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Wrong Turn

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Summary: It wasn't his engine falling out that ended Xander's road trip.

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DC Universe > Green LanternRubyPaladinFR15416,30287523,22425 Nov 0915 Feb 10No

Wrong Turn


Wrong Turn


Major Attitude

Chapter 1

Wrong Turn

Of all the things that could have went wrong on his road trip, he didn’t think of someone falling on his car. He had stopped at a gas station outside of Oxnard to buy a Coke when someone in a green outfit fell out of the sky and landed on his car. Xander ran over to his car trying to think of a way he could help the person but realized it wasn’t human. Whatever it was, it looked like a humanoid-like crocodile but the symbol it wore on its chest told Xander he could trust it. The crocodile guy was a Green Lantern.

“Let me see if I’ve got anything to pry you off.” Xander said concerned.

“No, my time has past.” The crocodile Lantern replied gesturing downward where Xander noticed a large piece of metal extending out of him. “The ring, take it.”

“What?” Xander exclaimed. “I can’t be a Green Lantern. I’m just a normal guy.”

“Fate is a tricky mistress, young human. I have faith you will do well.” He said as his life slowly left him.

Xander stood there silently as the ring slowly lifted away from the crocodile’s hand. He was about to reach for it when a yellow blast of energy destroyed his car hurling him away. Xander looked up to see what looked like a walking crystal dressed in a yellow and black outfit hovered in the air.

“Well, looks like I won’t be able to wear his hide after all.” The crystal man said.

“Alexander Harris of Earth.”

Xander saw the ring floating in front of him. The crystal guy saw it to and seemed to grin.

“Well, at least I won’t leave empty handed.” The crystal alien said almost laughing.

“You have extraordinary willpower.”

Xander wasn’t really afraid. The floating yellow clad alien wasn’t the scariest thing he had faced before. He knew he was probably going to die. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do going on the road trip but then again, when has anyone accused him of being intelligent?

“Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.”

The ring put itself on his right middle finger and he was surrounded in a bright green glow. He was as surprised as the crystal alien was. The ring had turned his clothes into the uniform of a Green Lantern which made the alien smile.

“Looks like I can add another Lantern to my list.” He said firing a more powerful blast of yellow energy.

Xander leapt into the air to escape the blast to see it hit the gas station with explosive force. He glared at the crystal alien.

“Okay, Xander.” He said to himself. “You and Jesse always dreamed about this. Now, time to see what you can do.”

Without really thinking of the construct to use, a green M-16 formed in his hands and he fired at the crystal alien who brought up a shield to protect himself. The construct bullets slammed through the shield as if it wasn’t even there. Xander formed a giant sledgehammer construct with the ring and slammed it into the crystal alien. Fractures formed on the surprised alien’s body.

“How could I lose to someone who only had his ring barely three minutes?” He asked before he broke up into shards that rained down towards the ground.

Xander checked himself over still not believing what had happened. He stared at the ring on his finger but he also noticed he didn’t have the Green Lantern symbol on his chest. Maybe he needed to earn it, he thought.

“Priority alert to all Green Lanterns.” An alien popped up from his ring in a little hologram. “Proceed to New York City immediately.”

“Guess I know where to go.” Xander said. “Okay, time to see if New York lives up to the hype or not.”

One thing was certain. He loved flying and watching the scenery go by as quickly as it was exhilarating. Watching the Grand Canyon, he almost didn’t notice the yellow energy blast but managed to dodge it before it could hit him. Xander turned to see another yellow and black clad alien rushing towards him. This alien was pink skinned but looked rather human. An idea came to mind and a pack of green hyena constructs swarmed the alien. The alien tried to fight them off but the hyena constructs ripped him apart. Xander cringed as he watched.

“Why did it have to be hyenas?” He asked himself as he watched the pink alien’s ring fly away.

