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Night of the Jackal

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Summary: You can live your whole life without ever knowing someone. Rory Harris is not who he pretends to be, in fact Rory Harris died in 1991, so who is Xander's 'Uncle Rory'? What's his real name? Where was he born? The FBI would certainly like to know that too.

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Chapter One

AN: Crossover between BTVS and the 1997 film The Jackal starring Bruce Willis. I would have loved to use the film Day of the Jackal instead, but the time line made it impossible sadly. I don't own BTVS, Angel, or the Jackal. They belong to their respective owners and I'm not making any form of currency out of this other than reviews and pleasure.


'Rory Harris' was a very private man who preferred to be left alone, something most people were happy to do in Sunnydale thus his reason for living in the small town. Looking at the thirty something mustached man with short brown hair, no one would think of him as anything but ordinary and that was how he liked it. Occasionally he would go into town and pretend to get drunk, make a complete fool out of himself to blend in with his 'brother' Anthony Harris, but it was all just that: a show, a deception woven by a master of the art. The truth was that his name wasn't even Rory and he was no relation to Anthony Harris or his family whatsoever. Rory Harris had gone overseas to buy guns from less than honorable former Soviet generals when the wall fell in 1991 and had accidentally witnessed an assassination which led to his death at the hands of a professional assassin known only by his codename the Jackal.

Rory had looked similar enough to the Jackal to become one of the assassin's assumed identities and that was how he began living in Sunnydale. Rory had been a survivalist who dabbled in gun running and was a hermit to even his own family who hadn't seen him in years. Perfect for a cover. No one normal would think to look for the illusive assassin in a small California town and anyone not normal would never expect him to live at such a dangerous and high profile place as the Hellmouth. Anthony had never been close to his brother and was more often than not too drunk to notice any discrepancies in the Jackal's acting. The only one who cared enough to visit the reclusive man was his 'nephew' Alexander Harris who amused the killer with his sense of humor and impressed him with his ability to hide his emotions at such a young age. The boy had quickly learned that his 'uncle' didn't talk much.

Alex came to stay with his 'uncle' when things at his house became to volatile and it would have been inappropriate as well as suspicious if he hadn't taken Alex in. The boy had been desperate for family and the fact that the Jackal was too controlled to actually get recklessly drunk or hit him had endeared the man to the boy. Not long after that Alex had spotted him cleaning Rory's old guns and had become curious about them which led to the boy getting lessons in gun care and marksmanship from the master assassin which was followed by lessons in mechanics. It was small stuff, the sort of thing one expected an uncle to teach his nephew and it didn't look out of place, so he hadn't minded. They had gotten along well enough and the Jackal had tolerated the boy's endless question, in fact he had enjoyed the boy's questions and had answered them just as he did everything else, thoroughly. Something he had tried to pass along to the boy with varying levels of success.

It was three years after actually meeting the boy that the Jackal had come to a nasty conclusion: he had come to hold some affection for the boy. The wisest course of action was to kill the boy, but the child didn't know anything and possessed a deep seated loyalty toward his friends and his 'uncle', so Alex had escaped being terminated without ever knowing how close to death his friendliness had nearly brought him. There were many things the Jackal did and even more things he was required to do, but needless death wasn't something he did. It was too high profile and easy to track, plus the assassin firmly believed in being a man of his word. If he promised to do something or said he would do something, then he did it as long as it didn't compromise him or his current mission, so Alex had been allowed to live despite the slight affection the assassin felt toward the boy.


"Hey Alex!' The Jackal shouted from beneath the minivan, knowing the boy was thirteen feet away from the noise his tennis shoes had made on the gravel and knowing it was the boy by the heaviness of the steps which told him they belonged to someone less then seventy kilos. The assassin maneuvered his body over a few feet and held out a grease covered hand from beneath the van. "Hand me that monkey wrench, would ya?"

"Sure, Rory." He heard the boy chirp and the wrench was placed in his hand. The Jackal crawled back to where he had been before and began to fix the problem he was working on, "Hey Uncle Rory, why do you always fix up these junkers? I mean wouldn't it be easier to just buy a new car?"

"Well, Alex we all have to have hobbies and this one happens to be cost effective." The man explained, his voice straining slightly as he turned a particularly tight bolt. "A new minivan would cost somewhere around three thousand dollars at least while I got this one at the police auction for three hundred and all it needs is a little work, a little money, and a little time. All of which are stuff that I have. It's either this or go back to doing taxidermy and there are only so many times you can stuff roadkill before it gets boring, even if the money's good. Not much use for a taxidermist around here anyway. No real big game to speak of. There's always going to be business for cars and owning part of Walker's junk yard let's me get the parts I need for free. Buying a junker for three hundred dollars, spend around two dollars in gas getting to Walker's place, and spending two weeks working on it makes me an easy two thousand dollars. It's good business."

