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Furry Moon

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Summary: Xander meets a certain balance demon and learns about his heritage.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredJCHattenFR182442,32479182,78419 Dec 0911 May 11No

Chapter 24 - Friends Enemies and other guys

Note: Thanks again to Inachis and Hawklan for their help.

Chapter 24 - Friends Enemies and other guys

Kevin 'Ace' Koss stood by the airplane, a special custom made jet plane. Beside him his girlfriend Penny Pincer waited for the Diggers to arrive and finally they saw the Digger gang come walking over the airfield with grim looks on their faces. Ace froze as he realized that it was more than just the Digger family that walked towards them. There was Dr. Theodor Digger and his wife Julia, the girls Brittany, Brianna, and Gina as well as Strype, the Xander kid and Faith with Tirga and Sheila. He'd met them before, they were nice guys. Jetta and her Werewolves fighters Sander and Bridik and Nadeen followed after and finally an unknown red haired girl with a blond girl and a green haired young man he didn't know.

Behind Xander walked the first surprise. The Were-rats, Lydia, Moisha and Romeo. The last time he checked, Ranger O'Green had thrown them in the Leprechaun jail for trying to steal their gold maker machine. Somehow he didn't believe they were out for good behavior and then came surprise number 2, which was s big surprise. Ionis the mage, Zelda the female fighter, Dashi the ninja and in a wheelchair a kid, a 12-14 year old kid, who could only be Lord Erwin 'PeeWee' Talon.

The wheelchair was pushed by a female he didn't know and behind her Zelda was dragging a coffin, of all things. Ace blinked and looked at Penny. "I think this flight is going to be more interesting than usual." She nodded weakly. As a friend and sometimes competition to Gina, she also had had her fights with the 'bad guys' and knew the lineup.

Theodor came forward. "Hi Ace. I will explain everything while they load the plane."


Later after a long explanation

Ace nodded. "I see. I think it would be wise if I pick up my F18 and flew escort this time. Gina, Brianna and Penny can fly the transport." Xander blinked. "You have an F18?" Ace blushed. "Ah well, it's really not a true F18. It's kind of a replica."

Gina and Penny grinned. "Sure it is. We helped build it. It is far more advanced than an F18." Xander nodded, not really surprised. After all, he'd seen their cars.



The jet transport was flying on a low trajectory, avoiding radar with the F18 look alike escorting them.

Xander sighed. If only Strype's starship could have helped them, but it was on its way to Mars or maybe back from Mars by now. He wondered where they were.



"So, look Mr. Mayor sir. Beautiful sights here right? You can see the sunrise in the distance and look, it's the Mars Explorer. If you wave, NASA will see you," The Captain said to the man in the cage which was now sitting on Mars only fifteen feet from the Mars Explorer.

Wilkins the 3 sighed. Here he was, unable to get to his box of Gavrock, unable to die because he was immortal for more than 180 days and the cage stopped him from using magic. And that damned starship just left him stranded on Mars. This really sucked and there was only one thing he could do. It would at least make some Scifi fools go nutty.

"Hi kids! I am the man from Mars. Let's talk about the importance of education," he said, looking directly in the eye of the NASAs Mars Explorer camera.



"Hawaii. The rats are in Hawaii," Xander said.

Theo nodded. "Well, it makes sense that they would have a hideout somewhere nice. I bet Gothwrain uses it for relaxing."

Gina smiled. "Well, let's land this thing." Xander frowned. "NO. Can we use parachutes or something?"

Buffy started. "What?" Xander looked at them. "Look, the Were-rats probably are keeping a watch on the airports. It's only logical. If we drop down in parachutes they can't know that we followed them. That gives us a better chance of saving Dawn alive."

Gina nodded. "Alright, we can do that. Brianna, bring out the jump equipment." Julia spoke up. "Do we have rafts? Then we can do a water drop." Brianna grinned. "This plane does have Vertical Takeoff and landing capability. We can hover over the sea for a moment. No need to use the jump equipment at all, just drop us off."

A short moment later the plan had been adjusted.

The huge cargo jet stopped and hovered on its jet only twelve feet over the Atlantic Ocean. Tirga grinned. "I love girls in wet t-shirts," he said and dived into the water.

Xander just snorted and jumped after him, but grinned when he realized he'd soon see Lydia in a wet shirt.

Dashi grabbed and held Erwin as they jumped. Erwin had almost managed to heal completely from his injuries by now, although he was still limping and then the cargo was dropped down, floating bags hold it on the surface. One coffin complained loudly. "No bloody respect," Spike groused.

"You think I like sleeping next to you?" Angel said.

Spike frowned. "OOH, Peaches, you wound me." Then with a ‘splash' it fell down, floating in the sea.

Xander treaded water in his Were-tiger body, when suddenly he blinked. Why was he hearing the theme song from Jaws? Damn over active imagination. A sharp pain in his leg told him different as the shark bit him and dragged him down under.

Buffy screamed. "NOOO! Xander!"

The small, but strong tiger shark was dragging him deeper into the sea. Then suddenly his friend could see the water surface suddenly bubble with blood as the battle raged under the sea.

Gina frowned. "Everybody get in the raft now, more sharks are coming."

Then Xander suddenly dived up. "Whoo! Air air!" he gasped.

They helped him up into the raft. A nasty bite had almost cut off his left leg, but it was already healing. Willow and Buffy hugged him. "You're alive! What about the shark, is it dead?" Xander grinned. "Oh, he tasted fine," he said, showing them his teeth.

Julia grinned. "Good work. Your training in pain tolerance worked." Xander nodded. "Yup. I turned completely cat down under. That made the shark let me go and then I went hybrid and sliced it a bit and ate what I got, completely Sushi."

Buffy blinked as she realized with finality that her friend was far more competent and dangerous than she'd imagined.

Erwin realized that his information on Xander was wrong, so wrong it wasn't even funny. He was glad his plans meant making Xander a friend and the rafts filled with were-cats and were-wolfs and some special humans started to paddle to the shore of one of the islands of the Hawaiian chain.

In the sea a badly hurt shark swam for its life as the other sharks turned to hunting him. Inside, the Were-Tiger shark raged. How could things go so wrong? Here he was on his vacation from the boring work at IRS, taking a swim and planning in satisfying his hidden lust for human flesh and then the human he grabbed turned in to a freaking Were-tiger and almost made sushi out of him. Only his Were-shark ability kept him alive, right now slowly healing and regenerating him. Life was just not fair and he swam for dear life as a really big shark was now on his tail.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Furry Moon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 May 11.

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