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Buffy's Hammer

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Summary: A troll is beating up Thor and Buffy saves his ass. Part 2 Thor's missing and Buffy is rounding up the usual suspect. Part 3 Buffy (with Faith tagging along) is knocking on the door and has a little chat with Odin.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Buffy-CenteredWhiteWolfFR1336,64241816,15231 Oct 034 Nov 03Yes

She is Worthy

Title: Buffy's Hammer

Author: WhiteWolf

X-over: The Mighty Thor (Marvel Commics)

Spoilers: This chapter only to season 5, but further chapters all 7 seasons.

Summery: A troll is beating up Thor and Buffy saves his ass.

Small explanation of MC Thor.

The Marvel Comics 'Thor'

The story starts as a crippled Doctor Blake(?), who walks with a cane, goes on a vacation to
Norway. At that moment an alien invasion force attacks Earth. (It baffles me why they
attacked Norway of all countries.) In the attack he flees into a cave and loses his cane. He flees
deeper into the cave and finds an old stick. He uses that stick as a leverage to roll away a big
boulder. In frustration he hits the boulder with the stick. He transforms into Thor, God of
Thunder, and the stick transforms into Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer.

With the power of Thor he chases away the alien invasion.

There is an inscription on the Hammer.

'Who is worthy of the Power of Thor, may wield Mjolnir.'


'Who can wield Mjolnir will posses Thor's Power.'

I'm not sure which one it is. But one fact is sure, nobody can wield or even lift Mjolnir. Not
even the strongest men or monsters; The Incredible Hulk, Hercules or the Thing. Not the
noblest or bravest; like Spiderman or Captain America.

Later on in the story we find out that Dr. Blake is Thor. Odin had banished Thor in the form of
Dr. Blake, because he was too arrogant and Odin thought he needed a lesson in humanity.

After a lot of adventure saving Earth and Asgard a couple of times, making friends in the
Superhero Community. Thor had to make a choice to obey his father or save somebody on
Earth. He decide to disobey. Odin, not liking it, punished him. I think he takes his godlihood
and strength away. Of course he gets it back and saves Asgard later again. I haven't read the
comic in years so I'm not sure where they are now. Plus I might have remembered some

While Thor was on Midgard aka Earth his half-brother Loki does evil deeds and tries to kill his
brother a few times. He is Thor's nemesis.

Buffy's Hammer

Subtitle: She is Worthy

Thor was being beaten up by a troll, and that never made for a good day. Normally, he would
have defeated the troll long before now, but he had been preoccupied with protecting innocent
people from being squashed by falling buildings. The troll had taken the opportunity presented
by his unprotected back and hit him on the head with a club. And from then on, it went
downhill for Thor.

Thor went down, dazed, and lost his hammer, Mjolnir. He needed time to recover from the
blow to his head, but the troll was, unsurprisingly, not willing to give it to him, smashing his
club time after time on Thor's head and upper body. He knew that the next blow to his head
would undoubtedly render him unconscious. But before the club could connect with his head, a
voice distracted the troll.

"Yo, Ugly. Why don't you step away from Goldilocks and fight somebody who can still fight

The troll and the god turned toward the voice, and both were shocked to find a petite blonde
standing casually with her hands behind her. She was smiling at them as if she was speaking to
old friends.

"Run, maiden."

The rest of Thor's warning was violently silenced by the troll's club. He was sent flying into a
wall, which barely withstood the impact.

"Hey, I know that trolls are dim-witted and slow on the uptake, but I thought I made myself
clear that you should step away from him, not bat him away from you." The maiden looked
annoyed at the troll.

Thor couldn't believe the golden maiden. She was walking toward the troll with the confidence
of an Asgardian goddess. He tried to warn her again.

"Save yourself, fair maiden."

The only response Thor received from the maiden was a snort of a laugh as she looked his way
for a moment. But she didn't miss a step in her approach toward the troll.

"Me asking you to leave peacefully is wishful thinking, right?" She addressed the troll.

The troll laughed. The maiden shrugged her shoulders. "Didn't think so."

The troll kept laughing. "You should not have meddled in the affairs of your betters. Now you
will pay for your mistake with your life, like the Thunder God."

"Ooh!" She gave an exaggerated shiver. "I'm shaking from fear. I saw how you hit him from
behind. Not very sporting of you." The golden maiden gave the troll a disappointed look. "Not
that I expect bad guys to play fair. Now are you going to talk me to death or are we going to
fight? I saw some shoes on sale a few blocks away and I have a date tonight. So you can see
I'm already on a tight schedule."

Thor thought that the golden maiden was brave and her banter reminded him of Spiderman. He
hoped that she could hold her own with the troll long enough for him to recover from his
beating. At the moment he barely could stand, much less fight the troll.

"As you wish, maiden." The troll raised his club to bat her away.

The club swung downward and Thor yelled 'No', when he saw that the golden maiden wasn't
planning to move out of the path of the club. But the club stopped a few inches away from the
maiden's head. Both the troll and the god were shocked again when they saw what had
stopped the club. It was the golden maiden's left hand. She looked up at the troll, twice her
size, and smiled.

"Now it's my turn." The golden maiden grinned evilly at the troll.