Two more of the yellow clad aliens blasted at him and Xander flew towards the Grand Canyon hoping to use it to get rid of his pursuers. They followed him in and continued to blast at him. Using another hammer construct, he slammed one of the yellow ring wielders into the canyon wall. It was apparently hard enough to kill as a yellow ring flew away from the impact site. The remaining yellow clad alien kept firing at him. Xander formed a green version of his favorite comic book character’s weapon of choice, Captain America’s shield, and hurled it at the alien. The shield impacted against the head of the yellow ring wielder and the alien fell to the canyon floor. Xander gazed down and figured the alien was dead thanks to two very clear clues. The first clue was the alien’s neck was bent at an unnatural angle. The second clue was more obvious as the alien’s yellow ring flew away.

“I’m not going to get use to that.” He said.

Kilowog noticed the green clad human as he approached the site where the Green Lanterns had gathered to try to defend the city against the anti-matter that was approaching. He didn’t recognize the human which made the feelings he was having worse. The human, clearly male, landed and saluted.

“Hi, reporting as ordered.” He said. “Sorry that I’m a little late. I should’ve taken a left turn at Albuquerque.”

“Salaak, please tell me he didn’t get his ring from any of the human Lanterns.” Kilowog said.

The multi-armed alien shook his head. “No, his ring belongs to the Lantern of Sector 834.” Salaak replied.

“He kinda fell on the hood of my car and caved it in.” The human said. “Name’s Xander by the way.”

“Okay, poozer.” Kilowog said deciding to file this situation away for later. He lifted up his own power battery. “You need to charge your ring and help reinforce the barrier.”

Kilowog smiled as Xander recited the oath as he charged his ring. The young human flew over to the barrier adding his own willpower to it. Salaak walked over to Kilowog.

“It doesn’t make any sense.” Salaak said. “The ring should have flew back to Sector 834 to find someone new there.”

They managed to hold off the wall of anti-matter and saved New York City. Xander sat down under a tree in Central Park with his Green Lantern uniform still on. He still couldn’t believe the day he’d been having.

“This seat taken?”

Xander looked up to see a blonde Green Lantern woman standing before him. He smiled.

“Nope, just happy it’s not destroyed.” He said.

She sat down next to him. “I’m Arisia by the way, Green Lantern of Sector 2815.” She said. “Heard from Kilowog that your name is Xander. Kind of odd.”

“It’s short for Alexander. My best friend couldn’t pronounce my full name in kindergarten and it stuck.” He replied. “Boy, maybe this road trip was a bad idea. I stop to get a Coke and a Green Lantern falls on my car. Yellow clad crystal alien that I now know was a member of the Sinestro Corps shows up and the ring decides to draft me. After killing the crystal guy as well as three other Sinestros, I finally get to New York in order to save it. All this happens in the course of one day. I have now figured out May isn’t just apocalypse season in Sunnydale. It applies everywhere. What’s so funny?”

Arisia stifled her laughter. “Sorry.” She said. “You remind me of Lantern Gardner.”

“I hope that’s a good thing.” He said as he fished out his wallet. “I am going to try to find a Coke machine that hasn’t been blown up.”

Arisia laughed as Xander walked away from her. She had to admit he was funny. Most people would have cracked under the pressure. It wasn’t phasing him much. Maybe he could make it after all.

He flew back in the direction of Sunnydale. Uncertainty filled him about what his future may hold for him. In one hand, he literally held great power that he would need training to use properly. On the other hand, he didn’t feel right leaving his friends. He went to the one person he could trust to help him make the best decision. Xander knocked on the door.

“Hi, Xander.” Joyce said opening the door. “I didn’t know you were back from your road trip. Buffy isn’t here right now though.”

“I’m not here to see Buffy, Mrs. Summers.” Xander said.

“Joyce, Xander, call me Joyce.” She replied gesturing him inside. “Mrs. Summers makes me feel old.”

Joyce led Xander into the living room and they sat down. She knew something was bothering the young man who was one of her daughter’s friends.