"Must be with all the vacations and fishing trips you take." Alex said cheerfully, unknowing that those trips were actually missions for the assassin. "Hey Rory when are you going to take me on one of your fishing trips? I'd love to see the Great Lakes sometime in my life you know and it'd be a great bonding experience."

"Maybe this summer if you actually pass eighth grade." 'Rory' commented dryly, his voice amused at Alex's laziness when it came to school. The boy could work hard if he saw the use in it, but the teenager just didn't see the use in studying the difference between prepositions and whatever else they were teaching him. Not that he could blame the boy being a very practical man himself. Alex just had to see a practical use for something to study it and the American school system hasn't been practical for fifty years. Too bad the kid didn't grow up in Japan or Iceland. "Who knows, we might even add a hunting trip on the 'to do list' if you pass."

"That would be awesome!" Alex cheered, and just like that the Jackal had ensured the boy would be going to Sunnydale High School next year. "The only problem I'll have other than English is Social Studies. I just don't get how I'm supposed to pass the end of the year exams using books ten years old when over half the grade is going to be about the fall of the Soviet Union."

"And just how do you know what's on the Exams?" The Jackal questioned, his voice suspicious despite the small smile on his face that said he already knew where the boy got his information. Not that Alex could see it. That Willow girl was a damn good hacker, good enough that he was seriously considering hiring her services and would have done so already if she wasn't familiar with 'Rory Harris'. Maybe in a few years. "Wait! I don't want to know."

"Ask me no questions and I tell you no lies." Alex quoted one of the Jackal's favorite sayings, making the international contract killer smile in amusement. "Oh, and Wills says hi and says to thank you for that laptop. I swear Rory, she was drooling over that thing."

"Glad she liked it." 'Rory' grunted, pulling himself from beneath the minivan and wiping the grease off of his hands with a red rag from his blue jean pocket. It paid to keep the up and coming hacker happy and to stay on her good side. You never knew when she could prove useful to a mission, it might three years from then or tomorrow for all he knew. "Say, where is that friend of your's whose always cleaning out my fridge?"

"Jesse has been eating at his mom's place for the last week. She just got the settlement from Jesse's dad and the first the thing she did is go grocery shopping." Xander shrugged, as he began helping his 'uncle' put away the tools he had been using on the van. "Umm, Uncle Rory?"

"Hm?" The Jackal grunted, neatly putting the tools in their proper places down to the centimeter. He was a very organized individual and liked having everything in their exact place just in case he needed it. A byproduct of being a contract killer was that it made one a very meticulous and very thorough individual. A sloppy assassin was a dead assassin. Turning around when Xander didn't answer, he saw the boy was looking very nervous. Well, that wasn't good. The Jackal's drop down to beneath his work bench where an unregistered nine millimeter handgun was taped with weak and clear scotch tape just in case he needed to draw it.

"I know you were in the Army, so you know how to fight, right?" Xander asked, making the killer relax minutely and draw his hand away from the hidden pistol casually. Alex was just nervous about asking his 'uncle' how to fight. A question every teenage boy asked his father figure and, like it or not, the Jackal was that figure for the boy. It wasn't like it was a difficult choice between himself or Anthony as the drunk could barely stand up most of the time. Slowly, the Jackal nodded in reply to the boy's question. "Uh, could you teach me how?"

"It's been a while since I was in the Army, Alex, but I guess I can show you a few moves." 'Rory' smiled, turning back around to put away the rest of his tools. "Most of the fight is decided by whose in better shape, so I suggest you start running or swimming. Get yourself into good shape. After that it's just learning how to punch someone and where to hit them for the most part. I know a few holds and blocks that will help you out. Sure."

"Thanks, Uncle Rory." Xander breathed in relief, thanking the assassin. The Jackal smiled coldly, unseen by the boy. He knew more than a few holds, so the CQC training was explainable. It wasn't like he was going to teach the kid much, but it would enough to take out any quarterback or line backer Alex might have a problem with. He was a good kid and the killer didn't want to see the boy putting a steak to his eye because of some no name bully.

"No problem."


"That can't be right." Willow frowned at the computer as she read the information. Xander had asked her to check the hotels in Moscow where his Uncle Rory had gone on vacation. That was three weeks ago and her friend hadn't heard a word from his uncle since, something that was very unusual as Rory always called at least three times a week. According to the information in front of her, Rory Harris hadn't checked in at any hotel in Russia or even booked a room since May 3rd, 1991. That was impossible because Willow knew of five times in the last two years that he had gone there. A pit of dread filled her stomach as a thought came to her. What if Rory had been killed by a vampire or something? Reluctantly, she typed in the name Rory Harris and searched for any mention of him in Russian morgue files.

