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Star of Faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander isn't what he seems to be and he needs some help

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Chapter 27

"Humans," Glory growled out as her body continued to mutate, her hair twisted into heavy wire looking like bob-wire hanging down. Her eyes glowed with a hellish red fire and her face became a sick version of perfection in an otherwise grotesque head. The body had lost all of its body fat and the skin took a dull grey tone, looking more like insect skin then that of a mammal.

Ryoko nodded to the former prideful sniper. "Yupp… you pissed her of." She could see wave of wave of energy just as strong as hers or Tenchi’s. But she could feel that Glory still was holding back her true powers and then the angry hell goddess started to walk forward.

The Mobile police unit that still could move slowly turned to her.

"Fire… fire… fire…," they screamed as bullets and water rained down on the hell goddess. It actually pushed her back a second before she activated a red glowing shield. "Humans," she growled again as she waved her hand making the land in front of her explode.

Ryoko sighed as she called her allies "Did you see this?"

"Yes, we see it on Silver vision," Washu said. They had sent over Faith’s parrot to record what happened.

Ryoko blinked. "The nutty parrot is here? Should I attack now, mom?"

Washu frowned. "Don’t die. I love you," she replied after a moment.

"I’m coming over," Tenchi said. "Washu, teleport me near to Ryoko," he ordered. His Lighthawk wings were glowing, all 3 of them and with a push of a button Tenchi was gone.

Ryoko grinned. "Tenchi... Hi…," she yelled while the sniper blinked in surprise..

"Hi love. Wait before we attack,” Tenchi said and hold something out to her. “Your last gem, I was going to give it to you on our weeding."

Ryoko grinned. "Thanks. What about Katsuhito will he be fine?"

Tenchi nodded as he willed the last of Ryoko’s gem away from his sword. With an almost nonchalant flip he willed the Tenchi-Ken back home as he used his own powers. "Let’s go," he said, jumping down from the fifty floor building.

The power of the Lighthawk wing made him glide down and landing softly on the ground. Ryoko floated next to him and then the two moved like one up against the hell goddess.

Glory glared with an insane stare. "Round two," she snared.

Tenchi nodded as his Lighthawk armor shimmered. A ball of energy formed a glittering shield in front of him and a second ball became a sword of pure energy. Above him Ryoko’s battle armor was formed by the power of the gems and a sword made of pure energy appeared in each of her hands. "Let’s fight," she said calmly.

Glory glared. Those two had power drawn from a divine power source. If they managed to kill her who knew how long it would take her to take control again. A glittering spark formed around her fingers. Her fingers now ended in long energy claws which were so long that they looked more like short swords then claws.

And then the two attacked.

With a slash and cut Tenchi moved in full speed, not letting the insane goddess touch him.

Glory parried and dodged the attack and then kicked back.

Ryoko danced around the goddess while slashing and stabbing at the goddess.

With an angry roar Ryoko was sent flying backwards. Part of her legs where cut off and she crashed down.

Tenchi ignored that as he stabbed Glory in the gut, burning her from the inside and out.

The angry hell goddess backhanded him and Tenchi flew back alive only because the power of his armor.

Beside her Ryoko swore as she forced her legs to regenerate. It always hurt more than losing the body part. "Tenchi?" she asked nervous. But he was fine. The power of the wing was repairing his face and jaw that was smashed to pieces.

Looking more angry then hurt with blood dripping from his smashed face Tenchi stood up. "Round three," he said in an angry tone.

Ryoko nodded as she also stood up. "And no playing around."

This time Glory attacked sending wave after wave of slashes, cuts and stabs at them. The two dodged those attacks this time and slashed and stabbed Glory.

Glory was now in so much pain that it stopped her from fighting effective. She jumped back to get some distance and angrily she waved both of her arms and let the energy claws fly away like missiles.

Tenchi dodged and the claws crashed and exploded behind him.

Ryoko was not that lucky, it exploded in her gut. She was healing, but now she was pissed off.

The three power gems were glowing red as she threw her left energy sword like a missile towards Glory. "I can do that too, bitch," she screamed as the sword landed just under Glory with a mighty explosion.

Then a crash happened and a group of new fighter walked in.

"MOKO TABISHA," Ranma screamed in his girl voice, sending a chi ball which smashed into Glory’s face. She was angry the evil bitch had killed a lot of innocents.