“Something’s wrong, Xander?” She asked. “What is it? You can tell me.”

“Can you keep what I’m about to tell you between us?” He asked. “I’m planning on asking Giles what he thinks about it but I wanted to know what you thought first.”

Joyce realized that whatever Xander was going through he was willing to show her a great deal of trust in the matter. She nodded and noticed Xander’s right hand had an odd ring on it. It looked oddly familiar. A bright flash of green light almost blinded her but when her eyesight returned to normal, she saw Xander standing in her living room clad in the uniform of a Green Lantern. She noticed that the Lantern symbol was missing off the uniform though.

“Xander, how did this happen?” She asked.

“A Green Lantern fell on my car and his ring decided to put itself on my finger.” Xander said. “I’ve been given a few days before the rest of the Corps returns to Oa on whether or not I’m going to join.”

“Xander, you should join.” Joyce said. “You’ve fought alongside my daughter for years now trying to protect her. I think you would make a great Green Lantern.”

He had went to Giles’s home and informed the Englishman of what was going on with him. Xander was surprised a bit to find Giles was as supportive of him as Joyce was and that he promised to keep it a secret from Buffy and Willow as well. Arriving at his former home, he acquired his things. After selling what he didn’t need or want, he headed to the Bronze to give it one final farewell.

“Hey Xander, didn’t know you were back in town.” Oz said coming up from behind him.

“Just got in but I won’t be staying long.” Xander said. “Something’s come up and I’m going be leaving Sunnydale for at least a year.”

The werewolf seemed a bit concerned. “What’s going on Xander?” He asked. “Is it something that Buffy and Willow should be concerned about?”

“Nah, they’d probably be ecstatic that I’m leaving Sunnydale.” Xander replied.

“Xander, this isn’t like you.” Oz said. “You use to act like the only thing that could keep you out of Sunnydale was a nuclear explosion. Clearly, that didn’t happen.”

“I’ve been offered a job and it’s like way outta town.” Xander said. Yah, like off planet. He thought. “I’m going to accept it.”

“So, fulfilling?” Oz asked.

“I think it will be.” Xander said. “Oz, could you look out for Buffy and Willow for me?”

“Sure.” Oz said before grabbing a pen and a scrap piece of paper. “Here’s the number for my dorm room.”

“Thanks.” Xander replied taking the piece of paper away from his friend.

“There is one thing I need to ask you to do though.” Oz said. “Tell Buffy and Willow. They’ll wonder why you’re not going to be here in the Fall.”

“Okay, I will.” Xander said. “See ya, Oz.”

“Later.” Oz replied.

Xander left the Bronze seeing dusk was beginning to fall. He began to go through the standard patrol route hoping to run into Buffy and Willow. It took him about a couple of hours but he found them in Westfield Cemetery.

“Buffy, you need to figure out your class schedule.” Willow said to her friend.

“I don’t know, Willow. I still have a couple of months to decide, right.” Buffy replied. “We can’t all be like you figuring out our class schedule in the third grade.”

“Actually, I think Wills had her schedule figured out in second grade.” Xander said startling the two.

Both of them were pleasantly surprised to see their male friend and wrapped him in a strong bear hug. A couple moments passed before they released him with both of them smiling at him.

“So Xander, I see you cut your trip rather short.” Buffy said. “What happened?”

“Well, the engine fell out of my car.” He said lying to them knowing he couldn’t tell them the truth. “I managed to get back to here though.”

“See any sights?” Willow asked.

“Saw Grand Canyon.” He said.

Willow’s face shifted to concern. “Wait, was that when that Green Lantern killed those three Sinestro Corps members?” She asked.

“No, I saw Grand Canyon on cable at a motel I stayed at.” He said covering for himself. “So, a Green Lantern killed three Sinestros at the Grand Canyon.”

