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In Time For The Tea Party

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Summary: Hatter's always had bad luck. He just never realized how much. (An Alice story)

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How've You Been

“So what, you just going to stare at him?” March said after a few moments of silence. He flicked Hatter in the back of the head. “Why do you even want him? Is he special or something? He doesn't look like much.”

Hatter looked back up at the Queen. She was sitting stiffly in a chair staring at him. His eyes locked with hers and he quickly bowed his head. She laughed and then stood up to walk closer to Hatter. “Tell me something.”

“You look stunning in that dress.” Hatter said without hesitation.

The Queen laughed in surprise. “A flatterer and one with a quick tongue.”

“He's a kiss ass.” March shoved Hatter in the side with his foot. Hatter managed to catch himself before falling on his face.

“Leave us March.” The Queen snapped. He glared at her for a moment. She merely raised an eyebrow, “Any word on Cheshire?” His eyes narrowed before he sulked out of the room slamming the door. Hatter flinched at the sharp thud that sounded from the door. He turned to see that end of a knife point was protruding through the door. “Tell me about you.”

Hatter pushed himself back onto his heels. “Me? There's not much to me Majesty. I'm just another faithful servant to the suit of hearts.”

“Really? I heard different, much different.” She walked halfway around Hatter. “You're bleeding on my floor. We need a different room. If you're going to be bleeding we can't be in this room.” She walked out of the room.

Hatter stared after her in confusion. He slowly rose to his feet. A quick glance at his arm showed a diamond shape cut bleeding through his jacket. She left the door open but the Queen was nowhere in sight. Suddenly two short identical men in gray jumpsuits marched into the room. They each grabbed one of Hatter's arms to pull him out of the room.

He looked around as he was dragged out. He was in a pristine building where every single window gleamed. The hallways were patrolled by suits and the rest of the deck were lounging here and there. If he had to make a guess, he'd say he was probably in the Casino. He saw a line of oysters being led to elevators before he was shoved into a random room. It wasn't a regular room. There were no set walls only the ceiling and the floor done in shades of green and yellow, that constantly dripped down or flowed up in a mock style of bubbly stalactites and stalagmites. There was a chair that the men tied Hatter to with a rope around his chest. Then they left him alone.

“That's much better now isn't?” The Queen seemed to appeared out of thin air. “You were a shop owner. Traded in tea until the White Rabbits shut you down. Why was that?” Hatter started to respond but stopped when the Queen poured some clear liquid down his throat. He coughed as he tried not to swallow. “You were saying...”

“They said,” Hatter paused and he seemed to sway in his chair. “I was associating with the wrong people when I got my tea.”

“And were you?”

“I associate with all types of people. I'm a people person.” Hatter said after a moment.

The Queen smiled widely at him and shook a vial that she held in her hand. “See this, this little gem is honesty. I've got several other lovely feelings.”

“What do you want with me?”

“I want you to sell these emotions to the rest of the citizens of Wonderland.” She walked behind Hatter and untied the ropes holding him to the chair. “And if you happen to run into any more of the wrong people, I want you to listen and tell me what you hear. Do you understand?”


“Good. Now get out.” The Queen snapped and the door opened.

Hatter quickly jumped out of the chair, racing towards the door. He looked around trying to figure the quickest way out. He found an elevator that led him to the ground floor. The entire time he was trying to get the rope around his hands unraveled. He felt his shoulders lose some tension once he exited the Casino.

A length of sliver in front of his eyes stopped his hurried gait. “I need that rope back.”

Hatter's eyes followed the knife to the body attached to it. Mad March. “I'd be happy to give it back.” He raised his bound wrists.

March cut off the rope making a few shallow cuts on Hatter's wrists. Again he made no sound, which seemed to annoy March a bit. “Got some good news for you. I'll be helping you set up your shop. So we can spend plenty of quality time.”

“I thought you were looking for Cheshire.” Hatter was looking at his bloodied wrist which made him miss the fist that connected with his face. He fell to the ground as March walked away toward a pair of horses that were tied up nearby. Hatter sat up pressing his hand to his lip, “Oh, this is going to be loads of fun.”
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