Still smiling, she removed her right hand from her back and hit the troll with the object she
had been hiding. The troll was sent flying off his feet and landed thirty feet away. Thor
couldn't believe his eyes. It wasn't that she hit the troll with such brute force. He had
somehow expected her to be stronger then she looked, especially after she caught the club. But
she was holding Mjolnir in her right hand as if it belonged to her. No one other than himself or
Odin, or one worthy of Thor's power, could wield his hammer. But Thor had never met a
mortal who had been able to lift it.

"Cool hammer." The golden maiden turned toward him. "Much more powerful then that troll
hammer I used to beat up Glory with, and it's more compact, too."

Before Thor could reply the troll stirred and was back on his feet.

"It is not possible." There was denial in the troll's face. "Only Odin, the Allfather and Thor can
lift Mjolnir." The troll didn't look confident anymore.

The maiden turned her attention back to the troll. She put her left hand on her hip and swung
Mjolnir up to rest on her shoulder. "Well, you could put my name on the list too." The maiden
held the hammer in front of her, visibly contemplating its weight. "It isn't that heavy."

She turned back to Thor. "So, Goldilocks. Do you mind if I use your little hammer to beat him
to a pulp?"

Her smile was contagious and Thor smiled back. He was still speechless at the idea of a mortal
girl being able to use his hammer, unable to give permission with spoken words. Instead he
gave her a small nod.

"Thanks. Sit back and enjoy the show." The maiden turned her back to Thor and he could see
the fear in the troll's face. The troll even took a step back, but the maiden was upon him before
he could even think about running away. She gracefully avoided his club as he swung at her
face, and immediately leaped high into the air to deliver a powerful kick directly onto the trolls
head. The troll stumbled and Buffy waited for him to straighten up and face her again. At the
moment that he did, she swung Mjolnir upwards, hitting his chin. This was the beginning of the
end for the troll. Five more hits with Mjolnir and the troll lay unconscious on the ground.

The golden maiden leaned over the troll and kicked him to see if he was still alive. The troll
groaned and stirred slightly. "Damn, thick skull. Probably protecting his pea-small brain."

Thor's strength was restored to him by then, and he approached the maiden. "I'm grateful for
your timely rescue, Lady ..."

"Buffy. Oh, it was nothing." Buffy waved his thanks away with her free hand. "I have a few
friends that would kick my ass if I let a hunk like you getting beaten to a pulp by an ugly troll."
Buffy gave him a brilliant smile, which Thor reciprocated. "You want your hammer back?"
Buffy handed him the weapon without waiting for a response.

"Aye." Thor took his hammer back. "You wield Mjolnir with great skill."

"Thanks." Buffy blushed for a second. "So, you must be Thor, since you don't look like the
big cheese of the Norse Gods. I think Odin has an eyepatch and a white beard. And the troll
called you Thunder God. Which Giles explained once, when we watched wrestling. One
wrestler's name was Thor and of course Giles had to explain all the Viking mythology. He is
like that. It wouldn't surprise me if he knows your family tree better than you do. "

Thor laughed at Buffy's meandering explanation. He couldn't believe how much her demeanor
changed from just a minute ago. "Aye, I'm Thor. The Thunder God, not the wrestler."

Buffy smiled at him.

"So, what are we going to do with Mr. Ugly?" Buffy pointed at the unconscious troll, then
took her stake from its place in her waistband. "I don't think Mr. Pointy could get through his
thick hide."

Thor looked startled, which Buffy misinterpreted.

"What? You named your hammer. What is it called, 'My old niner'?"

"Mjolnir." Thor corrected her. "You are 'Den Utvalgte'."

"Gesundheid and what?" Buffy frowned at Thor, not knowing if he had just insulted her or not.

"The Chosen One. You hunt the corrupt ones, the walking dead." Thor clarified the foreign
title for Buffy.

"Yep, that's me, the Vampire Slayer. And I don't just slay vampires, but also demons and a
robot now and then. And once a Hell Goddess." Buffy frowned again. "Glorificus. Hope she
wasn't family of yours. Because she was a retarded, fashion-victim bitch."

"Nay. It is bad enough that I'm related to my half-brother Loki. I have no interest in being
related to an insane hell-goddess."

"Good. But back to the point, what are we going to do with Mr. Ugly?" Buffy motioned
toward the troll again.

"Mjolnir will take care of him." Thor simply replied.

Thor gently pushed Buffy aside and whirled his hammer above his head until a tornado
appeared over him. He then pointed the hammer at the troll and the tornado swallowed him up
before imploding.

"Wow." Buffy was impressed. "Where can I get one of those?" She asked, nodding at Thor's

"Only the Allfather, Odin, can make one and he needs the rare Uri mineral." Thor explained.

"Oh, so that means I can't buy one at the hardware store or Magical-Weapons-R-Us?" Buffy
pouted at Thor.

"Nay." Thor smiled at the slayer.

Buffy shrugged her shoulders in disappointment. "Didn't really expect it." Buffy stuck out her
hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you, but I have to go."

Thor took her hand and shook it. "The honour is all mine."

Buffy blushed. When they let go, Buffy walked two steps backward, "Hope to meet you again,
under better conditions."

Buffy turned and began walking toward the end of the block. Halfway to the end, she paused
and looked over her shoulder at Thor.

"Bye." She waved once before turning away again.

Thor waved back. He waited until she vanished around the corner before he swung his hammer
and flew away.

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