“Yah, I was watching the news when they turned to it.” Willow said. “Buffy kept trying to say he must have been a veteran Green Lantern but I don’t think so. He didn’t have a Lantern symbol on his chest.”

“Anyway, I got a job offer but I have to leave Sunnydale.” Xander said. “It’s a real out of this world job and lots of people respect it.”

“Cool, I’m happy for you.” Buffy said. “Stay safe.”

“You’d better call and write or I’ll get really angry.” Willow replied.

“I will.” He said. “Good-bye.”

He went in uniform to visit Faith in her hospital room. Of all the people in Sunnydale he hadn’t treated right, Faith was the one person he regretted the most. He didn’t even notice another person enter the room until she spoke.

“Lantern Harris, it’s nice to finally meet you.” She said as he turned around.

Xander could only stare at the rather beautiful red-skinned Korugarian woman. He shook his head clearly away a few of his thoughts.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “I don’t think we’ve met. My friends call me Xander.”

“My name is Soranik Natu. I was a doctor before I became a Green Lantern.” She said. “I must say that Earth hospitals are surprisingly primitive despite humanity’s impact on the universe.”
“Yah, humans are like that.” He replied. “So, I’m guessing this isn’t just a fact finding mission.”

“In a way. I heard a lot about you from Kilowog and Arisia.” Soranik said. “I also heard you killed four Sinestros in your first day with your ring.”

“I got lucky.” He said.

“Maybe so but you have made quite the name for yourself.” Soranik said. “Kilowog is already saying you’re going to be a great Green Lantern to the trainees. He’s quite eager to see how well you can do.”

“I have to say.” Xander replied. “It’s nice to know that somebody thinks I’m worth something. My parents tried to sell me to some Armenians.”

Deciding to change the subject, Soranik walked over to Faith. She looked back at Xander.

“Who is she?” She asked.

“Her name is Faith. She’s what we call a Vampire Slayer.” Xander explained. “She’s been mystically endowed to fight vampires and other demons that try to threaten humans.”

“She is a hero then.” Soranik said.

“Faith was given too much power and not enough support to go with it. Her Watcher was killed by a Master Vampire named Kakistos but she got revenge for it. We treated her as we treated Buffy which we were wrong to do so.” Xander explained. “She accidentally killed the deputy mayor while patrolling with Buffy which caused her to end up working for the Mayor.”

“Wait, she killed his subordinate and ended up working for him.” Soranik said. “Why did that happen?”

“Sunnydale isn’t an ordinary town on Earth. It’s built on an interdimensional portal leading to several dimensions with every dimension that could be described as hell.” Xander explained. “The Mayor was the same person since the town was founded a hundred years ago. He kept replacing himself saying he was the previous one’s son.”

“Efficient.” She said. “I noticed a blown up building as I flew over. I’m guessing that’s where you defeated him.”

“More of a team effort. I made the explosives and led the ‘army’ against the Mayor after he transformed into a sixty foot long demon snake. Buffy led him into the school and leapt out of a window to escape the blast.” Xander replied.

“Was that when she was injured?” Soranik asked.

“No, Faith was going deeper into darkness. She killed a college professor and then shot Angel, he’s a vampire with a soul that I don’t think should be allowed to walk around but I don’t get any say in the matter, with an arrow tipped with a poison that could only be cured by the blood of a Slayer. Buffy decided to try to capture Faith so that Angel could be cured but Faith either fell or got thrown off the building and now is in a coma.” Xander answered. “Buffy let Angel drink some of her blood to get cured. Listen, there’s still someone I need to talk to before leaving tomorrow.”
“Did you tell this Buffy what you’re planning?” Soranik asked.

“Sorta, I told her it was a real out of this world job.” He said smiling before he left.

The last person in Sunnydale he went to visit was never there. It was Jesse’s grave. He bent down and used his ring to engrave the Green Lantern symbol on Jesse’s tombstone. Xander just felt as though it was right.
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