Beside him Ryoga pushed his finger in the ground using the breaking points to make the area around himself and Glory explode.

Blinded by the fragment and the ball of life energy Glory could see nothing as Ranma jumped at her. Her hand was moving like lightning smashing into the crazy hell goddess hundreds of times in pure seconds.

Glory struggled back. She wasn’t wounded, just in pain and shocked. Those mortals actually hurt her using only mortal skills.

Ryoko grinned as she dived in to the fight. Tenchi and quickly Ryoga followed.

Moments later Glory was running away.

"No let her run. She is to powerful. We can’t kill her and we have no way of capturing her at this time," Ryoko yelled.

Ryuga growled. "Why not kill her? She is evil, pure and simple evil."

Ranma normally a peaceful guy/girl that just loved to fight nodded. That monster felt evil, disgustingly evil, just sensing its life energy mad her feel dirty. "Yeah why not kill it?"

"She has the power to take over another mortal body. If you kill her one of us, even you could become her again," Tenchi explained.

Ranma swallowed. "She possessed somebody?"

Ryoko nodded grimly as he answered with a simple, "Yes."

Ryogo looked like he wanted to puke. "Co... Could we save who ever she is possessing?"

"As far as we know, w can’t. The only way is to kill her and free the soul. But then a new body would be taken over," Tenchi explained.

Ranma sighed.

"Hey you’re a friend of Xander and Faith," Ryoko suddenly said.

Ranma nodded.

"You know Faith?" Ryoga asked.

"You know Faith?" Ranma asked back.

"They know Xander and Faith. So who of you two did they have sex with?" Tenchi asked with a grin.

"Ermm I fainted before she... she could," Ryoga muttered.

"I’m not interested in males," Ranma replied.

Ryoko giggled. "Let’s go home. You two can follow us as you are in need of some medical attention."

Tenchi nodded and pushed a button and they were gone.

On the roof the sniper sighed. "Alright, call the super natural clean up team."

Something really was wrong in the world. This was the second time this week that he had seen something he couldn’t explain nor do anything about it. He looked down on the carnage down below him and then let out a prayer for all his colleagues that had died he today, because they had to fight something they weren’t really trained for.



Kiyone looked at the new guests. They were so young yet so powerful. They had fought side by side with Ryoko and Tenchi and kept up. She didn’t believed any normal human could be that powerful, but they were.

Washu nodded to herself. "So you are the Ranma Xander has talked to? He asked me to see if I could fix your curse."

"Really?" Ranma asked and there were tears in his now male eyes.

Washu nodded. "It is possible. The question is that when you know the consequences of being cured if you still want it."

"Sure… well… why not?" Ryoga asked

"Um… what are the consequences?" Ranma added.

"Both of you bodies have a soul. It’s alive yet it doesn’t have a body or a lifeforce of its own," Washu explained.

Ranma blinked and asked, "So the girl side of me is…?"

"Really your sister, if you had been born a girl that would be her. Just like Ryoga’s animal’s side is what he would be if he would have been born an animal," Washu said.

Ryoga growled at Ranma."You promised n…"

Washu interrupted him, lucky the calming drugs kept him from going nuts. "He didn’t tell me, my computer did."

Ryoga looked at the computer with anger.

Washu smirked. "And it also told me how I might cure you."

Ryoga twitched.

"So if you cure me, the girl dies," Ranma stated.

Ryoga blinked and asked, "What?"

"The girl side of me has a soul, just like the pig side you have. If it’s gone they are dead," Ranma explained.

Washu smirked. "Well, I let the two of you think things over. There are options. I might be able to fix it and let the other side live." Then she returned to her lab to check on Xander and the other and still found them asleep.

Outside again Ranma was looking at his hands. "I don’t want to kill anybody. Ryoga what should I do?"

Ryoga was stumped. His other side was a pig so he had not that many moral limits to cure himself, but Ranma’s was a girl. "I don’t know.”

Washu walked back still grinning like a fool. "I do have an idea," she said.

The Tenchi gang looked nervous.

"I could split you up in half and half. The girl side would not survive long, but if I hook her up with a Cabbit the energy she needs to live could be stolen from it and the Cabbit wouldn’t be hurt," Washu said.

Ranma blinked. "You’re talking about Xander, are you not?"

