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Knight no more

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Knight Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Knight away where the crew of the Enterprise travels more than they thought.

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Chapter 1

Knight no more Chapter 1
Fiction: Knight no more.
This is the second part of the KnightVerse story.
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Corwin Verner (Hawklan) and Inachis
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Or so I claim, except a strange sense of humor.
X-over: Probably many. But first is Buffy and Star wars.
Note: If you find errors we overlooked send me an email and I fix them asap.

Coruscant, the capital of the known galaxy and the seat form which the Old Republic, the Empire and the New Republic all once ruled from was now the seat of the Galactic Republic. What remained of the New Republic transformed in record time to a paranoid dictatorship, ruled by a small group of rich and powerful worlds and sectors.

It had outlawed Jedi Knights, declared them Knights no more, simply outlaws to be arrested at sight.

It was the wrong world for any Jedi to visit.

Naturally, that did not stop some Jedi.

Rednax, Captain of the Klingon and honest owner of the armed merchant vessel the Klingon, was not the type of person who cared for politics. He was a trader and a mercenary gone legal. Working for the Worf Trading Company, he carried cargo where ever they wanted it to go. Rumors said that Rednax always surrounded himself with good looking and young girls. Most believed he was a pervert or a sex addict. Rednax only grinned like a pervert at the rumors and most of the girls only blushed.

That was what his papers said and that was what the rumors said about him.

Rednax was in fact Jedi Master Xander Harris Solo and the girls were his wife, Jedi Master Jaina Organa Solo and his other wife Danni Solo and their guardians and protectors Rona and Chloe.

For this journey Lexa Harris and the two newcomers Buffy and Willow had also joined them.

The two newcomers and his sister had not been happy about the reputation Captain Rednax had.

Xander just shrugged. “Its Lando’s fault, he spread the rumors as a joke. Who knows how it took on its own life, but it protects us. People knew that Jedi Xander flies around in a ship that resembles a Ghatroc and has a ship full of student girls and fighters. So does Rednax, but the difference is that Rednax is a pervert. Put up some nasty pictures on the walls and nobody will question or even consider that the Klingon and the Enterprise might be the same ship.”
Buffy blinked. “That’s why you and Danni were hanging up those perverted paintings,” she said with sudden realization.

Xander gave her a pervert glare. “If you think Rednax is nasty, just imagine what kind of a girl, a girl must be who willingly becomes a part of HIS crew,” he said, giggling as he looked her over.

Buffy and Willow blushed.

Danni smirked, the pictures were nice. If only she could convince Xander and Jaina to have orgies with Buffy and Willow, she quickly dried the drool, and the boys that sometimes joined them.

Lexa and her best friend Dawn were too busy to look at the sights to listen what they were saying. The two 15 year olds were awed by all the new things they could see.

Jaina laughed. “Keep it down. All of you.” Coruscant was not the place to be discovered.

It is an impressive, wonderful and scary place. Rumors have it that you can learn about the whole galaxy just by visiting the different areas of Coruscant. So many aliens and visitors had made a permanent imprint of the world city that you could find anything or everything in the cavern like under regions of the town or on the tower like sky scrapers that filled the sky.

“So, what are we going to do?” Willow asked.

Jaina smiled. “We girls are going to the shopping mall, while Rednax over there has fun in a famous strip club,” she said, smirking.

Lexa looked at her brother “Uuuh... Why Xan?” she asked.

Xander sighed. “Remember, I’m Rednax and I have friends in those places,” he said. He had indeed friends where he was going, friends with important information.

Lexa blinked and then nodded. “Right, but ihks,” she said.

Buffy rolled her eyes. The 007 game was a bit irritating, but she understood the need for it. “Right, but being at a mall for the whole time? Not that I complain, but it’s not going to take that much time, is it?”

“I said THE shopping mall. It’s the greatest single shopping mall in the galaxy. You could spend a month inside and still not see everything.” Jaina answered her.

The girls were drooling as Jaina continued, Xander just shrugged. THE Shopping mall was big, but not the biggest in the galaxy. It did have perhaps the greatest assortment of different things from the whole galaxy when it comes to fashion and other things useful in the home. Some of the others that were the same size or bigger were that big because they had weapon traders, armor markets or starships dealers.

“It’s not the biggest,” Xander said. “That one we visited on Nar Shadda? It’s bigger.”