"Oh my God." Willow whispered as a match came up. She clicked and opened the file only to frown in confusion. According to the file Rory Jackson Alvin Harris had been found dead with two bullets, one in each lung, in 1992 on some river bed near Helsinki. Puling up the photograph, she scrolled the information until she reached one detail that she knew was wrong and that was the eye color. According to this the body found had brown eyes, but she knew that Rory had steel blue eyes and not brown ones. Pulling up his military file, she read the information that said Rory Harris had brown eyes and clicked on the files labeled photographs. There he was in color with brown eyes just like the file said. Staring at the picture in confusion, she spotted an odd detail: in the photo Rory had a thin scar on his upper lip. That wasn't right. Rory had a mustache and you would notice if he had scar because there wouldn't be any hair where the scar was.

"What is going on?" The red haired girl narrowed her eyes. The man she was looking at wasn't the Rory Harris that she knew, the features were a bit different. Not by much, but just enough for her to notice now that she was studying the picture closely. Picking up her phone, she dialed Xander's number. When he picked up she spoke. "Hey Xander, could do me a favor? I forgot if Rory had any identifying marks and I need that information to search for him, so could you bring me over a picture of Rory? No, not a new one. Um, the one from his boot camp graduation would be best. Alright, thanks."

It was twenty minutes later that Xander arrived with the family album in hand. "Okay Wills, what's this all about? You know that Uncle Rory didn't have any identifying marks. No tattoos or anything like that."

"That's what I'm trying to find out." Willow answered, snatching the album from Xander and flipping through it's pages quickly until she found what she was look for, Rory's graduation picture. There he was too wearing his army uniform and a serious look on his face, complete with the scar on his upper lip and brown eyes. "Xander, what color eyes does Rory have?"

"Blue, blue-gray." Xander answer after a moment of thought, watching Willow frown in confusion. "Why?"

"Because in this picture he has brown eyes and a scar on his upper lip." Willow answered, handing Xander the album and showing him the picture. "Uh, did Rory ever wear those glasses of his when he was around your dad?"

"Yeah, he always wore those things. You know that. Me and Jesse were always trying to steal them, but he never let us get away with them, even though he had like five pairs just like them." Xander said, looking at the picture with his own brown eyes growing increasingly wide. "Willow, if this is my Uncle Rory then who.."

"That's what I'm trying to find out." Willow answered Xander's unfinished question, moving over to her computer and sitting down in her comfy chair. The same computer Rory had bought her. "Why would anyone impersonate Rory for six years? He didn't have any money, so why would they do it for years? And why would he go through all that trouble, including looking after you? He wasn't a vampire, we've both seen him in the sun hundreds of times plus he had a tan so why else would someone do that?"

"Uncle R-" Xander began, then cut himself off as a look of pain and confusion came to his face. Taking a deep, shaky breath he continued. "Whoever he was, he always called me three times a week when he when he went on a trip so I guess something went wrong. Maybe he worked for a secret government agency and got killed or something. Check for recently diseased men matching...this guy's features in government agencies. Maybe we'll find something. I-I have to know who he was Wills, uncle or not he still took care me."

"Okay, Xan." Willow nodded, her green eyes sympathetic. She hadn't known Rory as well Xander or Jesse had, but she had still liked him and he had been friendly to her. She wished Jesse was still alive, he could always say the right thing to get their minds off of their problems and focus. Damn that bitch Darla and may she roast in Hell. Quickly, she searched for a recent picture of..whoever and loaded it into the search program before connecting to the FBI Database via the backdoor she had installed three months earlier. If she didn't find anything, then she'd have to search the CIA database and sadly she did not have a backdoor to that yet which meant a lot of work. Almost immediately a match showed up. "Found him. Uh, Xander you've got to see this."

"What is it?" Xander asked eagerly, looking at the screen over her shoulder. He began to read the information there out loud. "Name: unknown, birth place: unknown, date of birth: unknown, blood type: O Negative. Code name: the Jackal. Status: deceased. Profession: contract assassin. Last known target: First Lady of the United States of America. Holy shit Wills!"

"I'm so sorry, Xander." Willow whispered, reaching out to hug her best friend and crush as tears began to fill his eyes. She stood up and guided him to her bed where he collapsed onto it. Xander shook with emotion as the tears began to fall from his eyes and Willow hugged him as he made a sound of pain not unlike a wounded animal into her shoulder. "Despite who he was Xander, he had to have cared for you. A guy like him wouldn't have gone through all this trouble if he hadn't, he would have killed you and changed identities, but he didn't. He stayed and helped raise you. That's got something, right?"

