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Furry Moon

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Summary: Xander meets a certain balance demon and learns about his heritage.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredJCHattenFR182442,32479182,78219 Dec 0911 May 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Do I have to? Aah well…I do NOT own anything which you may recognize in this story.
BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and co.
The parts I took from the Golddigger comics belongs to Fred Perry and Antarctic Press
Beta: Hawklan

Warning this is a early story of mine.


Chapter 1

The hunt

Xander sweat as he run. This was NOT a good night for him.

First he managed to save a girl from a demon, which was on the good side, but then he discovered that the demon had two BIG BROTHERS, which were more than 8 feet tall that was on the bad side and then he found out that saving the girl made them angry and so they started to hunt him.

That was really bad.

He really wished he stayed in Sunnydale. Suddenly he found it the perfect hideout, a bar. No way that the demons would find him in there.

He was almost at the door when he heard the voice.

"I think the human scum is this way"

Xander rushed inside and froze. Around the bar were demons, vampires and something that most likely was an alien or played one in the movie with the same name.

He was just trying to walk out when IT spoke. "Do you like a drink?"

Xander blinked, "I’m not food am I?"

The 'alien' laughed, its inner mouth drifted in and out from its outer jaw. "No human, this is a No fight zone. Right guys? And why is it a no fighting zone."

The demons and vampires spoke as one. "If we fight you eat us," and they laughed happy.

Xander blinked. "Ooh nice, a Bud then."

The 'alien' nodded and gave him one.

Seeing Xander staring at him he shook his head and part of the tail. "Don’t worry kid. I am not like the thing in the movie. They gave even me the creeps. I mean one of us was seen by a freaking drug using Hollywood creep and he used our image in a movie and now we are like the biggest bad in history. The monster in the first movie looked just like my brother. Last night he was out for a walk and the freaking vamps and a Slayer ran screaming from him. It's sad really most of us are actually nice demons."

Xander sighed and tuned out the demon’s bitching. "I see. Can I get five more?"

The 'alien' like demon gave him his beer and took the money as Xander walked to a table in the corner.

‘Now when would the demons hunting him give up?’ Xander asked himself.


Hours later

Xander was still sitting and drinking at his table not really knowing what to do.

When suddenly the demon ‘Alien’ asked him. "Are you alright kid?"

Xander smiled, "Not really, two Polgara demons are hunting me just because I put their brother six feet under to save a girl’s life."

The 'Alien' demon nodded. "Impressive. Polgaras are hard for humans and demons to slay."

Xander shook his head. "Funny you say so. My friends think I’m useless in a fight. What’s your name?"

The alien demon grinned as usual and drooled a bit. "I don’t think you human could say it. But you can call me Shraa."

Xander nodded, "Shraa? Right."

Shraa nodded and asked, "Now do you like another beer or some advice?"

Xander blinked, "Advice and then probably a beer."

Shraa got on his knees into a comfortable position as he talked. "If you friends think that and treat you with no respect as it sounds like. You might ask yourself. They might be YOUR friends, but are YOU their friend?"

Xander looked curious, "Huh?"

Shraa looked at him. "Think about it. Friends do not call each other useless. If so you might be their friend but they might not be your friend anymore."

Xander frowned and felt angry, but the intimidating monster of a demon looking so much like the beast Ripley had problem with made him less than willing to attack. "THEY ARE my friends."

Shraa nodded. "If you say so, but boy you need some real friends and sunshine in your life. You know a Slayer right?"

Xander nodded carefully, "Yes. What about it?"

Shraa drooled. "Her Watcher has books with information about my kind. Read it." With that the demon Shraa walked away to clean a table.

Xander blinked. This was a strange night.

As the door opened he knew it would be even stranger.


Whistler the balance demon walked into the bar.

Xander groaned. "YOU"

Whistler blinked, "You? I know you. Where DO I know you from?"

Xander blinked, "Xander from Sunnydale. I help the Slayer, at least I try to help the Slayer sometimes."

Whistler studied the boy before grinning, "Yes you’re the kid, Alexander, great meeting you here. Would you mind if I sit down?"

Xander shrugged. "Please do. Even Shraa seems to think I need some cheering up."

Whistler looked at Shraa. "Ooo a Rukara. Not surprising, they are good guys except if they get angry and they are empathic. Your emotions probably made him depressed."

Xander snorted, "So he was cheering himself up then?"

Whistler nodded, "Yup, but he is a nice kind of demon. Once created as guards they look more dangerous than they are."

Xander smiled and asked, "So no acid for blood then?"

Whistler smiled. "No, no acid, but poison. The blood actually turns into a gas form which in contact with air will kill you. If you are going up against him kid, use a gas-mask."

Xander sighed.

Whistler sighed, "So what’s your depression?"

Xander answered, "No respect in my life and yours?"

Whistler snorted, "Angel and his fucking Lolita fixation on the Slayer. Ooh man I should have seen it. So many died and the guys upstairs? They blame me. They don’t say it, but you know.”

