad I’m now stuck in a hedge. At least I’m not moving any more.

“Urgh” my stomach apparently decided it was finally going to catch up with me. I’m able to keep everything where it was supposed to be, but getting out of this hedge isn’t going to be easy. I’m upside down, barely able to see, and still dizzier than I’ve ever been. “Murph Pfft. Pfft.” And the hedge tastes about as good as I expect. I hear a door slam closed and a gruff voice yell something I can’t understand. Oh hell. Whoever lives here must speak a language I’ve never learned much of. Of course, that could be anything other than Spanish, Latin, or English. Oh, and a smattering of some deamon language that I couldn’t ignore cause it sounded like someone trying to swear with a mouthful of marshmellows.

Anyway, back to yelling-man. Who’s again yelling at me. “Uh. Yeah, hold on a second, let me get out of Heeee-e-e-e-re” I shriek as something grabs my leg and pulls me roughly out of the hedge. So much for gracefully escaping from those leafy clutches. I tumble to the ground, finally able to lie still. “Hi there. Nice to meet you?”

Standing over me, pointed in my general direction is something that looks like a cross between a pitchfork and a spear. I think it’s called a trident, but it isn’t one of the weapons the slayers have been practicing with, so who knows. The wielder of said trident looks at me with a deep frown, and a look of scared caution. “Nono seet lo gnaw da ol hu?” I could hear the question in his voice, and I stayed where I was lying on the ground
Well? Suffice it to say that this is going to be an interesting night. “Sorry, I don’t understand. I’m Xander.” His eyes widened as I spoke.
“Ni lo'o va.”

“Yeah, not getting anything at all here. Uh, Hi!” I smile and wave, my hands empty and open.

He blew out a breath. “Joha.” He raised his trident, and offered me his hand, and helped me up.

“Man. What a night.” I looked back up the hill, over the hedge. Of course, there was no portal at the top of the hill. Nothing outside of a nice full moon, and more stars than I’ve ever seen in my life. Uh. That moon? Doesn’t look like the moon I remember. It looks kinda reddish, and looks too perfect. My moon always had those craters all over it, this one here? Perfect sphere, no shadows, and bigger than the moon I’m used to.

Uh oh. This trip might take a bit longer to get home from than I was thinking. Who knows how long it will take Willow to find me now.

I turn back to the now-curious gentleman. I make a sheepish grin, “Uh. Yeah. So, where am I?”

He taps his chest “Pono.” And waits.

Uh. “Pono? Is that your name? Oh.” I tap my chest “Xander.”

He smiles. “Xander? Kila lo da va” He steps back and lets me take a look around.

He’s wearing a plain brown shirt and dark pants which appear handmade. His home appears to be small, made of rough logs cut into sections. Looks like a nice house, glass in the windows, a small well out front, and a barn almost hidden behind the house. He walks toward the door, and knocks on it. “Ahta. No’o” The door is unbolted, and opened, and Pono opens his door, steps inside, and gestures for me to enter.

It’s going to be a rough night. “Thank you.” I walk in. I am greeted by a small fire in a fireplace in far wall, and two new worried faces. The woman I can only assume is Pono’s wife tosses a quick glare at Pono. They proceed to babble back and forth at each other for a moment, and I recognise my name a few times, until she finally sighs, looks at me, and introduces herself. “Osa” and turning to the young woman, “Sama.”

I reply in kind, tapping my chest. “Xander” I smile at Osa, and nod politely at Sama. Osa goes back to arguing with Pono. Sama looks amused, and wanders back to sit at the table along the wall to the right, and resumes what appears to be sewing. Eventually Pono finally gives up whatever the argument was, opens the door, and gestures for me to step outside with him. He looks at me a little sheepishly, and leads me around the house toward the barn. “Pono, thank you. You have no idea how tired I am after my little jaunt through nowhere. And I totally understand Osa not allowing a stranger to sleep in the same room as Sama.” With a look known to any man Pono chuckles a little and opens the barn door and shows me up to a lovely hayloft, where I will certainly be warm and dry, and perhaps, a bit smelly. One of the horses sniffs me as I climb the ladder. Oh well. It is far better than sleeping outside.
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