"Wills...who killed him?" Xander asked quietly, with an intense look in his eyes that made her feel very uncomfortable and worried. Noticing her body language Xander hugged her closer to him. "I have to know, Willow. I'm not going to go off on a suicidal revenge kick on somebody able to kill an an assassin who apparently was good enough to be hired to take out the First Lady. It'd be suicide."

"A-alright." Willow murmured, moving over to her computer and scrolling down until she reached the information. "A terrorist named Declan Mulqueen." She paused, typing in a few commands and frowned. "That's weird, he's gone missing and there's no search team trying to track him down. Odd."

"The guy saved the First lady, Willow, I wouldn't hunt him down either."

**Halloween, 1997**

Xander sighed as he walked around his 'Uncle Rory's' former house which had been left to him. Despite all that he had said to Willow about not wanting revenge the last few months, he did want it. He couldn't help it. Assassin or no, the Jackal had been more of a father to him than Anthony Harris ever had, but he was no fool. There was no way he could take down a wanted terrorist who was able to take down his 'uncle', all would succeed in doing if he tried was dying. He stopped as he saw a picture that had been taken of Xander and 'Rory' when they went on their fishing trip on Lake Superior two years earlier. Picking it up Xander smiled at the twin grins of pride both he and the Jackal sported at the large fish Xander had just caught. It was the happiest time in his life and the best vacation ever.

Putting the picture down, he went back to his rummaging in the garage. He knew that those fatigues were around here somewhere, in one of these boxes. He already had a toy M-16 for his escorting of the midgets tonight, now all he needed were those damn fatigues which were proving illusive. No, nope, disco clothes? Weird. Nope, nope, ooohhh Playboys. He set the dirty magazines to the side for later reading material. No, no, no, no, wait. He stopped as he found a pair of sunglasses that he immediately recognized as one of the cool pairs belonging to the Jackal. He stood and left the garage, walking to the living room where he sat down in the arm chair. The frames were clear plastic while the black lenses were small, made to just to cover the eyes. He could see his own reflection in them.

After staring at the them for a few minutes and reminiscing about his false uncle, he stood up and walked over to the mirror to do something he had wanted to do for years. Putting on the sunglasses, he looked into the mirror and admired how cool he looked. They made him look dangerous, like his eyes were just a glassy black like the shark in Jaws. Very mysterious and very, very awesome. They must have cost a lot of money because despite looking for a pair like them for years along with Jesse, they had never found a pair that his 'uncle' hadn't owned. He and Willow had never told Buffy about his 'uncle', it was one of those personal things that you just didn't mention, so 'Uncle Rory' had become a taboo name around the Slayer just like Jesse had become.

An idea occurred to him. Since he couldn't go as a soldier, why not dress as the Jackal? A much cooler idea and he could even use the M-16 toy that he had bought at Ethan's. Nobody would know except Willow and himself. Grinning at his reflection, Xander went to his 'uncle's' old room and began to search through his closet, careful to look for guns taped to the walls or ceiling. Since the Jackal had died, Xander had found nearly a dozen guns hidden all over the house in the weirdest places like the one time he found one hidden behind the toilet. Black was the color he was going for, it was intimidating and made up most of the Jackal's wardrobe. Pulling out a nice black wool shirt, he laid it on the bed and rummaged around until he pulled out a pair of thick black slacks and a long, thick black wool coat that looked very expensive yet appeared oddly normal.

Dressing himself in the dead assassin's clothes, Xander found himself thankful that they were about the same size and pulled on some polished black boots he had found. Since having access to his 'uncle's' wardrobe his own style of dress had improved greatly, thanks to not having to shop at Salvation Army anymore though a few items like the pink silk shirt he had found once creeped him out. Finally dressed, Xander went to the mirror and put on the sunglasses. He looked very cool and admired himself for a few seconds. He looked very serious, competent. Remembering the head tilt and small smile his uncle had often used, Xander copied the movement. Whoa, now that was pretty scary. Well, he had found his costume so it was time to leave. He headed toward the door, then smacked himself in the head and grabbed the toy gun he had bought at Ethan's Costume shop.

"Can't believe I almost forgot the toy gun, it's the main part of the costume."


AN: This will probably be the last update for a while as I'm working on my first book. It's taking up a lot of my time, but I will still be able to answer reviews. If there is enough response, then I may make this a two or three shot. See ya later.
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