Xander studied him. Feeling pissed for a moment and then thinking it over, "I really don’t think it’s your fault. At first yes, but thinking it over, you made a
mistake. Did you know about the curse’s weakness?"

Whistler shook his head. "NO no. I believed it was permanent and if it had a weakness he would know. After all most curses are made to be broken."
Xander grumbled, "Stupid fucker."

Whistler nodded in agreement, "So right. By the way thanks for the lie and that you forced him to save Buffy. You got a lot of respect from the guys upstairs."

Xander blinked. "Really?"

Whistler nodded, "Yup. Some even wanted to ask you to join up as a champion, but we could not consider your blood."

Xander frowned. "My Blood, what’s wrong with that?"

Whistler smiled. "You are unique, kid and outside the PTB right to interfere. Only IF you chose and actually ASK them to contact you, then you can become a champion. "

Xander frowned. "Why?"

Whistler answered, "They are the overseers of Humanity kid and you might not know it, but about 30 years ago you moms foster parent tried to cure her curse. She was a weretiger. We are talking about the real deal here, a born weretiger with control over her change and all.

All that the try did was to block her abilities and slowly turning her to into depression during full moons and eventually to alcoholism. It’s to late to cure her now. After she married your dad, she had a secret affair with a handsome man a real werewolf who is your real father.

Xander blinked. "So what am I?"

Whistler smiled, "You are a were-chimera, a hybrid between cat and wolf. Were-Chimeras are extremely rare and your bite doesn’t create more of your kind. Any kids you might have would probably be wolfs or cats, but not both."

Xander frowned. "Then why have I not change."

"Because you never learned how, you are a natural born were and a mix. To shift you have to learn to meditate and find the inner beast or something. Who knows? Ever wonder why you survived so much abuse from your dad and the fights with vampires?" said Whistler.

Xander blinked. "No, I just thought I healed fast."

Whistler smiled. "Let’s drink," he said grabbing his beer.

Xander studied his own beer and asked, "Could you help me?"

Whistler spit his beer over the table in surprise. "What? I don't have the time. Actually I do have but I... What the hell. If I start to train you kid, I will train you in more than just changing and controlling it. I am talking about fighting and the works. I don’t train a quitter you understand?"

Xander studied the balance demon. He looked slimy, good fashion sense, but slimy and weak. On the other side Angel feared him so maybe. "Alright if you can prove to me that you actually know your stuff I will be your loyal and obedient student."

Whistler smiled. "Crap. All right, I do hope you learn fast. I’m not a good teacher."

Xander grinned, "Well, I’m not a good student so."

Whistler groaned. "By the way, your first lesson, run out and escape from the two Polgaras. If you survive I teach you more."

Xander looked at him. "What? Alright stupid demon," he said as he run out.


Shraa walked over and asked, "Beer?" As Whistler nodded he continued. "That was not really nice was it?"

Whistler answered, "No, but his heritage will only wake IF he is under what he thinks is deadly danger. Tonight is full moon combined with the beer his control is loose and with enemies after him. his chances are great that he will get his heritages."

Shraa drooled. "So you set him up then?"

Whistler shook his head, "Nope, just pure dumb luck. I hope the kid survives."

The two demons were silent for a moment.

Whistler grinned, "I warned him. I am a bad teacher. Why do you think Angel is afraid of me?"

Shraa shook his head and walked over to clean a table.



Xander carefully watched around the corner after his two enemies, when he bumped into something. "Crap."

"Human. DIE," the demon screamed and tried to stab the puny human with his bone spike.

Xander failed to dodge, but tripped on a pair of cans avoiding the spike with the pure luck of a drunk. "Ouch." He said as he rushed to stand up.

The Polgara came screaming after him. "Die Human, my brother he here."

"This is not my night," Xander said as the other demon came running from the other direction.

The two demons started to slash, cut and stab at him slowly cutting his shirt asunder drawing blood and were grinning. "Pain we will torture you, then you die." They said and cut him with small pain full cuts into the skin.

Xander tried to stand but a kick send him down again and a then he screamed in pain as a bone spike was driven through his left leg.
As he was falling back screaming, he could see the moon above him.

He stopped screaming even as the demons started to cut him and rotated the bone spike stuck in the leg.

He could feel his heart beat faster and faster. -Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom- and a pain like floating steel was pouring inside of him and he screamed in pain.

The Polgara brothers stumble back as the human slowly stood up. His face was a furry picture from a nightmare. Long claws strong and sharp, long furry ears and eyes like a cat and a jaw like a werewolf.

Then his cuts healed. "Die," it growled out as it jumped the two shocked demons.

Xander howled in fury, shaking his furry claws against the last Polgara bleeding body and then fell over unconscious.

The Polgara rushed up and ran away hoping whatever that was would not come after him. Brothers or not, his life was more important than pesky vengeance. Beside Mom could always give him more brothers and then he would be the big-brother.
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