Jaina shook her head. “No, that’s a market, an inside market. This is a shopping mall.” Why could he not see the difference?
“Shopping malls were made for beings to shop for what they need and have FUN. Markets were made for beings to shop for what they need and go home, right away, directly, now. “

Xander blinked. “No difference. I feel the same way in both places.” Unless it was a shop with starship parts, now that was fun to shop in.

Jaina hung her head in defeat. “Aargh, you are a barbarian,” she said, disgusted, and her beloved husband just looked proud.

The girls vanished, leaving him alone.


Later in the darker parts of the city

The music was pumping and half nude and totally nude beings were dancing on the stage. Girls of different species, mostly humans and twi’leks, were having sex or doing other exciting things all around.

Xander looked on, trying to be excited and thanks to Danni’s help, he did keep up his appearance of enjoyment. As Jedi he could feel that most of the girls that worked here, around 80 % or more, wanted out of the place. They regretted or even hated what they were doing. The feeling of drug use was heavy in their minds.

Danni licked his ears to keep him excited or at least looking excited. This place was awful. Not like a strip club on her planet. The Zeltron’s were empaths and only girls or boys that wanted to work were exciting to watch and feel. In this place it felt like most of them were forced to by desperate need or greed, not by excitement or passion. It was awful.

“Rednax, been a long time since I last saw you,” a drunk, bearded man, Xander’s age, said as he drunkenly sat down beside him.

Xander started. “Sabaco, this is a surprise,” he said, shaking the other man’s hand. His real name was Athar Karde.

Athar was a street kid, adopted and trained by Talon Karde. The two were unlike most fathers and sons, both cared for the other. Athar wanted to be all that Talon was and more. To keep his dreams and the legacy of the Karde name alive. Talon was just happy to have an eager student and that was exactly what Athar was, a great student in the art of smuggling, spying and information gathering. Not even Mara Jade had known about Athar until Talon Karde had told her about him one year ago.

Athar smirked. “So Rednax, is she your girl only or are you shearing her?” He grinned and grabbed Danni at the breast.

Xander smiled. “Danni, do you think you need more man than I am?” he said, looking at the other.

Danni smiled suggestively as she stopped Athar’s hand with her own. Massaging his fingers and slowly, tenderly kissing his hand, she quickly let a small data card fall into his hand. While she massaged his hand, she also removed a data card from his hand.

The change of information was done and nobody could see it.

Athar’s grin widened. “Don’t look like that to me,” he said smugly.

Xander rose up, looking angry as he grabbed Athar. “Listen Sabaco. We might be coworkers sometimes, but piss me of like that and I put your head into a meat grinder. Understand?” he said.

Around them the music silenced.

Athar nodded. “Yea sure,” he said. The information exchange was done. “Listen, don’t think you can piss me of too much. There are guys with hostile guard snakes. Do you get it Rednax?” he said as he pushed Xander’s arms away.

Xander nodded. “I get it.” Guard snakes. Hostile guard snakes, if what Athar said was true than the Republic was growing Ysalamir, the force lizards that neutralized the use of the Force around them.

Jedi hunters.

Meeting in this place meant that Athar wasn’t sure about the security of his fake id or Xander’s fake id, and thus a theater was played. He could sense that Athar had watchers. They didn’t seem to care about what was seemingly taking place. So it seemed to have worked.

“Sabaco, if you still need work, Worf Trading does like to hire competent people,” he said, pretending to offer his friend work.

Athar shrugged. “I’m not desperate yet, but if I need a lift, I may ask you.” not that he would. He had other escape ways planned. “I’m starting to feel too sober. See you later,” he said as he walked back to the bar.

Danni squirmed against Xander’s side. “Let’s go to our room and have some fun. All this fighting’s gotten me all excited,” she said in her best I’m so brain dead voice.

Xander nodded as he groped her on the way out. “Sure sugar sure.” Both of them felt that Athar watchers ignored them. Believing they were just what they pretended to be, a pervert starship captain and his whore.


At the same time

“I refuse.” Buffy said. “No way is a shopping mall going to defeat me,” she cried out.

Beside her Jaina, Willow, Lexa, Dawn, Rona and Chloe were sitting, hanging by the walls or on a chair near a cafe. “I thought she was the vampire slayer and not the mall slayer,” Chloe said.