Washu shrugged. "Yeah. I don’t think he would mind having his best male friend as a girl hooked up." This would be so fun and she wondered what would happen next.

Ranma was careful, for him at least. "He… Xander wouldn’t be hurt or cursed?"

Ryoga, knowing Ranma, felt a bit of dread. "It would solve many of your problems," he said.

Washu looked innocent. "No, a Cabbit is almost immortal and can be reborn again and again like a phoenix." She hoped there where no Phoenixes on earth.

Sasami listened curios and Kiyona wondered what Washu was playing for now.

And like a bull Ranma raged forward. "I’ll do it," he said grinning silly.

Katsuhito nodded. "You young man should be careful, sometimes the cure is worse than the problem."

Ranma frowned. "Why? What are you talking about? Washu what is he saying?"

Washu sighed. "The girl side of you would still have your memory and would believe to be still you and it would be bonded as a crew member to Xander."

"And he is leaving earth," Ranma said with a nod.

Washu nodded. "Yeah, you would make a fine part of his crew. And that would help keep them alive."

"Could you cure me from the pig?" Ryoga asked, after all it was only an animal and humans ate them all the time.

Ranma was silent.

Washu was nervous she wanted to do it as a surprise to Xander and gang.

Ranma frowned. "They are leaving earth, right? I... she will not be ra… hurt by them doing perverted things to her?"

"Not against her will," Katsuhito replied.

"You really consider it? Why?" Ryoga asked.

Ranma "This way I can honor my family obligation even if it’s difficult and I can still leave and explore space. Do the personal honor thing by protecting Earth and to be with friends, real friends." The longing in his voice made Ryoga choke. He really didn’t like Ranma, but the pain was just as much as his.

Washu giggled.

Ryoko sighed, her mother was crazy. "Tenchi, Ayeka let’s go out of here."

Ryoga looked around after the dark-haired girl he helped to the train station. "By the way, where is Faith?"

"They are sleeping. After they saved the life of a girl named Dawn they were tired," Sasami replied.

"Are they hurt?" Ranma asked.

"No. The girl was hurt by a demon and to save her life and soul they had to bond with her," Katsuhito answered.

"The last crew member, so what will my girl side be?" Ranma asked.

Washu was going to say entertaining, but decided to say, "Trainer and a extra hand is always needed."

Sasami lighted up in joy. "It is... Can I come also? I can help and with Ryoko and Ayeka doing adult stuff with Tenchi all the time it’s boring."

"Crew of what? Tenchi is doing perverted things with two girls? How can he?" Ryoga said.

"Tenchi is going to marry both girls. In our culture he must have at least two wives," Katsuhito replied.

Ryoga swallowed. "And the girls agree?"

"Yes, Ryoko grabbed both Tenchi and Ayeka and had her wicket way with both of them at the same time. And nobody is telling me what they did… I’m curious," Sasami said. Being 10 year old wasn’t fun only the adults had all the fun.

Ryoga looked like his brain had a meltdown.

Washu giggled as she was done with the calculations she could bind the girl version of Ranma to Xander and his crew. Freeing the male side and probably even improving his physic as a shadow bond would remain between his girl side and him. And Xander? Oh she loved it. The power of the Key had given Xan-Okhi crew an extreme potential for power. Given time they would be on Tenchi and Ryoko’s level of power and be able to go head to head with somebody using the Light Hawk wing. The higher level of power also made room for Ranko. In fact they needed somebody extra just to drain away the extra energy and stop them from being overloaded.

Washu didn’t put any Mass DNA inside Ranko simply because she fully believed that would happen eventually with the powerful magic Willow used and how adaptive Ranko was it was just a question of when MASS- DNA would become part of her.



"I feel bad," Dawn said and then blinked as she felt like a congress meeting was going on inside her mind.

"I know how you feel," Xander said and he did. Then he blinked in surprise and said, "Ranma and Ranma?" Then he blinked again there were two Ranma’s sitting beside him, one male and one female.

The male looked disgustingly happy, yet embarrassed as he tried to hide his joy. The girl side looked like she was stuck as a girl, yet had a brave face on her.

Xander blinked again. "Washu, why do I feel two new links? Dawn and… and Ranma?"

Girl-Ranma spoke with a hushed tone. "I’m Ranko now, just Ranko." Then she fell silently and looked a bit depressed.

"Hey don’t be sad," Dawn said as she walked groggily over two the girl. "Now what happened? A demon attacked me and claimed I knew where a key was."

