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Bringing Down the Gods

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Gods of Time". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A Darker Doctor Who crossover - Willow needed to contact the Doctor in order to save the universe. She had no idea how bad things really were. Rated FR18 so it's visible for all to see.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Willow-Centered(Current Donor)deiticlastFR181429,96413916,9515 Oct 0925 Dec 13No

Pride Cometh Before The Fall

Deepest apologies for the long interval! I own nothing but the Devourer. Star Trek, BTVS, Doctor Who, Xena, and all the other shows I'm using here do not belong to me. So don't try suing me, okay? I don't have anything you could possibly want, except for my laptop and HMD, both of which I will go down fighting for. . .

Okay, so enough with my insane rantings, and on with the story!

Q looked down at the pieces on the chessboard, his fingers steepled as he took in the various moves taken in deep concentration. It had been millennia since he had been challenged in such as way as he was being challenged now. He could see where the moves were going, but not the denouement of the exquisite game being played by so many. He was pulling strings, but only because he was interested in seeing how things would play out.

His grin would have been sickening, had anyone been around to see it. No, he was alone now, as he had been for the eternity of his existence. An existence which he now knew was pointless. He, as well as the rest of the Continuum, sought out diversion for momentary entertainment. Everything is so. . . boring, once you've seen both the beginning and the end of the universe in a thousand faceted view from the perspective of every race there to witness them. Immortality is so. . . tedious. Even the finiteness of the universe is not enough to satiate Q's hunger for something more. And then there was the Devourer.

Never before and never again is there anything like it in all of time or space. It should not have existed and yet it did, and it is here, now, threatening all of existence before its given time. And Q was thrilled! Now he was experiencing something akin to mortality, with the possibility of non-existence ever-present on a horizon he could not see around. Now he could have fun!

He didn't care if he died. That would be a new experience in and of itself, and therefore something he had to try! But he wasn't suicidal yet, either. That wouldn't come for another couple of millennia. No, he wanted to make things interesting! So, he took at look at the players on the board and decided to go to work, playing the Deus ex Machina thing to the hilt. The heroes on the board were too good, had prevailed too many times with or without the help of their most trusted side-kicks. And the "villains" on the board were all either too weak or too stupid to be much fun. So, he leveled the playing field.

He'd made certain the deaths of Buffy Summers and the two Halliwell sisters had come about, but in a way that would make their grieving loved ones want to take up the fight. He'd plucked an amusing little spirit from her vigilance in Japan and made her do his bidding in the past, securing a way for Gabrielle to join the little team he was putting together. The clincher, though, had been in convincing the V from the next dimension over to let him have the make-shift Time Lord. His little team of sidekicks was coming together nicely, and he had a few additions yet to be made.

He'd found some potential for the Dark Side, and was nurturing it with everything he could think of to give him. Sylar was becoming very powerful, very fast. Q had some ideas about potential allies, but was keeping them on the back-burner for the moment until the particular kettle he was firing up was steeped just right.

"Am I interrupting something? Or are you done jacking off your ego?"

The voice behind him startled Q so much that he accidentally knocked over his chessboard when he jumped to his feet. Scowling at the First, he waved his hand over the mess and it all reappeared on a table off to the side of the room, everything back where it was on the board. "First!" he growled. "Always a displeasure. May I NOT offer you a tea?"

The First, having taken on the form of the late Buffy Summers, flashed Q a cold grin, freezing Q to the continuum. "No, you may not. Fetch me some?"

Q reluctantly snapped his fingers, summoning up a cup of the most foul-tasting tea he could conjure. "What is it that you want, First? I haven't tread upon that which is yours. Leave me be!"

The First just grinned demurely as it took a tentative sip of the tea in her hand. "Actually, you have, Q. You've stepped over the line that I very specifically told you not to cross when I first helped your race to achieve ascension. Do you not remember the Decrees?"

Q gulped, trying to dislodge the very real lump that had suddenly appeared in his throat. "Of-of course I do! We have all been careful to avoid your interests."

The First's voice dropped deep and cold, betraying the dark god that was inside the pretty facade of the late Slayer. You have touched what is MINE, Q! She was MINE!" It reached out its tendrils of power and pulled Q from his semi-omnipresent perches and brought his entire being to their position in space and time. "Now," it said prettily, in Buffy Summer's voice, "I'm gonna make you pay!"

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