Jaina sighed. “Buffy, there are over 600 cubic km of shopping stores built in this mall. Give up, you visited four or five percent of the human stores today. That’s 19 hours of nonstop no rest shopping. We’re dying here. Please give it up, it’s too much.”

Dawn’s legs were trembling as she stood on a repulsor platform. “No, we have to keep shopping. Never surrender.”

Jaina slapped her hands over her face. “You’ve collapsed twice Dawn. Give up.” She and Danni were the only ones who knew about Lando and Xander’s private bet.

Now she understood why Xander had refused to follow Buffy into a shopping mall. At first she believed Xander was an idiot, taking that the risk and the bags of goods they had somehow gotten extra price on was huge.

“Please, I’m dying,” Willow whined. At first she had been so happy that the kind old Lando Calrissan had given them an almost unlimited credit-stick that they could use inside the shopping mall, but in the hands of Buffy it looked like a sure sign of doom.


Later in the ship

Xander was not confused or shocked as a repulsor taxi stopped outside the ship and a driver asked if he could help him off load the tired sleeping passengers and a truck load of gods they had. He was a bit surprise that it literally was a truckload; a second repulsor skiff was parked behind the repulsor cap.

Loaded with stuff, it must’ve been 9 tons of stuff.

Xander grinned. Lando would be so pissed off. He had managed to win a bet against Lando. He had said something about them being fine moneywise unless he let Buffy and Dawn go on a shopping spree. Those two girls could spend a fortune. Lando had laughed and said that that was fine. No way those two girls could spend that much and a second bet was made.

Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Rona and Chloe had to be kept uninformed about the bet. The credit-stick would work only for 20 hours from the moment the first things were paid for or until 4 million credits were spent, whichever came first. They would have to shop for more than 1 million, if not, the CGT in the Enterprise would be Lando’s CGT and it was worth much more than 4 million and if the girls did manage to shop for more than a measly million, 10 % of the final bill would be his and Jaina’s.

(CGT = Crystal Gravity Trap.)

Seeing the price tag, he grinned again. Sweet, over 3 million in useless stuff, that would be over 300 000 credits for him and Jaina.

Danni, also knowing about the bet, was in awe. She had asked Buffy that she would buy something for both of them and she apparently bought something for all of them and more and what is an aqualis bio light?

Xander blinked, reading the instruction. It was filled with a glowing plankton like lifeform, as long as normal air surrounded it, it would glow. If the air ever became stalled or dangerous for human life forms, the bio light would die.

“Nice, better than a bird,” Xander said, remembering how they used birds in cages to see if the air was breathable in the old mines on Earth.

The bio light looked like a small painting, glowing with white, yellow, green, red, pink and blue light, constantly and slowly shifting the color. It reminded Xander of a lava lamp. That would be something to hang on the wall, kind of a hippy thing.


At the same time

Republic intelligence HQ

“So what can you tell me about the activity of the girls?” The officer said as he stared at the two tired agents.

“They are crazy, absolutely crazy. They spend more than 3.400000 creds in there,” the first agent said.

The other added. “They got me a new body cloak and boots,” she shrugged. “I got too close and the blond one started to buy things for me, until she realized I wasn’t part of her gang.” She shivered. “It was crazy and I’m keeping the cloak and the boots.”

The officer nodded weakly. “Right, if the report is correct, then Rednax is just a trader, a successful trader, with a tendency of going around with a shipload of hired whores. A stupid way of spending your money,” he sighed. “And I was so sure he was a Federation agent and a Jedi.”

One of the agents nodded. The other was looking at her new boots. They really did look good on her.


Next day

Xander was happy. 340 500 credits were his and Jaina’s. Buffy, company and he had anything they would ever need in useless stuff. Looking at a portable micro nav-computer, he mentally added, and some useful objects too, if it actually worked as advertised.

Jaina’s legs were still tired after the shopping day born in a twisted Sith torture chamber.

Whatever power the Summer’s girls had inside a shopping mall was a terrifying thing to behold.

In the galley Xander was sitting behind the holo-theater, watching death reports.

“It’s here right?” she asked him.

A moment he seemed to ignore her. Then he slowly looked at her. “No, I don’t think so. The Beast has changed his standard way of hunting,” he said. “It seems to be smarter than the other monsters.”

On the holo picture they could see a picture of a Duros with her neck ripped open and the blood drained.

Jaina shivered. “Vampire.”

Xander just nodded.
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