Washu giggled and then said, "Let me explain"

Dawn nodded in agreement, but the others quickly yelled, "NOOO."

Washu looked sad. It would be so fun to tell it her way.

"To make a long story short, the key was hidden inside of you and the demon would have killed you unless we bond with you," Xander explained.

Dawn blinked. "I see... So I’m bonded with you?" she asked curios while sneaking a peak at him and Willow. "And Willow, Faith and the Ranko girl?" she added.

Xander nodded and replied with a simple. "Yes."

There was silence for a moment as Dawn tried to find something to say. She felt angry, irritated, sad, violated and scared then she remembered that the guy and the girl she loved was hers now. Not to forget Faith, which she also liked, just like a friend but still…and then was the new girl she looked nice, shy, but nice.

The gang felt dread and fear as the storm of her emotions rushed over them like a hurricane. Then her mind sorted out the feelings and Dawn grinned. "Yes, they are mine… all mine."

Xander face fell. "Itee.."

Ranko looked at Ranma and asked, "Hers?"

Ryoko grinned. "Jupp… Xander’s harem welcome to the club," she said, smirking evil.

Ranko and Ranma fainted, a faith worse than death.

"Crap… Why did you say that?" Xander moaned.

Faith ignored it. "Washu, why did you make Ranko part of the crew?"

Washu smirked. "Because the power of the key was overwhelming you, it was too much. Ranko is working like a regulator until you learn to control it and she/he volunteered."

Faith sighed. "I still wish it had been the male version, something male to play with when Xander has to be a ship."

Washu grinned. "Why don’t you down load a puppet body for him?"

Faith blinked. "A what?"

"A human looking robot puppet, which he can remote control inside his starship body. He will even feel like he is there with you. I have the blue prints," Washu explained.

Faith grinned as she looked down on the sleeping Ranko. "She cute," she muttered.

Washu giggled. Being a mad scientist sure was fun.

Suddenly Azusa and a royal guard walked in. The Emperor didn’t look like he was a happy man. "We have news from Tsunami. Glory is on her way back now. And if she gets her claws on Dawn or Sasami the universe will end. So by order of our Goddess I hereby humbly ask you Faith, Captain of Xan-Okhi, to protect my daughter and escape Earth as fast as possible, tomorrow at the latest."

Sasami grinned. "YATTA," she screamed in joy.


(Next day)

It was a tired and tensed gang and grim group that meet each other by the breakfast table. A fast simple breakfast was all they had.

Azusa the Emperor of Jurai looked grim and foreboding. His own Goddess Tsunami had told him and a handful others that in the future Tsunami and Sasami would merge and become one. The thought of the death of both, his goddess and his daughter, and the rebirth of the new goddess that was part of both of them mad him sad. Sasami life was of prime importance for the empires future. From Tsunami words she desperately wanted her as far away from Earth and Jurai Prime as she could. There could be only one reason for that, Assassins among his people.

Faith grinned as she waved "See you guys later.."

Ryoko grinned back and screamed. "Remember rule 19: Your name is in the mouth of others, be sure it has teeth."

Faith giggled. "And rule 37 ‘There is no overkill, there is only open fire and I need to reload."

Surprising Azuse smiled a bit. "And never forget Rule 36: When the going gets tough, the tough call for close air support."

They nodded knowing Azuse and the fleet would be there if they needed to hide.

With a flash Xander turned into his starship shape and the others watched him flying above them glittering in the sun.

Thanks to the superior material he got from Washu, Ryo-Okhi and Azusa his starship form was now 26 meters long, 24 meters wide and 6 meters thick at the centre."

Then his tractor beam locked onto the cargo and the crew. One by one they were lifted inside and Starship Xan-Okhi flew off, leaving Earth behind them and with a last shimmering light they were gone, quickly moving away from the sol system.

The End

Note from Hawklan: Phew I finally did it, another of Hatten’s stories down. Now I have some good and some bad news for the people who liked this fic. The good news…there already is a sequel written by Hatten to this story. The bad news…I won’t start working on it without some serious help. So if you like this story and if you want to help with the sequel step forward, I would even be happy about someone who just takes the file and uses the spelling tool from word to correct the countless spelling errors. That would already be a big help.

The End

You have reached the end of "Star of Faith". This story is complete.

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